It’s Wednesday, but let’s think about Sunday brunch…

by Ann
Eggs Benedict, one of my favs….

Canadian Bacon
English Muffins
Covered generously with the perfect Hollandaise Sauce..

Ready? Let’s go….

Melt a glob of butter, (I use Brummel and Brown, (half yogart and half butter), add flour and mix into a rue… add water and mix some more, ( make sure that there are no lumps) then add a glob of grated cheese.. let it melt then simmer.. at the end add lemon juice…

Cook Canadian bacon, toast the English muffins and cook the eggs.. I am not poaching them today, but cooking them in a skillet…

When all is ready, it’s time to build the Benedict. First, put the toasted English muffins on a plate..

Then put the Canadian bacon on the English muffin…

Put the eggs on top of the Canadian bacon…

Cover it all with the Hollandaise Sauce…

I garnish
it with Paprika
and serve with fruit.

TOTAL YUM!!!! Accompany the eggs benedict with Mimosa’s (champagne and OJ) or Bloody Mary’s … then well, how about back to bed….?!?!?!


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