Interview with a never married 50 plus-old-man…

???????????????????????????????I wanted to interview a middle-aged man (pictured,but hidden. He asked repeatedly to be on my site.) who has never been married and has no children. I wanted to ask him questions in person, and he answer, but he ‘insisted’ that I write the questions down, so that he had time to ‘think’ about his answers. Bad sign right there…

My other interviews with men have always been me asking questions in person and they answer right there. They didn’t ‘need’ the time to ‘orchestrate’ their answers.

This man’s fully orchestrated ‘for effect’ answers reveal a man who has little to no connection to his heart, is in his head and without the ability to really connect, or to see himself in relation to another. He is ‘mother-controlled’ and looking for a woman to take care of him. I almost didn’t even put this up because I found it so trite and mundane, but then realized, it is great for awareness.

???????????????????????????????I have known this man for 14 years, so know what’s real and what’s BS. I have written what I know to be true in parenthesis, to reveal the self-delusional pretense in the blah, blah, ‘politically correct’ BS that he ‘thinks’ a woman ‘wants’ to hear. He ‘tries’ to be so ‘correct’ that this man doesn’t live fully and certainly doesn’t know how to love, or what love even is. He is looking to ‘feel good about himself’. So ladies, if a man gives you these type of BS answers run away. And men, if you identify with this too much, you are conning and fooling yourself…
1. Why do you think it is that you have never married?

Extreme financial instability for one and all that encompasses. I’ve had a lot of terrible luck with career layoffs and I never wanted to burden a woman with that. (When I first met him, he told me he had a significant amount of money. So, a con right off the bat and plenty of poor people are married. So, what kind of an answer is this really?)

I’m very independent and never really felt a need to get married during my youth. (He told me he was engaged when he was in his twenties and the woman cheated.) Having children wasn’t important to me either. (He told me he didn’t want kids then that he did. I think he got some woman pregnant, but she miscarried and, even then, he didn’t marry her. From what I observe, he is too self-centered to have children.)

Also, continually spending too much time with women who I knew were wrong for me early in the relationship, expecting circumstances to change. (Why spend time with women, he knew were wrong for him? Because his intentions are usury, not honorable. I wonder does he think about the woman’s time he wasted, if he ‘knew’ that they were ‘wrong for him’?) I am also guilty of not putting forth enough effort, not dating more, and that is my fault. (In the 14 years, I have known him, he is usually ‘hooked’ into some woman, then they break it off and he whines about something that was wrong with ‘her’. It was her family. She had cats. He hates cats. So, why date a woman with cats? She spent too much money on her horses, or something else that he found so distasteful.  He dated a woman that leased a Ferrari for him. I inquired, if he liked her. He shrugged, stating, “Not really.”  So, ummm, why was he with her? Then he will date older women who have money and when they break up, he will state that she is stuck up and too old for him.)

???????????????????????????????2. Do you want to marry?

Yes, as long as there is a healthy balance in every area of our lives, emotional, financial goals. (Ladies, this is a man that is after a woman to support him both financially and emotionally. He has no idea how to ‘support’ a woman in anyway. He is emotionally stunted and may very well have some severe personality disorder. Such as narcissist depression, bi-polar, narcissist/avoidant/borderline disorder). He is always all about himself. Something is always wrong with the woman and he doesn’t look at what is wrong in him. He is cheap, pessimistic and negative in his outlook and depression runs in his family of origin. Truth is, if anyone has never married and they are over 40, they are usually hiding something about themselves, have an inability to love and commitment or have personality disorders or all three and from my observances through many years, this man has all many defects both able to be seen and that he tries to hide from others as he tries to create a nice guy facade. “Hey nothing is wrong with me,  it’s the women.”

3. Why do you want a woman in your life, or do you really?

Men and women ‘should’ both bring positive influences to each other. I want to bring uplifting experiences to a woman, it ‘should’ be the same for her. I want to give love and receive it. Once again, if there is a healthy balance there, I think marriage would be great. I’ve been a very independent man. I don’t need a woman to make my life happy, I want one to ‘enhance’ it, as I would hope to hers. (This answer reveals it all… ‘politically correct BS’.  Wanting and doing are two different things.  Also this man has depression. He is negative and little about him is positive.)

4. Do you think after being single all of your life that you would find it difficult to adapt to being with a woman in a marriage?

Of course, some fundamental challenges like sharing the same space and becoming used to having another personality around would be the biggest. We are all creatures of habit, therefore, a period of adjustment involving each others daily routines would have to be addressed. A strong bond would make this period go smoothly rather than being a struggle. Small, quirky things would work themselves out as long as both are dedicated to the success of the marriage, that’s the easy part. (Easy? How would he know?) The honeymoon period would involve allowing for each others needs, their likes and dislikes, and making changes with respect and love. Sure, the daily interaction would be an adjustment at my age, but, that’s what the dating period is for: to see if it’s a good fit for both. (BS answer. He has revealed to me that he goes through times that he can’t stand being around people. He gets so depressed that he prefers being alone, so his answer here is politically correct lies including downright lying.)

5. Do you respect your mother?

Yes. She is a very caring person, was a wonderful wife, and an extremely hard worker during her career. She has her quirks like anyone else. (He has told me repeatedly that he hates his mother and his sister. He is jealous of how close they are and from what he says about his sister, he is jealous of her. She is married, successful and has two children. She is everything he is not. He gave this answer because he ‘knows’ having a ‘good’ relationship with his mother is the ‘politically correct’ thing to say. In my interaction with him during the years, I will say that he basically hates women and just uses them for an ego boost or to pass the time.)

6. What about a woman attracts you?

Emotional stability,(He often flips into deep depression. I have seen him throw tantrums when he was jealous of what another man has, or if he can’t get what he wants.)  financial independence, (He has financial issues, is cheap, and fearful.Any woman with him would have to support herself in all areas, financial and emotional) a confident attitude, a caring soul. (He is so insecure that he needed time to think about these answers.) A woman who is as comfortable in a bathing suit as she is in a Chanel dress. (Chanel ‘suit’… is that what he means?. He doesn’t even know what Chanel is. He said this to ‘appear’ sophisticated. He often dresses inappropriately and he wants a woman who is comfortable in Chanel.  I have never seen him in a properly worn suit and tie. This statement is laughable. What he wants is a woman who can buy these kind of clothes for herself. He takes a woman for burgers and to the movies. Where would she wear Chanel with this guy?)

A best friend as well as a lover. A big sense of humor. (He is usually droll, depressive and negative.) Someone who is relaxed and takes life as it comes. (He can’t handle the simplest of tasks as in picking up the correct thing at a grocery store. He is looking for someone to keep him lifted out of his depression. So, is this a man who would be there during some real life tragedy or trauma?)

7. What about a woman does not attract you?

Narcissism. Someone always thinking of herself before anyone else. A player. (He is the narcissist. Everything is always about him. All he ever thinks about is him self. He whines, He is depressed and negative. He plays at life and relationships. Example: He watches NIP/TUCK and identifies with Christian the playboy.) Confident women scare him. So, he calls them narcissists. It’s classic projection. He wants a woman who will put him first, like a mother would a child and will be there when he wants her to be. He cares little about what she would need or want).

8. What do you think that you have to offer a woman?

A warm heart, a trusting personality, ‘a giver of what he can’, (This is a big clue. Ladies, get it?) a good sense of humor. I am far from perfect, but as long as a woman respects me,( as long as she can’t see through his BS) I’ll do anything for her and do what I can to make her happy. (He has an ego as big as the world. So, he needs a woman to ‘make him’ feel good about himself and to continually fan his fragile ego.)

9. What do you want a woman to bring to your life?

To be a partner in every way, through the good times and bad. (He has never sustained a relationship through bad times. He has never sustained a relationship. At the first sign of stress, change, or trouble, he shuts down or runs or the woman leaves him because she realizes he will not be there for her but he expects complete attention to his issues.)

