Responsiblity of choice…

???????????????????????????????Are we responsible for every choice we make?

How can you make a choice that you don’t know you can make?

We are all psychologically imprinted by our genetics, our family environment, our friends, even acquaintances, our individual situations, the media, our exposure to and experiences in life.

Each of us takes the imprint differently as we are all individual. There can be two people experiencing the same situation and they will be imprinted and react differently because of their individuality.

Example: I had parents who were both functional alcoholics. Our life looked great from the outside, success and everything good… but in the house there was distortion. My Father not drinking was a fine man, but when he drank he was verbally abusive.

I saw what it was, and I detested being around alcohol and rarely, if ever, drank. My family members would laugh at me and call me ‘square’ for not drinking. The others drank and joined in the insanity. It repulsed me and I pulled away from it….

I wanted out of the alcoholic dysfunction and swore that I would never marry an alcoholic… that when I got of my parent’s house … my life would be different — no alcoholics!

I married right out of college and it was soon revealed that my husband was an alcoholic.

So, unknown to me,  I made a choice to marry exactly what I didn’t want… because I had been imprinted with the familiarity of the energy of certain behaviors. Therefore, I was drawn to them, because I couldn’t see clearly at that time. I couldn’t see past what had been imprinted on me.

I learned from that experience. Today I can spot an alcoholic at first glance and I walk away. You can’t have a ‘healthy, fulfilling’ relationship with someone who has an addiction because their relationship is first and foremost with their addiction.

But the first choice I made in marriage, hoping to get away from alcoholism, led me back into the horror of it … because of the imprint of my conditioning, I wasn’t able to choose clearly.

Was I alone responsible for choosing what I didn’t want, or did my parents shoulder that responsibility for imprinting this upon me?

In most cases, we choose what we know… and in that choice, we bear the responsibility of it. But we are not always alone in the responsibility for the choice as we are choosing blinded. I ‘thought’ I was choosing differently, but I was choosing the same.

I bore the pain, the trauma and the responsibility that occurred from my blind choice.
But was I alone in the responsibility of my being blind in my choice?

There is a trend, now to ‘blame’ the victim. My parents told me. “You made the choice to marry that loser, we didn’t” Oh really!?  Their imprint upon me helped make that choice for me. Interesting, that they never took their responsibility for their part in my distorted imprint. They, like most alcoholics or those addicted, avoid the responsibility of self-evaluation and put the ‘blame’ on anyone and everyone, but themselves.

We don’t know until we do know.. until, we become aware of what is driving our choices and if we are wise, it is our responsibility to become aware so that we can choose differently.

That is our individual journey in life to ‘respond’, which equals responsibility, to what we can see clearly, when we can and do see it… and to, therefore, grow and to choose differently.

Responsibility – the state or fact of having a duty to deal with something. The state or fact of being accountable or to blame for something.

Shirking responsibility has become a national pastime. Our leaders and many in the public eye do it continually… and seem not to learn from mistakes…

I have heard people say. “It’s ‘your choice’ to feel that way. How you feel has nothing to do with me.” Well, that can be a real cop out. It’s a psychological ploy to deny ‘their responsibility’ for their participation in it and some people have taken up this ‘ploy’ to project their lack of responsibility onto their victim and to further victimize.

It’s our responsibility and duty to ourselves to learn from our choices… so that the next time, we can choose differently and better and be able to make the choice that we previously didn’t know we could make…

What do you think?….

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Who are ‘they’?…

???????????????????????????????I was recently asked this question.

To me, ‘they’ are the government, the entertainment industry, the advertising industry, the legal industry, the prison industry, the ‘religion’ industry, the medical industry, the insurance industry, mental health ‘experts’ … the ‘so-called experts’ in any field, or industry who ‘try’ to sway, manipulate, con, rule, dominate and control the masses into thinking, buying, believing, voting, doing as ‘they’ direct for ‘their’ benefit, either monetarily, for power over the masses, or some other agenda.. even ‘experimentation’ on the masses.

