Radical Muslim traitors in our White House?

BarackWhy is Obama always so quick to jump to gun control? Why would he even suggest that we change our gun laws Muslims?
It’s our 2nd Amendment, we have a right to bear arms.  He should be telling  everyone to get armed, learn to use them correctly and to self-protect. Why does he refuse to identify Islam terrorists?
Why is he allowing Muslim terrorists into US, while trying to change gun laws?
BOWhy did he trade kguncontrolworksnown terrorists for one deserter?
Why didn’t Obama stop ISIS when they were his so-called JV team? Now they have grown and spread and Obama let it happen.
This bogus claim that the Oregon shooter was Tea Party and conservative is idiotic. Most Tea Party are Christian.  Tea Party is a group that believes in no taxation without representation and our Constitution. There is nothing radical about them. They are true Americans, kind, veterans, business owners, Christians, the people who love America and made/make it great.
It’s the Dems/libs/progressives that boo God and believe in all sorts of perverted lifestyles. They are radical and are destroying the US with their radical, perverted, bizarre, distorted, ignorant agenda of idiocy.
Global war on terror had been an effort to “stay free of Shariah,” or repressive Islamic law, until the Obama administration began siding with such jihadist groups as the Muslim Brotherhood and its affiliates. Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the Obama administration.
Why did the Oregon shooter identify and shoot Christians in the head? That is the way of Muslims and one of his two friends on social media was a radical Muslim. No Conservative, Tea Party person would knowingly associate with such.
On the radical edge, lost, mentally/emotionally troubled kids are the ones that are attracted to joining radical groups such as Muslims and who commit atrocious acts, it gives them a way to feel powerful as they think they will be known for their acts of terrorism  on their way to meet their ‘however’ many virgins… HA!
The Oregon shooter is the kind of kid Obama was and still is…Obama Fraudbi-racial, a druggie,  on the edge, a lost radical, bath house kind that didn’t fit in looking for anyway to feel important. The kind of kid easily manipulated because they do not have a stable core and that is the kind radicals and those on the edge seek and can easily convert with promises of power and money. These are the people that Obama identifies with as written in his book. Barry Soetoro traveled to Saudi Arabia as a college kid. Why and how did he get the funds to do so,  getting financial aid as a foreign student? Obama identifies with troubled kids, criminals, self-made victims and is a radical. He even suggested in one incident that the troubled kid could be his son.  
People like this are more likely to commit destruction in some form,  they hate themselves so project it onto others. This Oregon shooter shot innocents in classrooms. Obama is trying to destroy America. Dictators are like this Oregon shooter, they just climb to a larger audience. Hatred of the good, for being the good. Self hate turning into evil projected outward, that is the Oregon shooter and that is Obama.
The Federal Security Services (FSB) is reporting today that an American black-Islamic terror suspect, who yesterday committed an act of mass murder in the State of Oregon (United States), had been included on a list of 87,000 “known/suspected” Islamic terrorists that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) refused last month to accept from the Federation due to its not being “politically viable in the present atmosphere”.
According to this report, the black-Islamic terrorist who committed this act of terror, Chris Harper Mercer, had previously been identified by electronic intelligence specialists within the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) as being an Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) adherent after he had attempted to gain passage to Syria via Turkey during the first week of September, 2015.
By the Obama regime refusing to accept this terror list from the Federation, this report continues, Mercer was able to accomplish his terror act when yesterday he killed 9 people and wounded 7 others at the Umpqua Community College prior to his being shot and killed by local US police forces.
We now have a corrupted bought and paid for media,  or they are being threatened, or in fear because they cover for this corrupted administration.
Journalists are supposed to be our first line of defense against a corrupted government, but what we have now are bought and paid for talking heads.

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  1. We are at a point where our government believes it is time to end gun ownership by lawful Americans…specifically Obama. He uses everything he can to take our means of self defense away from us without regard to our constitution. Only then will we be ripe for what he has planned. Patriots will either fall in line with his commands or they will die.

  2. This administration has picked the worst times to push gun control and climate change – 2 of the least important issues in America. Takes the real issues – illegal immigration, moslem invasion, jihadi nuts, treasonous behaviors, lack of jobs, unsustainable debt, etc. – place them on the back burner. Many of us know better.

