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Excerpt from FEAST OF MEN ‘Story of a Woman’s Heart’

Startling me, the pilot kneels down in the aisle right by my seat then with a large smile and in a Southern drawl asks, “Are you from LA?”  I laugh silently in my twisted humor. Um, he must think I’m the hijacker. The winking pilot continues looking up at me talking all Southern and gentlemanly like. “You look like someone I used to know who lived in LA. I just wanted to see if you were her.” 

I think, what an overused line, but I look down at him then answer, “I live in Dallas – actually, just outside of Dallas and you look a bit familiar also.”

The pilot looks up at me with his eyes locked into mine. “Oh really, well, I’ve got an empty seat beside me.  Since everyone else is watching the movie, would you like to sit with me and we can chat?  I’d love to talk more with you, but can’t stay here kneeling in this aisle.”

I respond, “Okay – why not, since everyone else is watching the movie.” As I think – nice brown eyes, appears a bit overconfident, but a Southern gentleman, besides I’m bored and can’t seem to sleep. So, talking with him might be a distraction to pass the time. I get up and follow him to where he’s sitting.

He has an aisle seat. There’s a woman by the window. So, I slide into the middle seat then look back.  The lady where I was sitting is yelling and motioning, but I can’t hear her.  So, the gallant pilot goes back to retrieve both my water and Diet Dr. Pepper. Apparently, the lady couldn’t get out of her seat with my tray table down.  I didn’t bring anything with me because I thought I’d only visit with the winking pilot for a short while.

FEAST OF MEN – One woman’s magical mysterious, nightmarish, adventurous journey through men on her quest to have a better understanding of the male energy on her search to find genuine and everlasting love. Just as life brings her the masculine offering of a chance for love, along with experiencing another aspect of herself in reflection – her heart is disappointed even broken. She then is  given the opportunity even forced to heal, as she becomes even more aware of the masculine energy and her relation to it, along with a deeper awareness of her imprints and beliefs. As she travels forward on her journey, the pieces come together, break, then come together again offering her the ability to become more aware and whole.
What if Eve was leading Adam to the opportunity to experience all and every dimension of life? The feminine as it relates to masculine and masculine as it relates to feminine. Male and female rubbing souls against one another for the possibility and benefit of what love creates and heals. And this is exactly what God intended – in the full power of ‘his knowing’ – that only a woman would be able to entice a man to do so. God, after all created the serpent along with the opportunity for choice without which there would be no dark defining light challenges on earth.

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24 hours in a Hell of irritation…

It’s twelve o’clock at night, I am relaxing sitting in bed looking forward to watching a movie, I  just rented sipping red wine from a stemless glass ( I am not stoopid – glasses with stems can cause accidents in a bed) after a long, hot day.  I lift up to move my laptop and the glass flips up then lands hard. The ounce of red wine, if that – splashes all over my completely white bedding.  Ever seen red wine splashed on a white bed? It looks like someone was murdered in my bed.  Yikes! I ponder this mess. How can so little red wine create so much destruction?  I can’t stand spots on anything – drives me a bit crazy! But it’s late – should I wash it out now or later? I elect to wash the comforter and the blanket. I put the comforter in with  a bit  of bleach.

When I go down to put it in the dryer, I find that the washer has overflowed because of the largeness of the comforter blocked the back water drain. I struggle to put the wet and heavy comforter into the dryer. Then put the blanket into the washer and begin to clean up the water that is all over the utility room floor. I need to move everything.  Just as the water is about cleaned up – I pick up the vanilla coffee  in glass bottles  resting their cardboard case –  not realizing how wet the cardboard is – the  four glass bottles fall to the marble floor and break – spilling and splashing coffee and scattering broken glass all over. I am freaking out. Talking to myself by now, as I continue my clean up – stating to the universe, “Bring it on! I will not be broken!” I pick up and take to the  trash over and over again – broken glass and coffee soaked paper towels –  moving everything  on the floor to make sure I get every ounce of this mess cleaned up. Then another two bottles of vanilla coffee fall to the floor and break. I should not have challenged the universe –  huh?! I begin to cry as I continue cleaning up. My hands and feet cut by the broken glass. After the floor is clean – I tend to my ‘utility-water/coffee/glass on floor’ war wounds…

