The Power of Womenly Wiles…

Yummy feminine power…

Ah, the mystical power of the female over man. This strategy has been around since the time of Adam and Eve, when Eve convinced Adam to take a bite of the apple. The Greeks accorded this power to a group of women, the Sirens, who seduced sailors with their siren call and lured them to their deaths in the ocean. Many an author and poet have found feminine deceit their favorite theme. Some vestiges of these ensnaring abilities reside in most women even if it’s in a less dramatic form.

The very nature of men and women accounts for the success of feminine wiles – men tend to be easier to read, simpler in their machinations, and very physical by nature. Women on the other hand tend to be more complex, analytical, and more emotional. These differences set the stage for a very specific kind of dance between members of the two genders. Whereas men may simply need food, shelter, and a woman to sleep with, women want security, protection and admiration – and therein lies the great distinction and the basis for the game.

How It Plays Out

Take any environment in our modern society – a bar with a woman looking to meet a man that will offer to buy her a drink, a car garage with a female looking to get a deal on her car maintenance, a woman trying to convince a cop to not give her a ticket for speeding. These are some typical ways women might use their feminine charms to get what they want. Women can be more mysterious and strategic by nature, and men fall for this ploy hook, line and sinker. Almost every woman has this power within her, although she may not always be aware she is using it. Women have learned at an early age that a coy smile can get her something she wants.

This method of female persuasion might be viewed as a sweet way to obtain what you want, unless, perhaps, it is used cruelly. Some women have perfected this art and use it like a well-honed skill. It is one thing to flirt your way to a free drink at a bar when you have no intention of giving a guy your number, and entirely different when your teasing seductions have him cleaning out his bank account to please you with gifts, only to drop him flat on his face when he can’t afford to support your champagne tastes any longer.

Fortunately, most women have a compassionate nature along with their art of female persuasion, and while their flirting and smiles may make everyday life a little easier for them, most women have personal boundaries they wouldn’t overstep just to get something they wanted. In this regard, feminine wiles can actually be an empowering art, influencing people in charming ways that leaves both parties satisfied.

It’s in the Technique

For those women who may not feel that their feminine wiles are in full throttle, there are some simple techniques that engage your feminine power which men readily react to. These are things like a warm smile, good manners, a gentle voice, maybe even light touches to his arm to accent your voice. Being confident, passionate, and witty in the way you speak to him will definitely charm. But some women really aren’t aware of their own female power – just as other women exploit it to the fullest extent.

Both men and women have their own type of power, which they use every day in their lives to reach their goals. The power of feminine wiles might be the best ace up a woman’s sleeve, just as a man’s may be his strength and ability and how he flaunts it before women. A confident woman is aware of her feminine powers and uses them in a charming manner to get what she wants, all the while making the man feel appreciated and desirable. Knowing how important the male ego plays in the typical male’s sense of self-worth, makes this, perhaps, a pretty fair trade and balance after all!

And when the dance is balanced in the female-male interaction.. oh what fun and fulfillment are had by all!!!


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It’s Wednesday, but let’s think about Sunday brunch…

by Ann
Eggs Benedict, one of my favs….

Canadian Bacon
English Muffins
Covered generously with the perfect Hollandaise Sauce..

Ready? Let’s go….

Melt a glob of butter, (I use Brummel and Brown, (half yogart and half butter), add flour and mix into a rue… add water and mix some more, ( make sure that there are no lumps) then add a glob of grated cheese.. let it melt then simmer.. at the end add lemon juice…

Cook Canadian bacon, toast the English muffins and cook the eggs.. I am not poaching them today, but cooking them in a skillet…

When all is ready, it’s time to build the Benedict. First, put the toasted English muffins on a plate..

Then put the Canadian bacon on the English muffin…

Put the eggs on top of the Canadian bacon…

Cover it all with the Hollandaise Sauce…

I garnish
it with Paprika
and serve with fruit.

TOTAL YUM!!!! Accompany the eggs benedict with Mimosa’s (champagne and OJ) or Bloody Mary’s … then well, how about back to bed….?!?!?!


Learn from failure…

Falling out of love gracefully is about as good as a failed relationship, or marriage can get. In this case, the fights and cursing are brought to a minimum, and the couple just seems to accept their fate as another break-up, or divorce statistic. As easy and painless as it may seem, if these people do not take the time to learn from what has happened to this relationship, there’s a good chance it will happen again in a later one.

It would seem that your chances of a successful marriage decline as you experience more failure, suggesting that we don’t actually learn from these experiences much at all. Why is that?

Besides the fact that break-ups and divorce bring greater tension to future relationships, many people just don’t take the time to think about what they’ve learned. Studying a failure can reveal the patterns that might be leading to the unwanted situations, you find yourself in, but it’s up to you to do the dirty work to get to that point.

