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Do you believe what they are ‘selling’ …

or yourself?
Snake oil salesman, influencers – so-called entertainment ‘stars’ – media – advertisers – advertising – advertising – advertising – repeat – repeat – repeat – make them like you – make them ‘think’ you know more than they do – that you have some kind of cure – some kind of secret miracle – that you know more than what their instincts tell them – make them ‘think’  that ‘it’, some product, diet, cream, serum, medicine – be it medical or homeopathic – some shampoo or something else – and then get paid for promoting and marketing it.

Get ‘them’ – the ‘masses’ to ‘like’ and trust you – so they will follow you, buy and do as you direct. You will lead them where you want them to go and have them buying what you tell them to – you will have them eating out of your hands – you will be an influencer and get paid for being so.

Teenagers are usually the quickest to follow their pack or peers – they are searching to rebel against any authority over them and to break away, try new things and this, of course can be positive and worthwhile, but it can also lead them on a journey to into hell. They ‘think’ they are  being rebelliously unique as they are being manipulated to become as a brainwashed flock and to gravitate to the same things.

Some things are tried and true – others not so much. They are only a whim or the latest fad – but influencers model, that if it works for them, or even some, it will work for others.  The slogan, “If I can do it, you can do it, too.” – is their call to arms. The  so-called’ influencers are ‘used’ to promote products, lifestyle choices, perfumes, clothing lines, diets – what to eat – how to live – what to buy – what not to eat and more.  Just take the product of Coke and the ‘so-deemed’ energy drinks – these things literally destroy your body, but people buy them en masse only because of false and repetitive promotion, to be/feel cool and ‘to be like all the rest’.  the call to be like all the rest – to be like others – to think if you are different or don’t have, or do what others have – is a powerful motivator for those who can’t think or choose for themselves.

As a young ballet dancer, even at the age of 12 – as that is when I auditioned and was selected as the youngest at that time to be chosen to dance in the corps d’ ballet of a professional company.  I  became obsessed with my weight – along with my energy level. I was going through puberty, so my body was changing and my fluid retention would shift as my hormones fluctuated – a normal and healthy part of maturation.

I write about this time, in my book DADDY THROWS ME IN THE AIR –  in the memory – “You’re too fat – No, You’re too Skinny!”  It was my quest to have the perfect body, even at the age of 12 years-old when I was still growing and changing.

I read everything I could find on nutrition – vitamins, etc. I didn’t realize it then, but I was using my body as a laboratory. I would eat only protein and get very lean, but had little energy. A times, I would starve myself. I would eat Fritos dipped in peanut butter – then eat only grilled cheese sandwiches. I observed how my body reacted as I tried different combinations. As a professionally trained dancer,  I was fortunate to be be given the gift and choice of complete body awareness.  A ballet dancer’s core is from where her strength and movement derive. So, I became ahead of the fitness game, even as a child – and way before most of the world was into it.  I knew the feeling of being completely physically integrated and knew how great it felt. I was into fitness, nutrition, health, etc. before most the rest of the world  had even thought about it. When I was growing up, I never saw a fat person – perhaps, a pudgy child, but compared to what I see today, they would be considered thin.  Food stuffs were filled with less chemicals, hormones, etc. Everything was more natural – even so-called ‘junk food’ tasted like real food as compared to now – as now, it tastes plastic, chemical & fake – not like food at all.

My mother prepared most of our meals  – which were most always a balance of meat, vegetables and a starch. We rarely, if ever had desserts or bread, as in dinner rolls, etc. We only had desserts as in a homemade pie or cake on birthdays or holidays. Sure, we had homemade cookies on occasion and popcorn and very occasionally potato chips. When as a family, we went out to dinner, it was to very nice restaurants – individually owned and, oftentimes we knew the owners – the food was fresh.

People weren’t sick. No one that I knew was was sick – except for an occasional cold, but hardly even that. I knew no sick children and none who took medications for learning, behavior disorders or anything else. We were are pretty much well-behaved.  No one that I knew took anything more than an occasional aspirin – if that.

As fast food came upon the horizon – as in pizza, etc. We tried it and liked it. Only the pizza then was freshly made with fresh ingredients.

Soon other fast-food choices made their entry onto the eating horizon – fried chicken, hamburgers, tacos. I would indulge in this fare – say once a week or less – just kinda going along with my group of friends. I was always into vitamins and took them when others thought they were nonsense. And after all my research, I knew this fast-food-thing with their little buildings popping up with their drive through windows all over the place – could not be good for the human body.

Now, what I see appalls me.  I see overly fat people everywhere. People who have little to no body awareness and certainly don’t feel or operate from their core. And we are not supposed to even notice they are fat, but to accept them as such, so as to not hurt their feelings.

Everything has become an orchestrated distortion. Less fitness over-all, while it’s being pushed and marketed. Less nutrition, while we have more so-deemed nutritional products and services. Many diets saying even taunting us to eat this and not that –  pay us money and you will lose weight – all these specialized foods that taste like yuck! Less activity, while it’s being lauded – more fat  and unfit people, but we are not supposed to shame or even notice them.

And then the sexual confusion being promoted to confuse our youth is off the charts perversion.  Sexualization of our children is of evil and perverse.  With some promoting little boys become girls and little girls become boys – naming them opposite sex names and dressing them as such.  So that, they begin their lives in sexual confusion. It’s vile and repugnant.  Only by these so-deemed influencers, we as a society are being led to accept that which we once found abhorrent as the norm. It’s promoted as leading edge — ‘design your child’s sex’.