  3. Neverlet a good tragedgy go to waste… Remember these are the same people that ran Fast and Furious…
    Liberty is Rising. It cannot be stopped, It’s time has come here and now. It’s time to lead follow or get the hell out of the way!
    They have awaken the sleeping giant.. The American People..

  4. This action can and will take place just about anywhere these days, so be prepared. Arm yourselves and fight to keep gun control in check. Maintain awareness at all times even in your own home, it is the time in which we live. Semper Fi

  5. Obama is a blind soul who sold himself to the devil and can’t do anything of God since. Unless God does it in spite of him. Just trust that someone’s gotta bring in the God ordained events that occur before the second coming of Christ. It’s predicated in God’s word. Who is none of our business. He is,definately the outlined truth looking like the one to do it. But it ai t necessarily him. But definately some one like him. If we lose hope look at him. Hes,a reminder gods word is even more truer than true. Just don’t condone and just don’t agree to that which u know not where it springs from nor where the wind may blow ut. Do only that of certainty in the heart that came only from God Himself and know inside heart that the certainty is absolutely God ordained if you think k of it before you hear of it and then decide upon it in the heat of the moment even. If it feels good avoid it. Good feelings come free in the right time amount and and situation. If it feels,wrong do not do it no matter what. If it feels right do it with brave and cettain heart even if tempted suddenly or otherwise. Its of God. God bkess.right go with it and odo

  6. Why are we protecting …Despots, tyrants, and ner-do-wells all over the globe BUT not protecting Christians?? It’s NOT complicated. We’ve picked and bet on the WRONG horses in too many of these countries …and it goes back many DECADES. We created the mess we’re dealing with today…and it will only get worse. Was that the plan all along???

  7. Ayn, historians will be dumbfounded at how we let a low-class, ignorant, treasonous Socialist run our country into the ground and elected him twice. Liberals are no only delusional but they are playing out in real life, the fairy tale “The Emperor Has No Clothes” by Hans Christian Andersen.

  8. Schools should provide security training classes, especially counterterrorism classes, and also should have gun and firearms training classes, and gunsmithing classes, to teach kids how to build maintain and operate firearms, this would put train security and firearms specialists on the property, all the time !!! And we give our children life skills that they will definitely need in the future !!!

  9. The answer to ending mass shootings lies NOT in taking guns away but rather ELIMINATING “Gun Free” Zones.

  10. They Are Planning For Something The US Has Not Seen Before, A New World Order And Gun Confiscation ! They Will Not Succeed !

  11. Because he has to try and disarm us so his Muslim refugee army can begin their slaughter of Americans(make that White Christian Americans). They are cowards, and that’s the only way they know how to fight.
    They are afraid to try against an ARMED American public because they’d get their a$$ kicked, and they know it!

  12. Congress MUST put a stop to any and all Muslims/Islamist coming into this country for any reason. Even give serious consideration of removing the ones already here. Their believes are the complete opposite of the people of this country. They will not assimilate. I know this sounds extreme and anti American on immigration but, I believe its just reality and fact. Unfortunately, there are always exemptions to the rule. They are one. Please, keep in mind the following: The grand jihad advances with the Islamic Refugees spread thru out the world eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within. Why do you think thousands of the refugees are not going to one of the 57 Islamic States for refuge? Did you notice the “57 Islamic States”? Remember who said he had visited 57 states? Is it sinking in yet? See Sharia the Threat, Muslim Brotherhood & Islam http://tarheelteaparty.org/?page_id=470 Note: Clarion Project – “The process of settlement is a ‘Civilization-Jihadist Process’ with all the word means. The Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers…” It is said that 80% of rapes in Sweden and 100% of rapes in Norway are committed by Muslims. Many of the women that are raped are killed. There are, and this was the fact several years ago, 750 NO-GO ZONES (the government has NO CONTROL in these areas) in France alone. Is this what we wish to see in the U.S.?

  13. Yes And Obama Knew About It In Advance From Information Provided By The Soviet Union ! This Tragedy Could Have Been Prevented ! Sad But True !

  14. Just think how sinister a tyrant must me, to freely keep his borders open, and going out of his way to get as many illegals into his country as possible, even when he knows there is a viable threat against every American from the Muslim zombies. A great way to help push his Gun Control agenda.

