Just because someone is talking…

doesn’t mean what they are saying is true…

Just because you read something that someone writes, it doesn’t mean that it is true..

Learn to discern!

Discern : to detect with senses

If someone tells you something, observe their actions and how they live, to see ‘if’ they match their words..

If you read something, before you believe it, sometimes, it’s important to take the time to research it for yourself.

Anyone can talk and write anything…

Agree or not????

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New Age Drivel…

by Ann
It feels like and seems like I have investigated and tried it all… Many years ago, I went to one of those psychics in those old houses that you pass on the side of the road… and she told me lots of BS, but two things that were accurate and I was hooked. 

I am a Christian, was always a Christian, will always be a Christian, and have never lost site of this, but still…my search and investigation into the New Age drivel, spiritual world of the lost continued… as I read the Bible, the Koran, Urantia, about Hindus, the Kabbala, Buddhism… Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Neale Donald Walsch, Robert Schuller, etc., the list is long. I read cover to cover and repeatedly. I took it all in, weighed it, and discarded most… not that there aren’t and can’t be insights and truths in everything… but soon most become empty… except for Christ.

A pure thought can easily become corrupted.

The ‘secret’ that if you just make a list and believe it strong enough that you can control your destiny is BS. The ‘pretend’ it until you make it…is just that pretending. Then if what you want doesn’t occur, it is ‘supposedly’ because you weren’t ‘clear’ enough, or didn’t want it badly enough. Well…BS!

The religion that teaches, if you kill those that don’t believe like you do and that you will be rewarded with virgins in heaven. Give me a break! Only an idiot could believe this…

It appears to me that most religions, ‘spiritual’ and ‘new age’ thoughts are more about ‘control’ than freedom…even though in ‘new age drivel’ freedom is talked about often. Actually, it appears, it’s more the way to morally corrupt and ultimately control the masses as it bleeds into politics and is used to make money, create followers and a profession. And it is mostly BS!
Some new age drivel states that God wants or expects nothing of you. So, you can do whatever you want. Anything! Have sex with as many, put whatever drugs you want into your system, and just do any and everything, break all the commandments and just plain do as you wish because God doesn’t care and it doesn’t matter…because you see, you are a god yourself. It’s love love love…when really it’s quite the opposite. That if you take certain drugs you will see clearly and find truth. Yeah! Right!… sounds like the ‘flower children’ mentality… also like Sodom and Gomorrah… and it’s BS! Who is this playing God and saying what God wants? Appears more to me like leading people astray… So, again give me a break … what arrogance and BS!

If a people lose their moral compass, they are more easily led into corruption then into disaster and a kind of slavery, as they have no character and stand for nothing…they become morally corrupt, weak, insecure in their direction and spirit, and all this ‘new age’ BS is doing just that!

This collective consciousness that Obama speaks of is corrupted… there is no collective salvation. Salvation is individual. And how utterly arrogant of anyone to think that they have control over so many. Who does Obama think that he is, Christ? When his administration is Anti-Christ at every turn… think about this one hard guys!!!

Anyone who tries to ‘play’ God, put words in God’s mouth, and, or tries to be your God or replace God as an authority… as in the government, or some ‘New Age’ Guru is trying to get you to dance with the devil … not good…

A real connection to the source of God is real freedom from all this BS! And it has nothing to do with covering your head at a certain time or attending some church to socialize. Not that doing this is wrong. It just doesn’t really matter. The focus on ritual is for distraction.
Meditation. I have known those that meditate and do yoga, etc. and I have done these also. And they also can be self-righteous liars. I have learned that those who lead with religion or some ‘spiritual’ practice are usually searching themselves, and, or trying to make money off of it, or trying to manipulate, and control others to make themselves feel like they are more than they are, and like ‘they’ know the answers and are in control, when usually they don’t have a clue.

Think of it.. Oprah, Chopra, and others.. how much money have they made off of their yapping about what they preach to others with their AH HA moments… again give me a break!

Chopra was Michael Jackon’s ‘spiritual’ advisor… umm…. pretty much speaks for itself, huh? It’s obvious that Jackson was one lost soul. He was very talented and could sing about some wonderful ideas, but apparently couldn’t bring peace into himself. It appeared to me that he didn’t really have trust in the Lord… that he put his trust in drugs, materialism and false prophets.