‘They’ can be anyone, or group, that you defer to, instead of dealing and listening to yourself, your God-given instincts, and God-given intuition and using ‘your’ intellect and common sense…

‘They’ use fear, regulations, laws, punishments, penalties, threats, harassment, repetitiveness of their agenda, media, entertainment and ‘their’ rules to become ‘the authority’… ‘the authority’ that governs you and your life.

They prey on ignorance and stupidity and prefer those who can’t think for themselves and those without decency, strength, common sense, morals, values and standards … because ‘they’ want to set your values and standards. ‘They’ want to be your mind and control you in every aspect and possible way for ‘their’ use.

‘They’ want ‘you’ to ‘think’ and ‘believe’ that ‘they’ know better than you do, in order, that ‘they’ have ‘control’ over ‘you’. ‘They’ want to take away your freedom of ‘choice’, so that ‘they’ can ‘control’ you for ‘their’ benefit and not ‘yours’.

‘They’ want ‘you’ to be in a prison of ‘their’ choosing. ‘They’ want you under ‘their’  thumb…

So drink the Koolaid and become dumbed-down, non-thinking masses, OR learn to think and discern for yourself… use the brains, heart and gut instincts that God gave you, in order, to be able toavoid the evil of the ‘they’ on this planet. This is what ‘they’ fear… that ‘you’ will ‘realize’ that you don’t need them, their rules, their advice, their drugs, their lies, their con or their agenda. ‘They’ are afraid that you will realize the power of you and your individualism and not need them any longer. ‘They’ are afraid that ‘you’ will see through ‘them’. So they try to keep you confused and out of your clear heart and mind. That is why ‘they’ want you dependant on them.

Always be clear in the knowing that ‘they’ are only ‘people’ with ‘an agenda’.

Be very careful who you take advice from, listen to, emulate and follow…

Perhaps, the only ‘they’ worth ‘hearing’ are those with little, or nothing to gain from ‘you’ doing as they direct…

Who are ‘they’ to you?

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Is this sincere?…

This letter was sent to a woman on a dating site…
He asked for her email off the site and she gave it to him… and he sent her this…

Nothing can be as good as meeting a new friend today. It is Jan. 22nd, 2013 and for me it is a new day and a new beginning. I just want to say a big thank you for giving us the opportunity to communicate more. I am Bryan as you already know, I live in Saint James, New York, I’s 6’1, Grey hair, hazel eyes and white/Caucasian.

Sometimes I count myself fortunate to meet certain people in my life just as I met you today on the site, Apparently, my aim is just to meet the right woman that my mind feels comfortable with in knowing much  more about her and you definitely strike my fancy. When I saw your profile on the site I said to myself, could she be the reason why am on the site with a straight face! Then I thought to myself, If I don’t make the flight move, I might regret my actions. I’m a kind of a man who feels life is worth more to share with someone special.

I have been a successful entrepreneur for several years now and I think it is time to move on. The social media was a great place to meet someone who you can both talk about things in life and what you aspire. I’m not a man of little words or someone that would be scared to share  his emotions. I usually say to myself that when the right woman comes, I would definitely start looking forward to retirement because I want to always travel to places and have much fun together. It hasn’t been really easy been widowed with a young boy but I was happy to be able to bring him up. I am into Designing $ building electrical power plant for the past 20 years and I have passions and love for what I do. I’m a man with a strong heart, loving, caring, honest, compassionate, and affectionate. I believe in God since and never stops going to church every Sunday.

I count myself as an outgoing person, cinemas, concerts, theatre beach, travellin and relaxation. This are few sports I watch, tennis, Football, Basketball, Golf etc. As I said on my profile I don’t want haters as a somen or a sadist. I don’t want games or someone who will continually live in the past evne though we can’t forget our past, I believe strongly in the past as it is what makes us who we are right I want a woman that wants to take a step further in life. The present is now and now is how to move on in life. This kind of music I listen to are: R&B, Soul, Classic, country music and blues. I like taking a long walk on the beach, love going to tour like, Hawaii, Caribbean and Brazil.  France isn’t a bad place to visit too. When I read through your profile I was really amazed and motivated to send you an email and show my interest. I would want to continue with our friendship and see where it goes.

