To take over a country control the media. Control the media, you control their minds.

Pullinghair2Bought and paid for media whores…
 We have a corrupted media. Journalism is supposed to be our first line of defense against a corrupted government instead we have a corrupted bought and paid for media of whores covering up the corruption and spewing agenda-filled propaganda.
To take over a country control the media. Control the media, you control their minds.

The media, a bunch of sensationalists, bullies, gossip mongers, racists, liars, biased, agenda-filled, self-promoting puppets bought and paid for by those who want the public to believe as ‘they’ tell them to. So, they repeat, repeat and repeat just like the dictator Obama does  who actually said, “Say it often enough and they will believe it.” Obama is a bully… so ‘his media’ follows his lead.

That’s how Obama got to where he is with this lying, liberal/progressive media cover-up and onslaught. 

Media control is the tool of dictators and Obama along with Oprah, Soros, Muslim owners, etc. and other’s help are going at it strong to promote their self-serving agenda.

I have grown to detest the media. There is no journalism. It is opinion and agenda-filled propaganda. I have no respect for them. They are about ratings, not truth… about agenda, not truth, while promoting and selling their books. They are all corrupted…

If we allow the corrupted media to choose our next President, we are done for as a free society…

If we follow and buy into the bought and paid for ignorance of the media, we are brainwashed fools. The current media is an enemy to all Americans… and needs to be removed and replaced with real reporting… real journalism, and brave, honorable people unafraid to tell the truth  with the integrity not to be bought off. This is what news programs should be… the search for truth, not the vilifying of some and the covering-up for others.

Then the incessant repetition on all channels of the same story repeated ad nauseam.

What we have now is a bunch of talking heads like on some continual idiotic lame talkshow… some try to be cute and funny, some try to show conflicting ideas to be ‘fair and balanced’ and I find it mostly to be ignorant entertainment pandering to fools.  It’s an Oprah, ‘The View’  trend of idiocy. It worked for them so they all follow suit.

Obama is taking apart America one freedom at a time. Progressive equals communism. Read about Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, NWO under the rule of the UN. 1st thing they are using is the con of global warming, the EPA is being used to implement rules, regulations, and taxes to put all resources under the rule of the UN and the NWO. This is the big news. So why isn’t the media talking about it continually?  It effects everyone of us and will lead to America’s destruction, to insert us into the NWO under the rule of the UN.  They are using the US as an income stream to fund this con.. Why isn’t every news program in America reporting this?

The media  people are working for Obama and the progressive agenda, not the American people. It’s all slanted for the agenda of the progressives as they attack real Americans on all fronts.

Oh, but when Obama starts to fall down  some will swing and shift to protect themselves, but will always be for their hidden, but not so hidden-agenda…

The media is sick, distorted and appears terminal.

All the talking heads giving their opinions…blah! blah! blah!  Telling Americans what they ‘should’ think and why. How insulting and hateful these media bullies are I know, I am insulted.  Who are these people really? Who put them where they are and why? None of them impress me. In fact, they bore me, irritate me and strike me as hollow, scripted puppets..

Their slanted BS polls used to try and get the sheeple to think that everyone feels one way or another, so they will want to be like the rest or turn against others. It’s all orchestrated talking points. They report a poll that deems those who like Trump are uneducated. What a lie, agenda-filled propaganda. Who takes these polls. Who creates them and who do they poll?

Actually those who support Trump are the most educated, and successful in their lives and don’t want or need government hand outs and freebies. They are the energetic people who control their lives and don’t what others to dictate to them.

 Polls, media sound bites, who they attack, what they attack, what they repeat, is all done for their agenda to brainwash to get the masses to do as they direct, think as they tell them to and believe what they say.

It is up to us to hold the media accountablebecause of their cover-up and protection of Obama, we have the worst, most corrupt, traitor to America, now in the position of President.

 If we allow the corrupted media to choose our next President, we are done for as a free society…

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28 thoughts on “To take over a country control the media. Control the media, you control their minds.”