Astrology… now there may be something to this.. as it can be correlated to the Bible. The Wise Men were astrologers. I have studied it and found it to be a profound connection… but it must be from a ‘real’ astrologer, not some column in the newspaper, and not some BS that you call in and ask questions. All those call in psychics are just trying to make money off of the lost and searching. But as astrology can give some insights, nothing can really predict timing, because only God knows this. As the planets can shift and change with little to no warning, showing us that clearly there is an energy that can’t be predicted and that there is an energy and power bigger than us all.

And those that talk to the dead. Right! Why would anyone need to have someone be the go between … all of us can communicate with all diminisions, if we listen, and are connected to the real source of the divine and our divine gift within. It isn’t some ‘trick’ or something that you need to pay money to recieve. It is yours for the asking…and the connection is in your soul and your connection to God… the real God…

As my investigation continued…What I learned was to trust myself and my connection to God.

To trust God and the divine plan for my life. No one is between me and God and no one can tell me what God is, or has planned for me, or what my connection is… I was born knowing. It is imprinted in my DNA and my soul. It is a gift from God… a co-creation with The Almighty.

We all go through times of questioning and when we feel lost… even Jesus was on the desert for a lengthy time and he questioned. That’s, perhaps, a part of it all… the searching and feeling lost, and questioning, at times… is what can spark more awareness and can lead us deeper.

Careful not to give your individual connection and power over to someone else. We all have a interconnection to God whether aware of it or not. In my opinion, life… living… is to bring us more into our awareness…

My connection to God is divine and is a connection deep in my soul.  No particular church, Pope, minister, preacher, book, person, or New Age Guru is the answer…

When you live as close as you can to the 10 Commandments and are honest within yourself… is when you will feel at peace. Remember the golden rule…”Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

The answer is in your soul and you know it when you know it…. and some never do… and they use all that they can to capture others’ spirits…

Nothing is new… and no ‘new age’ guru, ‘new age’ government, ‘new world’ order, or ‘new age’ religion, ‘new age’ talk show host, ‘new age’ monetary system will make any difference or ‘change’ what is real and true.
All this ‘new age’ BS is being used to enslave some to others. It’s not to free your soul or for your salvation! It’s to confine you in their evil and under their control…

Be aware of false prophets…

We are on this earth, not of it….

When others talk…

do you really listen? Do you really hear what someone is really saying? Or do you hear mostly, or only what you want to hear?

If you REALLY listen, you have a chance to really comprehend what they really mean along with their intent. Really listen and you have more of a chance to discern lying and ill intent. Cons are counting on you not really hearing them. That’s why they talk fast, circle talk and repeat certain words. They are trying to manipulate with words and take over your thought processes. That way they can sweep in and have you signed on the dotted line, vote for them, buy their products, or let them into your life so they can manipulate you further…
Really listen and you can hear behind the words.

And if you are in the service industry, really listen and you will be able to preform your job more proficiently.

Try getting out of the chatter in your head, forget ‘your agenda’ and while someone is talking listen to theirs. When others are talking really hear what they are saying. Listening and comprehending are skills and they can be learned and refined.

Stop and really listen to people when they are talking. You will learn more about them and also more about yourself.

When has not listening messed you up? And when has really hearing what is being said saved you from heartbreak or trouble?

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Have you ever tried to fit in where…

you knew that you didn’t belong? But you wanted to be a part of some group. And because they seemed to not like you, or they ignored you, it made you want to fit in even more…

Like when I was in highschool, I was not in the ‘popular’ group. I was on the fringe of it. I was a ballet dancer and into health and fitness. I was unsual in the day.

I didn’t smoke, go ‘all the way’, or drink and certainly didn’t do drugs. So, I didn’t fit in with the fast and popular crowd.  At that age, I thought that there must be something ‘wrong’ with me because I didn’t seem to fit in. And I had enough confidence and security in myself to not succumb to pressure ‘just to be popular’ or to ‘fit in’.

