The Insecure Man…

by Ann

may very well and can be the most dangerous thing on the planet. They create wars both large and small and because of their insecurity they can destroy even those whom they love.

Now, I am not writing about the insecurity that we all

occasionally feel, a bit of insecurity is just part of being human.

I am writing about the insecure men that abuse their wives, girlfriends and children. They harrass people who service them and those that work for and with them.

In my opinion, insecurity is the reason for most of the troubles that, we, as humans have in relationships.

When a man feels secure in himself, he can more easily be kind, considerate, caring and empathetic to others

It takes a secure man to be in a relationship. It takes a secure man to do well in their career, or job, and to do what it takes to become successful. It takes an internally secure man to keep on trying, and to take adversity and manage it. It takes a secure man to lead, provide and give support to, and for his loved ones and a secure man wants to do this. A secure man enjoys a challenge. A secure man likes responsiblity.  A secure man can admit when he feels insecure, shy, or doesn’t know how to do thus and so. An insecure man usually can’t admit any short comings.

Insecurity eats a man up from the inside out then spreads insecurity over all those with whom he comes into contact. He is jealous, moody, irritable, angry and usually for no real reason other than something that is eating him up inside… his insecurity

An insecure man is always trying to prove himself to himself and to others and this can take many forms to arrogance and boasting, to back biting, and undercutting. A secure man needs none of this… as he feels secure in just being and can accept his faults and that of others.

An insecure man can’t stand for another to be successful, more physically fit, richer, happier, more intelligent, more in love, or to be secure. An insecure man will do whatever he can do to bring the secure ones down to his insecure size.

So women, it’s best to avoid and steer clear of insecure men as they will only bring you down, abuse you and do everything in their power to make you feel less than you really are.
Insecurity must destroy security in order for its survival while security will lift up most all it comes into contact with.

So… if you find yourself feeling insecure, unhappy or stressed around a man…GET AWAY FROM HIM! Don’t think that it is about you.. know it is what he is projecting onto you, in order, that you feel as badly about yourself as he does himself.

An insecure man will diminish your light and suck the life and joy right out of a woman in his life. If his woman feels happy or secure, he feels threatened, unless, he realizes what his insecurity is doing to himself.

The insecure man is a blight on humanity as they suck power and life from the world.

And before anyone has the chance to remark, I realize that there are insecure women that wreck havoc.. but not near as much as insecure men.

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