Would you exchange places…

with someone else? Would you exchange your life, your past, your family, your genetics, your individuality, your soul for another’s? No matter how wealthy, attractive, talented, or priviledged that you ‘think’ that they are, or how lacking and wanting that you ‘think’ you are, would you really want to exchange who you are for their set of circumstances?

Think about this hard and sincerely then tell …

And if you would, what kind of person or whom would you exchange yourself for?

What makes an opinion worth something?

What makes yours or anyone’s opinion worth something if anything? Is it experience, character, conviction, or just media creation?

Why do you listen to people and to whom do you listen to and why?

Think about this… what makes Oprah’s opinion worth something, if anything? She went to Rev. Wright’s church of hate America, yet she makes millions off the American public… isn’t that a bit suspicious??  She gives away products to promote companies, yet takes most of the credit herself. Isn’t that a bit suspicious? So, who in their ‘right’ mind would listen to her agenda-filled opinion??? 

What makes the loud, sickening women ( I guess you can tell my opinion about this show) on ‘The View’s’ opinions worth listening to? What makes Jesse Jackson’s opinion worth anything? How about Howard Stern, Barbara Walter’s, Bill Clinton, Ashton Kutcher, Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly or anyone else’s. Why listen to any of them? Why do you listen to them?  Is it worth anything really? How do you decide?

Why is some movie star worth listening to concerning anything? Just because someone can sing, and you enjoy their music, is their opinion worth anything to you? If someone can act, does that make them have worthwhile opinions and if so, why?

Why do you listen to some ‘politician’s’ opinion? Is it how he lives his life, his character, or is it just that he knows how to make you listen to his opinion by his delivery learned by Hollywood guidance and practice at persuasion. Is it just the media hype?  Is that why you listen? Is it because their opinion is rammed down your throat continually on TV or radio?

Obama has stated repeatedly, “Repeat it often enough and they will get it.”
He is a ‘community organizer’ and that’s what they do, ‘persuade for agenda’.

Obama’s spiritual advisor for 23 years was the hate America, Rev. Wright. Gadhafi is tied to Rev. Wright. So who exactly is this man leading America and whose opinions are making decisions for our country?

Why would someone like Obama be someone that anyone would listen to, especially in America?

What makes some network’s opinion worth listening to? What makes some radio show’s opinion worth listening to?

What is your opinion worth? What is anyone’s opinion worth?
We all have opinions, but what in your opinion makes some worth listening to and other’s not?

Why do we have all these opinions flying around the airwaves?

Might I suggest that you look at where and from whom the opinion is coming from and be discerning about whom you listen to and why…

It’s my opinion that character, experience and agenda count. If I catch someone in a lie, their opinion becomes worthless. Obama’s continual blatant and obvious lies make him and his opinion worthless. It’s actually humourous watching him, were he not so dangerous. The way that Obama lies and circle talks makes his opinion worth nothing.

Clinton is a blatant liar, also. He was caught red-handed and this con lies right in America’s face. “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” And besides, he’s a whoremonger and lies to his wife. So, how could his opinion ever matter? You think he’s not lying to you to get you to follow his agenda?

Listen to my opinion or not. It’s up to you. Your own opinion should be the most important. 

Whose opinion is worth something to you and why? Ever really thought about it?

Does the money make the man…

or does the man make the money?

I recently had a man tell me that the money makes the man. I told him absolutely not that the man makes the young and crazy rich man - this is a rich man, but he has a...money…

Do the clothes make the woman or does the woman make the clothes?

The way some answer these questions, in my opinion, is a reflection of what is wrong in society today.

It’s the body, ‘the woman’, in the clothes, not the clothing that’s important. You can’t put the most beautifully designed dress on an out of shape, sour-pussed, unhealthy, ungroomed woman and have it look like anything…but nothing. 
michelle-obama-ugly-4Anymore than you can have a negative, hateful, unhappy, stingy, depressed man be changed and made wonderful by money. To think this can happen is twisted thinking in my opinion.

It’s character, health, integrity, effort, desire, persistance, fitness, kindness, style, class, taste, talent, track record, honor, humor, sincerity, honesty, and so much more… as these are the things that make a man or a woman…

If a man thinks that his money makes who he is… what is he without his money? Nothing?!