The kind of woman I desire is someone who is ready to love again, someone who is caring, loving, honest, affectionate and understanding. I want someone who will be ready to discuss issues with me, always ready to tell me her pain so I can ease her off, someone to share the good times and the bad times with. I am a romantic guy who feels that kissing, cuddling and romantic words are really important in a relationship. Communication is an important part of a relationship and I believe if we can stablize our mode of communication things will work out as planned for us. I have a great sense of humor, I always want to put a smile on my lady’s face and However I also believe that “Wher there is a will there is a way” My desires is to find my Soul mate $ and Dream Mate, Lover, and Life Companion, who is caring, matured minded, Straight forward, honest and ready to be a good listener and a doer. A lady to confined in and share aims together. less I forget this, You are an absolute beauty from above and I admire your acceptance to further correspondence with me. Now it’s your turn to tell  me about more about yourself, your likes and dislikes, desires and wishes in a relationship.

I hope this gives you a clue about about me and I would be glad if you can tell me more about yourself and probably attach more photos of yourself to your message. Have included my picutes to this message and hope you like them.

Hope to hear from you soon.
Be good and be safe.

Ps: I have deactivated my profile on the site because i was getting random messages from there and i don’t want to get hit.
Okay!  Is he who he claims? Is he American? Are those photos of the person who wrote this letter? Is he a scammer and if you think so, why?

What we pay for and what we put up with…

???????????????????????????????and what do we really get?…

Ever think about how much technology costs each month, what the regulations are and what the agencies charge and taxes are to get technology to us?

Then when something goes ‘wrong’ with technology, what we have to deal with to get it corrected… as in listening to the overly-long automated menu, ‘pushing 1 for English, and 2 for whatever’… on and on… to finally get to a human voice that more times than not turns out to be someone you can barely understand… with their ‘Indian sing song slur’, or broken English. I always ask where I am calling and if it’s not in America, I hang up then call back, until I get a clearly speaking English person… and sometimes that’s multiple times.

So we pay each month for these services then put up with endless irritation to talk to someone to fix their glitches…

How much is paid in insurance… car, property, health, life, mal-practice, business, etc?…

How much is paid in taxes before anyone even gets to paying Federal income taxes…as in sales tax, property taxes, city, state,  and school taxes, taxes on utilities, on technology… taxes on regulations that you can’t even figure out what the charge is for or who really gets it. Then let’s go to interest that is paid on credit cards, mortgages, anything bought on time…

Add in the cost of gas, heating and AC… and how much food costs and how fast all the prices are going up.

And Obama is wanting to implement a milage tax… taxes on braces for teeth… it goes on and on…

It’s a wonder anyone has anything left to save. And the government now wants to figure out a way into savings, IRA’s and retirement accounts to have them be invested in the government, therefore, taken over by the government.

The government who is so indebted and whose rating keeps being diminished. And the government who keeps on spending and getting deeper into debt… this is not a wise investment, but the government wants you to sink it all in with them… while they live high on the hog….

Then there’s tolls and licenses to do so most everything, driving, business, inspections, dues, fees….even to have a garage sale, or for a child to have a freaking lemonade stand.

It’s endless…

We are taxed to death and pay too much to stay plugged in. And are taxed again when we die…

And Obama and company wants to make this monstrosity even bigger…

Who benefits from all this?…

Think about it…

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Throw it out on the Inter’net’ to see what you can capture…

???????????????????????????????‘Catfishing’… by now we have all heard about the football player who had a ‘relationship’ over the Inter’net’ for two years, never met her in person, and she died and it was all so sad.

WHAT?! Who has a relationship for two years over the Internet… without meeting someone? Stupidest thing I have ever heard!

First, a relationship isn’t a relationship, unless you are in person, are in their life, know their friends, are at their house and interact almost, if not everyday. A relationship is in REAL LIFE… not on the Inter’net’….

People can hide behind their computers and be anyone that they choose to be.

A fat, pig of a woman can post a photo of a beauty queen and have men flocking to her. A married man can post that he is single and get much interaction… that temporarily takes him out of his miserable life… that he is not brave enough to change in ‘real life’.