Finally! It’s all over with  comforter and blanket back on the bed, but with sheets still  to be washed – saving for the next day. I settle into watch the movie I ordered. Then the cable goes out.  I call the provider and wait  ad-nauseam- until finally, I get a person who barely speaks English – who  guides me through the process to correct the cable issue -tedious at best – I can barely understand her.  I am about to blow, but keep saying to myself – keep calm – stay in awareness. All this is nothing in the whole scheme of things… right!?

The next day, I deal continually with the  publishing of my soon to be out book, Daddy Throws Me In The Air… a memoir, self-help book, which I began 25 years ago and knew it was time to complete a few months ago. Dealing with formatting issues… on and on and so forth – I realize the book, I thought would be out in August will not be out until mid-Sept.  After spending most all the day on this, I do notget around to washing my red-wine-stained sheets nor do I  eat all day – well, nothing but a banana and some vanilla coffee… yes, the same offending  vanilla coffee bottles that broke on the utility floor – I had two left after the utility room disaster.

I decide to go to spin class to release the stress and shift the energy. Exercise is a great release and has saved my sanity many-a-time. And whew! It works! After class –  having nothing, but a banana all day, I am starving. I decide to pick up ribs  at one of my favs. I get home to find the order is incorrect. The ribs have overly hot and spicy sauce when I had ordered honey barbecue. My mouth burns at the first bite causing my empty stomach to hurt.  I am beyond starving after working out so hard. I eat a dinner of French fries and coleslaw. And the restaurant promises to make good on my ribs the next time, I pick up ….

As I write this, I am sitting in my freshly washed white bed sipping ‘white’ wine. The moral of this story is? Don’t sip red wine while sitting in an all white bed  – or things just happen and when they do, it’s one irritation after another – or after the chaos comes peace – or !@#$%^$#@!#$%^%$#@$%


Cheers babeeee!  Look for my book DADDY THROWS ME IN THE AIR … to be out sometime in September….

There is a process included in my book to assist in releasing limiting imprints, negative belief systems and stress. I created it and use it all the time – for the little and the big things…


Shades of Grey = dysfunction, not sexy, damage, boring, bland, blah!

nightshirtpolkadots1I didn’t read the book, but saw the movie…

All it was is a depiction of a damaged child/man who can’t connect in love, therefore,  uses control and domination through sex  to make himself feel. He projects his damage and pain through punishment onto women in order to escape his own.

It was more sad than sexy. In fact, nothing about it was sensual or sexy. There are more and more people  today who are damaged as this man is depicted, who can’t look at self long enough to heal, who go from person to person focusing on sexuality for escape, thrill and the high and even when given the chance at connecting with a loving person is too emotionally damaged and fearful of becoming vulnerable to connect.

Love,  passion and commitment are what makes sex, sexy. Sure games can be fun and taking it to individual fantasies and edges can be exciting on occasion, but that in itself means nothing and lasts less than that.  Most mature adults recognize and understand this, immature, inexperienced youth won’t and don’t and some will see this movie as ‘cool’ showing things to try before they are emotionally and sexually developed which can then lead to distorting their perceptions of sex and love.

I found nothing sexy about this movie. I found it pretty boring and blah. The actors while attractive had no chemistry and that is another aspect that makes sex, sexy… chemistry along with personality.

To me, this was a psychological study of an emotionally damaged man.

At least, in the movie, she left him. I think so anyway. I exited to the ladies’ room several times, I was so bored.  But he soiled an inexperienced and pure person to his perversions.

Now, what would have made it interesting is, had love been able to break through his damage and pain, to break him open to real love. But he was too damaged, weak and fearful,  just like some in the world  who can’t commit and focus on sex, instead of  love, emotions and feelings.