10. How do you think your life would change were you married?

I believe that finding the right person would positively enhance my life. I really want that bond and special friendship that comes with a terrific marriage. Too many couples allow other things to tear them apart, children, relatives, money, jealousy. I would want to keep my marriage strictly between my wife and I, not allowing anything or anyone to come between our personal relationship. Friends that share selflessly, lovers with a deep, respectful, passionate connection: that’s my idea of marriage. (This answer is all blah blah. He has no idea, but ‘tries’ to appear like an authority. He has no a ability to have this kind of relationship. He is emotionally fragile, weak and fake.)

This man re-connects with me after failed situations with women. He shares all that is wrong and how he ‘was’ going to marry them…blah blah. All BS, he will never marry. I told him this 14 years ago and 14 years later he is in the same place, only with a heart condition, overweight, depression, aging rapidly and only God knows what else? As I inquire about his relationships, I realize, they weren’t even anchored in reality. It’s like women date him between their real guys. My gut tells me that they all leave or break up with him.

This man doesn’t have the ability to connect and to endure the good, the bad, and the in between, in a long term, committed relationship. He rushes in, thinks this is it, then quickly pulls away, shuts down or the women dump him. He likes the rev up, but can’t, or doesn’t know how to sustain reality.

So, I wondered what makes a man remain single until 50-plus, while ‘claiming to want’ to be married. I wanted to investigate it  and be able to reveal more insights, but… as you can see…the man is a wall of BS. HAHAHA! But is this the real insight?

I have encountered several never married men and many playboys and they all share commonalities and traits very similar to this man.  Only this man is one of the worst concerning fear of commitment… never married, no kids, never even owned a house, except to redo and turn it for profit. After his mother died, he moved into her house. An isolated, dingy, depressing place, that looks like a grandma’s house and he is making it his own. He even drives the car that she drove.

For more insight into this type of man… 

Love, relationships,  and marriage are messy, with up and downs, highs and lows. It takes self-evaluating and secure people to commit and to sustain a real relationship. And sure you need to be wise when choosing a mate, but if you never choose, or really ever commit….ummm…what does that say about you?…

So, from how this man answers, can you see who he is and what he is hiding from himself, what he is trying to hide from me and others, what he is afraid of, and what he is revealing with his trite, ‘politically correct’ answers? Have you interacted with similar men?

This man is now approaching 60 ,still never married, and still going from woman to woman… He rarely has photos of himself with these women or photos of the women. He told me none of them like photos. When it’s him that dislikes photos. He dislikes himself and has no ability to genuinely love another. I am wondering if  most of ‘his women’ aren’t all in his head.

(FYI…I have been married, divorced, had stepchildren, been deeply passionately in love and been hurt to my core and being around a man who has never risked for love, never really been committed is like being with an empty vessel of nothingness, a vapid void… They are always looking and never find. Always criticizing the women and even friend’s marriages. I got this man completely out of my life. I got tired of hearing his whining and knew none of my advice was being absorbed. It was a useless, empty interaction.)

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  1. He’s obnoxious. He’s all about his image. Run away! No wonder he has never married.

  2. From his answers he seems immature almost delusional like some teenager and he 50? Good luck to this loser.

  3. I have met men exactly like this one with similar excuses and wants and it’s always what is wrong with the woman and never them. Run fast from this kind of man. Never married at 50 and not gay there is something wrong with him. The man interviewed is not even in reality. I think there are too many fake romance movies and books about romance that help to create people who live in their stupid head and not in real life.

  4. This man is all about his image and himself. He will never marry. His answers are like he is trying to impress and he doesn’t. I laughed.

  5. I really do not like to judge other people that way. Who knows what kind of experience this man made with women during his childhood and later. When I see some scary witches called mothers out there I wonder that men ever want to be around a woman again.

    1. Bet his mother was a bitch. He sucks on her tits too long or something cause this guy is a mess.

  6. I have met men like this. They are full of themselves and don’t commit to anyone but themselves. I love this site LOVE IT!

  7. I have heard these kinds of answers and you are correct about men like this. They appear to have all the answers and many excuses and they blame everyone but themselves. Men like this want to use women and don’t want to give. They can’t love because they are all about themselves. He wants arm candy and he wants to do nothing or give anything in return.

  8. There are a group of men who think that women are supposed to take care of them, look good, have money and the man just steps in and takes advantage. This man’s responses show me he is this kind of a man. No wise woman would be around him for any length of time and that is why he has lived so long without a marriage. Reality is no woman wants to be married to him. Who would?

  9. wow what a goof ball….makes one wonder if he’s a closet gay……bcus he sure don’t like woman….LOL

  10. No pictures of the women they must be dog ugly everywoman I evermet loves pics
    the man is lying

  11. He’s a mama’s boy. no one will messure up. i have heard this kind of man talk before. Mama’s boys are all the same.

  12. I enjoyed reading this (especially the ().)
    My Mom always said, “you had to get ’em before they were forty or you could not mold them!”

  13. Another messed up guy going around messing up women. I have dated men like this for a brief time. All a terrible experience. Men who have never married by this late in life don’t know how to have a woman in their life. They are selfish, really messed up or hiding something strange in themselves that they know if a woman found out she would not accept like being gay or a cross dresser. This guy is empty.

  14. Immature and all about himself. He might try a Muslim woman. Oh no that wouldn’t work she would wear a black garbage bag not Chanel. Who cares what brand of clothes a woman wears? He’s a pretentious phony.

  15. Some men just can’t commit. They don’t have the confidence to do so. They are weak men looking for someone or something else all the time. Some do marry but then cheat. They need something to fill them up or to fix them. The guy in the interview is one of them. she should be this and that. When you love a woman you love her. All the rest is unimportant.

  16. He hates women. He wants one to make him feel good about who he is. I have met men like this and I can see right through their excuses.

  17. A child boy. He doesn’t want a wife. He wants a mommy or a trophy or a trophy who babies him like his mommy and no real woman will and so he’s never been married.

  18. He goes from woman to woman trying to find excitement. He is very boring in his answers. My guess is he will never marry. Can he love, doubt it. Will die alone thinking he’s the perfect man. Creepola!

  19. Know a 42 year old living in his Mothers basement with his girlfriend and 14 year old daughter waiting for his mom to CROAK, so he can move upstairs, lived there 36 years out of 42 rent free, free cable TV, free internet, and I hear he has free government food card, drives a Cadillac LIVING THE AMERICAN DREAM….

  20. Know a 42 year old living in his Mothers basement with his girlfriend and 14 year old daughter waiting for his mom to CROAK, so he can move upstairs, lived there 36 years out of 42 rent free, free cable TV, free internet, and I hear he has free government food card, drives a Cadillac LIVING THE AMERICAN DREAM….Mom is the Enabler, but she can’t help her self, he is her baby BOY!

  21. Truly, a screwed up dude. Who does he think he is? If he was any good he’d be married. My guess is women see through his golddigging ways and dump him.

  22. of course, many men want a playboy girl….but most of them look like backwoods idiots, overweight, don’t shave, have strange ideas and want instant sex without any real relationship. And, of course, he wants her to pay for herself and frequently him, too!


  24. Great post Ayn…check out
    Sounds like my ex fiancé..he once said if you make that much money..why do I need to work? JERK!b

  25. This man is a classic creep. Poliitcally correct, image conscious answers that say nothing and reveal less.

  26. …It’s just a hahaaaa moment…thought at first it was a gag…but its hard to believe there are guys like this..

  27. You really don’t have answers. You have what he thinks you want to hear. Time to think is just a ploy.

  28. It is unfortunate he has denied himself the best of all life experiences. Does he even know how alone he is?

  29. It’s all base on Giving….not taking…you get from God by giving, many people find this hard to do…

  30. this bloat is a golddigger. there is a breed of man out now that expects a woman to be have and to everything and they just take advantage. This bloat is this type. no money and he will give what he can which is code for nothing.

  31. I laugh each time I read this. I love it. It is so revealing. I just read it twice through today. This man is empty. His answers are like that of some dead head. He says what he thinks is pc and says nothing. He is afraid to answer with honesty which is he is afraid to commit and afraid of women and afraid of anyone seeing who and what he really is and that is a scared little boy. When women cheat on a man it’s often because he isn’t there for her emotionally. THis man isn’t there for himself emotionally. So no way could he be there for a woman. I bet he hangs out in places to meet women. Comes on to them. they date a few times, the women get bored and off they go. If he says he has long term leading to marriage relationships and has no photos of him with the women then he is lying. Every woman I know takes many photos of themselves with their boyfriends even ugly ones. This is a classic interview. Love ya Ayn keep up the good work.