Friendly black girl in jeans and tank-top - Portrait of...You can have style with little money and look fabulous in a ten dollar tee shirt and jeans… if the body is fit, groomed and the smile sincere.

It’s my opinion that it’s the man that makes the money. And it’s the woman wearing the clothing that makes the clothing look attractive or not.

So, if you are a woman and you are overly focused on your clothing, designer or otherwise, and not your body and your character, you have it wrong. And if you are a man and you are more focused on your money, instead of your character and who you are inside, you got it wrong.

This photo cracks me up! And Michelle has a stylist?!


What’s your opinion concerning these topics?

Ever had this happen???

You pine over the loss of some guy or gal in your life. You cry. You dream about them returning. You ache in the pain of the breakup and go over each and every detail of how it might’ve gone differently and you beat yourself up for your part in it…

Then one day, you run into this person that hurt you so badly and that you miss so terribly and you wonder what you ever saw in him or her?
Never fails. Can you relate?

The essence of a con…

by Ann

Men and women who seduce and con successfully know that they must disrupt your sense of stability, and so they try to make you starstruck with something about themselves concerning what they have to offer. Your insecurity allows them to move in according to their plan.

They see your holes, and they strive to make you ‘think’ that they can fill them.

Sooo.. the key to avoiding the seduction of a con is to know yourself and to listen to your instincts. Know your weaknesses, know what, and where your holes are.

Now, we have all been harmed, hurt, and betrayed on some level in our lives. It’s just part of the human experience and we all have holes… in varying degrees. It’s a life long journey to close our soul’s holes and along the way are many ups and downs.. and some of our worst experiences can be the ones that enable us to heal the most, in order, that we can become more whole.

Allow hurts to heal you, and make you aware of who you are, and if you can be honest deep into your very soul to the essense of what makes up ‘you’…so, you will be able to see how the seduction of the con lured you in.

Examine who you are in the situation and try to be brutally honest with yourself. Sure, you may have been conned, but look to see why they picked you, why you were susceptible, and how it all happened.

It seems that there are more and more cons these days and more varying ways to con going on in our world.

Listen to your gut instincts…Know thyself and to thine own self be true. Integrity, honesty, truth and respect are what any real human interaction is based on and any relationship must have, in order, to endure and most certainly a relationship that includes love. Be aware of this always…

But integrity, honesty, truth and respect begin with self. When you feel and apply these things to yourself, you will be more able to realize when someone isn’t treating you in this manner. And you will either move away from the person, or situation, or communicate your thoughts and feelings. And when you do communicate, if you feel unsatisfied with the interaction… honor how you feel.  HONOR YOURSELF!

If you don’t honor yourself, few others will. Doubt yourself and the con, instinctively knows it, and they move in because they know that they have you and that you are an easy mark.

What do these statements mean to you?  Remember the recent post..”Sometimes when you lose, you win.” Sometimes, when you win you lose.” 

Think about it.. it will make sense!

Were you lovers in a previous life?

Here are some clues that might indicate previous incarnations with another. 

1. There’s an irresistible feeling that someone is missing from your life. You feel strongly there is a one-and-only true lover out there waiting for you. Then you meet them.

Lovers : Silhouette of couple kissing at sunset2. You’ve met someone and it’s love at first sight and no mistaking it. You both feel a sudden attraction that has nothing to do with physicality. It’s unexplainable.

3. You and your partner experience the same, or a very similar dream. If this happens, before you share the whole thing with each other, separate and write the dream down in the clearest detail that you can then share.

4. There are things you know about each other that you can’t explain. She loves daisies, can’t abide roses, and you instinctively buy her daisies. He’s crazy about Bach and for some reason, the first gift you gave him was Advent Cantatas.

Lovers : Young couple having an intimate moment on the couch5. When you first made love or became intimate there was no shyness. You felt as if you had been together this way before. The feel and scent of your lover’s body wasn’t new to you.

6. You love talking to each other and listening to each other—you share many values and ideas. You often complete each other’s thoughts.

7. There is/was no discussion of becoming a couple. You had no details to work out. You just Lovers : Beautiful young couple in love near the sea at sunset Stock Photoknew you completed each other.

