Kiss my size 4 butt…

Michelle Obama weight gain
Michelle Obama!

Okay.. read this at your own peril because this might sound kind of like a ‘mean girl rant’ to some… but I am EXPLODING concerning the government trying to tell us what we can and can’t eat.
Do I think we should workout, be physically fit and eat healthfully most of the time? Of course, I do! But it is our individual choice.
It is not and should not be mandated by the government. 

But now that the government is trying to take over our healthcare, it’s like they must think that they own our bodies and think that they can tell us what we can eat and are actually trying to take over what we put into our mouths.

The government is trying to take over our minds with their agenda-filled propaganda media, and in the school system concerning what our children are being taught. They are even promoting the use of some words and vilifying the use of others. Political Correctness is trying to shut us all up!!! Okay, those are different explosions… so back to….

We each have different chemical make-ups, different body types, and different genetics. I can eat salt. I love it and I do not have high blood pressure…my blood pressure is perfect.  

Another person can’t eat salt.. we are all different. So why should I be forced to cut down my salt intake when I don’t need to? I workout every other day and I have done this my whole life. I workout regularly. It’s a constant habit like brushing my teeth. I was a ballet dancer and physical fitness has been key in my life. I eat pretty much what I want, but never fast food. I know my metabolism. I know when I have over-indulged and I cut back. I am body aware and I like to feel good. So I eat and workout accordingly. I have never really been on any diet. I don’t believe in them.60th Primetime Emmy Awards - Show And I have never worn Spanx or anything like it.

Unlike the diet junkie, ‘know-it-all expert Oprah’, friend of the Obama’s, the ‘self-proclaimed health experts of our country’. He smoked and did drugs. Michelle is as big as a horse and so is Oprah even after all her promoted diets, her special cook, cookbooks and trainers…and her Spanx wrapped body stuffed into designer clothing  ( just how much money did she make off of promoting all these things?) and her ‘expert’ advice to everyone that watches her agenda-filled show as she makes millions. And this women is advising the Obama’s on their agenda whether she admits to it or not. She is one of the main reasons that he is in the White House… the media creation of Obama and the myth began on her show. Okay! A different explosion…so back to…

Body awareness, diet, nutrition, and exercise decisions need to made in the private sector, through health clubs, nutritionists, coaches, and most importantly in the homes. My mother gave a great example of varied and normal sized meals with few desserts. Sure occasionally, we would sneak and eat a whole bag of chips, but we played outside and did lots of physical activities and none of us had, or have weight issues. It’s pretty much  the same as always, input balanced with out go. It’s common sense! You can figure it out on your own.
But after that, no one can control what another puts into their mouth. What kind of a police state would we have, if the government tried to and actually accomplished this?

The government needs to butt out and Michelle Obama can kiss my size 4 butt! She talks nutrition and by my standards she is overweight and hardly looks physically fit. She just looks BIG! I am older than she is and I betcha much wiser and I will stand next to her in a bikini anyday of the week.

Now, I undertand that we all have different body types and all have their attractiveness. And a thin person can be ‘unhealthy’ and a full-bodied person can be ‘healthy’. It is all individual and the government can’t control this and should not even try.

For the Obamas to even talk about nutrition is outrageous… I have seen both of them eat more junk then other first families. Just their reported
‘Super Bowl Menu’ made me want to gag… and this is from a woman who can eat a whole pepperoni pizza when the right mood strikes. 
To have the government intrude into private lives the way that this administration is trying to do, reminds me of the movie GATTACA, which I saw the other night…where people are orderly maintained by rigid government controls… It is frightening!

The key is that we are all individual, God created us that way. We have our individual genetics from our individual family of origins. We have our individual situations, circumstances and challenges. That is the way that God created it and there are reasons for the differences and our individuality. And we all have free choice and freewill, until, or unless the government takes freewill and choice away.

We can choose what we want to eat or what we do not want to eat!

When the government tries to make us all the same and dictate our lifestyles, mandates eating habits, and what we must buy such as healthcare…then the government controls us and negates freewill, choice, individualism and FREEDOM.. and that my friends is HELL!

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  1. Imagine if you had a neighbor who was ‘upside-down’ in his mortgage, cars being repossessed and up to his eyeballs in debt. Meanwhile lying & stealing are commonplace in that neighbor’s home. Picture that one house as representing our despicable Regime in the White House and who’d want to take advice from them-?! Not to mention the fact that they’re so often dead wrong!! They pushed formula over breast milk! They pushed margarine (trans fats) over butter! They told us not to eat egg yolks!! Bunch of arrogant fools.

  2. It’s all about government ‘control’. They think that we, as a people, are not smart enough to make our own decisions. And that we just need a little help. When the government controls your healthcare….THEY CONTROL YOU. Let’s say that in the not so distant future…you may need a bypass operation. The Health and Human Resources dept REJECTS you because the NSA has looked through your credit card receipts and has seen you have been eating Domino’s and Papa Johns pizza once a week for the last 5 years. So the government determines that it’s YOUR FAULT you are sick. And it saves the money for the operation AND GIVES YOU A PILL.

  3. Ayn you are absolutely right! The whole premise of what passes for modern liberalism is that the State is supreme over all, including religion, and the citizenry is the property of the State to do with it as it sees fit and the citizenry is to keep quiet and obey!!

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