  32. This interview is so funny. I love how you did it, outting him like you did. He is a phony. Is he gay ? Have you ever thought about that? I have known a gay man who dated lots of women to throw his friends and family off that he was gay. He dated them and put on that it was serious but never married. He is about his man’s age and reminds me of him.

  33. Even if you didn’t write the truth in the comments, it’s easy to see what kind of a man I mean boy he is. A mama’s boy looking for a the perfect woman to take care of him. Boy-Men like this make me want to throw up.

  34. He’s about his image or how he wants to see himself in other’s eyes. He’s an empty vessel.

  35. Anyone who cannot see and comprehend (know) that Marriage is a covenental relationship with God cannot expect success in that Marriage. We make our vows to each other, and while in the presence of God, we also make our vows to Him. None of us are perfect, all of us have fallen short of his standards. It is unreasonable to expect perfection from each other when we cannot produce it ourselves; God’s grace humbles us in Marriage that we may strive to be perfect (as) our Father in Heaven IS perfect. “Happy Wife? Happy life”…Exactly the point.

    1. this man expects perfect while offering little to nothing clueless. does he believe in God doubt it. he doesn’t believe in love unless it’s in his image

  36. If a true man really loved you You would not have to ask him how he felt or how much he loved you it would be shown everyday.

  37. This guy appears to be looking for a servant, not a relationship in the usual way. He is too self centered. The narcissist. I was married to a woman who was very similar to this.

  38. These are the answers of a con man. He actually says nothing and doeen’t reveal anything about himself but poor him.

  39. Sociopath. They move from woman to woman and something it always wrong with the women. Does he take money from them? He takes expensive gifts from someone he doesn’t even care about. Sociopathic signs. Normal people don’t take gifts from someone they don’t care about.

  40. I have read this several times and laugh each time. It’s such a revealing interview. You rock, Ayn. I best he still isn’t married. He might marry after momma dies to have another momma poor girl.

  41. A friend sent me this article. I love it. I just dumped a man like the one in this interview. All vague crap. he led me on for a bit then I realized what a con and a liar and dumped him only to find out he was dating two other women and leading them on like he was me while dating me. Men like this are players. This interview man doesn’t want a player because he is the player. This site is great. I am glad I found it.

  42. There is no doubt that the following blog post is probably the finest I have found today. It’s also apparent the person who’s page this is put a whole lot of work into it. Great work!

  43. Too funny. the guy answers but doesn’t say anything,He’s a bull shitter. This site is too cool! i was sent over here from another site.

  44. Too funny! You nailed it. I have known men just like this one. All about himself and no reality about what a relationship is. The guy you interviewed I concur will never marry and if he does she will divorce him. Then you can write about that.

  45. This guy is too funny and dumb. The reason for marriage is love and that is the only reason. He never mentions that. He’s all about stuff. He must’ve read in a book somewhere about how to have a relationship. Is this for real? He’s too stupid. What a woman wears, what designer is lame. I know men that buy their wives clothes if he wants to see her in something. He offers nothing. He wants to get. He has no idea what love is or how to love. No wonder he’s never been married and he never will be.

  46. Gold digger. Typical playboy bullshit artist. His mommy f-ed him up something bad. He lives in her house and drives her car. Sick! He wants his mommy and no woman other then her will do. Was he incestuous with her. You need to ask him that.

  47. I laugh each time I read this. The man is delusional and all about himself, his image and hi protection of ego. He thinks he’s god’s gift to women, that is what is mother taught him and no woman wants him. The older these men get the more alone and pathetic they become. Women aren’t attracted at all and they really get pathetic and depressed. Like that pilot that we both know. Ayn. He was once a ladies man and now can’t get a date. LOL These men need to grow up while they have the chance.

  48. This guy will never marry. He talked about a woman like she was an object to suit his needs. He never mentioned love or what’s really important in a relationship. He’s all superficial. If he ever does marry, he will soon be divorced.

  49. This is a joke, gotta be. No man is this dumb. Couldn’t be! I laughed to hard. Ayn, tell me this man is a joke! THis is going around on another website and it’s getting lotsa laughs.

  50. No connection to his heart. All about image. I hate men like this. There are women like this too. He’s a fat and sloppy and expects a woman to be trim, fit and wear Chanel. Insecure, Ayn you know Donna at Lovefraud, right. I see your articles there. Love your site.

  51. Lol. too accurate. I have met men like this. They are crap. He said he had employment difficulties maybe that is why he lives in Mama’s house and drives her car. Sounds like a real snowflake. Can’t get out from under the wings of Mama.

    1. I thought that too that he can’t afford to leave his mother’s house. Then he wants a woman that wears Chanel. Gold digger!!!!! Trying to be a big shot when he lives in Mama’s house.

      1. Independent? If was independent he would have married and had a life with a woman somewhere in all those fifty years.

  52. It’s called failure to launch. Never made his own life and when parent dies moves into their house. He wants to remain a child. Sad man.

  53. A man or woman over say 45 and never married has something off with them. I won’t date a woman over 40 who has never been married. They all say shit like, at least I haven’t been divorced, at least I haven’t made a mistake.The are afraid to make a mistake so they never live. They are defensive about their inability to make a commitment. They have issues. this man you interview definitely has Big mother -f-in issues. I was married for 7 years and got a divorce. I don’t regret one minute of my marriage. It was the best thing that ever happened to me and i would love to have her back, since now I know what I did wrong or be married to someone again someday now that I am the more wiser.

  54. He’s all talk. He’s trying to justify why he has never committed to a woman. The reason he hasn’t married is because he can’t commit. His answers are crap. I read this interview a few years back and since have talked to some of my men friends who are similar to this man. Since then, both of them have married. They had been defense about getting married because they were afraid to get married. Both of them say now that they are married that they have never been happier. Some men take longer to grow up. The man you wrote about here will never marry . He’s in love with himself and his image. He’s gross. Thanks for letting me read it again. It’s on several sites. I guess you know that.

  55. Mothers can really f-up their sons and make them hate women or think a woman will be like her or he will have to answer to her. I feel for men like this one. He’s so screwed up he can’t think. He runs off at the mouth Blah blah bla

  56. I am a never married woman over 50 with no kids.
    However, I do not think I would ever date this man. I could never meet his “standards” (?) . He also sounds very detached and does not know what love really is.
    I have experienced love, but I have not been married – yet. I do want to get married, but have not met a man who is emotionally, physically and mentally compatible who actually wants to marry me. I am not rich or perfect. I have met a lot of men in my life and, truth be told, many of them are very much like this guy emotionally. Three married (wife supports them, they cheat on her), another one married a woman who bailed him out financially and supported the family at the start of the relationship, the rest never married except for one I met at age 19. He was a great boyfriend and I was just beginning to date seriously at that time (late bloomer). I don’t think marriage was really on my radar at that time. I was just starting college and he was getting ready to return to his hometown to run the family business.
    Several years later he married a secretary at the company.
    Just because a person is never married doesn’t mean they would not have done well at it. Some people truly have not met a suitable match. The guy in this article, however, seems like he has a brick wall built around him and never wants to let anyone in. I would certainly spot this guy a mile away and never go out with him.
    I feel I am an open book. Just not been expert at meeting and dating marriageable men. I am truly disappointed that I am never married at this point in my life. I have certainly been trying and open to it. Met the family and they met mine. It just had not been in the cards to this point.
    Thanks for the article. I think some of the men I meet have similar characteristics and it is inadvisable to date them. A guy who wants me to wear a Chanel suit can buy me one. I wear size 4. This is a very funny request. I had 2 boyfriends (both had plenty of money but were withholding or just plain cheap) who would look at beautifully dressed women in magazines and ask me why I was not wearing that type of clothing. By the way, these were blue jeans and t-shirt kind of guys. I explained to them that if they bought me the clothes I would happily wear them and was excited to know where they might take me in these clothes. The prospect of purchasing the clothes and/or taking me to a place where this type of dress would be required rendered them mute. The discussion just went off in another direction.
    I don’t need to wear Chanel or go to Le Cirque. Just want a upbeat and loving man who wants to share, love and care who wants to enjoy happiness together.