8. People comment on how incredibly compatible you are, and they said that from the moment you met.

9. You know where your partner is simply by intuition. If he or she is in trouble, you know that, too.

10. Oddly, disharmony mixed with a feeling of commitment is a strong clue. You disagree often, feel at odds, or easily become testy with each other. Yet the love is real. You may be working out issues from a distant past.

No one can prove whether or not, we live multiple times on this planet. Past lives aren’t something new, and the idea of reincarnation isn’t scoffed at by all scientists. World religions and philosophies maintain that living many lives helps us workout our issues to attain spiritual maturity.Lovers : intimate color picture of sweet couple cuddling

You can’t know for sure if that familiarity is from some past life or not. And it might be enlightening and interesting to explore the possibilities.

I have experienced many of the above clues in relationships with almost an uncanny sense of pull, direction and purpose. Almost like an energy was pulling us together as it surrounded and captured us in a fog as the past bled through to the present and we fell through the veil to heal and re-experience, as we touched love, emotions and feelings in all their many dimensions.

Have you ever felt these eerie and magical feelings and knowings? It may not be romantic, but with friends, relatives, associates. You just have this knowing.

(These experiences are not always pleasant as we will soon find out in a book review and interview that I will have on Womenexplode next week…. so stay tuned…)
Have you ever felt these eerie and magical feelings and knowings?

More information on this topic on ‘OUR WORLD PAGE’, titled… ‘What If We Live Forever?’

Politically Correct BS! I am exploding!!!

by Ann
Be forewarned I’m ranting.. some may get offended. So read with this awareness….

When someone starts preaching and trying to dictate what you eat then they better do the same, look the part, be the part, and not be overweight themselves. That is why I made my rant on Michelle Obama, a bit mean, but it is true.

Can the truth sometimes seem mean? Yes, it can! But if truth is never told then it can’t be heard! So, what the most cruel thing is, is to not tell, or reveal the truth!

This politically correct BS that is being imposed on us and monitored by some. The ‘some’ that call out the word ‘haters’ to those that tell and reveal the truth, give their opinion, or share their feelings is going to lead us all down a path to hell. 

Political correctness is paving the pathway to Hell!

We are not all the same! We are individuals! We should not, will not be mushed into some homogenous bland nothingness where all is passive with no differing opinions…

When individuality is diminished and taken away, weakness takes over, and then you can be easily led because you don’t know who you are, what you think, or what you like, and you become ‘mush-like’ and ready to be formed into what anyone wants you to be.

And that’s what a dictator-like leadership wants. ‘They’ want you insecure and dependant and to turn to them for answers… I say turn inward to yourself for your answers.

We must wake up and share our real and true feelings, so that others see and find the truth in themselves about what is being perpetrated on us by people that are not pure of heart and do not have our well-being in their thoughts and deeds. Their agenda is to control and to suppress everything about us and our way of life and our individuality.

To monitor, shame words and expression is the cruelest of all because it limits the expression of individuality… that which makes up you.. what makes you… YOU! An unique indvidual!

And when that is taken from you, you will see just how cruel it really is and how beaten down and bad that you will feel. You won’t be feeling…love, love, love for long…

It is perfectly normal to have opinions, to not like some and to like others, to like to eat certain things and not others, to dislike some people and not others, to worship the way that you desire, and to not have others’ way forced upon you… by the subtle evil of Political Correctness! To like and enjoy to be around people of your own race, religion and ethnicity, and to not enjoy, or like being around those that are different is natural and human and has been there since the beginning of the human race.

It may be interesting to learn about others and to visit, but to stay is not enjoyed, or liked by many, actually most, if truth be told. And that is okay!

A woman who dresses like this and was reared to think like she does would not have much if anything in common with me nor I her. I don’t want to know her, have lunch with her, or shop with her. Now, it might be interesting for one day.. but soon it would get tense. I am not like her and she is not like me.

When I see a woman in a burka, I find it offensive. I am offended that she hides her light and beauty under all that mess. It’s her decision, but I don’t care to ever see it or to be around it. 