  15. Remember, Obama’s father was muslim, his step father…Sotero…was muslim, if Obama’s mother married Sotero and lived in Indonesia, then she had to have converted to Islam. Obama attended Muslim schools, known as Madrasas…while growing up….so if Obama is not muslim, he couldn’t possibly be any closer to being one.

  16. Wow!!! Excellent insight Ayn!!! I have a strong inner voice telling me that most of these shootings are inner connected also…..if not orchestrated by our own government!! It’s always some loner/loser type personality. How do we know if they weren’t groomed for such an occasion? And they know the media will exploit it to the hilt!! I once heard Oshama say…..let no opportunity go unnoticed. This is a trend in which the ignorant and uneducated will blindly go along with dictators!!!

  17. Arm yourselves heavily and procreate often. Quite frankly, he’s a black racist pig, whose ideology is Agenda 21, One World Order, the United Nations, and communism. In other words, he’s a sadistic fuck, and Nazism is just all right with him. Execute the cocksucker!

  18. its all part of his plan to destroy this country and he is the biggest POS there is Ohitler the POS bastard

  19. So your point is he wasn’t a muzz but idolized those terrorists. But that had no impression on him as he was only acting on revenge against cops and gov? You’re not connecting all of the dots. You must also take into consideration the anti-police officer and anti-establishment rhetoric spewing from the mouths of Obama’s Sharpton’s kerrys Jackson’s etc. also concealed carry is allowed in Oregon but not on that school campus? That is a gun free zone which equals liberal stupidity. As far as I’m concerned the Obamas and his feather have the blood of this action on their hands.

  20. Ayn. It is my opinion, and I stress, an opinion, not a fact that can be proven, but these “shooters” are down and outs, usually with some degree of disability/issues/drug dependency, and they are promised financial restitution for families in return for being a patsy for the Governments own agenda. Sad, but that’s firmly what I believe.

  21. “The tragedy of the “muslim problem,” in the US, is the irony present in the enigma known as Barack H. Obama. Everyone in the world recognizes, albeit in whispered tones, that Mr. obama is a sunni muslim. His presence in the White House was orchestrated, in large part, by the Saudi lobby. By subverting the American Congress, through bribery, extortion, pay offs and death threats, the radical element of islam, including wahhabists, salafists, jihadists and extremists, et al, have been invited into and occupy the highest positions in the American government. It is from that perch that they have shaped domestic and foreign policy into the confused hodgepodge of dysfunction, now at work in DC, today. The plan to destroy America, “from within and with its own hands,” is an exquisite strategy. But, once revealed, becomes immediately and spontaneously ineffective on all fronts. The only thing that is stopping the revelation of the insidious inner workings of the muslim brotherhood, within our institutions, is the president, himself. It is from the presidency that the destruction of our Nation is directed. Only the president could have blinded every agency to the threat of “radical islam.”

  22. You know it… This is what I was trying to keep driving home to people. They majority of people refuse to listen and it takes all of us constantly throwing it out there as a reminder to the short attention span American pople.
    I think I was targetted when I started exposing too much about the secret societies and the puppet masters we all know are out there pulling the strings to these politicians. For the longest time I ws screaming…”Why are they not l;istining to the will of the people”? .Now I know why and their evil agenda.. It’s pretty scary to think they have no love for us and our fate is in their hands. They just can’t do it as quickly as they would like and wake the masses of people up. They do it slowly so one day we wake up and it’s too late. They have all their pieces in place and there is nothing we can do about it.

  23. Read the original Muslim Brotherhood charter of 1928 – they are commanded to exploit our immigration policy.

  24. Former journalist here–from the get-go, you are trained to understand the ‘news’ isn’t yours to investigate or pursue. You are fed news and TOLD what information to gather. Investigating unapproved areas are highly discouraged, if not a terminating ‘offense.’ Especially if you uncover incriminating information. Depending on who the owner/news director/producer is, finding the WRONG information can get you fired.

    News is fed to you by the Associated Press, and the United Press. Pre-approved stories. That’s it. And the UP/AP and all it’s affiliates are all owned by the same men, and their flunkies. And why ‘news’ around the country is NEVER truly informative.

  25. Well said Ayn. How AmeriKa doesn’t realize this is beyond me. Maybe they should travel to my birthplace right here in the USA, Dearborn, MI, to see how so called “normal” muslims live. They’ve totally decimated a once all AmeriCan city in a generation……

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