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Satan uses PC to manipulate and pervert…

creating the atmosphere for good to be deemed evil and evil to be deemed as good.

Satan is the master of illusion – delusion, projection, manipulation and confusion.  The nature of ‘political correctness’ is not to call out something that which it actually is – in order to not offend. What this has led to is calling  evil good – so as not to offend evil and that which is perverted, banal,  lies, corrupted and of sin. So that the perverted, sinning, corrupted evil will not feel badly about itself concerning the evil they are doing or the lifestyle they have chosen to live. Because, oh my gosh! We wouldn’t want to hurt the feelings of sin and evil that would be such a horrible thing to do. Good can’t ‘judge’ evil that would be so politically incorrect.  So instead, we don’t call it out for what it is, and either ignore it or deem it acceptable as we suppress that which is of good. Having good hang its head in shame for deeming evil for exactly what it is.

When good does call it out for exactly what is is – sin, evil and wrong, evil will point the finger back at good and loudly over shout – calling good a hater –  along with statements such as “Don’t judge me!” You see, evil must shout louder, be more seductive, offer more goodies and treats to those who succumb to its enticements. Evil will blocks and censors good – anything to shut good up – so evil won’t be called out and have to look at self and be held accountable for its evil deeds of corruption and destruction. You see, it’s much more difficult to be good than it is to be evil. Or so it seems – but actually goodness, internal peace and happiness go hand in hand. And this is something that irritates the hell out of evil…

So evil projects itself onto good to try and shut it up. Clever nasty evil knows what it’s doing. While good is being the good, not wanting to hurt feelings, many times will keep quiet or shut up – in order to be ‘politically correct’. You see evil is manipulative and cunning, While good is straight forward and working always on being good – evil is plotting and planning how to corrupt good for the benefit of evil.

One perfect example of evil projection are the Clintons:

Just look at this quote from Hillary. She is a liar and she pretends to be something she is not – yet she is stating that this is what the American people are doing.

Trump on the other hand just blurts the truth of what he sees  and feels right out. He knows he’s not a perfect man and  doesn’t pretend that he is and is not afraid to show who he is or to throw it in the face of evil.  And the evil corrupted media and those on the side of creating the ‘image’ – behind which lies delusions and illusion for the gain of evil and perversion – go wild with projection.  Evil hates good. Good understands the weakness of evil – and that weakness is being called out for what it is. Evil loves a fake image and a facade to hide its evil deeds and doings behind.

Good is choice. Evil is of control. Good is truth no matter what the truth might be or how difficult it might be to hear and know. Evil is lies, cover ups and facades. Good is continually looking at self to reevaluate and refine self and isn’t afraid of truth. Evil runs and hides from truth. Truth scares the hell out of evil! Hence the creation of political correctness. 

Evil  creates the environment where truth cannot be revealed much less told, where evil and perversion cannot be called out for what it is. It creates a playground of confusion – a marring of the lines between good and evil and it’s in this atmosphere evil is able to sneak in and tighten its grip on the innocent, the youth and to corrupt the souls of the weak, lost and wandering.

Leviathan is the devil of deceit, corruption and confusion. It’s tries to create a fog of confusions around everything and this is the time in which we are living in.  The corrupted media along with political correctness are Leviathan’s sharpest tools.

Good must STOP evil in its tracks! Throw political correctness to the four winds. Call out that which is evil, corrupt, perverted and manipulative – deeming it exactly what it is! Why should ‘good’ care if it hurts evil’s feelings? Evil has no empathy or feelings of care for the good. Evil wants the good to be corrupted then destroyed. Evil is happy when it corrupts an innocent child into sexual exploitation or perversion, Evil is happy when it addicts human beings to substances that harm the body, mind and soul. Evil is happy when it sucks resources and money from those who work hard for it. Evil is happiest when it gathers more souls into its lair of pain, depression and despair. Evil loves company.

I I say PC needs to die and evil needs to be left alone to wallow in its pain and isolation.