People who can’t maintain a relationship in ‘real life’ can have many ‘pretend’ ones over the Inter’net’…

There is so much fraud and con over the ‘Net’… people creating identities, and images that are nothing, but that, ‘their creation’.

I know a man who ‘deems’ himself an ‘inspirational writer’ and writes about love and all sorts of topics and he is a complete fraud. I have known him for many, many years and he lies, steals and lies some more. He has found an outlet that he can ‘hide’ behind to create ‘his image’… a place he can create ‘his con’ and it is the Inter’net’. He has never been married and goes from one woman to the next. He’s pathetic… but he writes about love, and inspirational topics… blah! blah!. He has a photo that hides what he really looks like… which is a fat, depressed slob… but he writes things and gets off on people telling him how ‘nice’ he is… he is not a nice person at all… he is a person looking for energy to suck off of.

When you know who a person is in their ‘real life’ then see what they put out over the Internet… it shows you clearly how easily fraud can be committed using technology.

I have men come onto me daily… from all over the world and until they come to my area and meet me in person… it is nothing to me. If someone
‘appears’ interesting, I may interact for a bit, but if they don’t meet me in person and soon… they are not significant to my life or to me.

I have had a man write to me that ‘we’ are forever and I spoke to this man twice…. I played along with him to see where it would lead… when I could immediately tell by ‘his approach’ that he was throwing out a’ Net’ to see what he could catch. They may ‘appear sincere’ at first glance, but listen to the words not said. Make note of when they call, whether they answer the phone when you call back. Many of these people are married, or in a relationship and are playing games to boost their egos. They are energy vampires…Inter’net’ vampires, hiding behind their computer throwing out a ‘net’ to see what they can catch in order to have something to suck from…

Men who say they want to meet you, but are soo busy, selling a company, blah! blah! Are probably lying and putting restrictions up so that you will think that they are something they are not and they can put you on ‘hold’… think of the power and the ego charge that they get from doing this…

Men want to feel powerful, successful, and vital. Women want to feel beautiful, desired and loved.. and the perfect con for this is the Inter’net’… It can be an ‘ego trip’… and a complete fraud. In real life, in person is where real fulfillment lives not on the ‘NET’.

Over the ‘Net’ they can control the contact… hide it from their real life and create this little dream world and identity… where an unattractive, miserable married man can interact with a woman he would, or could never approach in real life.

There are allot of sick and twisted people in this world today and the ‘Net’ is their playground…

Think of sitting in an airport amongst all the people. How many would you want to really know? HA!… maybe, one, if any… so think of the Inter’net’ in this way, only worse…

Emailing, texting and ‘friends’ on Facebook, etc. are not ‘real relationships’. They are on the ‘Net’… the Web… a spider’s web with intent to capture…

A person who really wants a relationship will meet you quickly in person, if not, they are probably a fraud. But in meeting a person off the ‘Net’ be very cautious… do not give out personal information, meet them in a public place where ‘you’ control the environment.

Sure, it can be fun exchanging thoughts and ideas over the ‘NET’… but it is not a ‘real relationship’… no way and no how!

So, take it for what it is. Don’t waste time dreaming about what will be, who a person is, or believe what you are told until you see it with your own eyes…

A real relationship is in person… not on the ‘Net’…

Also, years ago, I met a very well-known ‘actor’ at a party. Everyone would know who he is. While on the screen, he is attractive and a good actor… and I thought him great, in person, not so much. He asked me out and I declined…

Get real people! ‘Images’ are not who people really are… so don’t fall for an image…

What experiences have you had in this regard?….

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Familiarity breeds contempt….

 Redbrick2HA! Just how true is this statement…???

You have likely heard the saying “familiarity breeds contempt”, which means…
a. The better we know people, the more likely we are to find fault
with them.
b. If you know someone very well or experience something a lot, you stop respecting them.
c. The more you know something or someone, the more you start to find faults and dislike things about it or them.

