Politically Correct BS! I am exploding!!!

by Ann
Be forewarned I’m ranting.. some may get offended. So read with this awareness….

When someone starts preaching and trying to dictate what you eat then they better do the same, look the part, be the part, and not be overweight themselves. That is why I made my rant on Michelle Obama, a bit mean, but it is true.

Can the truth sometimes seem mean? Yes, it can! But if truth is never told then it can’t be heard! So, what the most cruel thing is, is to not tell, or reveal the truth!

This politically correct BS that is being imposed on us and monitored by some. The ‘some’ that call out the word ‘haters’ to those that tell and reveal the truth, give their opinion, or share their feelings is going to lead us all down a path to hell. 

Political correctness is paving the pathway to Hell!

We are not all the same! We are individuals! We should not, will not be mushed into some homogenous bland nothingness where all is passive with no differing opinions…

When individuality is diminished and taken away, weakness takes over, and then you can be easily led because you don’t know who you are, what you think, or what you like, and you become ‘mush-like’ and ready to be formed into what anyone wants you to be.

And that’s what a dictator-like leadership wants. ‘They’ want you insecure and dependant and to turn to them for answers… I say turn inward to yourself for your answers.

We must wake up and share our real and true feelings, so that others see and find the truth in themselves about what is being perpetrated on us by people that are not pure of heart and do not have our well-being in their thoughts and deeds. Their agenda is to control and to suppress everything about us and our way of life and our individuality.

To monitor, shame words and expression is the cruelest of all because it limits the expression of individuality… that which makes up you.. what makes you… YOU! An unique indvidual!

And when that is taken from you, you will see just how cruel it really is and how beaten down and bad that you will feel. You won’t be feeling…love, love, love for long…

It is perfectly normal to have opinions, to not like some and to like others, to like to eat certain things and not others, to dislike some people and not others, to worship the way that you desire, and to not have others’ way forced upon you… by the subtle evil of Political Correctness! To like and enjoy to be around people of your own race, religion and ethnicity, and to not enjoy, or like being around those that are different is natural and human and has been there since the beginning of the human race.

It may be interesting to learn about others and to visit, but to stay is not enjoyed, or liked by many, actually most, if truth be told. And that is okay!

A woman who dresses like this and was reared to think like she does would not have much if anything in common with me nor I her. I don’t want to know her, have lunch with her, or shop with her. Now, it might be interesting for one day.. but soon it would get tense. I am not like her and she is not like me.

When I see a woman in a burka, I find it offensive. I am offended that she hides her light and beauty under all that mess. It’s her decision, but I don’t care to ever see it or to be around it. 

I prefer to be with white, Christian or similarly like-minded, educated and similarly reared persons. Saying this doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy those of other races and creeds, or that I wish them harm or would do any harm to them, as I never would. Because I truly believe in freedom and GOD… BUT!  I am happier and feel more safe and secure to be with like kind. Does that make me politically incorrect? If is does… who cares!? I don’t!

It is a proven fact that people are more content and happy around like kind and minded people.

So, if is healthy, normal and human to be more comfortable around like kind, what in the world is going on? Why are we mixing it all up in the forcing of people to accept and like that which they really don’t.  

We can’t force people to not do, say, think and be what they don’t like by political correctness along with shaming and blaming. It might be done for a bit, but eventually it’s unltimately detrimental to us all. And actually will create a bubbling under the surface build up of frustation and suppression that could create a huge explosion.
Because of this misdirected, agenda-filled administration, the government is trying to infringe on rights, and freedoms to a level that is combustible. Is that, perhaps, the real reason why they are trying to enforce this BS? Because these are educated, agenda-backed, and lead people.

We have the word police (politically correct BS verbiage), the food police, the healthcare police, and this gives way to the thought police.. we are creating an America of weak, insecure, whimpy, easily bullied, and controlled drones and it sickens me.

I could care less if someone calls me a name or doesn’t like me. It’s their choice. In my lifetime, I have been called fat, ugly, too skinny, a white bitch, a snob, so on and so forth.. and it rolled off my back. The only time that it didn’t was when I wondered if it was true, or when I was a teenager and unsure of myself. But as an adult, I know who I am … so nothing anyone calls me matters because.. I know who I am! When you know who you are, all this politically correct BS is just that and you aren’t sensitive to everything that is said.

When you are insecure, lost, weak, whimpy, overly sensitive and looking to take offense, one little ‘wrong’ word no matter how 

unintentional can set you into a spiral.
So, all you ‘love, love, love yakkers’ that are the first to proclaim and deem others as ‘haters’ when all they  are doing is speaking the truth. Get over your fool selves!! Those that are speaking out are saving your whimpy, delusional butts and trying to protect your freedoms! The freedom that allows you to walk around in your delusional daze.

How about some ‘critical thinking’ and some real expansion of your ‘new age brainwashed brain cells’ into something real and realistic, before you allow the ones wanting to control your very thoughts to destroy our great country, and create a place with no rights, only supression and control. 

We are letting the infusion of those from other countries that do not know or care about our American ways change us into to something that is not good for us individually, or as a country. And the truth must be told before we all wake up in a HELL of their making!

Truth is not hate! It is BRAVE! It is real love not phoney BS, ‘New Age’ LA LA love.. because it takes courage to tell the truth about and concerning how something really is, instead of going along with the sheeple and not making any waves, as you are led to the edge and right of the cliff.

So, you might appreciate and listen when someone speaks, shouts or whispers a reveal of truth about all this politically correct BS because they are giving you a precious gift .


The gift of truth is love! And sometimes it must just be said outright and not in some politically correct agenda-filled way.

Love, freedom and truth all go together in honorable intent and actions.

Love is Freedom! Hate is Suppression! Think about it!

4 thoughts on “Politically Correct BS! I am exploding!!!”

  1. The PC Crew has already put us on that path — we are traveling it now.

    I say — FORK that road!! I’m turning to TRUTH. Father expects that of us, commands that of us in is very simple Laws.

  2. Political correctness is dead , we just have to make it so those that might impose it ………….. Realise …………… It’s DEAD and BURIED !

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