So the questions are –  ‘Do you follow others or yourself? Do you follow your God-given instincts and what is moral and psychologically sound, or do you believe and make choices because, or based on something some entertainer does, says, or tells you to do, or to think, buy or live as, and that includes some self-serving ‘religious-type’, making millions off spewing their interpretation of the Bible?

Your connection to God – to yourself – to your body – to your psychological well-being – your moral and emotional health is personal between you and God – it’s not between you and anyone else and it costs nothing, but your time in reading, prayer, awareness and self-reflection.

Eating a pear cost less than eating a Big Mac with fries and is abundantly better for you. Natural and pure is better – less is more. Sex is between those committed in love.

Freedom and choice is of God/good.  Control, no choice, being in bondage to ‘addictions, chemicals, government/entertainers, media, sexual perversions’ are evil/Satanic.
We are in the world, not of it – therefore, be discerning, instead of in bondage to any person, thing or earthly/material belief.

0-7 are the most impressionable & formative years for a human being – so what a child sees, hears and feels at this time are very important to its well-being or not – creating their view of self and of the world. We must shield/protect our children from overt sexuality, violence, & pathology, along with rank so-called entertainment as well as we are able to.
Just as you can inherit your appearance and health, be it good or bad from your ancestors and lineage, you can be imprinted by their beliefs, either negative or positive that will guide your choices and ultimately your life. You will be imprinted and influenced by your parents, caretakers. societal imprints and beliefs and the world that you grow up in, until you become aware. You can change and better your appearance, learn skills, educate yourself, change your health factors by self-care, and you can also change your limiting imprints and negative beliefs entangled in your memories by becoming aware. A tool to assist DADDY THROWS ME IN THE AIR – memoir/self-help available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, etc. and by contacting me.

The story of Echo and Narcissus…. What is narcissism actually?

Do you use this much over-used word of the day to accuse/insult even categorize others  whom you view as having certain traits? In Greek Mythology –  which is where this personality disorder of Narcissism derives. The story goes – that there was a wood nymph named Echo who loved to talk. For some reason, she displeased the gods, so they put a curse on her  which was she was only  able to repeat  what she heard – repeat that which others said to her, back to them.

Echo was in love with a young warrior named Narcissus – who also displeased the gods – so they put a curse on him –   which was – that when he was looking into a lake, he would fall in love with his own reflection – and be able to love no one else but his image.   Who knows what these two did to displease the gods- but the gods back then seemed to be easily displeased and also curse happy.

Hence the personality ‘disorder’ of Narcissism began and was created. BUT did you notice and realize that Narcissus fell in love with his ‘image’ – not who he really was – BIG DIFFERENCE! Then as the story goes, Echo who loved Narcissus couldn’t let him know that she loved him because she could only repeat what he said back to her. Therefore, Narcissus never knew how much Echo loved him. Therefore, Narcissist was doomed to love only the image that the world saw of him – he couldn’t really love himself or Echo or feel love from others. He lived a life obsessed with his ‘image.’   Not the way he actually looked or was, but the ‘image’ that he created and was seen by the world. His image was everything to him because he could not genuinely see, understand or love self.  Narcissus means numbness in Greek. He was empty/numb inside  with no true feelings and only about his image. He had no ability to genuinely feel – internally he was void – so he ‘acted’ what he thought was appropriate by observing others.

Echo loved him, but had no way to let him know – therefore, Narcissus could feel no love or emotion  from her. Two truly cursed people. Since relationships are our biggest teachers – these two were stuck in being alone and unable to relate. They were emotionally numb and void.

Narcissism is not about taking selfies or focusing on looks, but that could be one  minor trait. Narcissists more often than not do not like their looks or their self – especially their inner self –  they are all about ‘image’. They are emotionally numb, empty and lost souls.

Narcissism is an inability to feel empathy –  being all about the wants needs of self for their self-image – the image that they create for the world to see –  not caring, giving to, or thinking much about anyone else, unless they can enhance or add to their image. It’s an empty internal existence. It’s an existence all about ‘me, myself & I’ – full of emptiness and, or pain – they often fall into narcissistic depression.

The Narcissistic Relationship

It’s easy to fall in love with narcissists. Don’t judge yourself for succumbing because research shows that strangers’ initial impressions of narcissists for the first seven meetings are positive. They’re seen as charming, agreeable, confident, open, well-adjusted and entertaining. Their alluring performance is designed to win trust and love, implicitly promising that their attentiveness will continue. Only later, did the research subjects see through the narcissists’ likable façade. Covert narcissists are even more disarming – because their outward image is that of kind, caring, helpful and without the usual grandiose narcissist displays – they are more subtle and obviously ‘covert’. They can quickly pull on their target’s heart strings of caring for, and protection of.

Difficulties and conflict arise in longer narcissistic relationships. At home, narcissists may privately denigrate the person they were just publicly entertaining, and after a romantic prelude, they act totally different. Once you’re hooked, they lack the motivation to maintain a charismatic façade. As the excitement of romance wanes, narcissists become disappointed in their partner. Their criticisms escalate and they may act distant and dismissive. The relationship revolves around the narcissist, while others are viewed merely as objects to use in order to manage the narcissist’s needs and fragile even empty self-esteem. Embarrassed partners watch their mate flirt with a cashier, cut to the front of the line, or castigate a clerk or waitress. They must contend with demands, judgments, and self-centeredness. They’re expected to appreciate the narcissist’s specialness, meet his or her needs for admiration, service, love, or purchases when needed — and are dismissed when they don’t.

