What is ‘Fun’?

 By Ann
an adjective FUN is defined as amusing, enjoyable, entertaining, pleasurable, etc., its antonym is boring.

FUN as a noun is enjoyment, amusement, excitement pleasure, joy, entertainment, etc. its antonym, boredom.

So, FUN is a feeling or an experience. You hear people saying that they want to have fun. But FUN is different things to different people even as it is often used as a catch all word for so many things.

Work is fun to some. Cleaning is fun to others. Working out is fun to many. But to others, work, cleaning and exercising are boring.

What is boring and tedious even torture to one person may be wonderfully fun to another. FUN can even be a state of mind or an attitude. Some people can make most anything fun, while others seem to suck the fun out of everything.

Amy is always saying that she wants to have some fun. I am usually always having fun. Even working hard, researching something, figuring out something, beating my head against a wall to get something done can be fun for me, but not to others. Challenging can be fun. And fun can depend on mood and timing.  What you may think is fun one day, may not be fun the next. And too much of a good thing and fun can become unfun quickly even morphing into tedious torture.

How do you know when someone is having fun? Is it when they smile or laugh?  Those are pretty good indicators, only a person with furrowed brow deep in concentration may also be having fun. 

FUN encompasses many things and can be so many different things to different people.

Have you ever looked back at at time and thought? ‘That was fun!’ But while you were living or experincing it, you didn’t recognize it as fun. FUNNY thing is …You never know, what you are doing now, even though you might be thinking, it is unfun, when you look back, you may recall it as fun…

I think FUN is what keeps you completely engaged, where time stops and you are focused in and on the moment. Being compleltely engaged with all your senses and you have FUN!!!

What is NOT FUN to you? What is FUN to you? How do you have FUN?… SHARE WITH US! We want to share in FUN with you!
NOW THINK about what FUN is to you!  IMAGINE yourself having FUN

NOW, GO DO IT! HAVE SOME FUN!  Do something that lifts your spirit. Then come back and share your fun with us!

Dedicated to Amy