A quote: “Most people do not fail in life because they aim too high and miss, but because they aim too low and hit!”  This quote reminds us that one of the main reasons so many relationships and marriages fail, is because we let them. Or that the relationship or marriage should not have occurred in the first place.

What can failure teach us?

Don’t Rush

Do you rush into relationships heart first and fail to read the obvious red flags? Many relationships can be prevented by noting any particular attractions you have that seem to get you in trouble, such as overconfidence, attracting those with addictions, or abusive traits, mystery, or the highs (infatuation) and lows (depression) of rollercoaster relationships, or those whom are actually setting out to con you. 

It’s Not You, It’s Me

Sometimes, relationships and marriages fail from our own blindness to incompatibility, but other times, it’s because we fail to exhibit sensitivity and tenderness towards our own partners. Some people grow up thinking life owes them something, and that’s how they treat their relationships. What should matter most, isn’t what your partner can bring to the relationship, but what you can bring to them.  Love is a team effort.

Take Action

Many relationships fail because we keep our heads in the sand and refuse to accept the fact that trouble is brewing on the communication and intimacy front. If you were to learn anything from your previous failures, the most important would be that failure is never final, until you have completely given up. As written previously, one of the main reasons so many relationships and marriages fail, is because we let them. Most counselors advise to take action at the first sign of trouble.

Moderation in All

To live a well-rounded life, you’ll need to satisfy many goals. For instance, those who focus on only their buzzing careers often experience relationship problems. Those who focus only on their relationships end up feeling unfulfilled as an individual. It may take a while to figure out your perfect balance in life, but it will be well worth it. In other words, don’t invest all your time on one area in your life, or you might find that once you have it mastered, you’ve already lost more than you gained.

Who’s in Charge?

Many relationships and marriages get off track when they become defined as a boss and an employee. You may think, you’re guaranteeing success in your marriage by giving your partner everything they want, but in fact, you’re only succeeding in losing their respect and respect for yourself, your identity, and the chance of getting your own needs met. Remember, relatonships and marriage should be defined as a union of equal partners, not as one of a tyrant and servant. Different roles and talents reside in each person and they are equal. Respect and love go hand in hand.

Putting a Failing Relationship and Marriage into Perspective

Failure is inevitable on some level in any relationship. The issue is, what we do with the failures once they present themselves. Many great people have failed multiple times before succeeding.

The art to learning from failure is understanding that failing is a form of testing ideas until you get the desired results. With enough self-awareness, effort, and insight, we all stand a pretty good chance of getting things right eventually.

If we learn from our failures, we can go onto success.

What have you learned from failed relationships or marriages? Share, so that we all may learn and benefit.

Maturity.. what is it and how does one attain it?

by Ann

Is maturity is the sum of all your experiences and how you process them?

But, I have met older persons with seemingly many life experiences that are so immature that it is scary.

Then I have met younger persons that act and appear mature on most levels…

So, what is it exactly that allows, creates, develops ‘maturity’?

One definition of maturity is:  The state or quality of being mature; ripeness; full development; as, the maturity of corn or of grass; maturity of judgment; the maturity of a plan.

Another definition is: adulthood: the period of time in your life after your physical growth has stopped and you are fully developed.
According to these definitions, seems maturity is reached by physical adulthood. But how about maturity in emotions, feelings, actions, behaviors and intellect? Isn’t all that pretty much an on going effort?

Then a person can be seemingly mature in most levels of their life and at old age revert back to an immaturity that is almost insanity.. as in sex, and lifestyle to even the extent of whining like a baby.

To be able to process experiences in life, one needs to have the intellect and emotional honesty and innate integrity to look at self and evaluate. Without this, how can maturity occur at all? So where does this ability come from? And why are some so lacking in this ability? As some have it, others don’t and seemingly never will as they step into the same traps, mistakes, irresponsilbity, and blunders all their lives and can’t see why, or change or ‘mature’ past it.

Someone can maturely handle their job and finances and be an immature dweeb in emotions and feelings.

So, what is a mature individual? Are we all just a work in progress until we die, or until we revert back to being childlike…?

Ummmm….interesting, huh?

What does maturity look like to you?  How is maturity manifested in one’s life?

Give your woman what she wants…

Many men have a hard time reading women. This might be (in part) because boys haven’t been taught to read emotions as attentively as girls have been.

Because of this early training, men end up at a serious disadvantage when it comes to picking up on emotions and non-verbal clues and cues.

Reading emotions can be learned and improving skills in this area is a worthwhile investment. Cultivating your emotional acuity will improve your relationships and communication skills, not only in the bedroom, but to the boardroom. No matter where you are or who you’re interacting with, the ability to read non-verbal cues, such as body language and facial expressions, can create a more amiable environment.