The needy self-absorbed man…

self-absorbedI have a male/acquaintance/friend who is in his 50’s and very ill. He has spent his life as a playboy being obsessed with how a woman looks and sex. He’s never married, laughed at it and put it down. He is  now alone and lonely. Parents are gone and friends off with their lives. He’s pathetic. I feel sorry for him, always have. He called me last night whining that he has no one to talk to. He is alone and can barely take care of his own needs. He needs assistance to shower, etc. 
He has only cared about himself and his needs and wants. He doesn’t even listen when you talk with him. I have talked about God.. but he laughs at me. He doesn’t think there is a God.
Men need women for much more than sex and how she looks. A man who objectifies  women usually turns out like this one … alone. I have seen it happen many times. When they get old or sick, can’t rockin’ roll and their resources dwindle… they are left alone with nothing. The women that he chose for her looks, only wanted him for what he gave her as in excitement or gifts while he only wanted her for her body and how it temporarily made him feel.
Men if you are fortunate enough to have a woman love you, you might want to cherish her for all her gifts. It’s been proven that a man needs a woman more than she needs a man.
Women alone live longer than men alone. Why is this? A woman assists a man in processing his emotions. She cares for and nurtures his needs. When he provides, commits and protects this creates a great balance. But when he doesn’t… it falls apart… the balance never occurs.
When a man is so needy that he is driven to suck off many women with no commitment, he is really cutting himself off from what he really needs, but this kind of man is too insecure, can’t allow vulnerability or be real within himself, so he distances emotions and feelings for the temporary charge and escape of sex and being in control and in the end he loses big time!  
Women can do this for themselves. They process their emotions more easily, so why would any sane woman want to take on the neediness of a man without his full commitment to her and respect of her whole self? Women who share their bodies with a man without the wholeness of commitment are fools. They are fools looking to temporarily escape who they are in reality and wholeness and it is a big fail in the end for both. 
The real deal with the ‘never married man’, forty and up, is they can’t commit, are afraid of failure and real intimacy. So, they objectify women and diminish marriage and commitment to make themselves feel better about their inability to commit, to choose, and to make long term relationship decisions.

“Never love anyone who treats you like you’re ordinary.”

Oscar Wilde

Change for the worse…

???????????????????????????????Ever loved a product or food then go to purchase it again and it’s changed, or even off the market? Or go to a restaurant you like, only to find the menu has changed, or the meal that you enjoy is no longer available.

A friend and I were discussing this lately and proclaimed that most the change we experience is usually for the worse.

Technology is continually changing and is it always for the better? NO! It’s just to get people to buy new products. It’s ‘change’ for ‘marketing’ and not much more..

Recently, I upgraded my I-Phone and I really don’t like the changes made… not at all. But I had no choice, I kept getting the continual upgrade notices. Just as this is continually happening on my computer… upgrade… upgrade.. change… change… you must do it even if you don’t want to.

What if I don’t want the upgrade or the change?

Change is not always for the better or a good thing. The grass is not better, or greener in the other yard. Change, many times, is disasterous. We are told to embrace change. That change is the only constant that we can depend on. Well sure, changes happen in life in a natural order, but when ‘change’ is forced and orchestrated that’s a whole different scenario.

The thought of ‘change’ can sometime ‘seem’ appealing, that is, until the change actually occurs. You can want a divorce and once you get it, it’s not what you thought. You can want a change from your current job, girlfriend or boyfriend then get it and it’s not better, but, perhaps, even worse. You can want a new car, but the new car is really not any better than the old one, it just appears that way and costs more. You can make a change in hair color, or cut and after it’s done not like it at all.

Some things changed can easily be changed back…others not so much.

The ‘change’ that the Obama regime has/is inflicting on America has been nothing but disruptive and negative. Nothing good has come from the Obama change. ‘Change’ was just used as Obama’s marketing tool to take freedoms from the American people, to make America worse, not better.

The changes in healthcare are making it worse not better. The website doesn’t even work. How’s that ‘change’ working for ya? It isn’t. It’s impossible to get better service for less money. People are losing their insurance. Doctors are retiring. The promise of ‘change’ was just a con. 

Improvements can always be made… but complete change many times is for the worse.

‘Change’ is used as a marketing tool to get the masses to spend more money on the new and better.. which is not always better. The offer of change is the tool of a salesman… a snake oil salesman. A salesman looking for more profits, or to trick those being marketed to. Change is a promise of something better and that is not always the case. Change can be for the worse… as in the promise of ‘change’ from the Obama lies…

America didn’t/doesn’t need changing. We need, perhaps, improvement in some areas. But America is the greatest country on earth with more freedom and opportunity than anywhere else. Why would anyone want to change America, but someone out to destroy freedom, and to change us into a something we aren’t, to take away our freedom and put us into a dictatorship. And this is what the Obama regime is doing. That is Obama’s change for America… spend, indebt, tax, control and destroy.