Narcissists put themselves first, and their codependent partners concur. Both agree that the narcissist is great and that his or her mate isn’t as great and should sacrifice! This makes their relationship work … in the beginning that is. Eventually, the partner feels drained, hurt, resentful, disrespected, and lonely.

The children and partners of narcissists share Echo’s experience of feeling rejected, invisible and unheard. They long to be seen, to have their needs met, and their love returned. Many partners of narcissists sadly pine away for years longing to feel respected, important, appreciated, and cared about. Their self-esteem suffers over time. They risk turning into empty shells of their former selves. Narcissists suffer, too, because they’re never satisfied. Even though Narcissus and Echo both long for love, Narcissus can neither give love, nor receive the love Echo offers.

If you can’t feel emotions, you are the walking dead, trying to fit in as a human, but actually are a walking zombie.

Learn how to identify and process your feelings, emotions, imprints and beliefs. DADDY THROWS ME IN THE AIR available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other usual places.

Shopping in my own closet…

When I was a young person in my twenties, going to college and living at my parents,  I went to classes, shopped and socialized. I loved fashion. I was pretty much a fashionista, needing a different couturier, designer dress or outfit for every date or occasion. If we were going to the lake, I needed a new swimsuit, cover-up and shorts outfit. This was in the time, when women really dressed. We wore dresses and heels to most all functions and kept our bodies fit in order to be able to wear the structured clothing . The way  I fit in and looked in whichever designer dress I wore was the most important aspect of my life – my silhouette must be sleek. What I wore mattered to the max and I  had to have just the ‘right’ outfit – look the best –  make an entrance – with all eyes looking for what ‘I’ would be wearing.  It was part of who I was   – it was my image and I had to keep it up – no matter how time consuming, costly or tedious it was to do so.

I was dating a college man two years older than myself. He was in Air Force ROTC , was getting ready to graduate and enter flight school. So, not only were there his dances and luncheons to attend at the General’s house, etc, but my social functions –  arts, ballet, etc.

I was a fortunate young lady with permission and authority to charge whatever I wanted to my parent’s accounts.  I was a  young society daughter of a wealthy man. I had a long walk-in closet full of clothes, shoes and bags. It was the beginning of spring and I spent hours at all the upscale shops selecting, trying on and purchasing clothes. When at home, I would have my head buried in Vogue, Town and Country,  Image result for Vogue circa 19 75and other fashion mags to see what to wear where and who was wearing what.

One afternoon, I was in a shop on the hunt for the perfect dress for a luncheon and found one. I asked the store manager to please charge it. She returned to tell me that my mother had closed my privilege to charge and that I needed to speak with her and they would be happy to hold the dress, until they heard further from me. You see, I was a well-known and valued patron.

Mortified, but calmly and with authority I stated, ” It must be a mistake. I will talk to mom and get back with you.”

When I returned home  – “Mother, I found a dress I liked and they said that you stopped my ability to charge. Why?! What is going on? I need that dress!  I have nothing to wear!”

Her reply, “You have a closet full of clothes. I think you can get through the summer without buying another thing. At the end of the summer, we will talk about it.”

In horror, What?!  You must be kidding! I have absolutely nothing to wear! Nothing! Do you want  me to look awful?  Do you want me to wear some old rag?” As I think, ‘That’s really it. She wants me to look terrible and have nothing to wear.’ You see, my mother and I never got along. I state, “I will ask Daddy, he will let me get it.”

Her reply, “Your father and I made this  decision together. You have  a closet full of beautiful clothes .”

Truth is I had everything any girl my age could ever want or dream of but I didn’t think or realize that then – I just wanted more. I had clothes from all the designers  of the day – Calvin Klein, Mollie Parnis,, Adele Simpson, Alpert Nipon, Chanel, Dior – a closet full of  Image result for photos of a dark haired woman in designer apparelbeautiful clothing in fabulous fabrications and styles. But that didn’t matter because I must have this particular dress because it was the perfect dress and by owning it then I would feel and be ‘perfect’.  This dress would complete me.

Instead, I found myself struck mortified in a young woman’s fashion dilemma of alternatively wanting, inability to purchase and  shame to be without. I went to my room petrified of a summer ahead with NO new clothes.  I wondered could I live that long with nothing new to wear. I  sat on my bed  and pondered as I  looked towards the entrance of my closet. Then I arose and entered it. I started going through the racks of clothing. I was amazed. I had clothes and clothes that I didn’t  even realize I had and they were great. Cuter than the dress that I wanted and thought I needed.   I plotted my revenge, ‘I’ll show my cruel and hateful mother. I will create outfits out of what I have and will look better than ever. I will show her!’ And so I did.

I began to love being shoppingly creative in my own closet. I had a great summer and felt like I wore the perfect outfit to every occasion.  Actually, I felt like there was a weight off my shoulders –  a monkey off my back – the weight of feeling the need and drive to shop and to continually have something new and different –  left me that summer.

That summer was a big lesson that taught me much. You need much less than you think you do. And if you keep buying new, you will miss out on what you already have. I had incredible clothing in my closet, but I just kept pushing them to the back to fit in the new.  I lost some of my desire to shop after summer – well, of course, not entirely  and not at all times, ( I can still get into that shopping mode at times) but…I learned to use what I have, to stop thinking I always need more or new  in order to feel satisfied – that a new something or other changes little to nothing – once the newness wears off, it’s back to square one looking for something else new for the momentary rush, thrill and excitement.  Sometimes, what you already have is better than what you think you need to attain.

