The essence of a con…

by Ann

Men and women who seduce and con successfully know that they must disrupt your sense of stability, and so they try to make you starstruck with something about themselves concerning what they have to offer. Your insecurity allows them to move in according to their plan.

They see your holes, and they strive to make you ‘think’ that they can fill them.

Sooo.. the key to avoiding the seduction of a con is to know yourself and to listen to your instincts. Know your weaknesses, know what, and where your holes are.

Now, we have all been harmed, hurt, and betrayed on some level in our lives. It’s just part of the human experience and we all have holes… in varying degrees. It’s a life long journey to close our soul’s holes and along the way are many ups and downs.. and some of our worst experiences can be the ones that enable us to heal the most, in order, that we can become more whole.

Allow hurts to heal you, and make you aware of who you are, and if you can be honest deep into your very soul to the essense of what makes up ‘you’…so, you will be able to see how the seduction of the con lured you in.

Examine who you are in the situation and try to be brutally honest with yourself. Sure, you may have been conned, but look to see why they picked you, why you were susceptible, and how it all happened.

It seems that there are more and more cons these days and more varying ways to con going on in our world.

Listen to your gut instincts…Know thyself and to thine own self be true. Integrity, honesty, truth and respect are what any real human interaction is based on and any relationship must have, in order, to endure and most certainly a relationship that includes love. Be aware of this always…

But integrity, honesty, truth and respect begin with self. When you feel and apply these things to yourself, you will be more able to realize when someone isn’t treating you in this manner. And you will either move away from the person, or situation, or communicate your thoughts and feelings. And when you do communicate, if you feel unsatisfied with the interaction… honor how you feel.  HONOR YOURSELF!

If you don’t honor yourself, few others will. Doubt yourself and the con, instinctively knows it, and they move in because they know that they have you and that you are an easy mark.

What do these statements mean to you?  Remember the recent post..”Sometimes when you lose, you win.” Sometimes, when you win you lose.” 

Think about it.. it will make sense!

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