It’s Wednesday, but let’s think about Sunday brunch…

by Ann
Eggs Benedict, one of my favs….

Canadian Bacon
English Muffins
Covered generously with the perfect Hollandaise Sauce..

Ready? Let’s go….

Melt a glob of butter, (I use Brummel and Brown, (half yogart and half butter), add flour and mix into a rue… add water and mix some more, ( make sure that there are no lumps) then add a glob of grated cheese.. let it melt then simmer.. at the end add lemon juice…

Cook Canadian bacon, toast the English muffins and cook the eggs.. I am not poaching them today, but cooking them in a skillet…

When all is ready, it’s time to build the Benedict. First, put the toasted English muffins on a plate..

Then put the Canadian bacon on the English muffin…

Put the eggs on top of the Canadian bacon…

Cover it all with the Hollandaise Sauce…

I garnish
it with Paprika
and serve with fruit.

TOTAL YUM!!!! Accompany the eggs benedict with Mimosa’s (champagne and OJ) or Bloody Mary’s … then well, how about back to bed….?!?!?!


Mom’s Vegetable Soup…

by Ann

It’s cold outside, snow most everywhere, and our nation is in mourning. A good time to be cozy in the house wearing a cuddly sweater, hair tied back, little if any make-up, and a good book.

As food goes, nothing’s more comforting, and can warm you up as well, or as fast as a bowl of Mom’s vegetable soup!


A pound of lean ground sirloin
Stalks of celery
An onion
Can of whole tomatoes
2 medium-sized cans of V8 juice
Garlic salt
Salt and pepper to taste
Canned or fresh vegetables. This day, I put in green beans and kidney beans. But you, of course, can put in whichever vegetables that you choose and pasta shapes can also be a nice addition.

In a soup pot:

Brown the ground sirloin, chopped onions, and chopped celery…

Add garlic salt, parsley and salt and pepper to taste…

Then add the can of whole tomatoes, pop the tomatoes with a spoon then add the cans of V8 Juice, about a cup of water and more garlic salt and parsley to taste.

Bring to a boil then to simmer. Simmer for at least two hours, or as long as most of the day.. as the aroma fills the house… as you snuggle in and read a good book.

About 45 minutes before time for dinner, chop potatoes and carrots then add them to the soup. Bring the soup back to a boil then back to low heat and simmer until the carrots and potatoes are done…about 20 to 30 minutes. To check it done, I take a carrot out and test it with a fork. Carrots cook slower than potatoes. So, if the carrots are done, the potatoes are also done.         

Then add the other vegetables canned or fresh and heat for a few minutes and serve with a salad and crusty, buttered bread.

YUMMY warmth and healthful goodness will fill your body and spirit!

Thank you Mom for your recipe and for the memories of each time this aroma filled our house while I waited in anticipation for dinner time.

Family meals can be a wonderful time for sharing, bonding and love…communication on all levels that will assist in anchoring people to one another for healing, support and comfort.

Have a wonderful, cozy and funfilled weekend…Enjoy!

Champagne for the Chicken and also for the Cook…

by Ann
Easy, quick festive chicken dinner…
plus more…

Ingredients (for two – double or triple as needed)

One whole chicken breast – split in half and beaten. ( I have them do this at the butchers)
Can of small articoke hearts packed in water
Can of small pitted black olives
Cherry Tomatoes
Garlic salt
Brummel and Brown yogart butter
Champagne – any kind that you like ..( My fav is Veuve Clicquot – founded in 1772 by Philippe Clicquot-Muiron, Veuve Clicquot played an important role in establishing champagne as the beverage of choice of European nobility and the wealthy bourgeoisie Situated in Reims, Veuve Clicquot has been part of the Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy group of luxury brands since 1987)

Pop the cork on the Champagne then pour in flutes and take sip.

Put garlic salt and parsley on Chicken breasts.

Spray with Pam

Put chicken in skillet… cook until browned on both sides.. add dollops of Brummel and Brown yogart butter as needed while cooking.

