Were you lovers in a previous life?

Here are some clues that might indicate previous incarnations with another. 

1. There’s an irresistible feeling that someone is missing from your life. You feel strongly there is a one-and-only true lover out there waiting for you. Then you meet them.

Lovers : Silhouette of couple kissing at sunset2. You’ve met someone and it’s love at first sight and no mistaking it. You both feel a sudden attraction that has nothing to do with physicality. It’s unexplainable.

3. You and your partner experience the same, or a very similar dream. If this happens, before you share the whole thing with each other, separate and write the dream down in the clearest detail that you can then share.

4. There are things you know about each other that you can’t explain. She loves daisies, can’t abide roses, and you instinctively buy her daisies. He’s crazy about Bach and for some reason, the first gift you gave him was Advent Cantatas.

Lovers : Young couple having an intimate moment on the couch5. When you first made love or became intimate there was no shyness. You felt as if you had been together this way before. The feel and scent of your lover’s body wasn’t new to you.

6. You love talking to each other and listening to each other—you share many values and ideas. You often complete each other’s thoughts.

7. There is/was no discussion of becoming a couple. You had no details to work out. You just Lovers : Beautiful young couple in love near the sea at sunset Stock Photoknew you completed each other.

8. People comment on how incredibly compatible you are, and they said that from the moment you met.

9. You know where your partner is simply by intuition. If he or she is in trouble, you know that, too.

10. Oddly, disharmony mixed with a feeling of commitment is a strong clue. You disagree often, feel at odds, or easily become testy with each other. Yet the love is real. You may be working out issues from a distant past.

No one can prove whether or not, we live multiple times on this planet. Past lives aren’t something new, and the idea of reincarnation isn’t scoffed at by all scientists. World religions and philosophies maintain that living many lives helps us workout our issues to attain spiritual maturity.Lovers : intimate color picture of sweet couple cuddling

You can’t know for sure if that familiarity is from some past life or not. And it might be enlightening and interesting to explore the possibilities.

I have experienced many of the above clues in relationships with almost an uncanny sense of pull, direction and purpose. Almost like an energy was pulling us together as it surrounded and captured us in a fog as the past bled through to the present and we fell through the veil to heal and re-experience, as we touched love, emotions and feelings in all their many dimensions.

Have you ever felt these eerie and magical feelings and knowings? It may not be romantic, but with friends, relatives, associates. You just have this knowing.

(These experiences are not always pleasant as we will soon find out in a book review and interview that I will have on Womenexplode next week…. so stay tuned…)
Have you ever felt these eerie and magical feelings and knowings?

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