Suppression, oppression equals Sharia Law…

ATT00001Women you see in this burqa attire or with their hair covered in the Muslim way are under Sharia Law… they are under suppression and oppression because they are female.  Females are not equal to men under archaic practice of  Sharia Law, they are considered property and all Muslims are under this, if they denounce Sharia then they become infidels and are subject to being killed.

A few months ago, in a local restaurant,  I saw a woman dressed in burqa black head to toe, a truly ugly sight. This was a festive place filled with colorfully dressed women, well groomed with hair in ponytails or flowing down their backs, also being Summer, all were in shorts, sundresses or workout clothing… then there’s this sad woman covered in black standing over to the side. As I glanced her direction, I felt sickened for this sad sack being in the home of the free and the brave, covered completely in black, in this archaic oppressed cultist way, in 100 plus weather in one of the fashion capitals of the world.

In America, people are free to dress as they choose.. . so for this woman to be under that oppressive dress was a pathetic sight.  To be dressed in this manner, this woman had no choice, no rights, no freedom. Her sad face with her dark eyes darted around the area and I wondered what must this pathetic creature be thinking. Everyone was talking, laughing, eating and having fun while she was standing alone. Who was she with and why was she here?

Then three men approached her, one motioned to her to follow. They walked out with her following behind. So was she left in some corner off to the side, while the men ate?  A bizarre sight to observe in modern day America.

Sharia Law is as against women’s rights, freedoms, and equality as much as any practice could possibly be. Why are we allowing this anywhere in America? Sharia Law is not compatible with our Constitution or compatible with women’s rights or anything else in America. Why aren’t feminist groups up in arms about this practice? Sharia law should be outlawed in the US. Practicing Sharia should be considered a crime.  It is the definition of abuse.

If we disallow this practice in America, how free will these women feel and become?  Do they even know what freedom is, to feel their hair blowing in the wind, able to laugh, eat, have fun, to wear what they choose to wear… to be free? This is what Muslim men have fear of, women being free. Because women would not be around men like them were they free. Muslim men must be the weakest, most insecure, evil things that ever existed. They have no idea what love, respect and trust are with a woman.  They marry children, force women to cover themselves, curtail all freedoms, beat, rape, maim and kill the female.

“The hijab, the niqab and the burqa are the symbols of Islamic misogyny and manifestations of a culture that considers violence against women acceptable — the quran even says to beat women from whom a man may “fear disobedience” (4:34). I am sure, therefore, that this kind of thing happens far more often than is reported. Even when little girls as young as this are the victims.” Pamela Geller

Why would a 4-year old need to be covered? To stop Muslim men from desiring them? How sick and perverted is this cult?

The oppressed pathetic woman covered from head to toe in black on a beautiful summer day looked like she was in Halloween costume and I pondered the horror of her life … covered-up, under the control of  the archaic evil practice of Sharia Law and for men to treat her as they desire with no concern for her, raped, harmed, denied pleasure,  tortured, even killed and this disease is entering the US at rapid rate under Obama who is a traitor to all Americans, the Constitution and freedom.

Practicing Sharia is a crime, it’s against laws in US, not compatible with our Constitution and should be outlawed.

Global war on terror had been an effort to “stay free of Shariah,” or repressive Islamic law, until the Obama administration began siding with such jihadist groups as the Muslim Brotherhood and its affiliates. Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the Obama administration.

These people cannot adapt to American ways if following Sharia Law. It is submission and is treating women like property or animals.  Muslims cannot be Americans and should not be allowed in America unless they adapt to our ways, our Constitution and our laws. Therefore, the obvious conclusion is that Muslims cannot be real Americans, so they should not be allowed in our country.

The Burqa and similar dress should be outlawed in America and all civilized countries as it goes against freedom and everything a glorious woman is.

A woman is the heart of a home and society and those who ignore this are destroying themselves as they destroy love, respect, refinement, grace, kindness, softness, beauty,  comfort, caring, everything good and worthy, etc

The Obama regime is full of radical Muslims and they are all traitors to America.