But not all things need to be picked up on some are just a given. There are somethings that every woman wants. (And probably, most men want also) So, while you brush up on your people-reading skills, you can rely on this quick list to make it easy to let your lady know just how much you care.

She wants to be (feel) adored by you. Tell her you love watching her sleep. Tell her you love falling asleep next to her at night. Tell her you’re grateful she chose you.

Bring her coffee in bed. Call her when you are apart – even if only for a few hours – just to tell her that you love her.

Give your loved one little gifts at random. These may be trinkets that remind you of her, or a simple yet sweet action, such as drawing her a bath or rubbing her feet without being asked.

Your woman wants to be noticed by you. This means paying attention to her appearance. Compliment her on her choice of clothing. Tell her she looks beautiful, hot, sexy, gorgeous.

But be aware: most women do not want to hear “You look nice!” We want to hear “That looks AMAZING on you!” or “Wow! I love how you did your eyes tonight.”

She wants to be and to feel taken care of by you. Pay attention to her mood, as well as the surface beauty. Notice when the conversation shifts. Pay attention to her vulnerability.

Remember that your woman may not want you to be the “fix-it man” when she hits an emotional moment. Perhaps, there’s nothing that needs fixing! She just wants you to listen and be there to lean on, or to hold her.

When in doubt about what might be wanted or needed, ask. Asking  is a wonderful, caring, sweet way of taking care of your lady. Ask if she wants to be held. Ask if she wants to talk about it. Ask if there’s anything you can do to make it better.

Ladies! Anything you want to add???

My unbelievable experience working for the government…

The writer of this piece wishes to remain anonyomous.  In God We Trust from the dollar bill

I love my country and enjoy everything it has to offer as a natural born citizen. America is by far, the greatest country in the world which is why people from every corner of the globe  flock to our shores. I am an Airline Pilot, a believer in what our founding fathers had in mind when they wrote the Constitution, and a census taker.

As an airline pilot, I have some down time to pursue other endeavors. And like others during this weakened economy, I’m looking for ways to create income to ease the burden. When I noticed an online advertisment for census-takers, I filled out the application. Within an hour, my phone rang. A cordial man explained the job and gave me instructions to where to take “the test” to see if my aptitude matched what the position required.

The test” is a joke. Anyone with an elementary school education could pass it easily.  I was hired in November of 2009. I was told that I would start in January. In April 2010, I finally got the call to come to training, umm…only five months late.

The training was conducted in a church building just a few miles from my home. All census work is performed within the area of the workers residence. I expected a ‘formal’ experience, possibly a toughly regulated program within strict guidelines. The kind of experince that one would expect upon entering a ‘government position.’
But instead, I was exposed to pathetic government bureaucracy. Rumors have always surfaced about the wasteful spending habits of our nation, the taxpayer-funded programs that our elected leaders in Washington fight and cry over, well, I’m here to tell you, the rumors are all true.  

I’d never worked for our government previously. And since it was the ‘government’, I never expected anything less than a stringent work ethic. So, when I plopped into my seat for a weeks worth of training, I was all eyes and ears. After all, I wanted to do a good job for my country. 

The instructor, a  pleasant enough, retired (from the government) woman began by having us raise our right hands and take the same oath that our military, members of Congress and the Senate, even the President take while being sworn into office.  Our fingerprints were taken, so the FBI could check our criminal histories. ID badges were dispersed and bulging folders of training materials were handed out. The retired woman read from a scripted training booklet. Boredom seeped in fast as I soon wanted to drift off to sleep. Her words were repetitive and redundant. I felt like I was in some kindergarten hell, but kindergarten was more fun.

We were being hired to knock on doors of those who had yet to mail in their household questionnaires. Ask 10-15 simple questions using pencil and paper, not some high tech encrypted super computer one might expect of an FBI or CIA agent along the front lines of a war zone.

Each interview, we were instructed, would last approximately thirty minutes. I could only imagine dragging some poor soul through about five. After all, this wasn’t  brain surgery. The questions were non-evasive and basic, so when she began teaching us about interview techniques, reading each question ‘exactly as written’, having us pair up and practice interviewing each other, going through the use of maps and charts to find homes around our own neighborhoods, how to fill out uncomplicated daily pay sheets, how to handle reluctant responders, and how to deal with everything from a dog trying to chase us down and bite us to being met with a gun at the door, my mind realized this was going to be a long and painful experience.

Some took everything seriously, hanging on every word like their lives depended on it. Myself, and two others, turned to humor as a way to pass the time, even discussing the weather as we sat near-by the exit doors to freedom.