  1. i don’t listen any more. i can make up my own mind and listen to what the people say. and what people are saying doesn’t match the polls, which in my mind are fixed and useless.

  2. Congress and all others are afraid of him sure with the army he is putting together they have been threatened that or doing anything to him would cause all out race wars obama has no plan of leaving office when term is up he is an illegal american hating Muslim piece of shit in the white house.

  3. The UN is a terrorist supporting organization. Nothing more. It is run by arab antisemitic money

  4. when ones hear the same lies all the time over and over. thats another way of taking control over ones minds.

  5. It’s even better if you control the media’s thoughts, through years of state schooling and sensitivity to political correctness. Then you don’t have to give directions or make threats, etc. They do your bidding automatically, like the little robots they were raised to be.

  6. The media, if said and repeated long enough people get to believe what they say. Be careful whaat you hear and read..

  7. Sanders/Clinton lies a bigger threat to our freedom than some made up lie used to control the people and how we use our resources.

  8. But there are plenty who resist and not taken in by their lies or even listen to their show. Just pray and God listens and is in control!

  9. Thank God I’m old enough to see what the media is doing. Nothing like back in the day when they were respectable.

  10. Ayn,I couldn’t agree more. Your words are so true. Satan has a cache of willing servants (IMO) to guide and direct the moral standards of society. As you so aptly described, the knowingly deceitful processes of the liberal media has been Satan’s most effective venue for corrupting the nations. As the Lord told us, Satan is prince of this world until He returns

  11. You are right! Over 90% of the media is controlled by just six corporations. And remember, no exploding…

  12. All Meghan Kelly is about is desiring to be a recognized leader of feminism. I never have liked her. She’s full of herself. With all the serious issues facing our country, her crusade is to don’t dare call a woman a bimbo or ever diminish a woman in any way. Yes Meghan, that’s a huge & serious issue that must be rectified for the good of the country. Give me a break. Keep showing the world what a strong woman you are while our country is being destroyed from within and without

  13. btw I love your smile and not hitting on you. I would go as far as saying “hot”, but….

  14. Prayers for my friend. Dream supreme and wake up with your great smile. GOD has richly blessed you.. Gabriel the Batman Leonard.

  15. Erdogan controls the media in Turkey and look what he just did there. Obama was doing the same thing in the USA !! ….Americans have to do something about the lame stream liberal progressive marxist propaganda media machine before its too late.

  16. Such a nice Article you posted this time WISDOM !! which Is Totalitarian and only way to cover the Evil designs of these Totalitarian Globalists like
    Dictator like Obama,Oprah,Soros, Muslim Owners etc.who don’t divulge the truth but
    Take away Freedom one by one in most deceitful manner. Paid Media is their tool
    Social media is very useful in combating the Press and TV if properly Organised. Such organization is possible only by Patriots and the Network of Patriots as in US. Such a good Country Turkey is gradually shifting from Democracy to Islamic Caliphate and Constitution replacement by Shariah. Muslims or where Freedom of Speech is not available , Social media is subdued. These Totalitarian Globalists are controlling Worldwide Media all are pro Obama and pro IslamicState, Islamic terror. Muslims of all over being Killed, Raped, Force Refugeed under the Design’s of Obama-Hillary but
    Surprising that they are not turning to PEACEFUL People but adhering to same group of Tyrants who have complete plan of their Destruction. These Muslims killed their
    Rulers like Gaddafi,Saddam are after Asad and Obama,-Erdogan who are planning their Destruction aren’t visible to them. Egypt
    which resisted the Muslim Brothers hood
    because the Public preferred Democracy
    Even today the People of Egypt like the People of America but dislike Obama.
    Dictators are making their designs possible Becoz the Media is keeping them in dark and showing only what these Destroyer Dictators want. Media is most powerful tool of Control.
    I fully agree with you WISDOM !!.

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