I prefer to be with white, Christian or similarly like-minded, educated and similarly reared persons. Saying this doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy those of other races and creeds, or that I wish them harm or would do any harm to them, as I never would. Because I truly believe in freedom and GOD… BUT!  I am happier and feel more safe and secure to be with like kind. Does that make me politically incorrect? If is does… who cares!? I don’t!

It is a proven fact that people are more content and happy around like kind and minded people.

So, if is healthy, normal and human to be more comfortable around like kind, what in the world is going on? Why are we mixing it all up in the forcing of people to accept and like that which they really don’t.  

We can’t force people to not do, say, think and be what they don’t like by political correctness along with shaming and blaming. It might be done for a bit, but eventually it’s unltimately detrimental to us all. And actually will create a bubbling under the surface build up of frustation and suppression that could create a huge explosion.
Because of this misdirected, agenda-filled administration, the government is trying to infringe on rights, and freedoms to a level that is combustible. Is that, perhaps, the real reason why they are trying to enforce this BS? Because these are educated, agenda-backed, and lead people.

We have the word police (politically correct BS verbiage), the food police, the healthcare police, and this gives way to the thought police.. we are creating an America of weak, insecure, whimpy, easily bullied, and controlled drones and it sickens me.

I could care less if someone calls me a name or doesn’t like me. It’s their choice. In my lifetime, I have been called fat, ugly, too skinny, a white bitch, a snob, so on and so forth.. and it rolled off my back. The only time that it didn’t was when I wondered if it was true, or when I was a teenager and unsure of myself. But as an adult, I know who I am … so nothing anyone calls me matters because.. I know who I am! When you know who you are, all this politically correct BS is just that and you aren’t sensitive to everything that is said.

When you are insecure, lost, weak, whimpy, overly sensitive and looking to take offense, one little ‘wrong’ word no matter how 

unintentional can set you into a spiral.
So, all you ‘love, love, love yakkers’ that are the first to proclaim and deem others as ‘haters’ when all they  are doing is speaking the truth. Get over your fool selves!! Those that are speaking out are saving your whimpy, delusional butts and trying to protect your freedoms! The freedom that allows you to walk around in your delusional daze.

How about some ‘critical thinking’ and some real expansion of your ‘new age brainwashed brain cells’ into something real and realistic, before you allow the ones wanting to control your very thoughts to destroy our great country, and create a place with no rights, only supression and control. 

We are letting the infusion of those from other countries that do not know or care about our American ways change us into to something that is not good for us individually, or as a country. And the truth must be told before we all wake up in a HELL of their making!

Truth is not hate! It is BRAVE! It is real love not phoney BS, ‘New Age’ LA LA love.. because it takes courage to tell the truth about and concerning how something really is, instead of going along with the sheeple and not making any waves, as you are led to the edge and right of the cliff.

So, you might appreciate and listen when someone speaks, shouts or whispers a reveal of truth about all this politically correct BS because they are giving you a precious gift .


The gift of truth is love! And sometimes it must just be said outright and not in some politically correct agenda-filled way.

Love, freedom and truth all go together in honorable intent and actions.

Love is Freedom! Hate is Suppression! Think about it!

Male/Female communication….

often say that men are “off in their own world,” or “act like they’re on another planet.” What they mean is that men don’t tune in to conversations about feelings. When a woman senses that, she’ll shut down as tight as a new pair of jeans. She isn’t getting the response she needs, so why share? If men figure out how we communicate and what women want, we can all come down to Earth.

Women learn to connect with girlfriends by sharing secrets, and we learn that nice girls don’t feel anger, let alone express it. Some say that that little girls use secrets to cement friendships.

Women regard intimate conversation as the cornerstone of friendship. So a woman expects her husband to be a new and improved version of a best friend. What is important isn’t the individual subjects discussed, but the sense of closeness, of a life shared, that emerges when people tell their thoughts, feelings, and impressions..

Experts say that when men communicate, they hand over information. When women communicate we’re handing over info, but we’re also building connections.