An example:
a. When Jesus returned to His hometown – Mk 6:1-6
b. The town of Nazareth, where He had been brought up – cf. Lk 4:16-24JESUS’ COUNTRYMEN TOOK OFFENSE…
1. At first they were impressed by His teaching – Mk 6:2; cf. Lk 4:22
2. The people of Nazareth knew Jesus as:
a. A carpenter and the son of a carpenter – Mk 6:3; cf. Mt 13:55
b. The son of Mary, with brothers and sisters – Mk 6:3
3. But the moment He spoke critically, they took offense – Mk 6:3
a. They became angry – cf. Lk 4:23-28
b. They attempted to kill Him – cf. Lk 4:29-30
4. Which led Jesus say: “A prophet is not without honor, except in
his hometown and among his relatives and in his own household.”
Mk 6:4
Because of familiarity, they did not respect Him as a prophet

1. Their offense led to His leaving and returning to Capernaum
– cf. Lk 4:31
2. Thus depriving themselves of further teaching by the Son of
3. Remember what Jesus had told His disciples earlier? – cf. Mk 4:23-25
Because of their contempt, they lost access to more learning of
God’s will!

1. We can easily develop familiarity today
a. With those teaching the Word of God (“He no longer impresses
b. With the message of the Word itself (“I’ve heard that many
times before”)
2. Do we allow our familiarity to breed contempt?
a. No longer respecting those we know well, taking them for
b. No longer appreciating the significance of the Word of God?
— If so, then we will cut ourselves off from its powerful message!

And this can be seen in many areas and ways. How have you seen or experienced this?

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The Eye of the Beholder…

Remember this episode of Rod Serling the Twilight Zone? Oh, this plot has been done and redone since, but then the…

Plot – Janet Tyler has undergone her eleventh treatment (the maximum number legally allowed) in an attempt to look like everybody else. The details of the treatment are not given, but Tyler is first shown with her head completely bandaged so that her face cannot be seen. She is described as being “not normal” by the nurses and doctor, whose own faces are always in shadows or off-camera.

The outcome of the procedure cannot be known until the bandages are removed. Tyler pleads with the doctor and eventually convinces him to remove the bandages early. After a climactic buildup, the bandages are removed. The reaction of the doctor and nurses is horror and disappointment. The procedure has failed, and her face has undergone “no change — no change at all”. The camera pulls back to reveal to the audience that she is actually beautiful.

At this point, the doctor, nurses and other people in the hospital are revealed to be horribly deformed by our perspective, with large, thick brows, sunken eyes, swollen and twisted lips, and wrinkled, pig-like snouts. Distraught by the failure of the procedure, Tyler runs through the hospital as the disfigured faces of everyone she runs into, the norm in this society, are revealed. Projection screens throughout the hospital project an image of the State’s despotic leader giving a speech calling for greater conformity.

Eventually, a handsome man (by our standards) afflicted with the same “condition” arrives to take the crying, despondent Tyler into exile to a village of her “own kind”, where her “ugliness” will not trouble the State. Before the two leave, the man comforts Tyler, saying that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

This is what I look around and feel I am living… I see, terribly overweight, sloppily dressed people, who are rude, arrogant, pushy and angry… or I see some who have so much b
otox and filler in their faces that they almost don’t look like people, but more like some kind of plastic humanoid. It’s one thing to maintain your appearance and quite another to freeze your face and to blow up your lips… and some do this, so they must think it attractive. 

Then while some are dressed in sloppy tee shirts and pants others are in overlypiercings piercings.jpg photo tight attire with overly high heels and all sorts of garb all over them so that they appear like a Barbie doll or a street walker… then some have piercings and tatoos, pink hair, purple hair… etc.. some wear big black tents with only a small space for them to see out. Some wear head scarfs to cover their hair, but wear tight pants and very high heels… some look like they haven’t bathed in weeks…

There seems to be fewer and fewer at normal weight, healthy, fit, clean, naturally attractive, even features, moral, mannerly, happy people… If they are around they are the rarity and at one time, they were the norm…

Myself and???????????????????????????????others who have shared similar thoughts, if you are thin, attractive, healthy, smile, have good teeth, no filler in your face or blow fish lips, no tatoos, dress appropriately in clothing that fits, with the appropriate amount of accompaning jewelry, then many either stare like you are a freak, or with a kind of envy that creates fear in those receiving their observation.