    1. Agree with you. If a man wants a woman to wear something that he likes, he needs to buy it for her. I agree the man in this interview has a wall around him and is cold and has no idea what love is.

  57. If he wants his woman to wear Chanel then he should buy it for her. I hate men like this one. They expect the woman to be perfect, wear designer clothes and be exactly what they want while they give nothing. The guy in the photo even looks fat and not attractive. Great interview and article. Ayn, your site reveals truth.

  58. He hates women. He considers them arm candy. He’s cold. He’s also ugly based on that photo. Ayn, you are beautiful.

  59. I wonder did his dear old mom wear Chanel? Somehow I doubt it! He’s a pretentious phony.

  60. Informative article. I have met men like this. They are all the same. It’s what the women can do for them and nothing is good enough. Their mother made over them too much and some even were incested by their mother. They are sick in the head men. Not worth your time. My experience has been when I see that a man is worped by his mother I never am around him again. These women are cruel and nasty. Having a mother in law like that would be hell.

  61. Whatever it was that their mom did made them down deep hate women or they might think no woman will love them like she did. Whatever it is or was it’s sick and creates a man who doesn’t know how to love and only knows how to take. They look at a woman as either arm candy to have sex with until he gets tired of her or she should be his mother and take care of all his needs. I call this the black man syndrome. I work in the mental health field and many black men are like this. There are the women they have sex with then the women who take care of them. They don’t take care of the women or their children. It’s a low class mentally of families with no father or a father who was always gone and a mother who took control or was needy so the son took the father’s place. It’s creating weak ineffective feminine needy men. Like this one stating she should wear Chanel. A grown actualized man might say that he wants to buy her Chanel or nice things. This guy wants her to do for herself while he benefits. I see he’s not black but as I stated I am black and I work with blacks and this is the way many men are in that culture and why so many young blackmen are so messed up. They never learn what a man is and they want no responsibility. They are children for their whole life like this one in the article is. He tries to be certain and sure and is all about ego and image. A lot of hot air is all he is. Good article and interview. Every woman should read it.

  62. Men like this are often depressed and in bad health. They are loners and only date to put on a show that they are normal when they aren’t. Any man that thinks his woman should wear Chanel is an creep or he can buy it for her. This guy live in an altered universe of empty.

  63. He has no manly instincts to protect and to care for a woman. He’s childish, demanding and lacking the man gene. She has to be this way and he’s give what he can. What the f-k is that? A loser. No wonder he’s never been married far past middle age. He can’t handle living. He’s looking for a mommy.

    1. I agree. He’s not a man. He has no male traits as they relate to women. He looks at marriage as a business not love. Cold azz gold digger.

  64. This guy objectifies women. What they should wear is BS. That they put him first. He’s a control freak. I would say that if he got married or even was in a long term relationship that he would be abusive in many ways.

  65. Drives his mother’s car and lives in her house after she died. OMG! Never married! Ayn, if this guy is or was your friend can’t you talk to him and explain how freaky this is? You are so smart. Surely he will listen to you and at least get some help. Maybe there is a deep secret like he’s gay, his mother and he were lovers or something else that makes him so mixed up and have not made a life of his own. His talk about money, jobs is just a smoke screen. He dates women that he thinks aren’t acceptable because then he won’t have to commit. He will always have a reason not to or 100 reasons not to or he makes reasons up. He is playing games. Why does he even date? Does he like women, hate them or prefer men? He just sounds sick and very strange.

    1. Was he waiting for his mother to die? At mid fifties people have their lives, houses, cars, families. What was this guy doing just waiting for mom to die, so he could step in and take over her property. Norman Bates, MUCH!

  66. This guy is a pretentious lying loser. None of his answers say anything. He is closed off from life. A sad sack that thinks he has all the answers when he knows nothing.

  67. OMG! You might ask him if he can afford to buy Chanel for the this imaginary woman. I bet he can’t. Men like this are about their image. This guy is superficial. He doesn’t love. He pursues then exits or the woman does. I would guess it’s the women that see through his crap. Does he wear designer suits? Doesn’t appear that he does. Where would he wear them? To the movies and burger joints. He’s a superficial phony and this is why he’s never been married. None of his answers hold water.

  68. If he was independent, he would have married and had a family way before middle age. He’s dependent on his mother. He moves into her house and drives her car after she dies. That is morbid. In this interview he states he’s too independent to get married. He’s too dependent on mommy to make a life. He says he has had career and financial issues and doesn’t want to lay that on a woman and that is why he hasn’t married. Then in the next breath says he wants her to be able to go from a swimsuit to Chanel. He is an empty fool. A woman who wears Chanel will have money and he doesn’t have any. He is a golddigger but really he was gold digging his own mother. He’s perverted a sick in the head dude. Thanks for posting this. I was told about your site. It rocks!

    1. I agree. If he was independent he would have a wife, family and home of his own and not be living in his mothers. That’s plain rank.

  69. He’s afraid of being manipulated, controlled and losing his freedom which is probably what he saw in his parent’s marriage. His mother must have been a piece of work or his father weak and was controlled so he vowed this would never happen to him. Men like this lack confidence and are fearful of women even as they desire one. His answers are empty full of nothing. That he’s never made a home for himself and moves into his mother’s house after she dies shows he wants to remain a child. He probably comes on strong with women then backs off. He’s an immature player and at his age always will be. Men like this are a waste of air. They never grow up. This is an excellent dating tool for women and why it’s all over the internet. Great job, Ayn. Your whole site is amazing in clarity and information.

  70. I read this once and knew the kind of man this is. Then read it again and laughed and laughed. Not only is this clear truth but it’s so true it’s funny. This man’s answers are just rehearsed words that say nothing. The clearest thing I get from this is he wants a woman who can buy and do for herself. I would call him a gold digger like others who posted did. I have never heard a man say that he wants a woman to wear Chanel or any designer. Is he gay? Could be a latent gay? He claims that he wants a woman who is able to buy Chanel, looks good in a swimsuit and he gives what he can. Who does he think he’s fooling. I bet women run from him so fast. He lives in his mother’s house and drives her car. LOL So many women would be attracted to this dud. NOT! Can’t you see it now, he meets a woman and says I am driving my mothers car and I live in her house. LOL! any woman would RUN!

  71. FEAR! The man is full of fear. He has no confidence as a man. He can’t make his place in the world. He chooses to stay with momma. Men like he is make me want to puke. Always something wrong with the women. When everything is wrong with him. Loser! LOSER!!!!! Momma made a loser outta him! He sounds like a black guy. I think some others saw this too!

  72. Men like this one and Ayn and I know you know this.. your speech the other day was great by the way. Men like this one are fearful of being seen for who they are and their weaknesses. They avoid intimacy. Avoid commitment marriage or anything like it. They are flawed men. They are hiding parts of themselves. May have deep shame about something. They deep down don’t feel worthy of a woman and they aren’t worthy. They in the truest since are losers because they blame others when it’s them

  73. Your interview with this man is classic. He dances around and says nothing. Then he ends up living in his mother’s house after she dies. Like I said ‘classic’ Classic mama’s boy and narcissist. He wants everything and gives nothing or “What he can”
    Yeah women I am sure flock to this guy lol

  74. Men like this are weak. They are too weak and insecure to create a life separate from their family, I knew a man like this. He was nice and boring and no one could stand to be around him for long. He never married and would date women for short whiles then it would be over and no one would know why. When his father died he moved into his house and lived there alone. No one like to visit him. There was nothing to do. He was like a old old man before his time. I haven’t heard anything about him in years. He may have died. But he would talk like this man about women like he thought he was all that when really he was to insecure and empty to hold onto a woman for more then a few months.

    1. Agree, Roger. Men like this use women to make themselves feel better and when the newness wears off they go on to find another one. They are losers and take as much as they can. They don’t give. They don’t love. They are too weak to love.