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  1. Islam is the most urgent problem in America today, and most citizens remain uninformed by choice. Sad.

  2. You very intelligent and articulate. Your passion for this great nation is inspiring. Keep fighting the good fight.

  3. Muslim women are forced to cover their bodies and faces from a very young age because of a male dominant extremist culture…our leaders in the West who in any way shape or form who are complicit with the implementation of Sharia Law or even endorse it should be ostracized…my preference is to hang them all from a tree hung upside down like what happened to Mussolini.

  4. where are the big mouth womens rights on this where is the aclu on this I don’t see any where , where they are helping these things. the eyes on this one looks like a man

  5. When you come to this country the oppression needs to leave! Yet recently a islam man killed his daughter because she fell in love with an infidel and he planned on an arranged marriage. The head dresses need to come off. I don’t have a problem with scarves but the face covering and full body covering is stupid.

  6. The foundation of the existence of the muslim male is demented…that’s why muslim women are not desired humanely.

  7. A woman fulfills a man. She is to be loved, cherished, protected, preferred, and never, never mistreated or taken for granted. She is to be his best friend, lover, confidant, and soulmate. The two are to be ONE. Other than JESUS she is GOD’S greatest gift.

  8. We need a President that believes Sharia law is against our constitution, our freedom, our rights!

  9. Totally agree. There is NO PLACE in this country for sharia law and if practiced here those who do it should be deported, not jailed here. Open your eyes America, it’s gonna get crazier if nothing is done to stop this nonsense.

  10. Yes, absolutely does not fit our culture and I believe it violates our laws.How could we what something we have fought against be acceptable or legal in our Country?

  11. Sharia and its Theocratic origins are merely anti-human and should be abolished for that reason alone… life cannot prosper under Sharia, only money for favours.

  12. You are right WISDOM !! ” The Burqa and similar dress should be outlawed in America and all other Civilized Countries ” so that the ? women in those countries are protected
    Actually and Psychologically too. That’s all.

    As far as MUSLIM Women are concerned, there is no way to end their Plight. Be it Laws for women either from Quran or Sharia and Hadees, MUSLIM Women go under tremendous Pain, Suffering and Perpetual Terror and Insult. So much so that their voices are muffled and the Terror Chane’s their way of thinking and they ate taught to ? Live life like that without complaining and accept it as Such.
    Beginning with Sexual part Mutilation at early age, they are never safe from being Raped even by close Family members. Age of 6-9 is permitted by Prophet Muhammad himself. After being Raped, keep quite as the Cult doesn’t punish the Rapist rather Victim is subjected to Death by Stone Pelters. Then comes marriage. Complete surrender is ensured BECOZ of fear of being Divorced
    Talaq Talaq Talaq, finished. If she wants to rejoin her Husband, go for HALALA .How inhumane and Insulting. Even then not necessary that marriage to her First husband will take place or not. Any one can refuse.
    If one is Lucky to Skip Divorce, Husband can marry 4 times (Nikah) and Many More MUTAH (temporary marriages) All Women. Living together with husband. Beating the Wife is Advised and Permitted in Quran.
    Even if someone wants to make changes, I find it is impossible. Indonesia, Nigeria rate of vaginal mutilation is 90% or more.
    Suppression and Oppression is MUSLIM Women’s ? Lot. God alone can help them.

  13. Thank you, especially as a woman, to speak truth to the lie that Muslims/Islam is a religion of peace, and that we need to kowtow to their demands, because they cry religious persecution. I’ve made the comment that these women look like a Satanic fencing team.

  14. Dear Ayn, it has long been a mystery to me why feminist groups are silent as a graveyard regarding Sharia law in America. Unless these “women’s rights groups stand firm, enlist the men and I mean REAL MEN, American women will be swept away. Look at the attacks by Muslim men on European women. That is an everyday Reality there

  15. Sharia and its Theocratic origins are merely anti-human and should be abolished for that reason alone… life cannot prosper under Sharia, only money for favours

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