It feels like I am in the twilight zone as I manuver in this world where I fit in less and less. I have a ‘condition’ that isn’t the norm. Where do I go to be with those of my kind?…

It’s scary out there. Have we truly entered the Twilight Zone?

Conscience – a law written on your heart. But does everyone have one?

???????????????????????????????A simple definition of conscience is that it is a conviction or being conscious of a custom.

Biblically – From a Christian perspective a conscience is about having God’s standard in our heart to guide us in how we conduct ourselves. The Bible tells us that everyone has a conscience. God’s standards are written on everyone’s hearts. It is just that everyone does not follow the conscience that God gave to all of mankind. Jesus provides us the ultimate standard that our conscience should follow. Acts 24:16, Romans 2:14, Romans 2:15, and Isaiah 11:10.

We become aware of our own conscience when we are thinking of doing something wrong and a little voice says, “No”. Or we get a twinge in our hearts of the ‘certain knowing’ that we are not being true to our soul.

Our Conscience is a Standard To Live By.

From a Christian perspective a conscience is all about having God’s standard in our heart to guide us in how we conduct ourselves. Acts 24:16 provides us a definition of conscience.

Does everyone have a conscience?

Does this include Christians, Jews, and the unsaved – everyone? The question is what ‘standard is followed by a person’s conscience’… their individual moral adjuster… Romans 2:14 advises us on how everyone has a conscience. But we all have different and varying ‘individual moral adjusters’ based on our personality, our circumstances, the way that we were reared, and what we have been exposed to that creates our internal awareness to alert us to when we have gone against our heart…our soul. Some say, it’s even based on the timing of when we were born, our individual astrology, if you will…

A Law Written In Your Heart.

Conscience is a group of laws in your heart. Mankind has demonstrated that they know God’s principles. No matter, if we know the Bible or not,most of us know we should not murder, steal, be jealous, commit adultery and generally not do the things that displease our Creator. Romans 2:15 provides us another definition of conscience.

But some choose to ‘deny’ their conscience in order to gain worldly goods, power over others, or acceptance. Some turn to evil or addictions to suppress their internal pain of going against God’s conscience and who they are. Those hooked on drugs, alcohol, food, sex, the power hungry are looking for something outside themselves instead of looking inward to who they really are and to what is written on their hearts. For some, God is not enough and who they are is not enough … Therefore, they must ‘feel’ in control, in power over others, strive to feel pleasure all the time, or they crave and find escape. Some will deny the realization of their conscience in every way that they can seek, or find.  

Jesus, the Highest Standard.

Jesus came on this earth as a standard for all of mankind to follow. He showed us how to love God and to love our neighbor. He is a standard for everyone. Isaiah 11:10

My opinion – our conscience is ‘our individual moral adjuster’…

Those with a conscience have a moral adjuster that guides them, and lets them know when they are being true to their soul and when they are not. They will feel bad, sad, hurt, or guilt when they know, or realize that they have harmed someone on some level and have done ‘wrong’, when they have gone against God. And they will not rest or feel ‘good’ again, until they have apologized, righted, or confessed that wrong.

Those of conscience are aware of others’ feelings and have respect for people and humanity. They are awake. They have a strong realization to know right from wrong and they listen to their heart and the signals that they get from their ‘inner knowing’. They have a heart, mind and soul that guides and tells them right living from wrong. Their conscience reacts when they have stepped outside their moral adjuster and they are pulled back to listen for moral guidance, in order, that they come back to center.

Those who ‘deny’ or ‘ignore’ their conscience have little to no awareness of their moral adjuster. They can lie, cheat, steal even kill with no remorse or guilt. They either deny their conscience, or perhaps, don’t have a conscience at all, as in pure evil… sociopaths, psychopaths, murderers, etc. but the Bible states that we all have a conscience…sooo…

In my opinion, there are more people now who deny their God given conscience, in order, to have worldly gains, or to feel powerful, in control, to escape, and to feel momentary pleasure.