Side bar – Sure young people get into fashion neediness, thinking if they don’t wear a certain item that they won’t be cool and accepted. Advertisers and those who drive fashion know this.  That is why fashion and styles change, from long skirts to short, high heels to flat. Your eye gets used to seeing a new look and then to desire it. It’s marketing at its finest con.  I wish more people were focused on ‘real fashion’ today. When the ‘Flower Children’ made their entrance with their sloppy jeans and tee shirts,  it seems the world continued to lose some of its fashion elegance and now we are falling into bizarre.  Many people seem to have lost pride in their appearance and don’t know what appropriateness is regarding clothing. Perhaps, with the Trumps in the White House, elegance and taste will make a return.

Awarenesses gleaned from that summer of no shopping:

Fashion is fun. Shopping is fun! But not fulfilling for long.

The dress doesn’t make you – you make the dress. A garment doesn’t make you perfect… you make you – ‘YOU’ Who you are inside makes you – ‘YOU’ – Not some garment or item.

What is that great old saying?  You think the grass is greener but it isn’t and this applies to so many things in life.

How about become aware and focus on the art of shopping in your own closet in every area of your life…

A gift of awareness…

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Can you tell the quality of a person by looking at them?

???????????????????????????????Can you tell the stock  from where they derive, how they were reared, the values, morals and qualities that were instilled from their family and its lineage? Is it solid or not? Can you tell their health, their intelligence, their morality, their standards or lack of,  by their external appearance and how they present themelves? Can you tell by their eyes, their smile, their demeanor, their grrooming,  and the words they use,  whether or not they are a quality human being? Well, can you tell a good cook by sampling their food?… of course, you can!

It matters not the clothes that a person of real internal quality and worth wears because they will wear their clothes, their clothes won’t wear them.  Character trumps clothing everytime. You will notice a person i with quality of character before their clothing,  who they are  is clear and their clothing is only a part of it. Their clothes are secondary to who they are because who they are precedes everything else. Their clothing may or may not further define them in any given time. But in a person of low quality, you see what they are wearing before you even notice them or who they are. They may even wear things that glitter and shine to attract attention or to deflect from who they really are, so they can’t be seen clearly for what and who they really are. relying on their clothing to shout their existance and presence. You know the flashy types who always wear  the latest,  in the moment style, or the ones who put tatoos on their body, piercings, and do other things that mar and distort their natural body  beauty as in pink or green hair, etc.

Haven’t you seen a person of quality wearing a plain tee and jeans workout clothing, or oversized casual clothing as they mow their yard or do some other activity,  and their quality is seen, no matter what they have on or how momentarily grubby becasue their inner quality emanates even glows  from their being. It’s in the energy they emit and it’s one of sincere, internal quality. And haven’t you seen a person of no-quality wearing the finest of clothing and all you  could see is their clothes because there clothes were all there was to see? It’s as if the clothes are walking down the street on their own creating and carrying the image and existence of this empty being.

Now, of course, there are some people who have learned to mimic  quality and can fool the world or certain individuals  for awhile. But if you will really look and learn to discern, people of quality, internal value and worth have a certain look in their eyes, on their faces and in their walk no matter where they are, what they have on, or in what circumstances they may fine themselves. Although, there’s an old adage that you can’t see in another that which you don’t have in yourself.  I don’t know, is that always accurate or not?

A person of real quality, style and class is rarely appreciated by the masses because of their subtlety and refinement.  Often times, they move about with little notice. Quality doesn’t draw attention… it just is.

It’s internal confidence with no need for fakery. Sure, they may enjoy the latest fashion and have fun with it, but it’s not what defines them. What defines them is their internal moral adjuster, their conscience, their internal peace and knowing who they are in their being. It’s a heart, mind, body connection along with how they were reared, in what environment, along what they chose and allowed to have imprinted upon themselves.

We all tend to become a bit like those whom we associate with… so careful who you are around. My Dad used to tell me, “If you run with ducks, people will think you are a duck, and you are a swan.”

People of quality live in the pride of who they are and value themselves, their health, their well-being as well as that of others…

They wear clean, well-fitted garments, not too tight and not too loose and choose appropriate clothing and behavior for each situation and  circumstance. They are comfortable in their skin and selective about what they put on that skin and what and how they adorn themselves and their life.

Being appropriate in dress and behavior defines and separates the gentlemen from the clods, the ladies from the average and the ‘wanna be’s’ from the real.

The way a person presents themselves to the world, their dress and style, their voice tone,  their language use, the way they move, their grooming habits and if they will look you in the eye or not state who they are internally displayed externally.  Clear speech is one of the hallmarks of class. Class doen’t mumble and rarely uses slang except as appropriate to occasion.   Appropriateness or not, time and place  is key.

My opinion, one of the rudest, most lowly, classless activities, I see these days is that of being glued to cell phones, etc. Those who walk, drive and even interact with others  with their eyes on their phone… no person of quality does this.

Think about it… we create our appearance, it comes from the deep-seatedness of  who we are and is expressed outwardly in everything we do, wear, say, eat, walk, talk, and with whom  we associate. Quality was at one time valued … we knew what it was when we saw it, appreaciated it and many more had it.

It’s quality. It’s class. It’s the best. It’s the rarity. It’s something to strive for. People and parents who don’t have it can’t teach and model it.

Quality… seems these days, it’s on its way to being lost and a thing of the past.