Except, I do recall, in highschool, going into the girl’s bathroom at noon and sitting on the floor to give smoking a chance, in order to ‘try’ and ‘fit in’ and be ‘cool’… Sitting there with the ‘cool’ girls, I coughed, got smoke in my hair, and clothes and I hated it…. So, I got up, left and never touched a cigarette again. I found and find it disgusting! Nothing about it was cool! I listened to myself, what I was feeling, and kicked to the curb the need to go against myself to be ‘cool’.

I was lucky to not fit in..

When I look back at who was ‘popular’ and where they are now and what they look like now… YIKES!  And some are still in the same seemingly lame group. I certainly don’t ‘fit in’ with them now… Thank Goodness!!!

My friends and groups have changed and shifted as I’ve changed and grown throughout my life. Fortunate for me….very!

There are always times during your life, when you won’t fit in, and think that you don’t fit in and it may, at the time, hurt your feelings…

But when I look back over my life, those places that I didn’t fit, at the time, as it played out, I didn’t belong because they really weren’t up to my standards. Anywhere, I didn’t fit, I didn’t belong…and I was fortunate to not fit there… Even at times, when I was included in something that I thought I wanted, after being there, I realized I didn’t want it after all. It was either boring, catty, lowly and not up to the standards that I hold for myself. And I hold myself to high standards because I know that I am special to me.

This goes with men also. Throughout my life,  I might’ve liked someone and he didn’t return the feelings. Or I enjoyed a date and he never called. So, at the time, I felt hurt and rejected, but as life played out… I usually discovered, WHEW! lucky for me that it didn’t workout with a certain man.

Even after serious relationships broke up or even marriages… seeing them again or hearing what they’d become.. I was so lucky not to be with them any longer…. sooo fortunate…

Many times, not fitting in is a blessing in disguise. Being an individual and sticking to your standards and where you want to go in your life is much more important than fitting in or staying in something that you will grow past, if you are fortunate in your awareness to keep growing…

What have been your experiences with not ‘fitting in’?

When is it time to bail out of a relationship?

by Sara Zimmerman

Relationships are a beautiful thing, but sometimes that beauty can turn ugly. You fight and fight, or maybe, you simply ignore one another.

So, when is it time to bail on a relationship?  This is an area that I have given a lot of thought, not because I am about to pull a post runaway bride, or anything, simply because I have been in quite a few relationships.

Relationships are not something that we can control and this in itself is often the problem. No matter how disciplined you are, you are only half of the relationship. The other half is being controlled by someone else, your other half. If this is not the case, then you have a whole list of other problems to address. There is always a chaos factor and you have to prepare for that, but how do you prepare for chaos? Just don’t try to control it.

Most everyone who has ever been in a long-term relationship has had a point where they have said to themselves; “This is so sad, how did we get here? Can we get back what once was?” But how long are you ‘supposed’ to wait to pull out of the relationship rut? If this is an average rut and there is no violence, or abuse going on, then you have time.
All relationships go through their ups and downs. That’s just part of living and if you can’t survive some down time than nothing will last for you. Just sit still, gather yourself and say that you can live like this for X amount of time and commit to it. It usually does gets better.

But if it doesn’t and you find yourself miserable for an extended period of time, then maybe, it is time to revaluate the relationship. And yes, it is sad, but nothing is sadder then wasting years in a relationship that you don’t belong in. Besides, if you stick around too long, you’ll start to resent the other person, which may be why so many divorces are bitter and ugly. Rejection is never pretty, but resentment is worse.

Something to keep in mind while looking at a broken relationship, it is usually  or almost never a one sided thing. If something is wrong, you both ‘probably’ played a part in it. Deferring blame is something that, we, as humans seemed to have mastered, but ultimately the deferment only hurts ourselves. Being unable to see our part in the failure of a relationship is increasing the odds that you will make the same mistake again and then wonder, why does this always happen to me? If it always happens to you, you might want to look at well, you.

Think long and hard about what went wrong, find your part in it, and address it in yourself. Hopefully, the relationship is salvageable, but if not, then you get to start the process all over again with someone new. 

What about taking your share in the blame for those failed relationships, so you can heal and grow…
And what are your thoughts about when is the right time to bail?

What do you do under extreme stress?

Do you cry?

Do you rage?
Do you scream? 

Do you laugh?
Do you freeze up?
Do you faint?
Do you sleep all the time?

Do you stay awake? Do you pace the floor?