  75. As a rule men who have not been married by middle age like by 45 are often screwed up men. Can’t commit, mentally ill, wild, gay, mother’s boys like this one or something else. They are players and have low self esteem and are looking for a woman to either hide behind or to make them feel better about who they are. That is why they go from one to another. When the women needs attention, he exits and makes something wrong with her to justify his immature stunted behavior. It’s all about him like this man in the interview. He has a wall around himself. He’s cold calculating and by his answers has no idea what love and marriage are about.

    1. Usually when parents die is when children grow up. This man is crawling back into his mother’s womb. I wonder what this woman did or didn’t do to him? Were they lovers and he can’t stand to leave her side? What was it? Be interesting to know.

  76. Ayn, you didn’t date this guy did you? What a empty vessel. I agree with others. He wants her to wear Chanel but he has financial and job issues. He lives at his mother’s house after she dies. The whole interview and his answers are creepy. The guy is creepy. A very strange man.

  77. He’s too scared to gt married. All his answers are empty excuse. His statement about her wearing a bathing suit to Chanel is superficial crap. He wants arm candy and what is he but a momma’s boy. He now lives in her house and drives her car. How empty is this ‘man’?

  78. A guy that gives answers like this one did in his forties is one of those who never grow. What’s it called the Peter Pan syndrome. Forever stays a little boy looking for a mother. I have hired with men like this though the years and they don’t make good employees. I have fired them. They are usually lazy. Men without a wife and family at 40 is no man but a boy. He’s all about himself and doesn’t shoulder responsibility well. Actually avoids it all his life. He wants the perks without the commitment and reality. Not men but BOYS!

  79. Men like this one give men a bad name. What a baby and a calculating manipulating creep.

  80. He’s so dependent that he moved into his mother’s house after she died. OMG! What a loser! He wants to be taken care of all his life like a child. He doesn’t want and will not grow up. He is missing what it takes to become a man.

  81. I started laughing with his first answer. Who is he kidding? Not me! He is an immature child. He lives in his mother’s house, drives her car and wants his girl to wear Chanel and buy it herself. He’s a creep with a capital C!

  82. I laughed laughed. Then knowing you, thought I bet you were about to choke with his answers or choke him. He’s a thoughtless self serving idiot. No woman would want to be with him. A big nothing! Empty! Too pathetic!

  83. Ayn, this is classic. This man is all about his image and nothing about the woman that he hopes to marry. Marry? Doubt it! Just from his answers I would say he is a narcissist with borderline and avoidant personality. He tells you what and who he is by what he doesn’t say along with what he does say. He has no intention of loving and caring for anyone but himself. He is all and only about him. You have done a real service to have posted this. I tripped across this on another site. I am using it in my practice. I will contact you privately.

    1. I would like to use this in my practice. I am looking forward to your book. You have great insights. Will contact you.

      1. I will lay odds that this man as cold dead eyes. As cold, calculating and manipulating as his eyes.

  84. Ladies, I will share that men such as the one interviewed have sociopathic tendencies. Thee pursue romantically a Woman , sex may be great at first. Then he backs away and finds fault. Everything about her is wrong. Many have trouble sustaining an erection, after the thrill of pursuit they lose interest in sex. they may become good at foreplay but can’t sustain actual intercourse. They are child men, can’t love, can’t commit and are always searching for the love they felt from their mother. Run from a man like this. He is disordered and will never change. He will blame you for everything just like a child. Men such as this will not look at their behaviors.

  85. As the Scriptures say, “A man leaves his father and mother and is joined to his wife, and the two are united into one.” This guy cleaves to his mother. It’s a distortion of life then I reckon he has sex with women that he has no intention of marrying that is sinful.

  86. Great interview and article, Ayn! You saw right through this epitome of a Cluster B-deviant??

  87. Narcissist, everything is about him. He has financial problems. He is independent and doesn’t need a woman except if he has one she will wear Chanel and look good in a swimsuit. He’s empty. Then mommy dies and he lives in her house and drives her car. He’s completely dependent on the approval of Mommy. A really emotionally sick man. Thank you for posting this.

    1. Promiscuity, short-term relationship jumping and too many failed relationships are another. Makes you ponder what is wrong with him, but it’s something the previous ladies have encountered and headed for dodge. Obviously a user and abuser best avoided.

  88. He’s a low value, low esteem man looking for a high value woman. He dates women unacceptable in some way so he won’t have to give or commitment. If he finds a high value woman he won’t feel good enough for her and will sabotage it in some way or she will leave him when she sees his true self which is an insecure, mommy’s boy who can’t become a man because he is too insecure to take on commitment and responsibility.

  89. He’s the problem not the women. He’s a gold digger Big loser. Lives in his mother’s house and drives her car and he’s over 50 ! LOL that is a momma’s boy spelled with a capitol M! I will bet you that men don’t respect this loser boy!

  90. Dang! What a dead tool. No clue about women, life, marriage and lives in his mom’s house and drives her car! Can anyone say ISSUES!

  91. too stupid! what is he thinking? he isn’t. he is all about him and no one else. he will never be married and if by luck some women will have him. she will get ride of him.

  92. A selfish little boy. He’s not a man. Never once did he bring up taking care of her and protecting her. It is all about him and what she ‘should’ be. He looks fat in that pic, not attractive at all. Ayn you look adorable as usual. Men like this one suck off everyone in their life to make them feel better about who they are which is not much. He needs arm candy and he gives them nothing, I bet. So they leave him. Never married and never will be.

  93. This is a classic piece. The man who talks and says nothing. I am certain this is what he is like with all the women he dates. He pursues finds fault then exits and the women have all the issues according to him. I have a brother like this. He’s an emotional mess. Women can’t stand him for long. He thinks he’s all that but he isn’t. He will not look at what he does to create the bad outcomes. He thinks women are the issue when it is him. I am going to send this to him to see if he recognizes himself in it. I love this site. Ayn, you write so well about very important topics.

  94. Really not really? This guy is a nut job. Your face tells it all. Looks like you are amused by is immature clueless answers. He didn’t say anything.

  95. oh boy! I have talked to men like this before. All talk and nothing more. they are users. as soon as anything gets real they run. he’s full of himself.

  96. This guy is too selfish to love or marry. He’s a taker of what he can. Cold guy! Missing life and love. He’s full of fear. I have met women like this too. Cold little takers.

  97. He doesn’t answer your questions really. Mostly circle talks and says nothing. He doesn’t know what he wants. He’s about his image or what someone told him to want or say. He’s emotionally dead. I bet women don’t like him and that is why he isn’t married.

  98. One of the funniest things I have ever read. He is a liar and says what he thinks he should say. No feelings in him. No reality in him. A real kook.

  99. OMG! Funny interview. He’s not into women except for how they make him feel and look. Creep!

  100. Very revealing and insightful article. He is an immature child. I agree with you Ayn, A man or woman for that matter not married by mid- forties and not homosexual has real issues either that they are hiding or they may be right out in the open. They have commitment issues and this man certainly has commitment issues. Glaring commitment issues. I am sharing this. It’s too good not to share.

  101. This guy is a real nut! All talk and no go. He’s missing the man gene. Done too much reading about relationships and knows nothing. He’s afraid to be a man. He doesn’t know what being a man is. I bet his father was a wimp and his mother bossed him around. So this nut is afraid of being like his father. So instead he’s staying a boy.

  102. He’s a low value man. All about image. No content. I bet he’s stingy. Men like this always are. Cheap and stingy with everything. They are full of fear and anxienty. Fraidy cats. Any woman with this kind of loser RUN!!!! Well done Ayn well, well done! Snowflake alert!

  103. Just read this. Ayn, you nailed it. This man is empty, He answers that he has little money because of career layoffs or whatever but he wants a woman that wears Chanel. So he wants a woman who has success and money to make the image of himself better. While he will offer whatever he can. Loser! He’s a golddigger. then in the next breath he says he’s always been independent. That makes little sense. Being married isn’t being dependent. It’s growing up and creating and sharing a life with another. That is independence. He now lives in his mother’s house. This is dependent on his mother. My stomach hurt when i read his answers. Men like this need to grow some balls. His mother and father must have been really fucked up excuse my cussing. He made me want to cuss. I say stay with yo momma little baby and leave grown women alone.