Quality is innate and rare . It’s a reflection of breeding through the generations.  It’s a value that we need not only bring back but to learn to recognize and appreciate. Quality of character seeps through one’s pores…

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Excess in Moderation…

???????????????????????????????My grandmother lived to age 97 on scotch, shrimp, cigarettes and iced coffee – rarely drinking water, except as a splash in her scotch. She joked that water would rust her pipes. Her aerobics were a bridge game twice a week and tending her roses. Occasionally, she flexed her gossip muscles, and she was always thin with a zest for life. The only time that she fainted was in the ‘50’s when she went on the new-fangled, ‘expert suggested’, vegetarian diet to lose a few. Other than that she was healthy until the day she died.

One summer holiday, she panicked noticing her grandchildren were eating watermelon and ice cream together. She warned that this combination could make us lose our minds because years ago a friend of hers had gone crazy after eating this mix and had to be put into an asylum. Hearing this story, our childish giggles rang out. But even as we laughed, we also worried that it might be true.

In my early teens, being a ballet dancer, my physical reflection in the classroom mirror became a constant critical adversary. Thin at 5’3” and 90 pounds, every meal was magnified in the mirror of my distorted body image. So, I starved myself, going days without food, until so overcome with cravings for grease and fat. I’d succumb to double orders of fries or a bag of Fritos dipped in peanut butter. This bizarre eating ritual kept my frame fragilely thin, but over time my energy to dance was diminished. My usually glowing skin became sallow and I was irritable most all the time.

Driven by a quest for solution and innate curiosity, while not only wanting to be thin, but healthy and energetic, I scoured through books and women’s magazines about everything concerning health, diet and nutrition. There wasn’t as much written on those subjects in those days.

So on my own, I tried different combinations of foods, using my body as an experimental lab. I found that if I ate only protein, the weight would drop off, but leave me with less energy. Eating mostly carbohydrates, my body stayed trim except a bit puffy, but I had more energy. After trial and error, I found my best fuel was a bit of everything with focus on lean meats, vegetables, and fruits, limiting sugar and flour with intake to match my energy out go, pretty much the same diet that my mother offered up.

Each one of us has varying needs and body chemistry. A vegetarian diet might work for one, but can be disastrous for another. And it’s possible that certain combinations of food or supplements may create the atmosphere for predisposed individuals to become allergic, physically ill, or even go “crazy.” That lady friend of my grandmother’s combining watermelon and ice cream in one afternoon could very well have triggered a unique chemical reaction in her body that affected her mind. Enough so, that her behavior was attributed to this mix which shows that our perceptions concerning food can lead to all sorts of results and misconceptions about what we should or should not eat and in what combinations.

Our current information has become more in-depth and sophisticated or has it? Should we eat ‘expert-suggested’ amounts and combinations? Eat carbs or not? Restrict meat consumption or have more? Dairy is good or dairy is bad? Keep a daily journal about what we consume or don’t think about it at all? Count calories or cholesterol levels? Eat more complex sugars or less? Eat only raw food or cook our food thoroughly? Eat real butter or fake? Eat real sugar instead of chemical based substitutes? Take vitamins, mineral or herbal supplements, or rely that what’s needed will be supplied by eating a variety of foods? Follow the USDA’s Food Guide Pyramid or eat a triangle of pizza? Drink wine occasionally, and is it red or white that’s best, or abstain all together? Take a mysterious little pill that ‘magically’ releases fat from our systems even though a great deal of time will be spent in restrooms? Or eat anything desired and workout 24 hours a day?

Is it about what we eat or about what’s eating us? Eat a little, eat a lot, eat many small meals a day or three squares, eat certain combinations, but watch out for others lest we ‘ lose our mixed-up’ minds a bit more about what to eat? Or should we forget about it all and sit down with a big bag of chips and beer, as it’s all so conflicting, confusing and changing?

How about “Moderation in all things.” Publius Terentius Afer, 190 BC – a recommendation that’s been around for quite awhile. OR is Oscar Wilde’s suggestion best, “Moderation is a fatal thing, nothing succeeds like excess”?

Who really knows for sure, but anyone for some watermelon and ice cream?

Raise America’s standards…

???????????????????????????????.. so that America can get back to excellence. America has been lowering her standards for decades to make everyone ‘fit’ in and to ‘feel’ equal. Well, we are all equal in the eyes of God, but we are not individual in that opportunity. We are all born with different strengths and weaknessess.

