Can you tell the quality of a person by looking at them?

???????????????????????????????Can you tell the stock  from where they derive, how they were reared, the values, morals and qualities that were instilled from their family and its lineage? Is it solid or not? Can you tell their health, their intelligence, their morality, their standards or lack of,  by their external appearance and how they present themelves? Can you tell by their eyes, their smile, their demeanor, their grrooming,  and the words they use,  whether or not they are a quality human being? Well, can you tell a good cook by sampling their food?… of course, you can!

It matters not the clothes that a person of real internal quality and worth wears because they will wear their clothes, their clothes won’t wear them.  Character trumps clothing everytime. You will notice a person i with quality of character before their clothing,  who they are  is clear and their clothing is only a part of it. Their clothes are secondary to who they are because who they are precedes everything else. Their clothing may or may not further define them in any given time. But in a person of low quality, you see what they are wearing before you even notice them or who they are. They may even wear things that glitter and shine to attract attention or to deflect from who they really are, so they can’t be seen clearly for what and who they really are. relying on their clothing to shout their existance and presence. You know the flashy types who always wear  the latest,  in the moment style, or the ones who put tatoos on their body, piercings, and do other things that mar and distort their natural body  beauty as in pink or green hair, etc.

Haven’t you seen a person of quality wearing a plain tee and jeans workout clothing, or oversized casual clothing as they mow their yard or do some other activity,  and their quality is seen, no matter what they have on or how momentarily grubby becasue their inner quality emanates even glows  from their being. It’s in the energy they emit and it’s one of sincere, internal quality. And haven’t you seen a person of no-quality wearing the finest of clothing and all you  could see is their clothes because there clothes were all there was to see? It’s as if the clothes are walking down the street on their own creating and carrying the image and existence of this empty being.

Now, of course, there are some people who have learned to mimic  quality and can fool the world or certain individuals  for awhile. But if you will really look and learn to discern, people of quality, internal value and worth have a certain look in their eyes, on their faces and in their walk no matter where they are, what they have on, or in what circumstances they may fine themselves. Although, there’s an old adage that you can’t see in another that which you don’t have in yourself.  I don’t know, is that always accurate or not?

A person of real quality, style and class is rarely appreciated by the masses because of their subtlety and refinement.  Often times, they move about with little notice. Quality doesn’t draw attention… it just is.

It’s internal confidence with no need for fakery. Sure, they may enjoy the latest fashion and have fun with it, but it’s not what defines them. What defines them is their internal moral adjuster, their conscience, their internal peace and knowing who they are in their being. It’s a heart, mind, body connection along with how they were reared, in what environment, along what they chose and allowed to have imprinted upon themselves.

We all tend to become a bit like those whom we associate with… so careful who you are around. My Dad used to tell me, “If you run with ducks, people will think you are a duck, and you are a swan.”

People of quality live in the pride of who they are and value themselves, their health, their well-being as well as that of others…

They wear clean, well-fitted garments, not too tight and not too loose and choose appropriate clothing and behavior for each situation and  circumstance. They are comfortable in their skin and selective about what they put on that skin and what and how they adorn themselves and their life.

Being appropriate in dress and behavior defines and separates the gentlemen from the clods, the ladies from the average and the ‘wanna be’s’ from the real.

The way a person presents themselves to the world, their dress and style, their voice tone,  their language use, the way they move, their grooming habits and if they will look you in the eye or not state who they are internally displayed externally.  Clear speech is one of the hallmarks of class. Class doen’t mumble and rarely uses slang except as appropriate to occasion.   Appropriateness or not, time and place  is key.

My opinion, one of the rudest, most lowly, classless activities, I see these days is that of being glued to cell phones, etc. Those who walk, drive and even interact with others  with their eyes on their phone… no person of quality does this.

Think about it… we create our appearance, it comes from the deep-seatedness of  who we are and is expressed outwardly in everything we do, wear, say, eat, walk, talk, and with whom  we associate. Quality was at one time valued … we knew what it was when we saw it, appreaciated it and many more had it.

It’s quality. It’s class. It’s the best. It’s the rarity. It’s something to strive for. People and parents who don’t have it can’t teach and model it.

Quality… seems these days, it’s on its way to being lost and a thing of the past.

Quality is innate and rare . It’s a reflection of breeding through the generations.  It’s a value that we need not only bring back but to learn to recognize and appreciate. Quality of character seeps through one’s pores…

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25 thoughts on “Can you tell the quality of a person by looking at them?”

  1. Yes. Those of quality can recognize it in another. Ayn you have such excellent articles. I see you as a woman of excellent quality.

    1. You know ‘they’ say that but sometiimes yes and sometimes not… But mostly I think you many times can ‘judge a book by its cover’…
      But also, you can’t see that which you are not.. or don’t even have a glimmer of in yourself..
      Many are blinded by the image of what the person is creating…. while many of true character, quality and worth care not if they glitter in that regard.

    2. Key word being cover. If you can see behind the cover you are seeing what is real. This is a brilliant article Ayn. I like your thoughts and how you express them.

    3. I agree Chad! Sometimes People think that they are better than others, thats narcissistic in my opinion. They actually Need a good shrink.

  2. Yes for the most part but it depends on what you are looking at in them. This is a wise and excellent article young lady. Most won’t even grasp it all.

  3. Hell yeah people wear who they are, show who they are talk who they are, the gift is to really listen and hear see and know what it is they are telling Dang good one lady! If more woman where ladies like you there were be a better world for everyone.

  4. Yes. I usually can. The older I have gotten the more I can see past all the bells and whistles to who the person really is. I didn’t do this well when I was younger. I would fall for a pretty face or kind words. This is very deep what you wrote and well thought out. I do think much of the time you can see who a person is by the cover one way or another.

  5. True article. Today quality is rare. It’s either trashy or gaudy along with immorality slammed in your face. There are no examples. Look at Miley Cyrus Beyonce, that GAGA freak. All done to shock for them to make the big bucks and get try to be like them. The Kardashians no morals. It’s a reality show promoting no morals. That Kim walks around with her body exposed like some hooker and she has no reason to be where she is expept for that prostituion of her body. . We have a mess in this world. right is wrong wrong is right.

  6. Many of us are old school and were taughtthat clothes speak volumes and ettiquette means something. Just as you usually wear black to funerals and take your hat off indoors Obamas light colored suit is considered casual and can be associated with the wearers attitude. Democrats think nothing of these things and I believe they are oblivious to ettiquette or formailty.

  7. Oh yes, a cover tells you much. This is a very good article. The way a person presents themselves is very much who they are. It shows you who they are and what they think of themselves.

  8. I love your common sense approach to life and the fact you are a conservative . I’m very concerned about the direction OUR country is headed in . Thanks to BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA and the rest of the LIBERALS . I’m trying to do my part to put us back in the right direction PS I admire the people that surround YOU and your web site.

  9. Not really… Just give me about ten minutes of conversation and observation and most likely I can tag them…

  10. You can see why you have many followers who do more than respect you. God bless you for your valuable work.

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