Give your woman what she wants…

Many men have a hard time reading women. This might be (in part) because boys haven’t been taught to read emotions as attentively as girls have been.

Because of this early training, men end up at a serious disadvantage when it comes to picking up on emotions and non-verbal clues and cues.

Reading emotions can be learned and improving skills in this area is a worthwhile investment. Cultivating your emotional acuity will improve your relationships and communication skills, not only in the bedroom, but to the boardroom. No matter where you are or who you’re interacting with, the ability to read non-verbal cues, such as body language and facial expressions, can create a more amiable environment.

But not all things need to be picked up on some are just a given. There are somethings that every woman wants. (And probably, most men want also) So, while you brush up on your people-reading skills, you can rely on this quick list to make it easy to let your lady know just how much you care.

She wants to be (feel) adored by you. Tell her you love watching her sleep. Tell her you love falling asleep next to her at night. Tell her you’re grateful she chose you.

Bring her coffee in bed. Call her when you are apart – even if only for a few hours – just to tell her that you love her.

Give your loved one little gifts at random. These may be trinkets that remind you of her, or a simple yet sweet action, such as drawing her a bath or rubbing her feet without being asked.

Your woman wants to be noticed by you. This means paying attention to her appearance. Compliment her on her choice of clothing. Tell her she looks beautiful, hot, sexy, gorgeous.

But be aware: most women do not want to hear “You look nice!” We want to hear “That looks AMAZING on you!” or “Wow! I love how you did your eyes tonight.”

She wants to be and to feel taken care of by you. Pay attention to her mood, as well as the surface beauty. Notice when the conversation shifts. Pay attention to her vulnerability.

Remember that your woman may not want you to be the “fix-it man” when she hits an emotional moment. Perhaps, there’s nothing that needs fixing! She just wants you to listen and be there to lean on, or to hold her.

When in doubt about what might be wanted or needed, ask. Asking  is a wonderful, caring, sweet way of taking care of your lady. Ask if she wants to be held. Ask if she wants to talk about it. Ask if there’s anything you can do to make it better.

Ladies! Anything you want to add???

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