After close to forty hours of mind-numbing, excruciatingly boring conversation, finally, it was over. My certification as an official census taker was about to begin. I had been blessed, sworn in, and was ready to pound the pavement doing the official work of the U.S. Government.

I had several days off in a row from flying, so I dove in eagerly and with enthusiasm. My first “cases” were within walking distance of my home. I started at a townhouse complex with twenty addresses on my list. The first three weren’t at home. The next ten were surprisingly open to my simple instructions to collect their information.
I used humor while interviewing. Doing so, seemed to ease any potential of conflicts that  might arise from someone standing at a doorway wearing a government ID badge.

Within my first three hours, I had completed fourteen interviews. My signature was scrolled at the bottom of each one, giving them my official seal of approval.

My group had fifteen interviewers for the assigned area. We were told to meet each day and to turn in our completed forms. Each group had a Crew Leader and an Assistant Crew Leader, both there to accept the paperwork and hand out new cases as needed … or so I thought.

When I walked through the doors of McDonalds, ten members of my group were sitting around talking furiously about disgruntled responders, the weather, comparing interview results, and waiting in line for their turn to face the leader.

When my turn came, I placed the completed stack of forms before her. She counted each one and scanned them closely, making sure each “I” was dotted and “T” was crossed. She grinned and asked when I was working next. I told her the following day. We then scheduled a time and place for my “required” observation session. Just to make sure I had everything down pat. Hmm, okay, talk about overkill.

She arrived late the next evening then walked beside me as I rang doorbells. I moved between each one efficiently and with purpose, scoring three interviews within thirty minutes. It was about this time that she tugged on my arm and said, “You haven’t worked for the government before, have you?”

     “Nope, my first time.”

     “Well, let me give you a little advice.”

      Surprised, I responded, “Okay, I’m open.”

     “You need to slow it down, I mean, slow down a lot, otherwise you’ll work yourself out of a job.”    

     “I don’t understand?”

     She shot me a stern look. “Slow it down, okay? We’re all wanting and counting on this thing lasting a full eight weeks. If everyone works like you do, we’ll be done  sooner than required. I’m counting on this income to last and you’re working it at a pace that’s well above what’s needed.”

I didn’t say anything as I thought of my other job where efficiency and productivity are the keys to getting promoted and appreciated. What I was being told by this woman was foreign to me and certainly not my style.

     “I don’t think that I can work any slower.” I spyed the swimming pool in the distance. “Would you rather I lounge around that pool for a while between interviews?”

     She giggled. “No, all I’m saying is to learn to play the game, okay? Help us out a bit here.”

       I nodded as I thought, ‘Damn!’

I walked her to her car, then resumed interviewing pondering what she’d said. Are most government employees like her? Surely not! After all, the taxpayer’s money is paying the salaries. I completed another five interviews with little effort.

The next morning was another “required” meeting. Even if you didn’t have any completed forms to turn in, you had to make the meeting, if for no other reason than to sip on some cheap coffee and fill out an hour, or so, of time on a pay sheet. They wanted you there. I turned in my forms from the night before, which were the last of what I was assigned.

     Proudly, “I’m ready for some more. I completed all I was given,” 

     The ‘Crew Leader’s’ jaw dropped. “You’ve finished them all?!”

     “Yes, ma’am.”

     “We don’t have any more for you just now.”

     “You mean that’s it?! That’s all to be done for an eight week job?”


I couldn’t believe it. I sat through five days of the most mind-numbing training experience known to man for only two days of actual work!!! 

        “Go on home now. If we have any more, we’ll give you a call. But, don’t forget to keep coming to the meetings when you’re in town.”

     “If there’s no more work, why come to the meetings?”

     “To keep you updated.”


She looked a me as if I must be clueless. “Just come, okay? It’s another hour or so of pay plus your mileage.” She leaned toward my face. “It’s the government’s money, buddy. Don’t you want some of it?”

       I walked out thinking, ‘Damn! Is this for real?’

Just back from a trip, while unpacking my suitcase, the phone rang.

     “We’ve got more work for you,” announced the ‘Crew Leader’.

     “Sure, I’m ready to go.”

At the next meeting, the ‘District Crew Leader’ sat among the crew. He pulled me aside. “I hear you’re doing a great job.”

     “Thanks”.  I responded.

     “I’m going to recommend you for the next wave. The census keeps going after the initial work is done.”

     “What will I be doing?”

      “Pretty much the same, although the questions go a bit deeper. We ask about income levels and stuff like that. And there are three more waves after that.”

     “Three more?”

He slapped me on the back and belly laughed. “You betcha, it’s easy money, boy. Might as well take advantage of it all, everybody does.”