I have no idea what all the ‘to do’ was about this story. I found it mundanely  dull. I know that’s redundant but so was the movie.

Why women like it, might it be that the thought, idea and fantasy of a ‘powerful/successful’ man taking control in the bedroom, and, or in their life, might be appealing because now days,  so many men  seem to have lost their manhood and are looking for a mother. And a man looking for a mother has no sex appeal. But in actuality,  the  sad, damaged man in the movie needed to be mothered, in orde,r to heal and possibly be able to love.

In a real enduring relationship, each person plays all the roles of male/female respectively…  as in intimacy, healing, growth, vulnerablity, empathy, strength, weakness, sex, sensuality, child, parent, teacher, student, lead, follower, depending on time, place and circumstance, etc..

Nothing is more sensual and sexy than an emotionally strong man who can take control in the bedroom, but ‘control’ is a shared two-way experience and a man who is too weak and insecure to let a woman take the lead to balance out the experiences is not sexy for long.

In my opinion, there were not many shades of grey in this movie, there was only one and it was blah!

Illumi-Nation – if you can read a script… you might enjoy this…

SUPER: “I am part of the power that would always wish evil
and always works the good.” Goethe
The sun shines, fluffy
clouds float.
A beautiful MALE ANGEL falls into a –LUSH GARDEN
Male Angel hits the earth. As he looks around he smiles slyly then turns into a
A lovely nude PREGNANT WOMAN with a crown of stars above her head
When the dragon saw that he was cast to
earth, he persecuted the woman who brought forth mankind.  The Reptile
slithers towards the Pregnant Woman as red fire shoots from its mouth. The
Pregnant Woman backs away.

Sconces, candles and a
roaring fire light the room as thirteen BUSINESSMEN from various countries,
AMERICAN MAN, a BRITISH ROYAL, a GERMAN MAN, an elaborately dressed ASIAN, enjoy
a lavish feast. They sit around a large table with the finest china and
crystal. ADAM WEISHAUPT (40s) wears a powdered-wig, sits at the head of the
table, speaks English with a German accent. 
We control the monetary system, so care not who makes the laws.
Weishaupt rises from his chair.

Right you are, Mayer
He moves to the over-sized fireplace engraved with the motto, POOR
picks up an elaborate sword by the fireplace.

We are
the masters of war! But care not who wins as it always benefits our

Control the presses. Control their minds.
motions his sword toward the American Man.

No truer words were
ever spoken.
Weishaupt laughs arrogantly as he saunters swishing the sword.

We divide! We conquer! We destroy!
We create secret
societies within  the society with offers of money, power and sex…
at big-bellied man)
…Will any refuse?
Non, Mon
Weishaupt. May the serpent be aroused.
Weishaupt sits at the head of the
table. He places the sword atop the table before him.

Hidden behind acts of charity, we do as we wish. We offer incentives
for donations. We tax the ground and use the proceeds to instruct the masses as
we choose. 
Weishaupt nods as he grins at the British

With the appearance of good, we are able to infiltrate
(looks at the Asian)
…We blur every boundary to have all
resources under our control.
We, the few, control the many.

The Asian
As always…
…The way to ‘God’ is
through us.
We can hide so easily in doctrine. The masses won’t
recognize it’s us who create dissension in all religions.

Christed one accomplished

Laughter all.

Mon Weishaupt, can this be managed 
past our demise?

We rule the past, the present and the future,
until the orchestrated end.
All nod, toast and smile in

Ha, the future is ours!  With lightning fast
communication, the masses will hear little and comprehend less. Much easier to
escalate their fear and confusion. Leviathan at the finest, spins  words until
the meaning won’t be understood.
(snide chuckle)
 We will control their minds as we change the cycles of the earth then
blame it on them…
The Moriah conquering wind sweeps through
and over all!… 
Luciferin ideology imposed and
(holds up the sword)
The men raise their
glasses. “Illuminati!”
Copyrighted all rights reserved.
Registered with WGA-W

Exploding about…Entertainment, Entertainers, Escape…

Entertainment is for amusement, escape and ‘occasionally’ education. It is fun and healthy to be amused, to laugh, to explore creativity and to enjoy the talents of others…

But entertainment does not stand on its own as something good in itself. It is only a means, a means to a higher end and purpose. Recreation and exercise as a means to better health? Great. Vacations and sports as a means of relaxation? Fine. Movies and the performing arts taken in for pleasure… excellent.