But what’s going on when we won’t talk? If your woman isn’t talking, it could be more about old baggage than it is about you. Most of the time, women have a pretty easy time letting people know how they feel. Here’s what the pros think makes some women clam up:

– Previous abuse, emotional or physical

– Unresolved childhood issues surrounding parents

– Poor self-esteem

– Lack of closure in past relationship

– Fear of being hurt or abandoned

– Feeling disempowered

These issues can make trust the issue. Women conceal real feelings. Some women fear rejection – we worry that our feelings will seem silly. Some might not want to burden their busy man. Many of us feel angry and don’t know why. Anger can cover other feelings. When women conceal their true feelings, for whatever reason, all those feelings can quickly turn into anger, and lots of us are afraid to talk about anger.

Little girls learn to conceal anger, and from puberty on women get harassed about how hormones play in  emotions. Past experiences can make women afraid to trust or share. If we’re afraid to say we’re mad, and we aren’t sure what else we’re feeling, how can we share and talk? If everything we feel is chalked up to hormones, because that’s just easier, how do we get things off our chests? Why bother?

When men talk, they present headlines, and then maybe, answer who, what, and where – and they’re done. Women are wired exactly the opposite way. We want men to know backstory, details and headlines as a gift from us to them.  We give our time, feelings, thoughts… and then data. If we fear that men will shut us down in mid-thought, we don’t want to play. To have a successful relationship and really cool conversations, both sexes have to give a little, take a little.

Men, can learn to slow down, accepting a little more detail. Men might mellow, react more patiently, and come to a style compromise. Encourage your partner to trust your responses. Invite her to relax and do it her way. Teach yourself to pay attention and make eye contact.

Women could learn to cut to the chase a tad sooner, give important points first, and ask how much detail is comfortable. If your woman has old issues she hasn’t dealt with, and who doesn’t, she might think about some counseling to work through it.

When she feels safe and comfortable in a moment with a man, she can stay in the moment as he welcomes her need to talk. Then, the sexes are much more likely to live in harmony here on Earth, without anyone having to be out, or off in another world.

Kiss my size 4 butt…

Michelle Obama weight gain
Michelle Obama!

Okay.. read this at your own peril because this might sound kind of like a ‘mean girl rant’ to some… but I am EXPLODING concerning the government trying to tell us what we can and can’t eat.
Do I think we should workout, be physically fit and eat healthfully most of the time? Of course, I do! But it is our individual choice.
It is not and should not be mandated by the government. 

But now that the government is trying to take over our healthcare, it’s like they must think that they own our bodies and think that they can tell us what we can eat and are actually trying to take over what we put into our mouths.

The government is trying to take over our minds with their agenda-filled propaganda media, and in the school system concerning what our children are being taught. They are even promoting the use of some words and vilifying the use of others. Political Correctness is trying to shut us all up!!! Okay, those are different explosions… so back to….

We each have different chemical make-ups, different body types, and different genetics. I can eat salt. I love it and I do not have high blood pressure…my blood pressure is perfect.  

Another person can’t eat salt.. we are all different. So why should I be forced to cut down my salt intake when I don’t need to? I workout every other day and I have done this my whole life. I workout regularly. It’s a constant habit like brushing my teeth. I was a ballet dancer and physical fitness has been key in my life. I eat pretty much what I want, but never fast food. I know my metabolism. I know when I have over-indulged and I cut back. I am body aware and I like to feel good. So I eat and workout accordingly. I have never really been on any diet. I don’t believe in them.60th Primetime Emmy Awards - Show And I have never worn Spanx or anything like it.

Unlike the diet junkie, ‘know-it-all expert Oprah’, friend of the Obama’s, the ‘self-proclaimed health experts of our country’. He smoked and did drugs. Michelle is as big as a horse and so is Oprah even after all her promoted diets, her special cook, cookbooks and trainers…and her Spanx wrapped body stuffed into designer clothing  ( just how much money did she make off of promoting all these things?) and her ‘expert’ advice to everyone that watches her agenda-filled show as she makes millions. And this women is advising the Obama’s on their agenda whether she admits to it or not. She is one of the main reasons that he is in the White House… the media creation of Obama and the myth began on her show. Okay! A different explosion…so back to…

Body awareness, diet, nutrition, and exercise decisions need to made in the private sector, through health clubs, nutritionists, coaches, and most importantly in the homes. My mother gave a great example of varied and normal sized meals with few desserts. Sure occasionally, we would sneak and eat a whole bag of chips, but we played outside and did lots of physical activities and none of us had, or have weight issues. It’s pretty much  the same as always, input balanced with out go. It’s common sense! You can figure it out on your own.
But after that, no one can control what another puts into their mouth. What kind of a police state would we have, if the government tried to and actually accomplished this?