 I’d become friendly with the ‘Assistant Crew Leader’ during training; a retired IBM employee who was just as amused and disgusted by this as I was. He winked from across the room as I approached.
“Call me after the meeting?” he whispered as he handed me a folder with twenty cases inside.

     When I called, he answered laughing.” You won’t believe what’s been happening.”

     “Do tell.”

     “This is the biggest joke I’ve ever seen, man. Apparently everyone from myself all the way to the boys in Washington think things are going too quickly. The budget is around a hundred million for this thing, and it looks like it’ll be completed with forty million to spare and three weeks early.”

     “So, that’s great then for the taxpayer.”

     “Man, you don’t get it. I overheard them talking at the district office. They want all the money to be spent, otherwise, they won’t get as much when the next census rolls around, get it?”

     I felt sick inside as I responded.  “The Government at its finest, huh?”

     He chuckled.  “You got it, man. They love it when everyone turns in eight hours of pay for only doing one or two interviews. There are people sitting around in offices everywhere not doing a damn thing, just clocking the hours and the miles. I know that half on our team sit at home and do nothing. Then claim, they’re out knocking on doors and saying no one is home just so they can justify the hours. You’ve turned in more interviews than anyone.”

      “Hard to believe, I’ve been gone the last few days.”

     “Doesn’t matter, everybody’s gotten the talk to slow down.”

      “Then why are they giving me more work?”

     “Because you’re helping to balance the workload, it’s all just one big game. We have to have someone work with work turned in They need a few like you as the deadlines draw near. I’ll tell you, the inflated pay sheets I’ve seen lately would blow you away. They don’t seem to care when I bring it up. It’s like how much the expenses and bills are don’t matter.”

        Again I exclaimed, ‘Damn!’ to myself as I put on my badge and went about the job feeling good that, at least, I was getting the job done. I  was proud to do a good job for my country. But isn’t that the goverment way, ‘one’ works for the benefit of ‘many’.
I didn’t care what my ‘Crew Leader’ thought. The census has existed since our country was founded and it needs to be done so that the correct amount of money is appropriated for schools, roads, and political seats in the Congress and Senate.

The problem is that when the government is involved in anything, its inefficiency is unbelievable as evidenced by my short-term experiences. Our government programs are basically given a blank check with no one looking out for the taxpayer’s dollar and many exploiting this fact. From the Presidential level all the way down to a simple census employee, corruption and greed are everywhere, like a cancer that doesn’t stop.

I’ve continued doing the census work. Another “wave” begins next month; each one has been as inefficient as the last. But, I am proud to do my job with integrity. The American taxpayer gets value from workers such as myself. Can the current President or any elected politician in Washington make such a claim? I seriously doubt it.

From my experience, I think that our government needs a serious overhaul. They need accountability to the people for every dollar spent, term limits for elected officials to prevent career politicians and the “good ole’ boy network” of Washington corruption, and a simpler way of handling the budget without needless earmarks.

Happily the elections in November are an indication that America, as a sleeping giant, has awakened again as it did during the aftermath of Pearl Harbor.

I was captured under the Obama spell and I voted for him. It wasn’t long before I knew that I had made a terrible mistake.

Vote wisely in 2012.      

“It matters not what others think about you…

what matters most is what you think about yourself.”

Sure, we all would like to be ‘liked’, but I would rather stand for truth and honor in my living and communication than to be liked for being false and kissing butt, not saying what I really feel, or just keeping quiet.

But, then at times, it is better not to talk or communicate… because some people don’t know how to, or aren’t able to discuss anything of a different opinion without falling into immaturity, or name calling. Or worst becoming defensive and throwing the hate word around. They may call you ‘hateful’, or state what is being said is ‘hate’, when really, they are the ones full of hate. They are projecting who they are onto you because they can’t see, or own it in themselves.

I rarely if ever use the word hate in any context. But I have come to be made aware that the ‘love and light’ folks use it frequently. I wonder do they ‘think’ that if they project it onto others that they won’t have to ever claim it as their own.

Also, is it not actually self-hate and insecurity to not be able to handle anyone in disagreement with their ‘fragilely put together and held together identity’ of self and ideas?

I have recently had an experience with the those of the ‘love and light’ which appeared  to me more like a cover for intense insecurity and dislike of self. I have noticed more and more frequently that some seem to deem as ‘hate’ anything that disagrees with their opinion. And even as I give explanation here, it is still baffling to me. But so telling of their level and ablility, or inability to discuss, to think, to communicate and to be tolerant of other opinions. 

Get a clue…When you have self-confidence you are more able to discuss and have tolerance of others’ opinions and ideas.

There is so much circle talking going on and…why so much insecurity in this world today?

And why do so many that claim to be ‘love and light’ have the word ‘hate’ roll off their tongue faster than anyone elses? They are so often pointing the finger outside themselves when they need to turn it back towards their own being and take at look at self.