  104. Let me get this right. A fifty year old guy, never married living in his mother’s house and driving her car who says he’s too independent for marriage. Seriously? He wants a woman who wears Chanel clothes and looks fab in a bikini. Did his mother wear Chanel and look fab in a bikini? Doubt it. He has career issues and doesn’t want to inflict this on a woman but she must wear designer clothes. LOL A woman who wears Chanel will not be interested in a man that lives in his mother’s house. He’s not independent. He’s a momma’s boy. This man is worped and momma did it to him. Question is what did she do? Definitely an emotionally incestuous relationship with his mommy or even worse. He’s worped, narcissist, afraid to be a man. Gross ! Makes me want to take a shower to clean off the emotional and mental issues that are in this man.

  105. Fear of commitment, Fear of growing up. Fear of responsibility. He’s a child in a man’s body.

    1. Insecure. Too insecure to commit and have a life with a woman and to lead a family. A child/man.

  106. Immature, insecure, weak, men such as this one think they are getting away with something to never commit but they are missing out and losing out on real love and life. He’s old. I have met men that give answers like this one who are in their 30’s. They are all about themselves, their cars and how many women they can seduce. This guy is old to think like this. I would say he’s a closet homosexual afraid to admit it. I bet he has sexual problems with women. I had a girlfriend who dated a man that sounds like this one and he couldn’t maintain an erection. Turns out he was gay. He moved away and lives with some guy now. Men like this lead secret lives.

  107. Ayn, I know you know this but my take on men like this is that they want the fun and excitement of the chase and seduction and once they get it, they are off to the next one. They are deeply stunted emotionally and can’t be real or vulnerable to a woman. So they keep one foot in and one out. Always ready to escape. I had a man tell me that when he thinks about of gets close to committing he feels like he is dying. He majorly screwed. His mother was a whiny bitch and he’s afraid women will be like her. I love your site. I love your book. This one sounds bizarre. His answers are vague nothingness.

  108. He’s trying to marry up, above his pay grade. He has career issues but wants a woman in designer clothes. He’s delusional. A kid.

  109. OMG reading your interview with this numbskull then all the comments! FUNNY!!!!!!! Comparing this guy to how many black men live is accurate and funny! White boy acting like a black dude. I don’t make much money but want my chick to wear Chanel no commitment because he stays on the roam. LOLOL so LOL ! then that one who leased him a Ferrari and he didn’t like her that much. Dis white boy is really a black hustler.

  110. Ayn, does he still wet the bed? LOL I bet he does. He’s immature like a child. He wants everything his way. He does not speak of love or commitment, protecting or providing for. He talks about what she should be, as in wearing designer clothes while he gives what he can. A beta snowflake pussy boy. Girl must be this and so while he just is a half ass. I hate men like this. Men like this are what is destroying our country, making it full of wussies. He looks fat in the pic. Ayn you look incredible! This fibrante beautiful woman talking to this bloated slob. The looks on your face are great. I bet you wanted to slap him upside the head.

  111. Commitment fearful people are emotionally messed up. With men it’s usually there mommy or another woman early in their life that did it and they never got over it. They are emotionally immature and have large egos and are immature like little kids. They are too afraid to reveal themselves to them self. This interview and article are classic. These are the men who drive around in fast cars trying to prove they are cool. LOL their cars are their dicks. They are not men.

  112. A nut. all about his image and what a woman can do for him. his comment about the honey moon phase was dumb. he has no idea what he is talking about.

  113. This man is what is wrong with many men today. They want it all without effort on their part or even being actually deserving of the kind of woman that they want. This man wants everything in a woman, she wear designer clothing and looks great in a swimsuit, while he will give what he can but as Ayn stated he doesn’t know how to dress properly. I will bet he is overweight but he wants a women to have a great figure. Such a double standard. He’s a loser and he knows it. Therefore, he runs off at the mouth talking about what he knows and thinks. I agree with Ayn, he is not man enough to be a husband. A man is concerned about the woman not what she wears and if he wants her to wear certain clothing then he buys them for her, Ayn, your site is full of wisdom and common sense.

  114. He lives in his mother’s house after her death and drives her car! BIG RED FLAGS! The man is Norman Bates!

    1. LOL Men like this know they are no good. They feel like shit about themselves and why they need this class Chanel wearing woman on this arm to make them feel better about themselves. They live in delusions and have a dream girl that no human woman could ever be. They are mentally screwed up and in most cases dear old momma did it to them as in this one. He drives her car and lives in her house. Why didn’t he even create his own life with a woman? He’s not independent. That is one of his self delusions too. He is dependent on Mom’s approval still now 50’s 60’s 70’s it won’t matter he is always a child. His mother’s child.

  115. This man sucks. He uses and actually hates women. He dates women he doesn’t like and let’s them lease a car for him. Hates cats and dates one with cats. His intentions are usury and for his excitement thrill of pursuit. He only cares about himself. Men like this give all others a bad name.

    1. I call men like this escape artists. They use women and never commit because they claim that something is wrong with the woman but what is wrong is them. Cool article, Ayn. They love, want sex and fun but when anything gets real they escape. I agree they SUCK!

  116. Men such as this one have low self confidence. They are afraid of making a life decision or commitment because they fear that it might be wrong. That is because they were controlled and criticized while growing up do didn’t develop independence and confidence or they made some decisions and they turned out to be wrong or hurtful to them so they become decision and commitment shy. This guy is a mess.

    1. Carrie, they are also very selfish men. I dated a never married middle aged man for a bit. He came on strong then backed off. His time was his. He didn’t care if I wanted to do something or be with him. I didn’t get it at first then I realized that he is his priority and he was around me only when he wanted to be. I felt upset and told him so and he said he was sorry but he wasn’t because nothing changed. So I started dating someone else and forgot about him. When he called to ask me out. I didn’t respond. He began calling me more and more but by then I could see his game. These men are not worth your time. A man or woman who has never been married by 50 , run away from them. They are too selfish and set in their ways. Why do they want to met people and date. They really don’t care about anyone but themselves. I know I will never date a man who had never been married ever again

      1. I think he was seeing other women when he told me he wasn’t and that he was only dating me. Never married men like this can be players. They have commitment to no one but themselves and no one matter but them.

  117. In essence what this opportunist is saying is he has had career issues but he wants a woman who wears designer clothes so she must have buck to do this, looks good in a bikini and he will give what he can as long as she doesn’t see through him and call him on it. Then now he lives in his mother’s house and drives her car. What a catch!! lol He’s a loser looking for a classy, rich accomplished woman to make him feel better about himself. No woman will want this con artist baby boy. This is a great article that reveals a man with his own answers.

  118. He’s repeating crap he read or someone told him about. He’s clueless. Like others have commented, he’s about his image. He’s a shell of a man, a empty vessel, everything is superficial and what she should be or have when he offers little to nothing. He’s a trusting with a warm heart and will give what he can. That answer in itself is laughable. What does it mean? It says nothing. What is he trusting about? People gain and earn trust. They aren’t led blindly. From his answers this man is immature and clueless repeating words he read in a book or magazine. This is both funny as in Lol and educational for women to read. I agree with Ayn steer clear of anyone that answers questions in such a superficial way. Love is the only reason for marriage and it’s not perfect and Chanel and bikinis have nothing to do with it.

    1. Men like this one waste a woman’s time and destroy their ego. They expect her to be everything while he is nothing much. Ayn thank you for posting this. It’s a public service kindness. You are correct. His answers tell everyone all they need to know about him. He’s a cold, superficial user. Looking for everything and giving nothing.Men like this are what makes women hate men. Bravo! I love your book Daddy Throws Me In The Air. It’s a masterpiece for healing.

  119. This man doesn’t trust himself so he never chooses and makes a commitment. Dating women, he states are wrong for him. What a crock. How about, he is wrong for them. That’ s a true statement. He’s not right for any woman because he sees her as an object to wear a certain attire. He is looking to be pleased not to please another. All his answers are empty. He is about self and his image. I pity women who date him. He’s not married because no one would have him around for long. Independent? Were he independent he would have married and have a life of his own instead of driving his mother’s car and living in her house. The man is pathetic.