Why should someone born with intelligence, talent, skills, or beauty be held down and back by those without these things? To do this is hindering, demeaning, and cruel to everyone concerned.
Affirmative action and ‘no child left behind’ have destroyed our public school system. Anyone who wants a good education must now attend a private school because of these programs. They are a set up for mediocrity and for lower level to be the norm. That mediocrity becomes the highest level and it is destroying our country.
Excellence and achievement deserve acknowledgment and reward and serve as an inspiration and challenge to others to achieve that place.  Otherwise, to give everyone an award just for showing up is demoralizing, demeaning and insulting to all involved… like why put out effort if you can win without doing so?
It’s like a fat, unkempt, unfit person looking at a fit, slim, well-kept person and saying, “I want to look like that!” Well, you need to work at it to attain that, you can’t just claim it as yours without the work. And the same goes for this so-called ‘redistribution of wealth’. That those who have resources need to share with those who don’t. Well, those who didn’t work for it, don’t appreciate, or care for it and will soon squander it.  But the actual truth and reality is that ‘redistribution’ is really a government grab of resources that no one, but the government will ever see. Only the dumbest, affirmative action types by into this government con.
Look at our youth… many are without values and positive goals. They are like whiny, directionless, without standards, bloated, ill-dressed, ill-groomed bullies, thugs, Hollywood-like, tatooed, pot-smoking, blank-faced, lowly slobs. And the reason for this is that we have such low standards for our society.
It once was, if a highschool girl got pregnant, she was shamed, hidden away and kicked out of the group of other kids that wanted more for their lives.  Moral behavior was once what was strived for. Now, few care. The govermment pays for the baby, or she can easily kill the new life by abortion and either way, it’s become no big deal.
When I grew up, no one got pregnant in highschool because to do so, showed the girl as immoral, stupid, her future gone and if she got an abortion that would be worse, like murder. And it was all hidden and something awful as it should have been because it was awful!
So, what has made us accepting of everything that we once considered wrong?
What has made us accepting of fat, bloated, ill-dressed, immoral, directionless, unmotivated, lowly educated, ignorant people with no pride in their appearance or concern for their health?
It’s because we have lowered standards, in order, to make those who made bad choices to not feel badly about themselves. And it’s stupid.  Everyone lives by some sort of standards and values. So why are we lowering them to the easy, slovenly way, instead of raising them up?  It’s done only so the government can step in and control the masses by doling out ‘goodies’ and so the sheeple will live by the standards that the government deems as such and this my fellow Americans is real slavery! 
Sure, people make mistakes, and make bad choices and they should be called out as such, so they can learn and choose differently. They should be showned the better way and not be allowed to continue down a life of squalor, immorality, obesity, ill-health and ignorance.
Now, it’s turned about, so the fit, moral, attractive, intelligent, industrious people are the miniority and ‘the others’ who are envious of them want to harm and take from them instead of to emmulate, be guided by and strive for their higher standard of existence. And this is happening because we have lowered the standards, instead of pushing everyone to higher standards and excellence in their lifestyle choices, but are forcing the ones of higher standards to accept that of the lower and this is a recipe for disaster on every level of society. Also making the masses easier to be controlled by evil and destructive elements, such as a corrupt government.
Physically and emotionally healthy, morally directed people will not fall for lies, corruption that will further destroy America. But this type of people are becoming fewer and fewer. So the standards are getting lower and lower.
Watching the examples in our government, our leaders, those on TV, in the entertainment areas has become appalling.
Affirmative action  is the premise of – ‘Hey, you don’t need to try and become better, or even be proficient, or able to do the job, you will just get and keep the job because of your skin color, or because you are a miniority.’
And now, we have an affirmative action president… unqualified and only there because he played the ‘race card’, repeatedly and still does. He is a bought and paid for puppet of those who wish to take America down to take over control of our people and resources.
Obama is a weak, whiny, affirmative action president who with every opportunity given him still whines and plays the victim card. This man has no backbone, no character, no leadership abilities, lies continually and is very possibly ‘gay’, while living the ‘facade’ of a family man. His past and who he really is has been hidden. That, we, as a country have elected this lowly character is shameful and is a clear reflection of what this article is about. We have lowered American standards to non-existant for a man like this to be elected. This man clearly hates America’s excellence in the world. Everything that comes out of his mouth shows his lowly self and his lowly ideas. 
America needs a President of excellence… one that takes pride in what our forefathers set forth, not some affirmative action community organizer, teleprompter talker spewing lies and con. 
We should encourage others to raise their standards, in order, that they ‘will feel’ better about themselves, instead of lowering our standards, so that they ‘might feel’ better about themselves. 
Look at the faces of the tatooed, pot smoking, fat and bloated, ill-dressed and ill-groomed… they have no light in their eyes and no pride in themselves and this is what happens with the lowering of standards. It diminishes the human spirit to a slovenly, direction-less nothing, only looking for escape. Then look at those who are fit, drug-free, with morals, standards, and direction, who dress well and are groomed…most walk with spirit and have clear eyes with a look of purpose in them.
What kind of society do we want? A Wal-Mart world of freaks or a Neiman’s world of sleek, successful and well-dressed? I am not talking about money, but success and having it should be strived for, as it’s a good thing and not negative as it’s now being propagandized. But a human being can be fit, well-dressed and live well with a minimum of money. An easy example is that of Michelle Obama. She has all the resources in the world and she dresses like a hooker, has the manners, class and refinement of a hog, and has a cold look in her face and eyes as evil.
What it’s about are choices, awareness, pride, honesty, integrity, honor, modesty, morality… The values shown to us by the Ten Commandments and the wisdom of healthy living, body, mind and spirit.
I have met many a person with little money, but with pride, honor, and wisdom and the look in their eyes and the way they carry and present themselves clearly shows excellence in a human being.
Children must be taught to strive for excellence. This will push the ordinary up and the weakest to strive higher… and those who are born with excellence to lead our world to outstanding things.
While acceptance of things lowly will only take us down lower.  Some may get left behind, but it will save the majority from a living hell.  And Americans have always cared for those less fortunate.. it’s in our nature. 
There have always been places for those who can’t or don’t fit in. But when we have the moral, the aware, the truth tellers, the attractive, the fit, the intelligent, those who love America, those who love freedom, believe in the free enterprise system, those who love God, believe in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and try to follow the Ten Commandments  becoming those that don’t fit in … Hell is where we are headed. A hell of no one has anything… everyone is ‘equal’ while the government of fools control everything. 
America and her ways have been the light of the world. For her to remain as such, we must rise again to excellence and not accept less than.
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If little is the new big, when will this translate into…

Fat pig…backsides? ((What is going on with the size of rear-ends these days? I have never seen such humongous ones and weirdly shaped ones. It can actually be scary… while trying to maneuver around one at the grocery store or somewhere else where there are crowds like at the theatre…

I ‘hope’ (you know, the Obama word) this doesn’t offend anyone, but can we talk about the issue of big butts?!

