24 hours in a Hell of irritation…

It’s twelve o’clock at night, I am relaxing sitting in bed looking forward to watching a movie, I  just rented sipping red wine from a stemless glass ( I am not stoopid – glasses with stems can cause accidents in a bed) after a long, hot day.  I lift up to move my laptop and the glass flips up then lands hard. The ounce of red wine, if that – splashes all over my completely white bedding.  Ever seen red wine splashed on a white bed? It looks like someone was murdered in my bed.  Yikes! I ponder this mess. How can so little red wine create so much destruction?  I can’t stand spots on anything – drives me a bit crazy! But it’s late – should I wash it out now or later? I elect to wash the comforter and the blanket. I put the comforter in with  a bit  of bleach.

When I go down to put it in the dryer, I find that the washer has overflowed because of the largeness of the comforter blocked the back water drain. I struggle to put the wet and heavy comforter into the dryer. Then put the blanket into the washer and begin to clean up the water that is all over the utility room floor. I need to move everything.  Just as the water is about cleaned up – I pick up the vanilla coffee  in glass bottles  resting their cardboard case –  not realizing how wet the cardboard is – the  four glass bottles fall to the marble floor and break – spilling and splashing coffee and scattering broken glass all over. I am freaking out. Talking to myself by now, as I continue my clean up – stating to the universe, “Bring it on! I will not be broken!” I pick up and take to the  trash over and over again – broken glass and coffee soaked paper towels –  moving everything  on the floor to make sure I get every ounce of this mess cleaned up. Then another two bottles of vanilla coffee fall to the floor and break. I should not have challenged the universe –  huh?! I begin to cry as I continue cleaning up. My hands and feet cut by the broken glass. After the floor is clean – I tend to my ‘utility-water/coffee/glass on floor’ war wounds…

Finally! It’s all over with  comforter and blanket back on the bed, but with sheets still  to be washed – saving for the next day. I settle into watch the movie I ordered. Then the cable goes out.  I call the provider and wait  ad-nauseam- until finally, I get a person who barely speaks English – who  guides me through the process to correct the cable issue -tedious at best – I can barely understand her.  I am about to blow, but keep saying to myself – keep calm – stay in awareness. All this is nothing in the whole scheme of things… right!?

The next day, I deal continually with the  publishing of my soon to be out book, Daddy Throws Me In The Air… a memoir, self-help book, which I began 25 years ago and knew it was time to complete a few months ago. Dealing with formatting issues… on and on and so forth – I realize the book, I thought would be out in August will not be out until mid-Sept.  After spending most all the day on this, I do notget around to washing my red-wine-stained sheets nor do I  eat all day – well, nothing but a banana and some vanilla coffee… yes, the same offending  vanilla coffee bottles that broke on the utility floor – I had two left after the utility room disaster.

I decide to go to spin class to release the stress and shift the energy. Exercise is a great release and has saved my sanity many-a-time. And whew! It works! After class –  having nothing, but a banana all day, I am starving. I decide to pick up ribs  at one of my favs. I get home to find the order is incorrect. The ribs have overly hot and spicy sauce when I had ordered honey barbecue. My mouth burns at the first bite causing my empty stomach to hurt.  I am beyond starving after working out so hard. I eat a dinner of French fries and coleslaw. And the restaurant promises to make good on my ribs the next time, I pick up ….

As I write this, I am sitting in my freshly washed white bed sipping ‘white’ wine. The moral of this story is? Don’t sip red wine while sitting in an all white bed  – or things just happen and when they do, it’s one irritation after another – or after the chaos comes peace – or !@#$%^$#@!#$%^%$#@$%


Cheers babeeee!  Look for my book DADDY THROWS ME IN THE AIR … to be out sometime in September….

There is a process included in my book to assist in releasing limiting imprints, negative belief systems and stress. I created it and use it all the time – for the little and the big things…


17 thoughts on “24 hours in a Hell of irritation…”

  1. What a story and funny as you tell it but I bet irritating as hell just as you wrote while going through it. Looking forward to your book. You are so cute and wise.

  2. i laughed and laughed. Yep I have been in this kind of circumstance and it’s like the universe it just trying to get ya. Too cute, Ayn! i want to read your book. All in God’s timing, right. It will be out in God’s timing.

  3. LOL too funny. yeah I have been where you were. Like the world is out to get you. I can’t wait for your book You are a great great writer.

  4. Father is just showing you your inner strength…. what you need to work on a bit. No worries – you go this <3

  5. Can’t wait for your book. You rock like no other. To top it off you are drop dead gorgeous! I am madly in love with you and you don’t know who I am.

  6. God bless you pretty woman. Laughing at your plight.. You book is incredible. Everyone needs to read it.

  7. Series of incidences causing disturbance, yet WISDOM !! You coolly describe the Moral of Story ” Don’t sip red wine while sitting in an
    All white bed -..” and inspite the fact that things started happening, one irritation after another in most chaotic manner still your remark Cheers babeeee! and your Invitation to upcoming release are Indication of your being a Superb Author who is Brave, Compassionate and your Book will bring Positive difference in thoughts and beliefs
    Of the Readers.
    Can’t stop myself from Praising you for your Humanly and Literary Qualities.
    Wishing you every success in your endeavour.

  8. I hate it when things like that happen. I have gone through it. But that clean up of water and all that coffee with the glass sounds brutal! Things always pass and get better. I am looking forward to your book. Love your writing, your wisdom and your words.

  9. Dang! All that from a bit of red wine. Sequence of events. As you well know, Miss Brainy and beautiful that they way of the world for either good or ill. With all you have endured and gotten past, you are a great teacher. I have read parts of your book and look forward to the rest. The world will receive your blessing well. You are a gift to us all or those wise enough to listen and learn.

  10. Oh what a night! I feel for you. It sounds horrible but it’s over. I look forward to reading your book. I love your words.

  11. Many lessons, irony and metaphors in that experience. Thank you for sharing. Can’t wait for your book.

  12. You are an incredible writer and write with wisdom. A great combination. I look forward to your book.

  13. I hate it when everything messes up like that. It feels like you are being targeted. You kept on cleaning up until it was all over. Love you girl! You get things most people can’t even begin to see. Looking forward to your book. First of many !

  14. I seriously will read you book
    When is it released?
    Can I get an autographed copy?
    I have followed your posts for some time and have come to like the person you are.
    I do not wish to rub you wrong but I find you very attractive I hope you are not offended.

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