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Please God – save America from Satan’s hell….

As I am out and about where I live, an upscale community in a great state and because of its economy has attracted many from other states and many – way too many, foreigners –

What used to be a refined, elegant – well-dressed and groomed community has been turned into a mess of too many different cultures and people with different values that do not mesh. Of course, people from other countries add texture to a community, but too many and those who do not wish to support our culture or align with our values – are here only to suck off of us economically can harm even destroy a community.  They want what we have in America – in my state – our prosperity – our freedoms, while also wishing to and trying to change us into where they left or escaped from.  

‘Tolerance’ has become the mantra and religion of the secular left/progressive/globalists – when nothing can be called wrong then nothing is right.

Suicides are increasing 64% among young people – because many are lost, have no direction – even concerning their sexuality. Immorality is the standard and when  you cross those physical boundaries at a young age – you change a person forever – weaken their essence and that is what the left/progressive/globalists want — a weakened – controllable populous.

I see fat people at the grocery store frantic to buy tons of food – with their baskets loaded – ill-groomed with swollen bodies.  Many people are not groomed properly – have no pride in appearance – are just looking to fill themselves up in some manner or way – in any way so they won’t have to feel the truth of self. I see frantic people searching for more stuff to buy to try and fill up the holes in themselves – their empty souls. The search for escape is everywhere.

A young girl with purple and pink hair practically walked in front of my car – causing me to slam on my brakes, in a parking lot because her brain was so fogged over that she was not alert to where she was walking.

I see a brain dead fogged over society searching for something outside themselves to try and find meaning in their empty souls – greed – money – things – escape – immorality – perversions, etc. are ruling the day – instead of mental health – fit bodies – alert minds – clear eyes- smiles on faces – human connection and interaction.  Of course, there are the mentally/emotionally/physically well mingling in with these zombies – as  we catch one another’s eyes that meet in our questioning, ‘Where in the world did these people come from? What is happening to our community  – to our world?’

Christmas is a time for introspection – for honoring the birth of our Savior…

Food and presents are  fun… and a part of it – but not the reason… or meaning…

I am tired of see foreigners in my community – and hearing foreign languages and accents…

We are America – sure, we are a melding pot of all countries, but we have allowed too many in who do not want to assimilate and have such different values and cultures that it’s very uncomfortable.

Manners, class, style, refinement, elegance are leaving us. Many of our youth haven’t clue what these things even are – it’s become all about acquiring things, greed, escape, sex, momentary pleasure, at any cost, no self discipline or delayed gratification or morality as these foreigners charge too much for services and products to suck and swindle the American people. 

Fast food – swollen bodies – little no grooming – no pride,  style or elegance in dress, baggy – ill-fitting garments – some look like they are wearing their pajamas – I guess, too fat to wear real clothing – unfriendly, dead faces as they hurriedly search for stuff to fill them up so they can get back to their sofas and idiotic brainwashing for agenda TV shows.

Men want to suck off of a woman’s feminine energy in any way he can without honor or commitment. Women hate men for who they have become – weak, feminized and useless as a protector and provider. Men then hate women because they have had to become masculine to survive without male protection. Sexes hating one another and some are so confused they are changing sexes… it’s hell on earth and not as our creator designed it. God created male and female. They are not the same but they are equal – both have their distinct purpose for being.

So as I view the craziness and confusion in our world today. I pull into reading the Bible – into quietness and solitude – physical movement for health – focusing on positive up beat thoughts – instead of the darkness that evil is injecting fast and furious into our world.
I pray for us all – God bless America. May God give us the power to take America back from evil. Merry Christmas to all!!

Speak your truth…it creates inner confidence and…

52Seasons9is an important element to having the life you want. It’s setting your boundaries. I’m not talking about spewing whatever comes to mind whenever you feel like it, and to whomever you want to, in order, that you get your point across, but, well sometimes… that needs to be done..

 Speaking your truth has no attachment to outcome. To speak your truth means to stand in your power and to not allow anyone to take your power away. It has little to do with aggression, manipulation or being stubborn, selfish and mean-spirited, although ‘some’ might take it this way, sometimes it may appear this way and actually sometimes it is this way.

Many people are frightened of truth and feel threatened when someone has the confidence to speak it.

The weak-willed may call confidence, narcissism or arrogance, because they feel threatened by confidence, internal power in others and truth.

But having attachment to someone else’s reaction turns your ‘truth speaking’ into an act of trying to get things your way and changes the focus. To be honest does not mean to be cruel, a bully, manipulative or unkind, but well, sometimes it might. When you state the truth, you don’t care what the other ‘feels’ about it because you have no attachment to the outcome. Truth has no agenda… it is what it is.

People are whatever they are and choose to be. Confronting those who have wronged you, or are still wronging you, will rarely create peace of mind, but…sometimes it does…

Most people are absolutely unwilling to change, or even to see their part in an argument, problem or issue. Most are too busy blaming, deflecting, projecting and side-stepping… anything to avoid looking at self.

Many are threatened by truth and those with the confidence to tell it.

When you set your boundaries and claim your power, it doesn’t matter if a person changes their mind, or point of view, because their action, or reaction does not influence your happiness, or your peace. To stand in your truth will give you peace… and those with inner peace are threatening to many who don’t have the ability to achieve it.