When did rear-ends start having this shelf-like appearance? I don’t recall seeing this until recently…do you?

So what is causing this trend of huge butts and unusual even strange shaped butts? Is it JLo, Kim Kardashian or what?

Now, while these women are shapely and voluptuous and their bodies are in proportion… it appears to me that the ‘war of the butts’ has gotten way out of control…

Turning it into a derriere nightmare… of enormous portions…

I have always prided myself in keeping my body in proportion… my rear-end by today’s standards is small… but I used to think that it was large…

Seems people used to be thinner and butts not near the size that they are today. I was, at one time, considered shapely, but now I would be considered on the thin side. So what in the world is going on with butts?? Why are they taking over  all public places even the world???

And what is the deal these days with so many having small upper bodies and huge lower?

I think your butt and the way you display it, or not, reveals much about a person…do you?
Shapely is great! Sloppy is scary!!!

I also noticed that those of the ‘large butts’ are oftentimes pushy, grumpy, overly-sensitive and even rude and cruel… does this temperment go along with having a large rear-end? Then those of the ‘large butts’ walk so slow. Being ‘behind’ one tries my patience as I walk at a fairly quick pace moving precisely and with purpose… might be because of my ballet background or it’s just my nature. I like to move and enjoy working out and if I gain a few pounds, I feel physically sluggish. Therefore, I take the weight off. I prefer to feel sleek, trim and able. I like for my butt to feel taught and tight, not flabby and loose, but soft and subtle… and in ‘proportion’ with the rest of my body…

I wonder how those of the ‘big butts’ feel? Do they feel sluggish and out of sorts and is that why they move so slowly and are irritable? Or are their backsides large because they move slow? Do they stuff food in their mouths because they are unhappy and irritable? Are they stuffing down their frustrations and pain with chips and sweets then sit around watching TV, ‘reality’ and otherwise to get a glimpse at how other people live? Then they are angry that they don’t have the lives that they ‘think’ others have so they stuff more junk in…’junk in the trunk’ The shopping carts of these people are usually filled with junk … in my opinion…

I can eat junk with the best of them… but only, at times, because if I do it too often, my stomach gets upset…and I don’t like this feeling.

Are the big-butted just not in tune with their bodies, ignore their bodies’ signals, ignore their emotional sides and it’s being reflected in their backsides?

People seem to be getting bigger and bigger and butts larger and larger… and it actually frightens me…

Of course, we have the ‘politically correct police’ who will come in and comment, ‘Everyone should be happy with who they are.’ or ‘that I am a hater’ or a ‘racist’ for commenting about large butts. HA! Yeah right!

I think that we should make the best of what God gave us, accept who we are… as we strive to be fit physically, emotionally and spiritually. And why is it that we can comment that someone is fit, but can’t comment that someone is fat? Why is it okay to ‘judge’ someone as beautiful, but ‘politically incorrect’ to deem someone ugly? Is avoiding calling something exactly what it is assisting to create this epidemic of huge butts?
Butt : Beautiful ass of young woman over dark background
In my opinion, this is a great butt. But what’s your opinion concerning butts these days?

Next, should we discuss arms, stomachs and breasts… wanna know what I think about these?

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What makes some women…

not care and others care so much? What makes one woman put effort into her health and appearance and another let herself go?

Is it energy, self-esteem, pride, habits, self-awareness, education, common sense, body-awareness, healthy narcissism, psychological make-up, genetics, mental health, a bit of it all, or what…?
Because you can have a woman with lovely features, physical health and bone structure, let herself go, and become a fat slob with no style, no muscle tone and rapidly declining health…
Then you can have an ordinary-looking woman, take good care of her appearance and she looks and feels great…and becomes almost like a ‘movie star’.
‘They’ say it’s genetics, until you are in your thirties and after that, it’s personal choice and lifestyle. I agree. Health and habits make such a difference in appearance especially as we age. 

Everyday, we make choices, about what we put into our bodies and our minds, whether we exercise, or don’t, what we wear, and if we maintain our hair, teeth, and skin health, etc.

So, what makes one woman want to look her best, while another lets herself go? What makes one woman get up off the sofa and workout and another sit there stuffing cheetoes into her mouth? When, if there is balance, you can do both.

It’s what you do everyday, not what you do once in awhile that creates who you are on most all levels. 

Is it her sexual energy, that almost ‘mystical feminine energy’ thatWH_fat_girls.jpg image by piernick manifests into enjoying being a woman and all it entails? Is it that she likes being a woman, or that she doesn’t? Because maintaining your appearance definitely has a feminine and sexual component to it…don’t you think?

I find that most women who care about themselves, their body and their appearance care about many things and also care about the well-being of others and their community…

Now, sure a person can go overboard about their appearance… because it is truly and ultimately the ‘inner essence’ that shines through .. but isn’t a ‘healthy inner essence’, one that will care well for their outer appearance?