Then there are the folks that don’t want to be judged .. so fearful of it that they are the first to point the finger towards blaming others…

If you say, “Don’t judge me.”, to someone. Can’t you see that this shows that you are insecure in who that you are, or what you are doing, or you would never even think this way, or give a moments notice to whom is ‘judging’ you?  I have never told someone not to judge me. The thought never enters my mind.

And BLAME… this word is thrown around all the time these days…

As in the tragedy that just occured in Arizona, the blame game took off at rapid pace by liberals and the main stream media. And they were all incorrect in their placement of blame.

One unstable man did this horror and that is it and no one can know exactly why?  As his actions began in his own mind and were excecuted by him.


I am tired of hearing these words and especially in the overdone context that they are being used in today  It is like apart of this society is being held captive by immaturity expressed by’child-like’ verbiage…so immature intellectually and emotionally that they can’t communicate or discuss without using these words.

A recent example of twisting and the use of blame and judgment: A quote from Obama’s most recent pep rally.. which, in my opinion, should have been only a memorial instead of a political opportunity for him. 

“But at a time when our discourse has become so sharply polarized – at a time when we are far too eager to lay the blame for all that ails the world at the feet of those who think differently than we do – it’s important for us to pause for a moment and make sure that we are talking with each other in a way that heals, not a way that wounds.” 

Obama needs to ‘get’ that the American people, the Tea Party, and the Republicans are not his enemy.  He needs to stop talking down and bad about these people and inferring blame on people when there is none. He plays the judging, hate, and blame game continually in his political platform and those that voted for him do the same… the ‘love and light’, progessives and liberals.

There was really no reason for Obama to say this. Sure, it sounds good, but has nothing to do with what occurred, except for in the case of his backers and believers playing their blame game. Obama continually twists the blame and continually projects… it is Leviathan at work..  used for manipulation of the masses.

He, as President, should not divide the American people and point fingers at Beck and Fox, and others, etc. whether he likes their position or not. And he should not twist words and use every situation to campaign, but this is what this man does. And his doing of this shows absolutely NO RESPECT FOR THE INTELLIGENCE OF THE AMERCAN PEOPLE.

Obama knows what he is doing. And in my opinion, Obama’s rhetoric reflects actual disdain towards the American people and is insulting to the intelligence of us all as he uses hate, judging and blame and twists it to his agenda.

Again, it matters more what you think of yourself than what others think of you…

When you have a certain level of self-esteem and self-confidence, you will not have the need to call differing opinons ‘hate’. You will not care if you are being judged. And if you are ‘judged’,  you will look at your behaviors to see why and self-evaluate. And blame will live with self-first and not be projected outward. And you will be able to see clearly when people are trying to manipulate you using these tactics and in this manner…as in Obama, his handlers and his backers…
What do you think?

Mom’s Vegetable Soup…

by Ann

It’s cold outside, snow most everywhere, and our nation is in mourning. A good time to be cozy in the house wearing a cuddly sweater, hair tied back, little if any make-up, and a good book.

As food goes, nothing’s more comforting, and can warm you up as well, or as fast as a bowl of Mom’s vegetable soup!


A pound of lean ground sirloin
Stalks of celery
An onion
Can of whole tomatoes
2 medium-sized cans of V8 juice
Garlic salt
Salt and pepper to taste
Canned or fresh vegetables. This day, I put in green beans and kidney beans. But you, of course, can put in whichever vegetables that you choose and pasta shapes can also be a nice addition.

In a soup pot:

Brown the ground sirloin, chopped onions, and chopped celery…

Add garlic salt, parsley and salt and pepper to taste…

Then add the can of whole tomatoes, pop the tomatoes with a spoon then add the cans of V8 Juice, about a cup of water and more garlic salt and parsley to taste.

Bring to a boil then to simmer. Simmer for at least two hours, or as long as most of the day.. as the aroma fills the house… as you snuggle in and read a good book.

About 45 minutes before time for dinner, chop potatoes and carrots then add them to the soup. Bring the soup back to a boil then back to low heat and simmer until the carrots and potatoes are done…about 20 to 30 minutes. To check it done, I take a carrot out and test it with a fork. Carrots cook slower than potatoes. So, if the carrots are done, the potatoes are also done.         

Then add the other vegetables canned or fresh and heat for a few minutes and serve with a salad and crusty, buttered bread.

YUMMY warmth and healthful goodness will fill your body and spirit!

Thank you Mom for your recipe and for the memories of each time this aroma filled our house while I waited in anticipation for dinner time.

Family meals can be a wonderful time for sharing, bonding and love…communication on all levels that will assist in anchoring people to one another for healing, support and comfort.