And those who bought into the Obama promise of change are getting nothing good or positive in the change. 

America, we have been sold a bill of goods with this ‘change’ mantra of the Obama propaganda… nothing about their ‘change’ is good for any of us.

And just ‘changing’ the meaning of a word… doesn’t change what it really is… as in the word and meaning of Cancer.. it is what it is…

A dictator is a dictator. What Obama has changed is we no longer have a Presidency. We have a regime runned by a ruthless, lying, no-conscience, Leviathan-spinning, con-artist dictator of change.

Obama’s change is for the worse. He stated that he wanted to fundamentally transform America..  that means to destroy our freedoms, our free enterprise system, our healthcare, our businesses, our blessings… and turn us into a controlled society of doom. 

What we need is to change America back from the destruction and corruption of the Obama regime…

Obama is the worse change that has ever happened in and to America.

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Bring back shame and humiliation…

???????????????????????????????It seems any and everything are being accepted as fine and ‘okay’.

Everything has become so wishy-washy… no morals, standards, values, manners, class, appropriateness of dress, behaviors, etc..and our world shows it more as each day passes…

Morals, standards, guidelines, tradition, and appropriateness give a society boundaries to follow and boundaries are good. Sure, it’s interesting and fun to step a bit outside them, at times, but when all sense of decorum is lost and all boundaries are pushed and accepted, society falls into a kind of random insanity and chaos … where nothing has any real value or meaning…

Good becomes bad, bad becomes good, lie becomes truth and truth is deemed lie then confusion, chaos, immorality, lack of decorum in what’s appropriate as in dress and everything else, manners, personal dignity are lost and a society becomes savage-like…

When those with morals become the ‘outcasts’ and those of immorality become the standard … we have fallen into hell… a kind of Sodom and Gomorrah…

A moral minority exists now… that’s what I am feeling in the world. Little to nothing worthwhile to watch on TV.. so much focused on crime, sex, exploitation and sin in general…a continual pushing of the envelope until there is nothing left… but the abyss of hell…

Our leaders blatantly lie, con and spin for agenda as the media holds little accountable and contribute to the downfall of society.

Not much value is given to morality or healthy emotional standards. Our society has become lost and devoid of standards, values and goodness on almost all levels…

The over emphasis on sex and lack of control in many has become rampant. The sanctity of a human being is being destroyed. Human life means nothing to many and the lack of physical and emotional health are becoming the norm instead of the oddity.

It once was rare to see a fat person and fat at that time, was actually just a bit pudgy and these people were ashamed and shamed. Perhaps, shame should be brought back …

Only a few got pregnant out of wedlock or ‘before’ they got married and they were ashamed and shamed… People are having children today who have no idea how to even care for themselves.

Shame those who have children out of wedlock, shame those who have affairs and cheat. Shame those who are obese because of gluttony. Shame those who dress inappropriately. Shame those who don’t groom themselves healthfully and properly.

We are now accepting and tolerating things that we have not previously, in order, that no one feels bad about themselves. Perhaps, people need to feel bad and be ashamed and shamed, in order, that society rise to higher acceptable behaviors and appropriateness, instead of to lower.

The cries being now, “Don’t judge me. Don’t be a bully. Don’t be a ‘hater’…” PC rules the world and it is destructive to everything of value that of good. These mantras are destroying society… allowing for the idiocy and slovenliness of immorality, crassness, abuses to self and others, rudeness, etc. to flourish…

Many have lost self-pride, self-awareness and the ability to discern. This is what happens when a society has no standards, boundaries, or set standards and morality to live by.  All that’s left is tolerance… to tolerate that which is intolerable…

Society has been lowered to the ‘acceptance’ of any and everything… same-sex marriage, pedophilia, sexual deviates, perversion, inappropriateness of dress, cheating, lying, no manners, no standards, no guidelines, no family standards, twisted thinking, actually, more abusive behaviors to self and others are being accepted than ever before.

I say shame and humiliation needs to be brought back…

‘Political correctness’ and tolerance are lowering our standards to non-existent.