After all, your hair is just a frame for your face, either complimentary or not…then there’s also the element of taste and style in all you do and put on and in your body. Some women destroy their looks with addictions, liquor, drugs, starving themselves, eating disorders, etc..
So, what makes that difference that one woman cares and does all she can to make the best of what she has and who she is, with the energy and common sense to put into it, while another does nothing, or even sabotages her health and appearance???…

To be a girlie-girl is…

fun, costly and time-consuming. My definition of a girlie-girl is a female who enjoys being a girl and all it entails. There’s workouts, make-up, hair and beauty treatments of all sorts and varieties…

One of my fav facials is Derma Culture… it was recently featured on the ‘Housewives of Beverly Hills’.  It’s steam, vacuum, special ionization fluid, then under the mask, hooked to electrodes… and all this stimulates and cleanses to give skin a healthy glow. I have gone to Peggy on Forest Lane in Dallas for about 20 years. Before that I went to Derma-Culture in another town for years… this system works and their products are fab! It’s great for healing breakouts to getting your glow on getting ready for a special event. I have a friend who was engaged to a pilot and on the days when he came home, she would have one of these facials to give a boost to her ‘in love glow’. They have been married now for years…Give Peggy a call, to give it a try…972-243-3901 and mention me if you do…

Next, we have hair, we color it, highlight it, trim, grow, perm and press it… Fannie Turner, stylist at Seven Salon, at Park and Preston in Plano…817.378.6729…
She will listen to your individual needs and desires, then execute them with care and expertise…I am picky, picky about my hair. So, you know, if I recommend her, she is worth a try. And on ‘black Friday’ the day after TG, she is offering services discounted at 50%. Can’t beat that! So, local ladies and gentlemen, shop, and then go be pampered. And if you say WomenExplode, Fannie will give you 10% off every visit for the next three months, that’s Nov 25 thru Feb 25th. Great idea for gift giving…

Then of course, women, like ‘us’, workout, watch what we eat (well, most of the time) because we want to look good, feel good and maintain our health and have our bodies running at optimum level… even when we don’t ‘feel’ like it, we push ourselves to stretch and to get our cardio up to keep our bodies running well. There are all sorts of workouts and I have done them all. I workout at least three times a week…Try Reanee Spratt’s yoga and stretch classes at Move Studio, Campbell and Preston in Dallas, 972.732.0206

And after your workout, or on a day that you want to relax and be pampered … try Jennifer Henderson at Stonebriar Spa… Legacy and 121 in Frisco..972.668.6108. I have been a guest for years and enjoy the deep tissue massage followed by a salt scrub. Afterwards, you will sleep like a baby and all girlie-girls know how important sleep is for our overall health and to keep us looking and feeling our best…..also makes for great gift certificates and stocking stuffers…  

So men, if you are ‘fortunate’ enough to have a lady who takes good care of herself, appreciate her efforts for doing so. You might want to tell her she is lovely, beautiful and the best thing that ever happened to your life, bring her flowers, take her to lunch, take her to dinner, if local, a good place is Cadot at Frankford and Preston 972.267.5700…and if you say WomenExplode and you will receive a complimentary glass of champagne and a tasty choice is to accompany it with a Grande Marnier souffle…

But just when a girlie-girl thinks she’s done, she decides that she needs more highlights…Check out, The Color Studio, at Preston and Campbell in Dallas for those ’emergency’ highlights…972.931.2220 along with many other services… 
I have been a client there for over 20 years and where I go for manicures and pedicures and have always felt pampered.
It may seem, at times, unrelenting and on going and it is..that quest for her ‘perfect girlie-girl look’ she changes her mind… long or short, dark or lighter, layered, or blunt cut…

But men, count your blessings…because if you walk around a mall, or visit the ‘dreaded’ discount stores, you will view many, many women who must not give a care about how they look. Would you rather have that beside you, or a girlie-girl?

Think about it and if you are fortunate enough to have a girlie-girl, appreciate what you have on your arm… and the effort and energy ‘certain’ women put into looking and feeling great! 
Let’s hear it for the girlie-girls!…

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Your external appearance is a direct reflection of …

???????????????????????????????who you are internally. It’s genetics up to a certain point, then after that, it’s attitude, lifestyle, and mind set.

Haven’t you met people who are young, but seem, act and look, like they are many years older than they are? There is no energy in their smile, their gait or their expression. Their choice of clothing is inappropriate, old and dowdy.

Then there are others who are older, but are full of life, energy and appear much younger than their actual years. Their body is fit and they dress stylishly and youthfully.

We have so much available to us…working out, nutrition, vitamin and mineral supplements, plastic surgery, botox, collagen, all kinds of fillers to keep aging at bay and to enhance appearance.

But I have seen people who have had much in enhancement and still have little energy or life. So, beauty enhancements only do their duty, if the internal life is in equal parts and up to the challenge.

It’s the mind set, the heart, the life stream, the connection to the source, the purity, the inspiration of the spirit, values, standards and the goodness of an individual that shines through the eyes, reflects in the glow of their skin and is expressed in their smile. And no doctor or beauty treatment can give anyone this as it comes from the life force of their soul.

A person who overstuffs their body with junk food and chemicals will have a sluggish, bloated, puffed up body. A person who stuffs their mind and soul with negativity and wrong doing, be it in their thoughts, their actions and behaviors, as in lost of respect for self, regarding sex, or other addictions, along with the people that they surround themselves with, will have this reflected in their outward appearance. They may be able to ‘get away’ with it in their youth, but as they grow in years, it is revealed and shows. You know the saying, “You eventually get the face that you deserve”.

The choices that we make concerning what we put into our body and our mind, as well as what we wear, beauty treatments and everything else, reflect who we are in our appearance. When you care about your internal well-being, you will care about your external appearance. You will nourish your body and mind with good things and will present yourself externally in the best light and do things to maintain your appearance out of the pride in your being. Pride and caring for yourself is healthy. Who you are is a gift from God… cherish and care for yourself well.

“Beauty is as beauty does.”… has many layers to its meaning…

What do you do to ensure your youthful energy will stay as long as possible? And do you appear on the outside as you feel on the inside?