But as soon as entertainment goes beyond that, as soon as it becomes an end in itself, as soon as sports, games and hobbies, etc. consume us, then we abuse God’s gifts and our lives are not lives of balance and moderation, but rather of excess and imbalance. Most of the emphasis in our society these days seems is about having a good time and being entertained.  It used to be that after work was completed then there was a time to relax and to be entertained.

Today, each child receives an award just for participating, not for achievement. It used to be awards were given for actual achieving and it gave a child something to strive for and a sense of pride in the actual accomplishment. But today it seems to be all about the feel good of the award instead of what it takes to do something.
Fun and pleasure are great to experience…. it’s a wonderful part of living, but when…
everyone ‘needs’ to have fun most all of the time and to always feel good rather than achieve, stretch to meet goals and accomplishments then forgotten is the truth that God has put man on earth to achieve in order to grow and sometimes that means sacrifice, discipline, doing without and hardship. Now it seems man works as little as possible in order that he play. Life is viewed as a playground rather than a place to achieve. And today the younger generation is all about being entertained and playing and not only the children but many adults.  It’s party – party…escape and party as much as you can into food, video games, TV, the Internet, drugs, sex, alcohol, etc. and this creates a lazy, fat, slothful, slovenly, promiscuous, non-thinking, lack of common sense and decency society.  Just look around. What do you see but mostly fat, slovenly, sloppy, promiscuous examples, both in life and as displayed in the areas of entertainment and the public.   

Sex is not entertainment. It is for expressing affection and love between committed individuals.. sure it is pleasurable and fun, but it is a private expression. Hugh Hefner was one of those who turned sex into an accepted form of entrainment and made it ‘look’ cool to do so… and nothing about him is ‘cool’… it’s lowly and and skanky… but some people model his lifestyle and choices…

Paul writes in II Timothy 3, “Men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters,” and so on. And, “They shall be lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God.” The Christian is a lover of God. The unbeliever is a hater of God and a lover of pleasure. And as that love of pleasure develops into pleasure-madness all around us, this constitutes a peril. These are perilous times for you, me and our children.

A lover of pleasure is a hedonist. Our society has become thoroughly hedonistic. 

Hedonism is the moral philosophy that pleasure and happiness are the chief goal of
human lifeLook at the example of the Obama’s with their parties and vacations. The Obama’s hang with ‘rappers’ and entertainers, vacation continually on America’s dime and time. The Obama’s are hedonistic. And put on the political scene by an ‘entertainer’, ‘a living in sin ‘talk-show yakker’, Oprah, who attended, along with Obama, a ‘church’ promoting hate and it’s been said a place that matches up gay men with ‘acceptable wives to create a front of respectability… what is this mess of sin exactly?

Hedonism is the ‘religion’ according to which most people live to today. The rightness or wrongness of some activity is determined by whether it results in pleasure or in pain. If you get pleasure from something, do it; it’s a good thing. If it causes you pain, or discomfort, avoid it. Do you see the peril of being surrounded by people of that philosophy and outlook? Of living in the midst of such a perverse generation? It creates liars, deflectors, blamers and those of no character or morality.

And many today get their news, morality, standards and life views from ‘so-called’ entertainers. Public figures are ‘famous’ for doing nothing as in the Kardashians… and their lives are that of immorality… children without marriage, children with one man while still married to another, sex tapes… excessive flaunting and pleasure with no regard to the the example they are setting.  Why would any thinking moral human being want to model their life after that used for entertainment… as this example is destroying the morality of our youth and therefore our society.