When chicken is done…add more butter, articoke hearts, black olives and cherry tomatoes and sprinkle with more garlic salt and parsley.
Splash with champagne…simmer…
Cover for a few.. then take off the lid and douse with more champagne. 

Serve with wild rice.

And for dessert!

Haagen-Daz Vanilla Bean Ice cream, topped with my ‘cranberry relish’ and a splash of Cognac along with a Pepperidge Farm Sugar cookie.  Enjoy while either sipping Cognac and, or Champagne.                                                                        


Now, you’re talking!
Then out to the patio for more Cognac while sitting around a fire…  Having fun yet? I sure did!

Let’s drink! I mean bake! I mean drink!

by Ann

Okay! Let’s do both!  First! Pour yourself a glass of bubbly or whatever it is that you enjoy that will assist you in getting into the ‘baking’ mood.

Next! Get a bag of cranberries and grind them up. Put them in a bowl and cover them with sugar. Put in the frig, covered, and leave overnight or longer. This makes the most wonderful relish to be used on many things. And I put this delight in and on my ‘Cranberry Everything’ muffins and bread.  Umm…. so actually, do the cranberry thingy at least, the night before ‘bake day’.

Ready! Take a sip of your drink of choice and let’s get baking!


Oat Flour – 3 and a half cups
Baking Soda – 1 teaspoon
Baking Powder – 1 teaspoon
Oatmeal – about a cup 
A cup and a half of Brummel and Brown Yogart Butter
Honey – about a cup
Cranberry juice light – one small bottle
3 Eggs
Walnuts – lots of them
Raisins – about a cup 
Bananas – one, two or three
A couple of dashes of salt

Put all dry ingredients into a bowl then mix. Add the eggs (beaten) and other wet ingredients, including the cranberries. ( but do reserve a bit of the cranberries for later and for other uses.) Then mix thoroughly. Add more oatmeal or cranberry juice as desired for consistancy. Last of all add the bananas, the raisins, and walnuts and mix some more.

I use PAM SPRAY to make sure there’s no sticking. I Then put some in a muffin pan and some in a bread pan and I bake them together in a 325 degree oven.

The muffins will, of course, be ready first. They will cook approximately 20 minutes. I do the toothpick test to see if they are done.

The bread will bake for about an hour in total.

Wonderful enjoyed with a dollop of cranberry relish or served
warm with butter or cream cheese, or doused with Cognac and or Chambord Liqueur Royal…or ice cream. Great for breakfast, a snack, or for dessert…
and perfect to put in gift baskets. And these are healthy… full of nutrients….

Diet and Healthy,Vanilla Hot Chocolate….

by Ann


Vanilla Soy Milk
Hersey Chocolate bars
Haagen-Dazs Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

In a sauce pan, heat Vanilla Soy milk. Break chocolate bars into pieces and put in pan and stir as they melt. Add Haagen-Dazs Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, stir to blend. (concerning quantity, depends on how many you are serving. I base it on one chocolate bar and one individual carton of vanilla soy milk per person, but then, of course, I’m ‘dieting’ this Christmas.. really! And how much Vanilla Bean Haagen-Dazs? It’s up to your taste and desires, my little elves.)

When all is melted and warm, pour into a mug or mugs, preferably ones with a depiction of Santa on it. Then add marshmallows.

Then enjoy your vanilla chocolate sugar buzz as you sit back, or perhaps, bounce around the house waiting for Santa…Perhaps,  munch on a chocolate covered cherry along with it…YUM!

Okay, perhaps, I ‘fibbed’  a bit concerning the ‘diet’ part and, perhaps, a little bit about the ‘healthy’ part, but Soy milk is good for ya, right? And everyone knows that ice cream is top of the list for healthy… right?! RIGHT!

BUT please don’t tell Santa that I ‘fibbed’! He loves my diet and healthy, vanilla hot chocolate…and he ‘thinks’ that it is diet and healthy… really! He sips it while munching on chocolate chip cookies, in order to get his energy up for his next stop… Really!!!                HO! HO! HO!