Overeating : An overweight man enjoying a plate of spaghetti.  Shot with fish-eye lens.  Focus is on the face.Do you eat too much?

Do you lose your appetite?

Do you drink too much?Exercising : Young woman dancer. On wall background.
Do you exercise?

Do you meditate?

We all do different things when stressed to the max… what do you do?

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Instinct …

…. an
inborn pattern of activity or tendency to action common to a given biological species – 
a natural or innate impulse, inclination, or tendency – a natural aptitude or gift: such as 
an instinct for making money –  natural intuitive power

Our innate instincts create our feelings about things including people. We are all born with innate instincts and when we listen to them they will usually serve us well. Because they are ours and are usually looking out for our well-being.They are our connection to the divine source.

Our instincts lead to feelings and then onto emotions and these things will guide our lives to either good or bad choices.

When you are honestly connected to self and your divine inner guidance, your instincts will usually be on target. If you live in denial, delusions, stress,fear, lies, or are addicted to substances that distort perceptions of self and others, your instincts can get tainted even shut down.

Cons, manipulators, those that want you addicted, that wish to influence, that wish to control you, want you separated from your innate instincts and will try to distract you from yourself. They want you to be cut off from your divine inner knowing. They want you to believe and to think that ‘they’ know better than you do about what is good for you, your life, and what you should or shouldn’t be doing. This can be a love interest, a friend, a group (news media), a government, or a church.

Have you ever had someone tell you that they know you better than you know yourself? Well, that person is trying to cut you off from your instincts. This is a person to be leery of and to watch with suspicion.

We have a human instinct to be free and those that wish to control and oppress will try to curtail your human instinct to be free. They will try to make you ‘believe’ and to ‘think’ that you need them and again that can be a love interest, a friend, a group (news media) or a government.

Your instincts can alert you when someone ‘pretending’ to be good but is really bad. Your instincts can lead you to turn one direction instead of another, and by so doing, you may miss having an accident, or you may meet someone special.

Do you listen to your instincts? Are you aware when they are shouting at you? Are you aware when they are whispering?

Most people will say after some bad situation.”If I had only listened to my instincts.”

Always, but most especially, in our world today, it will serve us well to listen to our instincts. Instead of the noise around us, listen to your inner knowing… not the news, not the government, not the leaders, not the politicians, nor the Hollywood dribble, or marketing and advertising promotions and scams, or anything else. Oh, it’s important to be aware of all these things, but for decisions  and choices in your life listen to your instincts.

Step out of your busy lives and come into your quiet calm knowing and give yourself time to reflect… when you do, you will find peace, answers, and your instincts will be more easily revealed and heard. 

When you eat healthfully, sleep deeply and enough, get physical exercise, relax, and have enjoyment is when your instincts will be sharper.

How do you know when your instincts are talking to you? What are the signs? With me, I actually feel it in my gut. I can be somewhere in some environment, or meet someone,  hear someone talk, and if I become uncomfortable because the person isn’t good for me, I feel it instinctively in my gut.

How do your instincts speak to you? And when they do, are you confident enough in yourself to listen? Or do you defer to those trying to separate you from yourself and your innate instincts? Think about this one hard…

What could ever be more important to you than your own instinct?

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What’s your favorite comfort food?

You know when you need something to just make you feel all cozy inside?

One of my fav combos is Campbells’ tomato soup topped with grated cheddar cheese and broken up potato chips.  

Eating this combo makes me feel all cozy and filled-up with the essence of me, as a child, in my parent’s home, where everything is safe and taken care of and will always be okay.

Sometimes, we all need to feel comforted…

They may be plain, simple, or ordinary, but what foods comfort your spirit and cozy you up inside?

Explosion of Jealousy, Greed, Lust…Immorality!!!

Why is there so much jealousy, greed and lust in this world with some wanting what others have and actually even wanting to be another?

Some want to take from others that which is not rightfully their’s. WHY?

I did a recent blog asking if you would exchange your life for another’s and most responded, NO!  Would you exchange places?

Of course, WomenExplode readers are way above the norm…

So, who are these people that want to take from others and why would they?

We are all born into circumstances and situations that are uniquely our own. Our genetics, our family lineage, our talents, our lack, our looks, our intelligence are ours at birth. It’s what makes us who we are.. we are individuals placed in varying circumstances. What we do with what we are given is up to us!

