A lovely evening with conservative women…

???????????????????????????????It’s so refreshing to be around highschool girls who see what is occurring in our country under Obama… all of these young women are conservatives… (so are the older ones, Lara and I…Ha!)

These young women realize what Obama’s agenda and programs will do to America… by ushering in socialism/communism.

They are smart cookies. They realize that under Obama their futures will be limited and controlled. We will be fortunate and it’s our only ‘hope’ (even if Obama has soiled the word ‘hope’) if other kids wake up to smell how diminished their lives will become under socialistic/communistic rule. These young women have known one another since the age of two. They are all of Russian descent and have had the fortunate experience to hear from their parents what they escaped from and ran to, in order, to give them the opportunity for freedom of choice.???????????????????????????????

Lara and I on The Glenn Beck show on GBTV.. a powerful show describing  what it’s like to live under communist rule…


Being around youth who can discern the truth is what really gives us ‘hope’ for the future of America!

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