Does the money make the man…

or does the man make the money?

I recently had a man tell me that the money makes the man. I told him absolutely not that the man makes the young and crazy rich man - this is a rich man, but he has…

Do the clothes make the woman or does the woman make the clothes?

The way some answer these questions, in my opinion, is a reflection of what is wrong in society today.

It’s the body, ‘the woman’, in the clothes, not the clothing that’s important. You can’t put the most beautifully designed dress on an out of shape, sour-pussed, unhealthy, ungroomed woman and have it look like anything…but nothing. 
michelle-obama-ugly-4Anymore than you can have a negative, hateful, unhappy, stingy, depressed man be changed and made wonderful by money. To think this can happen is twisted thinking in my opinion.

It’s character, health, integrity, effort, desire, persistance, fitness, kindness, style, class, taste, talent, track record, honor, humor, sincerity, honesty, and so much more… as these are the things that make a man or a woman…

If a man thinks that his money makes who he is… what is he without his money? Nothing?!

Friendly black girl in jeans and tank-top - Portrait of...You can have style with little money and look fabulous in a ten dollar tee shirt and jeans… if the body is fit, groomed and the smile sincere.

It’s my opinion that it’s the man that makes the money. And it’s the woman wearing the clothing that makes the clothing look attractive or not.

So, if you are a woman and you are overly focused on your clothing, designer or otherwise, and not your body and your character, you have it wrong. And if you are a man and you are more focused on your money, instead of your character and who you are inside, you got it wrong.

This photo cracks me up! And Michelle has a stylist?!


What’s your opinion concerning these topics?

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