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To respect authority, or not?…

???????????????????????????????It can be good and it can be wise, but at times, it isn’t… like when ‘authority’ is wrong, or actually harmful.

I was taught to ‘respect authority’ … and I did, but I also questioned it and, at times, challenged it, because I was taught to ‘think’ by the educational systems I attended and by my parents, especially my Father. I also was born with an inquisitive mind and a strong will and with a sense of right and wrong imprinted on me by God.

Many of the Jewish people in Germany ‘respected the authority’ that told them to get on a train to concentration camps and ultimately their death. They were obedient to ‘authority’.

To respect and follow authority blindly is to be made a fool.

Just because ‘someone’, or a group has ‘authority’ over you, or some ‘so-called experts’ tell you what you should, or should not do, doesn’t mean they are ‘right’, ‘good’, ‘honorable’, ‘wise’ or ‘caring’, or have good intentions. It only means  they have the ‘authority’ and are wielding it. And any ‘authority’ on earth can be corrupted, with a self-serving agenda and even evil intent.

There are corrupt police, judges, attorneys, politicians, presidents, leaders, doctors, psychologists, advisers, teachers, etc. that may have ‘temporary earthly authority’, but are not worth respecting, or listening to because they are not respectful, wise, competent, nor do they respect the individual authority in you.

A ‘title’ means nothing… it’s the character of the individual carrying the title that gives it value and authority, or not.

Corrupt authority relies on ‘useful idiots’ to not only follow them blindly, but to help them implement ‘their agenda’.

I have noticed and learned that those in authority who are worth respecting and listening to, are respectful of their authority, humble, and consider it ‘their responsibility’ to do the ‘right thing’ for others… and that their authority is not about power over others, but wise, honorable, conscientious service to others. They have an element of self-sacrifice leading them more than that of a self-serving agenda.

There are so many rules today, too many, and regulations… many unnecessary and are used only for ‘control’, to levy fines for revenue, and to give someone false and meaningless power over others. Are all these to be ‘respected as authority’, or are they to be ‘challenged’ by thinking individuals?

Throughout history, many times, those who challenge authority are those who create a better world.

Challenging the authority of a dictator and the authority of suppression and oppression frees the people to live, and to create a better world. That is how and why America was created. 

So, it’s my opinion, respect authority, but to also question it. That is what we must teach our youth.

If someone doesn’t respect my individual authority over myself and my choices, why would I respect them, or what they ‘suggest’, ‘tell’, ‘order’, or ‘direct’ me to do?

Consider the source of the authority, their reasoning and their agenda, why is it, what it is, and why is in place where it is and for what purpose? I have witnessed, seen and experienced many fools with authority. And these fools are looking for other fools to follow them… 

Thinking, common sense, and rational reasoning have become lost today.

It’s actually amazes me the ignorance of some in authority – their agenda, their manipulation, their lies, their ignorance, their complete disregard for truth, honor, integrity, or respect for an individual’s right to be and to choose for themselves.

So, in respecting authority there is a fine line… to do so can be wise, but then it can also lead to harm and even self-destruction and that of many in the world.

In this time of Leviathan … the words and intentions of those in authority must, it’s even imperative, that they be weighed, examined and questioned thoroughly.

We must teach people to think, instead of to follow, to reason, instead of  being lead, to have respect for self, mind – body – and soul – because by so doing, common sense will have a chance to reemerge. Otherwise…

Would you follow an idiot into hell just because they have the ‘authority’  and the fast talking words to lead you there?

Be your own authority…

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Behind the mask …

ATT00001People who cover their faces, aren’t they  usually rapists, murders, thieves, and liars? Don’t they maim, threaten, rob, cause drama and trauma in the world of polite and peaceful people?

Don’t they  oppress, suppress, repress, and restrict?
Don’t they take away freedom, implement control and harm?


Yes, that’s it!

A person wearing a mask, their message is loud and clear! Or why hide their face? There is no reason other than to hide their identity to better, fool, confuse, deceive and harm…

They are up to nothing good.

Why are we allowing this mask of evil into America? Why is it being allowed to spread its evil across the world and to infiltrate communities spreading their Halloween horror show of a perverted practice that does nothing but frighten, destroy, maim, torture, rape, and kill all that is good?