I used to not ‘get’ this. My idea of  being honest sometimes backfired, when I would confront a person with their (in my mind) bad attitudes, or unacceptable behaviors. I thought, if I told them and spoke clearly enough that they’d ‘get’ it. But they rarely did… sometimes, but rarely. So, the miscommunication, struggle, fights, or arguments would continue. The more someone would misunderstand or misinterpret me, the more I would attempt to ‘set them straight’. Needless to say, this ‘usually’ failed. In the past, my ‘honesty’ lost a few ‘friends’, made a few enemies, and gave me the feeling of being seen in a completely distorted way, or being treated unfairly. It takes a brave person to speak the truth because many don’t want to hear it.

I am attempting to make a difference in the world. So, I actively pursue being true to my higher self.

Accepting who you are and to stop making excuses for it, will allow you to grow your power and peace of mind; as a permanent state of being. That doesn’t mean you lose the need to self-evaluate… as those of us on the path are always doing this as awareness and growth are our goals.

When you state and live your boundaries consistently, you will find little need to manipulate. In fact to do so and to observe this in others will offend your senses.

It doesn’t matter if someone agrees, or doesn’t, because at the end of the day, it isn’t up to others to validate who you are. This power is yours alone. You know in your soul who you are, or who you are not… that is if you live in your truth. Even in your moments of doubt, at your core, you are still secure and certainly more secure than most.

Living your life with honor, integrity, courage and kindness will attract those who require no explanations. You will find yourself surrounded more often by those who won’t continuously challenge, misinterpret, or suck the life out of you and more by those who do  live by and have the same principles. They will not ask why. They will know…

And when you realize someone doesn’t live by honest principles, or has little to no self-awareness, you will more easily let them go. In fact, it will  be a pleasure to do so. When I dismiss someone from my life and look back in evaluation… I always see their false living and am thankful to have it out of my world.

The universe has a way of weeding out, as you shift and change, those who no longer belong in your life. So, when you ‘lose’ someone to your newly found ability to live in the power of truth, let them go and know that others will emerge to fill the space.

Living in your truth sets you free… and the more you do, the easier it is to see others who aren’t, can’t, don’t or won’t, for who and what they are…
Truth will eventually be revealed… it is what it is…
So, what’ca think … ? Truth or not?…
(FYI those spots on my nose and face are because of the sun shining through the holes in my hat…it was a hot, and very bright day. I was out of town and had been eating lots…crazy time to take pics, but we did and it’s the truth of that day)

You can easily judge the character of a man…

by how he treats those who can do nothing for him.???????????????????????????????

Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.

Everyone tries to define this thing called Character. It’s not hard. Character is doing what’s right when nobody’s looking. James D. Miles

Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the qu
iet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow.” Mary Anne Radmacher
Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.

Thought provoking quotes to begin your weekend… And by the way have a great one!!!

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Clairvoyants, Psychics. and Astrologers

by Ann     
 Clairvoyants ‘see’ with the mind’s eye. Clairaudients ‘hear’ information, and clairsentients ‘feel’ things. 

Psychics rely on intuition. They tune into the energy vibrations around the subject to get information.

Psychics are tuning into the probable, not the absolute. Energy may change by choice, others, and timing.

Astrologers give information based on the position of the planets and stars.  In a natal chart, at their exact time of birth, an individual becomes the center of the universe with planets and stars positioned around them.

If you have ever been to one of these seerers of the future, what have been your experiences ? Good? Bad? Interesting? Stupid? Scary? Accurate? Or dead wrong?

Do you think that there is any validity to them or a waste of time or a combination of both?

More about Psychics on the THINK ABOUT IT page in the website…

Are you afraid of it? Will you fight it?

Happy senior couple hugging eachother on white - Portrait...

By Ann

We ALL begin aging from the moment we are born. As a society, there are now more middle-aged and older than there are youth. Does getting older scare you, or fill you with dread? Are you, or will you, fight it every step of the way, or accept it gracefully?
Do you, or will you color your hair, get plastic surgery, etc. or will you let aging gradually and gracefully take its toll on your body and mind? We will ALL age. We will ALL get older. Even the youth, that laugh at those older and THINK that they are invincible, will eventually age.
People are living longer and there are many healthy, vigorous, goodlooking and fit who will stay that way into their 70’s, 80’s and even 90’s. It seems to be, not only what they do to take care of themselves, but their mind set and their attitude about life and living. Of course, genetics also plays a part.

But even if you exercise, eat right, and get plastic surgery, AGE will still overcome eventually… that is if you are lucky enough to live long. Taking care of yourself, will certainly keep you looking and feeling better longer and that is a good thing.  

But, will you accept aging as it creeps in and takes its hold or will you hold it at bay? Does it scare you or will you accept it?

There is nothing more beautiful than a person of age whose wisdom, experience and joy shine through their face and eyes and if you add to that a well-maintained body and spirit. What a gift these people are to themselves and to others.

Yet aging marches on ….

Myself?   I am fighting it tooth and nail,  hand and fist.. but, of course, KNOW, that eventually I will need to and will accept it. At times, aging makes me a bit fearful.. but I wonder, as time goes on, will the fear diminish as acceptance takes over?

Is it scary or is it interesting? Are you afraid of it? Or do you accept it?