Because what may APPEAR wonderful is actually not and what may appear LACKING is actually not… People observing others don’t and can’t know what is behind the obvious nor should they… they need to focus on their own life not someone else’s….

We are not all the same and never will be and no one can make us so. Not even Obama. I write this Obama statement with sheer disgust. This man and his agenda disgusts me as no other.

Some of our leaders are playing on the collective jealousy, greed, lust…immorality… to try and make the ignorant and empty of spiritthink’ they we can all be the same and that immorality doesn’t matter. That if you take from the rich and give to the poor that this will make equality. No! What that is, is stealing.  

Immorality weakens people and makes them easily controllable and led onward to their own destruction.

There is a big con going on in this world and the ignorant masses are falling for it. “I want me some a dat.” Has become the mantra of ignorance.

We are different and we are different for reasons. We all have different struggles in this life and they are unique to us.

Races are not the same.
 They have different strengths and weaknesses. They are different. They are made different. They look different. And in each race are individuals! If the races were meant to be the same, they would be! We are different colors and look differently because God made us that way.

Who we are is unique to us. We are individuals born into who we are and placed where we are in our own uniqueness to live the lives that God gave us. And it is up to us, individually, to learn, strive, develop, overcome and to be the best that we can be within the perimeters of who we are and our circumstances… family helps family, friends help should they choose, but the government should BUTT OUT!

Government needs to butt out of the natural division that God has created for our growth and development.

The Government needs to stop trying to play God… and I will emphasize that with Obama, Oprah and others that actually have no real caring for mankind, but are spreading their agenda-filled propaganda to line their pockets and to glean personal power and control over the masses and this is of their ego and it is of evil not ‘good’ as ‘they pretend’.

If you choose to follow one of  these fake, media created and sustained, mortal Gods or idols watch and be very careful where and what you are being led into….

The media, the gossip mongers, the Hollywood BS has made many think that what is displayed and talked about is the way to live. That you need the ‘bling’ and should have it because others do and you can live immorally because others do. It is a disastrous example.

Things that should be left as ‘adult’ entertainment have been exploited by greed and are being shown to our youth and it is corrupting our whole society.

Many of our youth without the proper guidance, ‘think’ that they can live for example, like Angelina Jolie, having children out of wedlock and this ignorance is ruining lives.

Look at the example of Charlie Sheen…an immoral, drug and alcohol, promisuous, probably severely mentally ill, made wealthy by the viewing audience,  idiot blabbing and exploiting and being exploited by the media about his sick twisted slant on things. And some pathetic young people will see this as the behavior and life to model. Look at this Lady Gaga freak show… she admits to doing drugs… and she is blasted all over the airwaves as such great entertainment.

Jealousy, Greed, Lust, Immorality… where does it stop? Does it stop when it gets so out of control that the evil of what it is turns to implode on self then explodes into the whole of society as hungry, jealous, greedy, lustful animals looking for their next fix as many are led to the slaughter of their souls and that of others.

It’s individual disapline, refinement, gratitude, morals, values, honor, respect and truth that will guide us to a better world and it has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE GOVERNMENT and certainly not with this current administration which is Anti-Christ and pro-immorality.

It is not collective salvation.. it is individual and it is an individual CHOICE not a MANDATE.  What do you, will you choose?

As it’s freedom to choose.. we choose what we watch on TV. We choose how we live, what we put into our mouths, on our bodies, what we read and what we buy.

Use your individuality to be whom God meant you to be, not what Oprah, Obama, Sheen, Lady GaGa, The View, or anyone else models, or tells you that you should be or want…

Jealousy, Greed, Lust, Immorality leads to destruction of self…

The Insecure Woman….

    by Ann
… is not good for her friends, her husband, her children, or herself… and I am not
talking about that occasional insecurity that we all feel at certain times.

I am talking about the blatantly insecure woman. She comes in many forms, but some of the ways to spot her are… her lack of insight towards self and others. Her insecurity makes most everything all about her… either she is a victim, or she is the one victimizing…
But  no matter what occurs, she will view herself as a victim most all the time.