  120. Men learn how to love a woman by watching how their father loves and treated their mother and how that relationship is shown to the child. No telling what this man observed when he was growing up based on his answers. He is either going in the opposite direction because if what he saw was good between his parents why would he? He must have seen negative interaction between his mother and father and want no part of anything like it or that might be like it. His mother was a cold bitch and his father a weak man and she pushed around. Something is off with this man. He has a strange take on love and married. His take is like it’s nothing real. It’s what she wears and this strange take about how he thinks it should be. Good interview, Ayn. Very revealing. Revealing a man who is lost where it comes to a relationship with a woman. I agree if women meet a man who thinks like this one – RUN!

    1. Poor guy he has a woman lease a Ferrari for him and he doesn’t even like the girl. She must have thought he liked her or she wouldn’t have leased him a car. The man in this interview answering questions the way he did is a user and a player. He is all about himself and what he can get. He leads women on for his use and benefit. No woman on this planet leases a Ferrari for a man who she thinks doesn’t like her and she like him. So he led her on. Let her know what kind of car he liked. The man in this interview even appears sociopathic by his answers. The girl must be this and that and he will give what he can. That is the talk of a con.

  121. She should be this ‘his’ way. He wants he he wants. What about her wants? Men like this play with women’s emotions. They are run away boys. If they feel love and not really sure they can. they find fault so they won’t have to commit. They are the bottom of the male barrel for men. They aren’t men. We are losing what a man is today. They have become fairies of self gratification and don’t think about anyone but themselves. Fliting her and there. They are after sex, pursue if they get it they are done with it and off to another pursuit. They are rotten apples in the bin of men. Ayn your site is one of the best. I ordered your book. Looking forward to having it in my hands.

  122. This fellow is low value. High value men, want a partner, a mate and usually children and they take pride in giving them a good life. The fellow wants a mate to create his image. That is a low value man. He never mentions caring for her and creating her life. It’s all about him. Run Run Run away!

  123. He’s a cluster B. Ayn. I know you know this. He’s borderline, narcissist, and a sociopath. Taking gifts from women he does not care about. Leading women on for his benefit.Dating women he knows are wrong for him. Living in his mother’s house, driving her car.Having career and I guess money issues but wants a woman who wears Chanel. Not committing , going from woman to woman. He’s phony and a fraud and tries to give political correct answers but they aren’t really they reveal his true nature. Which is empty and nothing. He uses women for his benefit to make him feel better about himself then finds things he thinks are wrong with them which he may have seen right at first but ignored. He has no idea who he is. He’s trying to be what someone told him to be or to create an image he thinks is cool. Your site is amazing. It is full of wisdom and insights. I direct women to it all the time in my practice.

  124. Another troubled man. He talks like a man much younger like ones in their thirties. Most are selfish asses. To be over fifty and think as he does he must have had abuse from his mother in some form. He has a wall around him. SAD!

  125. This guy is mid fifties could easily be a grandfather and he talks like he’s in his twenties. He has no life. He moved into his mother’s house and drives her car. He did that because he has no life of his own. Mental issues is what I am thinking. Deep mental issues. Failure to launch A boychild He’s afraid to grow up.

    1. I got fear, too. He is afraid to grow up. Moving back into his mothers house and driving her car after she dies, is crazy scary! Norman Bates!

  126. He is immature. You say he’s mid fifties but he talks like a guy in his twenties. He’s very selfish and self centered. Not a desirable mate at all. I have read this before. It’s an excellent study of an immature male. A man afraid to grow up. Does he even know what being a man is?

  127. A guy in his fifties living in his mother’s house and driving her car is a loser. He’s never created his own life. Mom dies and he takes over hers. Either he’s mentally ill, too dependent on his mother or he’s gay. Whichever it is, he’s not man enough to be with a woman, love, care for her or a family and create a life separate from the one he grew up in. Whatever his mother did, she screwed him out of becoming a man. He’s still her little boy. Driving his mother’s car! That’s just insane!

  128. Any guy who allows a woman to lease a Ferrari for him when he doesn’t even like her is a major player and a con. I bet the woman thought he liked her or why would she lease a car for him? So he play acts with women. He uses them as entertainment and to boost his fragile ego. Then after dear old mom dies, he moves into his mother’s house and drives her car! The man in this interview is fucked up evil. Thanks Ayn for sharing this.

  129. Men like this one are lazy slugs. They make horrible employees. No wonder he has had career issues. He avoids responsibility and from his answers, he thinks he knows it all. I have fired many a man like this one and was glad to see them go. No responsibility, accountability makes for a lousy husband and a lousy employee.

  130. Married men usually earn more and have more successful careers. They are go getters to provide for their families.

  131. Men attract to the most attractive or accomplished woman they ‘think’ they can attain but when damaged men ‘get’ her, they freak out and all their insecurities come out. They may think if I got her who else might I get, so off they go on the hunt. Weak insecure men are too immature and insecure to face themselves.. soooo
    they are off to attain another woman then they run from her also. This man needs deep therapy but most men like this are too fearful to get it. So they live like fools going woman to woman. Blaming women when it’s them. they are deeply insecure and wounded. Truth is they fear they can’t message up in a genuine relationship. So they run away. When the newness wears off, the excitement and it gets real, they run. They are fakes all their life behaving arrogant when they are really terribly insecure and they are too afraid to be vulnerable to a woman and let her truly know him, so they hurt her and distance her. They are sick sick men, emotionally immature men. Love all your comments. You all are so smart!

  132. He’s afraid of real. He’s like some of the younger men these days. They are weak and immature This old man is like them. His mother fucked him up!

  133. The feminist movement created men losers like this one. they screw around women to women and never commit. they are weak and ineffectual men. Women eventually grow to hate them and wonder where are the real men. they have been chewed up and crushed by the feminist crap. Men are weak instead of strong.

  134. My take on this weirdo is he is a taker not a giver. He wants women buy him thing he takes and he doesn’t really like them. A man says things like I want to buy her beautiful clothes. I want to make her life great and create a great life together. This goof is about him, his image and what he can get. To sum it up he is a loser looking for something to make himself feel better about his emptiness and lack.

  135. I wish I could see his face. I bet his eyes are dead . He’s a sociopath I would bet. Men who give answers like he did are cold dead fish. They fake emotions and use women and people in general. Everything is about them and when it’s no fun or they aren’t getting what they want or have to give they exit. They are sick.

  136. He tries to be a smooth talker because it’s all he has to offer. He talks enough to get a woman to lease a Ferrari for him but he doesn’t really like her. Says it all. Ayn is right, it a man thinks like this one or if you are a man like this you are f-ked up – a no good son of a b–th. I bet his mother was a big time bit-h of some sort to make him such a ass

    1. Men like this one give all others a bad name. What a disgrace to men. Lives in his mother’s house and drives her car. He’s not a man. He’s still a child.

  137. After what he can get from women. cars, seduction, sex then he is off to another one when it gets real. He’s a player but a pussy. Living in his mother’s house and driving her car is sick.

  138. Ayn, this is is an fine lesson of men to avoid. This man is a taker. He is after what he can get and all about himself and his image. Any woman around him will never be happy or fulfilled. He will tear her down to fit his image of himself which is empty. Excellent job you are doing Ayn.

    1. This dudes image is that of a son. He is trying to get approval from dear old mom at the age of 50’s. Hes sick and stunted. Any man who drives his mother’s car and lives in her house and has never been married is gay as hell or a complete momma’s boy or or both. Women reading this take it in and run from a man like this. He’s devoted to his mother not any other woman. His mother made him a sick fuck! I read this one before.

  139. Is this freak for real? Goes home to momma’s life after she dies. That says it all right there.

  140. This guy certainly isn’t an Alpha male. He’s a Beta snowflake. He hasn’t made a life of his own even as old as he is. He goes home to his mother’s house after she dies and DRIVES HER CAR! He’s like a daughter or did his mother and he have a strange incestuous relationship? He’s still trying to live with and please his mother. What was his father like? A weakling? I laughed reading his empty answers but it was also a bit frightening to think their are men like this in the dating pool.