God was booed at the Democratic convention. Are these people listening to their conscience?  It appears many feel angry, unhappy, forlorn, envy, greed, and are looking for the ‘momentary’ gain of ‘stuff’ or some temporary high to ‘momentarily’ lift them up. They are not thinking of eternity. They are concerned about the now, instead of what is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. And that is what some politicians among others are counting on… they care not if you lose your soul as long as they get what they want, which is to control you.

It takes allot of effort to suppress your conscience and it will eventually catch up with you. As a person gets on in life, you can look into a their face, their eyes and see whether they are true to their conscience… true to their heart.

We all error and make mistakes… but those aware of their conscience will ask for forgiveness and release it to God. Those unaware will try to suppress it with addictions, acquisitions, manipulation, power and control to try and ‘fool’ themselves and others … but it doesn’t work for long and certainly not forever.

Look into faces and eyes. Look at those in your life and those on life’s bigger stage. Look past their hair, make up, clothes, title and lies and really see into their soul. If you do and can see clearly, you will be able to discern, if they adhere to what’s written on their heart, or if they have compromised it for worldly gains.

Many people appear to be blobs walking around in a fog… looking for their next fix or high… what they will eat, drink, what drug to put into their system, or who next to con and to screw over looking for some kind of an escape from the reality of who they are.

Clear eyes and hearts can be recognized by those who can see.

What do you think, does everyone have a conscience?

Can’t seem to stop the indulgence momentum…

After the holidays, every year… it takes another week or so to reign it back to normal. Anyone else have this occur?

Indulgences… good food… fabulous desserts… wines and spirits… Winter time fun!!! Nothing like delicious nibbling and sipping on a cold Winter’s day or night…

Just make sure to keep up with the working out, to off set it… right? RIGHT!!!

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Do all people have the ability to love?

???????????????????????????????And if someone can’t love, doesn’t know how, isn’t able, or capable… can you, should you try to love them? Love isn’t a mood, a pretty face, blond hair, a sports car, a bank account, or a rockin bod, etc… 

When you describe love as a ‘mood’, or anything else other than a deep sincere emotion then you are describing a superficial love. Love is a deep emotion… and some can’t feel real emotions at all, and some ‘fake’ their feelings for their gain.

Some profess love way too fast…
before there is actually any possibility that it could be felt…and many who do this, fall in and out of ‘love’ as if it were ‘luving’ the current fad. They fall in ‘luv’ with the way a woman looks, or her body and a woman falls in ‘luv’ with a man’s ‘appearance’ of ‘power.’ It’s insincere and only their mood, or attraction at the time. This kind of person can be dangerous to those with the real ability to love…they try to and can actually suck love out of a sincere loving person… and nothing about fast ‘luv’ is love. It’s actually predator-like and derives from lack, agenda and possibly even evil intent…

Too many people suppress or escape emotions… being emotionally real and honest is rare these days… but we are sentient beings and to deny who we are is to deny self and what we are put on earth for, which is too feel, express emotions and to experience. And some in the world can’t handle others’ emotions because they can’t handle their own. They are the walking dead… no sincere passion, no reality, can’t love, can’t sincerely express , or see truth because they are so false unto themselves and who they really are… so when the first blush of attraction is gone… so is their ‘luv’…

Of course, as a caring, loving human being some of us can love the unlovable, but it is wise to do so from a distance. In a romantic relationship, trying to love someone who can’t love you in return leads to nothing, but pain and despair.

Those people who have the ability to fake emotions and to not really feel them who knows why exactly?  Was it something that happened to them in childhood, or somewhere in their life, or were they born that way?

A man once told me that when he was younger that he would tell girls that he loved them. ” I love you.”, very powerful words. So needy girls would feel ‘loved’ for a bit and give him what he wanted…’sex with no attachment’ on his part. He chuckled while telling me this. He was a man who while handsome and charming had no ability to love. He didn’t feel loved, so he knew the intense power of the desire to feel so, and he used this power over others to control them. He was damaged and he damaged others by telling them what they needed and wanted to hear to get what he wanted. He had no love for anyone including himself. He was afraid of love and actually afraid of women, so he kept them at arm’s length and manipulated and used them.