Have a wonderful, cozy and funfilled weekend…Enjoy!

My opinion concerning the MSM…

by Ann
and also some of my opinions on a few other things…

The Main Stream Media, ABC, CBS, NBC, etc.. are just plain irresponsible, promote propaganda and agenda, self-serving and otherwise. I see no real journalism on these stations. It’s all just BAD reporting. I can barely watch them. I will flip to them for a moment, but then change the channel back to FOX.

The MSM continually tries to criminalize conservatives with no basis, or facts. It is as if they are an arm of the Obama propaganda machine. By his own words, Obama doesn’t like FOX, talk radio and, or ‘anyone’ that disagrees with his liberal, progressive, socialist agenda. So, he, his backers and his propaganda machine of the MSM ‘tries’ to vilify and shut up anyone that challenges them.

Obama is a blame machine. In my opinion, he is the weakest, worst, and most treasonous man to ever be in the White House and ever since he has been there and while he was conning the masses, the MSM has sunk to a level that is below vile. Their obvious goals are to lead the American people into their liberal and progessive agenda. Obama is a media creation, a puppet, prompted and promoted by Oprah and BOTH attended Rev. Wright’s church of hate… which the MSM conveniently forgets.

The MSM latest reporting on the horror that occurred in Arizona, by an unstable person, was the worst. To blame Palin, Limbaugh, Fox, Beck, the Tea Party, or anyone else for this action, except, the man that did it, is irresponsible and criminal reporting.  

When Kennedy and others were shot, we didn’t react in this manner, even as there was and is talk of conspiracy.

Obama’s take over of the Internet shows his fear of free thinking, free speech and communication. Obama and his backers including the MSM are trying to have only ‘their’ convoluted side heard and to hush and vilify eveyone else.

Obama and his administration are taking away people’s rights and freedoms almost daily while they ‘claim’ to care for the well-being of America. It’s all BS!!!

I am ashamed of Obama and those that put this man into office and that includes all those in the MSM, Oprah, the View and many, many more. I will not watch them for more than a few minutes and when I do, I am sickened.  I used to respect Diane Sawyer. I don’t any longer, as she is a part of ‘the agenda’… as is Couric and many, many more. Barbara Walters is a total sell out.

Oprah is an opportunist, greed, control hungry woman. She, now, has a network to try and sway the masses even more than she already  does. Those who can’t or won’t think for themselves. ‘Her experts’ … give me a break! Sure you can glean ideas, insights and awarenesses from many and you should always be learning, but this ‘Oprah endorsed expert channel’ is disgustingly like a power grab to infuence every area of her ‘viewers’ lives. I stopped watching her, years ago and will never watch her again

And I have never been over-weight, have worked out all my life, know how to cook and decorate, read all the time, and learned on my own about health issues, etc. And I did all this without ‘Oprah and her experts’. Fancy that! Had Oprah never been on the air, my life would be no different. You don’t need this greedy, self-promoting woman and her ‘experts’ for anything! And after all her diet and workout expertise, she is still overweight and has become wealthy on her viewers following her every move… Grosses me out!

And the day, I did watch her, just happens to be the day Obama was on her show promoting ‘his book’ … I could see immediately and knew that this man was a con and a fraud. I can barely stand to look for at him or Oprah!

Just Oprah’s stupidity in her various ‘diet choices’ shows how lost and wrong she is about so many things. Listen to this women as your guru at your own peril, a woman that will exploit and make money off every tragedy and event that she possibly can. Oh, you can be sure ‘good ole Oprah’ is trying to get interviews was as many affected by the Arizona disaster as she can. She exploits for ‘her profit’ everything that she can. Why won’t this woman go away? Why? Her personal narcissism, greed and self-serving agenda wrapped up in ‘seemingly’ goodness… OPEN UP YOUR EYES and see her agenda! Just my opinion…

The View is terrible. They vilify and attack everyone that doesn’t agree with their progressive, liberal agenda. Oprah is more subtle in her persuasion. Which is the more dangerous? You decide. I say both. They just come from different angles, no different than any sales person.

Regarding ‘gun control’, that is, now, being more focused upon because of this one unstable man’s actions. When there is an accident in a car, the driver is blamed. So, why when a gun is used is the ‘gun’ is blamed? A car can be just as much a weapon as a gun.

Everything on the MSM is reported for political agenda and it is unAmerican, poor, poor journalism and dishonesty and manipulation in reporting.

There is a reason that FOX is the top rated by viewers.. as of now, it is the only fair reporting that there is.. they offer both sides.. and have had a line open to the White House or anyone else who cares to be on there, or to comment.

Should Fox become muzzled, we will all know why.