The government needs to butt out and Michelle Obama can kiss my size 4 butt! She talks nutrition and by my standards she is overweight and hardly looks physically fit. She just looks BIG! I am older than she is and I betcha much wiser and I will stand next to her in a bikini anyday of the week.

Now, I undertand that we all have different body types and all have their attractiveness. And a thin person can be ‘unhealthy’ and a full-bodied person can be ‘healthy’. It is all individual and the government can’t control this and should not even try.

For the Obamas to even talk about nutrition is outrageous… I have seen both of them eat more junk then other first families. Just their reported
‘Super Bowl Menu’ made me want to gag… and this is from a woman who can eat a whole pepperoni pizza when the right mood strikes. 
To have the government intrude into private lives the way that this administration is trying to do, reminds me of the movie GATTACA, which I saw the other night…where people are orderly maintained by rigid government controls… It is frightening!

The key is that we are all individual, God created us that way. We have our individual genetics from our individual family of origins. We have our individual situations, circumstances and challenges. That is the way that God created it and there are reasons for the differences and our individuality. And we all have free choice and freewill, until, or unless the government takes freewill and choice away.

We can choose what we want to eat or what we do not want to eat!

When the government tries to make us all the same and dictate our lifestyles, mandates eating habits, and what we must buy such as healthcare…then the government controls us and negates freewill, choice, individualism and FREEDOM.. and that my friends is HELL!

The Insecure Man…

by Ann

may very well and can be the most dangerous thing on the planet. They create wars both large and small and because of their insecurity they can destroy even those whom they love.

Now, I am not writing about the insecurity that we all

occasionally feel, a bit of insecurity is just part of being human.

I am writing about the insecure men that abuse their wives, girlfriends and children. They harrass people who service them and those that work for and with them.

In my opinion, insecurity is the reason for most of the troubles that, we, as humans have in relationships.

When a man feels secure in himself, he can more easily be kind, considerate, caring and empathetic to others

It takes a secure man to be in a relationship. It takes a secure man to do well in their career, or job, and to do what it takes to become successful. It takes an internally secure man to keep on trying, and to take adversity and manage it. It takes a secure man to lead, provide and give support to, and for his loved ones and a secure man wants to do this. A secure man enjoys a challenge. A secure man likes responsiblity.  A secure man can admit when he feels insecure, shy, or doesn’t know how to do thus and so. An insecure man usually can’t admit any short comings.

Insecurity eats a man up from the inside out then spreads insecurity over all those with whom he comes into contact. He is jealous, moody, irritable, angry and usually for no real reason other than something that is eating him up inside… his insecurity

An insecure man is always trying to prove himself to himself and to others and this can take many forms to arrogance and boasting, to back biting, and undercutting. A secure man needs none of this… as he feels secure in just being and can accept his faults and that of others.

An insecure man can’t stand for another to be successful, more physically fit, richer, happier, more intelligent, more in love, or to be secure. An insecure man will do whatever he can do to bring the secure ones down to his insecure size.

So women, it’s best to avoid and steer clear of insecure men as they will only bring you down, abuse you and do everything in their power to make you feel less than you really are.
Insecurity must destroy security in order for its survival while security will lift up most all it comes into contact with.

So… if you find yourself feeling insecure, unhappy or stressed around a man…GET AWAY FROM HIM! Don’t think that it is about you.. know it is what he is projecting onto you, in order, that you feel as badly about yourself as he does himself.

An insecure man will diminish your light and suck the life and joy right out of a woman in his life. If his woman feels happy or secure, he feels threatened, unless, he realizes what his insecurity is doing to himself.

The insecure man is a blight on humanity as they suck power and life from the world.

And before anyone has the chance to remark, I realize that there are insecure women that wreck havoc.. but not near as much as insecure men.

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