“It matters not what others think about you…

what matters most is what you think about yourself.”

Sure, we all would like to be ‘liked’, but I would rather stand for truth and honor in my living and communication than to be liked for being false and kissing butt, not saying what I really feel, or just keeping quiet.

But, then at times, it is better not to talk or communicate… because some people don’t know how to, or aren’t able to discuss anything of a different opinion without falling into immaturity, or name calling. Or worst becoming defensive and throwing the hate word around. They may call you ‘hateful’, or state what is being said is ‘hate’, when really, they are the ones full of hate. They are projecting who they are onto you because they can’t see, or own it in themselves.

I rarely if ever use the word hate in any context. But I have come to be made aware that the ‘love and light’ folks use it frequently. I wonder do they ‘think’ that if they project it onto others that they won’t have to ever claim it as their own.

Also, is it not actually self-hate and insecurity to not be able to handle anyone in disagreement with their ‘fragilely put together and held together identity’ of self and ideas?

I have recently had an experience with the those of the ‘love and light’ which appeared  to me more like a cover for intense insecurity and dislike of self. I have noticed more and more frequently that some seem to deem as ‘hate’ anything that disagrees with their opinion. And even as I give explanation here, it is still baffling to me. But so telling of their level and ablility, or inability to discuss, to think, to communicate and to be tolerant of other opinions. 

Get a clue…When you have self-confidence you are more able to discuss and have tolerance of others’ opinions and ideas.

There is so much circle talking going on and…why so much insecurity in this world today?

And why do so many that claim to be ‘love and light’ have the word ‘hate’ roll off their tongue faster than anyone elses? They are so often pointing the finger outside themselves when they need to turn it back towards their own being and take at look at self.

Then there are the folks that don’t want to be judged .. so fearful of it that they are the first to point the finger towards blaming others…

If you say, “Don’t judge me.”, to someone. Can’t you see that this shows that you are insecure in who that you are, or what you are doing, or you would never even think this way, or give a moments notice to whom is ‘judging’ you?  I have never told someone not to judge me. The thought never enters my mind.

And BLAME… this word is thrown around all the time these days…

As in the tragedy that just occured in Arizona, the blame game took off at rapid pace by liberals and the main stream media. And they were all incorrect in their placement of blame.

One unstable man did this horror and that is it and no one can know exactly why?  As his actions began in his own mind and were excecuted by him.


I am tired of hearing these words and especially in the overdone context that they are being used in today  It is like apart of this society is being held captive by immaturity expressed by’child-like’ verbiage…so immature intellectually and emotionally that they can’t communicate or discuss without using these words.

A recent example of twisting and the use of blame and judgment: A quote from Obama’s most recent pep rally.. which, in my opinion, should have been only a memorial instead of a political opportunity for him. 

“But at a time when our discourse has become so sharply polarized – at a time when we are far too eager to lay the blame for all that ails the world at the feet of those who think differently than we do – it’s important for us to pause for a moment and make sure that we are talking with each other in a way that heals, not a way that wounds.” 

Obama needs to ‘get’ that the American people, the Tea Party, and the Republicans are not his enemy.  He needs to stop talking down and bad about these people and inferring blame on people when there is none. He plays the judging, hate, and blame game continually in his political platform and those that voted for him do the same… the ‘love and light’, progessives and liberals.

There was really no reason for Obama to say this. Sure, it sounds good, but has nothing to do with what occurred, except for in the case of his backers and believers playing their blame game. Obama continually twists the blame and continually projects… it is Leviathan at work..  used for manipulation of the masses.

He, as President, should not divide the American people and point fingers at Beck and Fox, and others, etc. whether he likes their position or not. And he should not twist words and use every situation to campaign, but this is what this man does. And his doing of this shows absolutely NO RESPECT FOR THE INTELLIGENCE OF THE AMERCAN PEOPLE.

Obama knows what he is doing. And in my opinion, Obama’s rhetoric reflects actual disdain towards the American people and is insulting to the intelligence of us all as he uses hate, judging and blame and twists it to his agenda.

Again, it matters more what you think of yourself than what others think of you…

When you have a certain level of self-esteem and self-confidence, you will not have the need to call differing opinons ‘hate’. You will not care if you are being judged. And if you are ‘judged’,  you will look at your behaviors to see why and self-evaluate. And blame will live with self-first and not be projected outward. And you will be able to see clearly when people are trying to manipulate you using these tactics and in this manner…as in Obama, his handlers and his backers…
What do you think?

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