My opinion concerning the MSM…

by Ann
and also some of my opinions on a few other things…

The Main Stream Media, ABC, CBS, NBC, etc.. are just plain irresponsible, promote propaganda and agenda, self-serving and otherwise. I see no real journalism on these stations. It’s all just BAD reporting. I can barely watch them. I will flip to them for a moment, but then change the channel back to FOX.

The MSM continually tries to criminalize conservatives with no basis, or facts. It is as if they are an arm of the Obama propaganda machine. By his own words, Obama doesn’t like FOX, talk radio and, or ‘anyone’ that disagrees with his liberal, progressive, socialist agenda. So, he, his backers and his propaganda machine of the MSM ‘tries’ to vilify and shut up anyone that challenges them.

Obama is a blame machine. In my opinion, he is the weakest, worst, and most treasonous man to ever be in the White House and ever since he has been there and while he was conning the masses, the MSM has sunk to a level that is below vile. Their obvious goals are to lead the American people into their liberal and progessive agenda. Obama is a media creation, a puppet, prompted and promoted by Oprah and BOTH attended Rev. Wright’s church of hate… which the MSM conveniently forgets.

The MSM latest reporting on the horror that occurred in Arizona, by an unstable person, was the worst. To blame Palin, Limbaugh, Fox, Beck, the Tea Party, or anyone else for this action, except, the man that did it, is irresponsible and criminal reporting.  

When Kennedy and others were shot, we didn’t react in this manner, even as there was and is talk of conspiracy.

Obama’s take over of the Internet shows his fear of free thinking, free speech and communication. Obama and his backers including the MSM are trying to have only ‘their’ convoluted side heard and to hush and vilify eveyone else.

Obama and his administration are taking away people’s rights and freedoms almost daily while they ‘claim’ to care for the well-being of America. It’s all BS!!!

I am ashamed of Obama and those that put this man into office and that includes all those in the MSM, Oprah, the View and many, many more. I will not watch them for more than a few minutes and when I do, I am sickened.  I used to respect Diane Sawyer. I don’t any longer, as she is a part of ‘the agenda’… as is Couric and many, many more. Barbara Walters is a total sell out.

Oprah is an opportunist, greed, control hungry woman. She, now, has a network to try and sway the masses even more than she already  does. Those who can’t or won’t think for themselves. ‘Her experts’ … give me a break! Sure you can glean ideas, insights and awarenesses from many and you should always be learning, but this ‘Oprah endorsed expert channel’ is disgustingly like a power grab to infuence every area of her ‘viewers’ lives. I stopped watching her, years ago and will never watch her again

And I have never been over-weight, have worked out all my life, know how to cook and decorate, read all the time, and learned on my own about health issues, etc. And I did all this without ‘Oprah and her experts’. Fancy that! Had Oprah never been on the air, my life would be no different. You don’t need this greedy, self-promoting woman and her ‘experts’ for anything! And after all her diet and workout expertise, she is still overweight and has become wealthy on her viewers following her every move… Grosses me out!

And the day, I did watch her, just happens to be the day Obama was on her show promoting ‘his book’ … I could see immediately and knew that this man was a con and a fraud. I can barely stand to look for at him or Oprah!

Just Oprah’s stupidity in her various ‘diet choices’ shows how lost and wrong she is about so many things. Listen to this women as your guru at your own peril, a woman that will exploit and make money off every tragedy and event that she possibly can. Oh, you can be sure ‘good ole Oprah’ is trying to get interviews was as many affected by the Arizona disaster as she can. She exploits for ‘her profit’ everything that she can. Why won’t this woman go away? Why? Her personal narcissism, greed and self-serving agenda wrapped up in ‘seemingly’ goodness… OPEN UP YOUR EYES and see her agenda! Just my opinion…

The View is terrible. They vilify and attack everyone that doesn’t agree with their progressive, liberal agenda. Oprah is more subtle in her persuasion. Which is the more dangerous? You decide. I say both. They just come from different angles, no different than any sales person.

Regarding ‘gun control’, that is, now, being more focused upon because of this one unstable man’s actions. When there is an accident in a car, the driver is blamed. So, why when a gun is used is the ‘gun’ is blamed? A car can be just as much a weapon as a gun.

Everything on the MSM is reported for political agenda and it is unAmerican, poor, poor journalism and dishonesty and manipulation in reporting.

There is a reason that FOX is the top rated by viewers.. as of now, it is the only fair reporting that there is.. they offer both sides.. and have had a line open to the White House or anyone else who cares to be on there, or to comment.

Should Fox become muzzled, we will all know why.

Nothing on the media, political discourse or anything else contributed to what occurred in Arizona. It was done by one unstable man. And he was triggered by the misfirings in his brain.

To use and exploit this horrible incident in the manner that the MSM and some politicians are trying to do is despicable and shows an inability to think clearly, a lack of character, common sense, and good reasoning skills and shows a dishonest and manipulative intent and character. And, in my opinion, those that are doing this should be taken off the air and out of office. I don’t want to listen to them, or have them in America’s government… in my opinion, they are not good for our country, or our people.

(Curtesy of Karen Kirk)

Are we really to believe that if a politician poses in a photo, aiming a gun at a target, that they are ‘ipso facto’ contributing to an atmosphere of hatred and violence? In that case, are advocates of this argument willing to blame the victim? Because Gabrielle Giffords did the same.

(Makes the blaming of Palin look as twisted as it is…)

The only free speech that the MSM, Obama, and others are for is their own.
They wish to muzzle everyone else…

These are just a few of my opinions..
Let me know yours…and above all else…THINK FOR YOURSELF!!!
God Bless America!

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