Goodwill to all! Have a blessed Christmas…

And I heard him exclaim as he disappeared out of sight, “Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!”

It all started because I was HOT!

by Ann

I got into ‘occasionally’ having an ice cream treat, because it was so hot outside. An ice cream cone or a homemade ice cream sandwiche or even bites out of the carton was just what I needed on a hot afternoon. Then I needed it before I went to bed. Then instead of occasionally, I wanted one or even two treats a day.
It was really hot, ya know!?! 

Soon I began to crave the creamy coldness of ice cream. I would dream about its creamy cold feeling in my mouth, sliding down my throat chilling me all over..vanilla bean, coffee, strawberry…

UMMMM….Ice cream and chocolate!

These tasty treats soothed me through the hot summer days in Texas.

Now, it’s cooler, but I am still hooked on the habit. I think I need it!  I want it! I have to have it!

I workout all the time. So, it’s not harming me. Is it?!? Besides, I deserve a treat!

Ah! Oh! I’ve gained some weight. Now, how’d that happen? But I still crave the ice cream. I’ll just workout more! Only, I’d rather eat ice cream!

The ice cream! The chocolate…the yum….

One more bite!

Just one more bite! Then I quit! Cold Turkey! I can do it! I know I can!

I’ll cut out sweets. I’ll eat right again and move more! I will be okay! I will get passed this! I will! I know that I will!

Can anyone relate?!?!

Primavera, I know that wine’s involved and pasta, too!

By Ann

Saturday Night Special! Easy, quick and delicious!


Spinach noodles
Crisp Bacon
Black olives
Green olives
Articoke hearts
frozen peas
Cherry tomatoes
Cream Havarti cheese (several slices)
Parmesian Cheese
Splash of lemon juice
Garlic Salt
White Wine (I like Sauvignon Blanc)
Olive Oil
Brummel and Brown Natural Yogurt Butter (50% less calories as butter and taste fab)
Salt and Pepper to taste

To begin, put five slices of center cut bacon on a papertowel, then into the microwave for five minutes. I don’t use a microwave often, but for crispy bacon, it’s the best and the papertowels absorb the grease. Perfection!
I love bacon and if prepared this way, you lose the negative aspects and keep the positive. I think bacon gets a bad ‘rap’ and I love things wrapped in bacon… such as shrimp…

Next, saute all the vegetables in the Brummel and Brown yogurt butter, add the splash of lemon juice, along with about a glass of white wine, and garlic salt to taste and parsley. Simmer while you continue preparation, taking sips of wine and nibbling cheese and olives as you go. Prepare the frozen peas in microwave as directed on the package, then pour into bowl and mix with butter, add salt and pepper to taste.  Now, that I think about it, I do use the microwave several times in preparation of this dish.
Boil water, add olive oil and salt then add spinach noodles. Boil three to five minutes, making sure not to over cook.

When noodles are al dente, drain. Then in a large bowl combine the noodles and vegetables including the peas. Add a bit more garlic salt, parsley, and also more wine and butter and a generous sprinkling of Parmesian Cheese. Toss then place pieces of Havarti cheese on top.  Place the bowl in the microwave for a minute to a minute and a half, until the Havarti is melted. 
Crumble the crisp bacon strips then sprinkle on top.
And dinner is ready! Serves two generously…

You can obviously do your own variations by adding different veggies or ham, instead of bacon, or in addition to bacon. Bacon adds that extra crunchy, salty yum! Of course, instead of spinach noodles, you can use other pastas. I like spinach because, you don’t get that ‘after eating pasta’ fullness.

One of my favorite Sauvignon Blancs is Edna Valley Vineyard. It has vibrant aromas and flavors of grapefruit, guava and peach with a crisp appealing acidity, full bodied and a long finish. Perfect for light pasta dishes, chicken and fish. Clos Du Bois also makes a good, Sauvignon Blanc. 