Politics has become ‘entertainment’. Look at the example of Anthony Wierner.. despicable behavior and this lowly perverted man, married to a Muslim who works for Clinton is running for Mayor of NY…

Many people appear to think they are living in some movie or on some reality show of nothingness. It’s all about escape and primarily escaping anything real, any real emotion, or feeling, any real responsibility, accountability, commitment or morality. It’s all about the fun and escape and what you can get away with. And if it doesn’t feel good enough then off to another ‘something’ to make the high – higher… then more is needed for the next high.

Entertainment and entertainers are most times very poor examples of how to live life. And what a person chooses for entertainment speaks volumes about who they are.

It used to be that society knew the difference in what was real life and reality, and what was for only for entertainment, but now it appears more and more that they are one and the same and this is destroying many from having a wholesome, moral and productive life.

There must be a balance in life… work, pleasure, joy and pain, striving and relaxing based in morality and standards.. too much of anything is not a good thing.

Can’t seem to stop the indulgence momentum…

After the holidays, every year… it takes another week or so to reign it back to normal. Anyone else have this occur?

Indulgences… good food… fabulous desserts… wines and spirits… Winter time fun!!! Nothing like delicious nibbling and sipping on a cold Winter’s day or night…

Just make sure to keep up with the working out, to off set it… right? RIGHT!!!

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If little is the new big, when will this translate into…

Fat pig…backsides? ((What is going on with the size of rear-ends these days? I have never seen such humongous ones and weirdly shaped ones. It can actually be scary… while trying to maneuver around one at the grocery store or somewhere else where there are crowds like at the theatre…

I ‘hope’ (you know, the Obama word) this doesn’t offend anyone, but can we talk about the issue of big butts?!

When did rear-ends start having this shelf-like appearance? I don’t recall seeing this until recently…do you?

So what is causing this trend of huge butts and unusual even strange shaped butts? Is it JLo, Kim Kardashian or what?

Now, while these women are shapely and voluptuous and their bodies are in proportion… it appears to me that the ‘war of the butts’ has gotten way out of control…

Turning it into a derriere nightmare… of enormous portions…

I have always prided myself in keeping my body in proportion… my rear-end by today’s standards is small… but I used to think that it was large…

Seems people used to be thinner and butts not near the size that they are today. I was, at one time, considered shapely, but now I would be considered on the thin side. So what in the world is going on with butts?? Why are they taking over  all public places even the world???

And what is the deal these days with so many having small upper bodies and huge lower?

I think your butt and the way you display it, or not, reveals much about a person…do you?
Shapely is great! Sloppy is scary!!!

I also noticed that those of the ‘large butts’ are oftentimes pushy, grumpy, overly-sensitive and even rude and cruel… does this temperment go along with having a large rear-end? Then those of the ‘large butts’ walk so slow. Being ‘behind’ one tries my patience as I walk at a fairly quick pace moving precisely and with purpose… might be because of my ballet background or it’s just my nature. I like to move and enjoy working out and if I gain a few pounds, I feel physically sluggish. Therefore, I take the weight off. I prefer to feel sleek, trim and able. I like for my butt to feel taught and tight, not flabby and loose, but soft and subtle… and in ‘proportion’ with the rest of my body…

I wonder how those of the ‘big butts’ feel? Do they feel sluggish and out of sorts and is that why they move so slowly and are irritable? Or are their backsides large because they move slow? Do they stuff food in their mouths because they are unhappy and irritable? Are they stuffing down their frustrations and pain with chips and sweets then sit around watching TV, ‘reality’ and otherwise to get a glimpse at how other people live? Then they are angry that they don’t have the lives that they ‘think’ others have so they stuff more junk in…’junk in the trunk’ The shopping carts of these people are usually filled with junk … in my opinion…

I can eat junk with the best of them… but only, at times, because if I do it too often, my stomach gets upset…and I don’t like this feeling.