  141. He’s too self centered and selfish to be married or have kids. Everything is about him. He gives to get. If he ever really gives. Now he lives with mama LOL!

  142. Guys like this one, if they have friends they usually are women haters and they feed off this energy. Women usually don’t like these men for long, if they do at all and they are cheated on by the women or the women just leave them then the fucked up guys blame and talk bad about the women. They are bottom feeder men. Wishing and hoping for a class act but have no idea how to keep one.

  143. Oh My! Were he independent as he says, he would not have moved into his mother’s house after she died, he would already have a wife and family a home of his own by this time in his life. Reading this gives me the impression that he just talks and says nothing. He is lost. His mother and father failed him. For anyone never to marry and move back into their parent’s house after they die and even drive their car shows weirdness. Scary! Sad!

  144. Reading along, there are so many red flags & clues as to how screwed up this man is but at the end when you reveal after his mother died that he drives her car and moved back into her house. DAMN! SCREWED UP is the nicest comment I can make.

  145. He’s a weak insecure child. A momma’s boy, if you will. She was either controlling and dominating or weak either way, she created a weak scared man. I agree with Ayn do not date a man like this. It’s a waste of your time and energy which he will suck dry then be on to the next feed.

  146. Somebody’s mammy and pappy done did him wrong. He’s baby. Mammy fucked him in his mind and who knows what else? Pampered too much or controlled too much and he never becomes a man. Ayn is right run from a boy like this. I teach my sons how to become a man and nothing in this man’s answers show a man.

  147. I have been reading on this site off and on for hours. I love it. So many great articles. Ayn is amazing. This interview is hysterical and like she said is shows this loser for what he is. A commitment phobic and momma’s boy. His answers showed he’s off in his mind about what a relationship is then for this guy to drive his mother’s car and live in her house is scary and yeah, I thought Norman Bates like others did. Too horrible and funny. Good good tool for woman, Ayn. You are great. This man is a baby.

  148. I have encounter men like this one. They are shallow and full of themselves. For him to be driving his mother’s car and living in her house shows a weak insecure man who can’t leave his mother and create a home with a woman. You are correct Ayn, the shallowness of his answers show how messed up in his head he is. To be fifty or sixty and never had had a life with a woman in commitment shows a selfish, self-obsessed person. His answers sound like that of a twenty year old.

  149. He has no concept of love. It’s about bikinis and designer clothes. He’s worped and his parents did it to him. He’s all about image and money nothing about love. He’s sick and sad. Love your site Ayn.

  150. Men like this one are sad. Dating is time consuming and not fulfilling. Committed relationships are where the fulfillment and happiness is. He might go from one pretend like marriage after another then when time for the real commitment is ,he runs or behaves in a manner to cause a break up. He is insecure in self and afraid of life reality and commitment. His fear is shown by his moving into his mother’s house after she dies and driving her car. He wants to remain a child forever. He’s a very sad man. He is missing life and he doesn’t even know how much he’s missing. He is full of fear. His fear controls him. Then after writing all this I will say he’s a nut job!

  151. Mommy’s boy! Scared to commit to a woman and have a life! He hunkers down at mommy’s house. Truly sickening he’s a baby boy.

  152. Either gay or he had an incestuous relationship with his mother. She screwed him up. For a grown man to be living in his mother’s house and driving her care is the sickest thing I have heard ever.

  153. OMG I saw a man on the news where his parents are evicting him and it made me think of this man. Men who can’t leave their mothers or parents. They are whiny dependent little snowflakes. There was this liberal chick defending this unman like behavior. Makes me want to wretch. Men are turning into babies and they stay there. No woman but a liberal nutcase would want to be around a man like these.

  154. He is lost. He doesn’t live in the real world but somewhere in his head. His answers say nothing.

  155. Guys like this one have mothers that messed them over either by what they did or what they didn’t do. People who move back into their parent’s house at anytime are messed up or ill in some way. Like if they have some physical illness and need care but otherwise no adult would do this. They are dependent on their parents and can’t make a life separate from them. This guy can’t. No marriage, no house, no kids, job problems, dates women who have cats and he hates cats, lets women give him gifts and he doesn’t like the women. He’s a mess. Wants a woman with no problems ans who wears Chanel and he has job issues. He’s nuts!

  156. He’s a momma boy. Has no idea what he is talking about. Answers like a robot. He is emotionally stunted and vapid. Ayn, I am reading your book FEAST OF MEN am past the David part. He was a creep. I love how you told him how it is.

  157. Interesting interview and write but also disappointing. I am male and I am single. Grant it I am not perfect but I had always desired companionship but it never happened. I have been unlucky with finding love. As hurtful as this is it not my biggest frustration. Society, automatically makes assumptions and judgments without really understanding to the individual situation. The fact is it is easy to make judgment and assumptions. When my status is mentioned in any conversation it is automatically assumed that something is wrong with me because I have never been married and do not have kids. And I feel forced to defend why I am single. Can’t it just be that I am just unfortunate? Since I get prejudged and deal with assumptions of why I am single I do not want to reach out…cause and effect. Women like to criticize men and I do mean constructive criticism by harshly and cruel. What is view upon being “manly” is sometimes incorrect. I will probably be single for the rest of my life but the difference is I am done worrying about what others think. I hope couples realize that they are fortunate to be together and do not take the relationship for granted. If they do, then that will be a mistake that both may nor may not recover from. Best advice to all is to look at the individual first before judging , which is hard to to because of stereotypes and biasness.

  158. Ayn, oh my! This is not a man. This is a child. He is only about himself. He must be a Dem. I bet it was hard for you to even interact with this fool. I laughed so hard reading this

  159. This bloat is all superficial. I know you see, Ayn, that he has attachment disorders, is fearful and insecure. This is why the woman has to look and be certain way. It’s only about what he wants and needs then the loser will give what he can. A total loser. He’s dependent on mother to the extent that he does not create a life on his own but lives in his mother’s house and drives her car. Drives her car? This is a glaring piece on a narcissist with many other disorders blended in. Excellent piece of work. Excellent depiction and breakdown

  160. men like this are why many women hate men
    men like this are what is wrong with the world today
    men like this use women
    men like this hate women
    men like this have mother complexes
    men like this didn’t have good father role models

  161. I have dated men like this. They are all about themselves. Narcissist and selfish. Great article. Don’t waste time. As soon as some jerk talks like this dump is ass.

  162. He’s a man flake. I caught that it’s all about him and what she must be like for him. Saying that she must wear Chanel when he has financial troubles is a red flag. He’s nothing much. He thinks he’s more than he is and he’s a big blah!

  163. Being independent is to move away from your parents and make your own life. This guy is weak and dependent. Men like this is what is wrong in the world. He’s sickening.

  164. He never left his parent’s backyard and if he did for a moment he ran back home. He’s a fearful weak little boy. I could tell that from all his answers. He tries to act like a man but he’s a child. He’s like many men today with no fathers or no strong fathers and they grow up weak and angry at the world. People like him are who is creating the riots and destruction. They are insecure and spineless.. This guy wants a woman who has it all. So he can come in and enjoy it without lifting a finger.

  165. He’s missing the man gene. Many in this time are. they are weak spineless momma’s boys with an absent father or no man around at all. This jerk and his answers show this is his issue. Weak and spineless. No wonder women hate them. No wonder they become nazi feminists. Men like this one expect everything from a woman and give nothing. They sit there exclaiming I’m da man! When they are not men. They are losers.

  166. A closet gay momma’s boy is my take. Trite dumb answers. The woman is supposed to be perfect while he is nothing. She wears Chanel. He has employment issues I have met men like this they are screwed in the head in more ways than one. His mother was probably a real bitch and he needs to feel in control of women.

  167. This guy is a nutcase. He gives no real answers. He doesn’t know what love is. He’s sad sad man. Run Run Run!

  168. I love your books and love this site. You are fabulous! The guy in this article is a con artist player. I have met many of them. They are all the same.

  169. Men like this one give all men a bad name. He’s so arrogant and about himself. She must be like this or like that when he has money issues. He’s lucky if a woman goes out with him ever.

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