Her insecurity makes her emotions unstable…ups and downs are the norm, but she will probably deny it if you confront her about it. Deny, deny is part of her game.
She is quick to anger and holds grudges. And she may be bossy in her attempt to cover-up her insecurity.

Because she is jealous of her friends, she is catty, many times sarcastic, gossips and is usually talking behind others’ backs. She doesn’t have the confidence or security to say it to the person’s face. So she back bites, while she might be smiling innocently and sweetly when she is around the people that she is scandalizing.

She is usually the one complaining about others. That ‘they’ didn’t notice ‘her’. That she is not being treated correctly. That they are ‘mean’ and she is sooo nice. Well, she isn’t nice… she is an insecure disease. 

It’s usually someone else’s fault, instead of hers, when things fall apart, or go wrong. Blaming others is one of her activities. 

She doesn’t enjoy being alone. So, she may wrap herself in a group of less accomplished, or less attractive friends, whom she arranges just so, so that she recieves their praise. Her friends feel lacking in the friendship, but don’t quite comprehend why.  They may even be tied together by their ‘in common’ insecurity.

Insecure women don’t like secure women. And will try to bring the secure woman down to their level. If they can’t, they will try to alienate or attack her her in some manner. The attack will be covert because these women can’t do things overtly. Many times, an insecure woman is sneaky, plotting and planning in her mind and actions about how to make sure she ‘gets’ others, or to make certain that she is continually ‘praised’ in some manner or form.

The insecure woman either blames her life on her children, hides behind them, or promotes and pushes them to live out the dreams that she is, or was too insecure to pursue herself.  Or she may sabatoge them out of her innate insecurity. She does similar things with her husband. She is proud of him, but doesn’t like his success or happiness, while at the same time, she will brag about his accomplishments as if they were her own. She must identify with someone and live through them or she feels even more insecure.

She may stay in an unhappy marriage or relationship way too long because she is too insecure to get out of it and make it on her own.

She is the one that is glued to shows like the ‘reality housewives’. She may even find her complete identity in public personas. She dreams of being a sought after ‘star’ herself.

Husbands and children feel lacking, but don’t understand exactly why? They also feel stressed and drained because the insecure woman sucks their energy without them even being aware.

She can’t take constructive criticism. She looks at it as insulting. She is too insecure to work on herself. She can’t see who she is because she is too insecure in herself to see herself. She needs to feel ‘right’, on top of things, and will rarely admit that she is wrong.

She doesn’t give compliments easily, but she must have them for herself. She isn’t truly generous or caring, unless she can brag about it to others.

She can dish it out, but she can’t take it. She runs from confrontation. (drives off in her pink Barbie car)

Many times, she uses her sexuality for attention and to ‘get’ men. Her over focus on sexuality is a cover-up for her feelings of unworthiness. She may be addicted to liguor, the must have a glass of wine while cooking. Concerning working out, she must be thin and trim or she gets depressed. She is obsessive about her appearance, her weight and clothing and little is done for fun, while she is always looking to have fun!

She must stay distracted from herself. Given too long to think and she will become depressed and may turn to alcohol, drugs, shopping, or sex to lift herself up.
She may at times, even act arrogantly or boastful, as this is part of her cover. But she isn’t secure enough to talk and to confront to resolve any conflict.

She is easily offended, overly sensitive and fragile. She takes things incorrectly as to intent and misunderstands conversation and intentions. (think Camille Grammer on the Beverly Hills Housewives. I watched that show in total about 30 minutes and Camille’s behavior was obviously that of blatant insecurity.) 

If you remark to her, “Don’t be insecure?” She will anger up and slam back, “I am not insecure!” She might even say… “It’s you who’s insecure, not me!”
Projection is her best friend because she can’t and won’t look at herself honestly.
You see, an insecure person needs to think of themselves as secure. And this is one key sign of deep insecurity.

She may be beautiful, accomplished and appear to have it all, but something innately deep inside herself makes her feel insecure. She lives a distortion.

A secure person can admit when they feel insecure and will usually readily cop to it and examine it when called out, because they are secure enough to see self clearly in most aspects. Nothing is wrong with feeling insecure at times, we all do… it is part of being human.

And when you have two insecure people in a marriage… oh my gosh! The Insecure Man

Do you have insecure people and friends in your life and how does this affect you and manifest in your relationship with them?