Some talk of ‘forever’ when it is premature and superficial. The words, ‘forever’, ‘love’, and ‘soulmate’ … can be meaningful only when used in sincerity and too many these days use them flippantly and to manipulate for their own feelings of power and control.

If Tom Hanks or Cruise can say it in some ‘stupid’ (while entertaining) romantic comedy… any guy with half a brain can do the same. The “You complete me.” line that Cruise ‘acted’… how many times has that been used? This line was ‘scripted’ for affect, it didn’t come from the heart in a moment of depth and passion in real life.

I have been told by many men that I am the kind of woman that they want to have on their arm. Now, what does that mean ‘exactly’? It means that it makes them feel good to have what they ‘consider’ a ‘catch’ on their arm. It has nothing to do with me, or my well-being, or caring about ‘me’. It’s about them and what ‘they feel like’, or ‘want and need’ to feel like for their weak egos. Men like this are dangerous for women who can love… as they use and exploit for their needs. Men like this are selfish, self-serving and ego driven…

A man once told me that men go for the best, most attractive girl that they ‘think’ they can attain.. or they ‘think’ they ‘may’ have a chance with, a chance of ‘scoring’ with on some level… But most men quickly back off when thwarted in their attempt while after a woman… again it’s that fragile male ego.  But real, sincere, enduring love can’t be thwarted. You hear the stories of the man who wouldn’t give up until the woman said yes. I am not talking anything creepy here, like stalking. I am talking strong pursuit, when a man really has the ability to love … Think of the character depicted in the movie THE NOTEBOOK.. that movie depicted an example of a man who could love, felt it deeply and acted on it.

Strong, worthy men will go after what they desire…and those with love in their heart… will stay on that path and not be sidetracked by some ‘honey’ of a distraction to feed their ego.

Some women use flattery and sexy ways to lure a man in, when all they want to do is to use him. Both sexes do this to one another… the ones who can’t love and who can only ‘fake it’…as in ‘prostituted’… they usually can’t love and don’t like sex… so they ‘fake’ it… there are more ‘prostitute’ types around than many realize in both sexes. They are the damaged ones and they are out to damage others…

Do you think many people have the ability to really love another? Most all of us desire and want love. So, why is it that it seems and appears that so many have no idea what it is?

Children learn what love is from their parents. I believe this to be gospel and it derives from the parents love and commitment to each another This is a child’s first example. When some people only have children for themselves and their selfish needs, how can a child feel loved, or even learn what love is? They can’t. And this is manifested out into our world with every action and choice. Look at what is being manifested into our world today… overly overt sexuality that has nothing to do with love, people having children with no commitment to them, or to one another.

Ladies! No man will love you, or treat you better than you love or treat yourself.
And sex is not love… in its finest, it is one ‘expression of love in the physical form’ and it can produce life…the greatest gift of love that there is. So, when you diminish sex … love becomes diminished in you…

To be able to love is a great blessing… to be able to feel love, to give love and to be loved in return is the greatest gift one can possess. The ability to love comes from within and is built on respect, commitment and trust of self then to others and this comes from parenting the child along with their internal ‘God-given’ makeup. And if you weren’t parented well, you can learn to re-parent yourself. Treat yourself as the precious person you are… and act accordingly…

You can’t have love without commitment… and those who really love not only know this, but desire it…

“When over the years someone has seen you at your worst, and knows you with all your strengths and flaws, yet commits him- or herself to you wholly, it is a consummate experience. To be loved but not known is comforting but superficial. To be known and not loved is our greatest fear. But to be fully known and truly loved is a lot like being loved by God. It is what we need more than anything. It liberates us from pretense, humbles us out of our self-righteousness, and fortifies us for any difficulty life can throw at us.” – Tim Keller

Remember it’s in his love that Christ gave his life for you… and he turned away from those he could not touch…

Do you know what love is and feels like? Can you love? Do you love? Are you loved? Have you ever felt love, deeply, sincerely and truly? Do all people have the ability to love, or do only a few have that capacity?