For dessert, may I suggest, pieces of chocolate accompanied by orange slices.

A perfect Saturday evening meal! Enjoy!!!
or any day of the week actually….

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Momma Mia! That’s Italia!

By Ann
In my need for ‘comfort’ food, I decided to make a variation of my Mother’s Spaghetti sauce. I recall coming home from school and smelling its fabulous aroma. Makes me hungry and full of warm feelings, just thinking about it.

While shopping for the ingredients, I decide to do it like on a cooking show, or blog and take photos as I go. Others do it, so why can’t I?

So, here goes…

One pound of Angus ground sirloin
One whole brown onion
Zucchini, one yellow and one green – sliced or chopped
Mushrooms – sliced
One 14 ounce can of diced tomatos
One 10 oz can of tomato puree
Lemon juice – splash
Garlic salt
Oregano leaves
Basil leaves
Parsley leaves
Whole bay leaves – 2 to 4 – to taste.. I use 4 – love bay leaves…
Dry red wine – appoximately one cup… or more… 

Brown the ground sirloin, chopped onion, and carrots in skillet.  (carrots give it  sweetness)
Pour off grease, if there is any. I use quality meat, so there usually isn’t much.

Add spices to taste. I am generous as I like it Italiano spicey. Put in Bay leaves whole… but make sure to remove before serving. (Bay leaf edges can cut innards) My Mom told me that and I never forgot.

Add a splash of lemon juice, about a cup of red wine and the cans of diced tomatos and tomato puree.  Bring to a bubby simmer then cover and simmer on low for, at least, two hours. So, the spices get all intermingled. I have simmered it as long as all afternoon… the longer the better.

About 30 minutes before serving, add the chopped or sliced zucchini and mushrooms. At this time, I also add a bit more wine and a sprinkling of garlic salt.  Then bring to a boil then back to simmer, then simmer 30 to 45 minutes longer or until the vegetables are soft. There are many varitions, sometimes, I add black olives or artickoke hearts.

Add olive oil to water in a pot and boil spinach noodles, al dente.

 Fini! Serve this delight over the spinach noodles and top with a drizzle of Parmesan cheese, accompanied by crusty, buttered, garlic bread, a light salad and dry red wine.

And you will say…        
Momma Mia! 
That’s Italia!
Serves two very generously or four small servings or six really small servings…adjust quantities as desired. And as leftovers, it tastes even better the next day.

In honor of my Mom. I feel close to her when I cook one of her delicious recipes. She would laugh, because even though, she was a really good cook, she didn’t like to cook. So, it’s interesting that some of my fondest memories of her are around her cooking. “Ah! Oh! Momma Mia! There I go again, how can I forget you!”

A suggestion, on this hot end of the summer weekend, stay inside and make a wonderful dinner… create some kitchen/food memories. So, that someday, when someone, needs some comfort food and memories, they will be there for the taking.

What’s your fav special treat indulgence? Mine is…

M&M'sHaagen Daz strawberry ice cream filled with m&m’s put in a waffle cone. Strawberry ice cream in a sugar cone isolated on white background Photo (MEE00696) Sometimes, I add blueberries for the health factor and antioxidant benefit. HA! Yeah, I do! BlueberriesYou know, decadence can have healthy aspects! 

Another one is, four Golden Oreos on a plate, put ice cream on top. For me, it’s strawberry or vanilla, then squirt chocolate syrup over it all, add blueberries and raspberries then top with Chambord Liqueur Royale (raspberry flavored liqueur) and, or cognac.

I also make this with strawberries or put all the berries together and bananas work, also.  YUM! 
      Strawberry : strawberry and fruits on white background Stock Photo                                           Strawberry : picture of strawberry, lips and tongue over white Stock Photo  Sexy touch!

And the GREAT THING is, that since it’s so hot outside, you won’t gain an ounce. Walk out of doors and the fat just melts away. HONESTLY!         Really! It’s true! It does!

   Share your summer treat indulgences with us.
   So, we can indulge with you.