Are the big-butted just not in tune with their bodies, ignore their bodies’ signals, ignore their emotional sides and it’s being reflected in their backsides?

People seem to be getting bigger and bigger and butts larger and larger… and it actually frightens me…

Of course, we have the ‘politically correct police’ who will come in and comment, ‘Everyone should be happy with who they are.’ or ‘that I am a hater’ or a ‘racist’ for commenting about large butts. HA! Yeah right!

I think that we should make the best of what God gave us, accept who we are… as we strive to be fit physically, emotionally and spiritually. And why is it that we can comment that someone is fit, but can’t comment that someone is fat? Why is it okay to ‘judge’ someone as beautiful, but ‘politically incorrect’ to deem someone ugly? Is avoiding calling something exactly what it is assisting to create this epidemic of huge butts?
Butt : Beautiful ass of young woman over dark background
In my opinion, this is a great butt. But what’s your opinion concerning butts these days?

Next, should we discuss arms, stomachs and breasts… wanna know what I think about these?

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A lovely evening with conservative women…

???????????????????????????????It’s so refreshing to be around highschool girls who see what is occurring in our country under Obama… all of these young women are conservatives… (so are the older ones, Lara and I…Ha!)

These young women realize what Obama’s agenda and programs will do to America… by ushering in socialism/communism.

They are smart cookies. They realize that under Obama their futures will be limited and controlled. We will be fortunate and it’s our only ‘hope’ (even if Obama has soiled the word ‘hope’) if other kids wake up to smell how diminished their lives will become under socialistic/communistic rule. These young women have known one another since the age of two. They are all of Russian descent and have had the fortunate experience to hear from their parents what they escaped from and ran to, in order, to give them the opportunity for freedom of choice.???????????????????????????????

Lara and I on The Glenn Beck show on GBTV.. a powerful show describing  what it’s like to live under communist rule…


Being around youth who can discern the truth is what really gives us ‘hope’ for the future of America!

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What is ‘Fun’?

 By Ann
an adjective FUN is defined as amusing, enjoyable, entertaining, pleasurable, etc., its antonym is boring.

FUN as a noun is enjoyment, amusement, excitement pleasure, joy, entertainment, etc. its antonym, boredom.

So, FUN is a feeling or an experience. You hear people saying that they want to have fun. But FUN is different things to different people even as it is often used as a catch all word for so many things.

Work is fun to some. Cleaning is fun to others. Working out is fun to many. But to others, work, cleaning and exercising are boring.

What is boring and tedious even torture to one person may be wonderfully fun to another. FUN can even be a state of mind or an attitude. Some people can make most anything fun, while others seem to suck the fun out of everything.

Amy is always saying that she wants to have some fun. I am usually always having fun. Even working hard, researching something, figuring out something, beating my head against a wall to get something done can be fun for me, but not to others. Challenging can be fun. And fun can depend on mood and timing.  What you may think is fun one day, may not be fun the next. And too much of a good thing and fun can become unfun quickly even morphing into tedious torture.

How do you know when someone is having fun? Is it when they smile or laugh?  Those are pretty good indicators, only a person with furrowed brow deep in concentration may also be having fun. 

FUN encompasses many things and can be so many different things to different people.

Have you ever looked back at at time and thought? ‘That was fun!’ But while you were living or experincing it, you didn’t recognize it as fun. FUNNY thing is …You never know, what you are doing now, even though you might be thinking, it is unfun, when you look back, you may recall it as fun…

I think FUN is what keeps you completely engaged, where time stops and you are focused in and on the moment. Being compleltely engaged with all your senses and you have FUN!!!

What is NOT FUN to you? What is FUN to you? How do you have FUN?… SHARE WITH US! We want to share in FUN with you!
NOW THINK about what FUN is to you!  IMAGINE yourself having FUN

NOW, GO DO IT! HAVE SOME FUN!  Do something that lifts your spirit. Then come back and share your fun with us!

Dedicated to Amy