Nothing on the media, political discourse or anything else contributed to what occurred in Arizona. It was done by one unstable man. And he was triggered by the misfirings in his brain.

To use and exploit this horrible incident in the manner that the MSM and some politicians are trying to do is despicable and shows an inability to think clearly, a lack of character, common sense, and good reasoning skills and shows a dishonest and manipulative intent and character. And, in my opinion, those that are doing this should be taken off the air and out of office. I don’t want to listen to them, or have them in America’s government… in my opinion, they are not good for our country, or our people.

(Curtesy of Karen Kirk)

Are we really to believe that if a politician poses in a photo, aiming a gun at a target, that they are ‘ipso facto’ contributing to an atmosphere of hatred and violence? In that case, are advocates of this argument willing to blame the victim? Because Gabrielle Giffords did the same.

(Makes the blaming of Palin look as twisted as it is…)

The only free speech that the MSM, Obama, and others are for is their own.
They wish to muzzle everyone else…

These are just a few of my opinions..
Let me know yours…and above all else…THINK FOR YOURSELF!!!
God Bless America!

Go with the flow…let go…

by Ann
Life can feel like a dream– elusive and abstract, like a Picasso, where at times, much doesn’t seem to make sense. So much that we might find ourselves in the position of trying to figure out and understand the meaning behind every incident, thought and emotion.
But doing this can bring us more confusion, more seeking, more desires and more holding onto the idea of wanting to control the circumstances in our lives. When we desire any and everything that we feel we lack, the desire to try and control events, people and circumstances becomes a Mount Everest, nestled in the center of our minds and our souls, in which, we don’t truly see what is… but instead, what we wish to have and accomplish, which is to be “on top and in control.”

Our desire to be in control can be our undoing.

We selfishly hold on to what we want and, paradoxically, hold on to what we don’t. So many say that they don’t want to suffer, but unconsciously hold on to suffering like a child who carries his security blanket wherever he goes.

But what is going with the flow and letting go? What does it really mean? What are we letting go of, and what happens when we finally do relax and go with the flow?

To start, letting go means that we need to recognize, or become aware that we are holding on to something.
But what? A relationship, a job, your story, protecting the self from suffering? People hold on to any and  everything. The result is that we lose our authenticity and our child-like qualities of enjoying every moment, of flowing with life. Flowing with life can point us in the direction of what we really want while further expanding and revealing who we are to ourselves, and reminding us of why we are here.

Recently, I asked myself, “what am I holding on to?” I laughed out loud as I thought of the wishes and wants that I have that haven’t yet been recognized. Then thinking back over my life, I recall the twists and turns that led me to more fulfillment. A better fulfillment than I could have seen at the time.  But as the changes were happening, I was fearful that it was ‘wrong’  and would lead me to destruction or worse… when it was the path of my life and if I let go and let it happen, ‘went with the flow’… it all led me to a better place of being.
As humans, we LOVE to know things and to have all the answers, but when we think we have the answers, or think ‘we know’, there’s no room for anything new to enter that can change our perceptions, which will ultimately transform who we are.

This is the first and most vital step: asking yourself if you really know what it is that you’re holding on to, and why. And to be honest with yourself, if you don’t know, and to be honest with yourself, even if you think that you do. This is the beginning of the journey – where the answers begin to arrive.

Lao-Tzu practiced Wu-Wei, which literally means “non-action,” and from this state gave us the immortal Tao Te Ching, which is one of the greatest writings on letting go by doing nothing, ‘without force’. Here are a couple of examples he wrote regarding the freedom of allowing: “The sage experiences without abstraction, and accomplishes without action. He accepts the ebb and flow of things, nurtures them, but does not own them, and lives, but does not dwell,” and “Water overcomes the stone; without substance it requires no opening; this is the benefit of taking no action.”

What Lao-Tzu is essentially saying is that when we perceive life correctly, without placing our story on it, our lives naturally flow like water which has no desire, no needs to fulfill, has its own course, cannot be controlled, and will overcome any difficulty presented to it.

Nature is our greatest teacher, in letting go, and allowing life to naturally unfold. When the winds blow like a tyrant from an unknown land, a supple tree will not break, but will bend and allow, while a tree that is brittle will resist the ‘isness’ of the wind and be uprooted and destroyed. When we relax, our lives become like supple trees, and no matter how hard the storms may come, we will flow with them, allowing them to take their course without breaking with brittleness and frigidity.

Watch a river. Throw a rock into it. The river accepts it then returns to its natural course. Throw a branch into it and it will carry its weight without complaint. Throw a boulder into it and it will naturally find a way around it, and over time will carve its way through it. This is the nature of our lives without abstraction – following life’s ebb and flow. No longer forcing, but always embracing and allowing our individual rivers to travel their own unique and beautiful coarse.