What happened in Paris will happen in US…

They will attack our shopping areas, our restaurants, our sports arenas, our theaters, they want to destroy our way of life and our economy.  Because of their actions, Americans will be further restricted with searches and rules.

They want to ‘change’ us forever and make us over in their image of rule, dominate, control, suppression, oppression, torture, restriction, lack, inhumanity, perversion and hate. They want to create a world wide caliphate.Islam5

We must close our borders and allow no refugees, immigrants, or illegals into America. Obama is leading this ‘change’, destruction and caliphate.

Obama’s dream what happened in France will happen in America.

We need to get all Muslims out of US, close all Mosques, which is where they prepare for war.

“The future does not belong to those who slander Islam” Obama. Only a Muslim would think in this way. Obama stands with those who wish to destroy America.

We need to get all Muslims out of our government. They all stand together to create the caliphate.


“Not all Muslims are like that.”

Anybody who today still repeats lies about equality, diversity, ‘not all Muslims are like that’, or tries to blame everything on the disingenuous blanket term of ‘religion’, when all the evidence around them screams towards the opposite, or tries to guilt modern-day Europeans for the violent struggle for survival of their ancestors, is as much a part of the problem as the third world horde itself.

21 thoughts on “What happened in Paris will happen in US…”

  1. Obama is setting America up. You are correct Ayn, I predict it will happen here within the year before the election so Obama can enact Martial Law.

  2. We are witnessing the early stages of a global war between Christianity and Islam being initiated by Barack Hussein Obama…the man who is a muslim but lies about being a Christian.

  3. Porous borders not only pose a serious security but also economic risk. It is only a matter of time here in the US. How could the European Union been so disconnected and fail to recognize and predict this problem? Unified by political policy failure.

  4. Obamanation put your money where your mouth is. Move the refugees in with you at the White House.

  5. So lets invite a few thousand of what we think are Syrian refugees into our country that we have no idea who they are and what they are wanting to be here for ? That ought to make it easier on us don’t you think?

  6. Keeping in mind, ISIS and other Jihadist groups love to watch us in North America spend money protecting ourselves, even a hint if an attack and millions extra are soent on security in a single day, the holidays are a great timetable for their terrorist agenda. If they hit a shopping mall for instance, the financial repercussions would be devestating economically on top of the loss of life. They would also be hitting at the very seat of Christianity as Christmas is celebrated by Christians as the time when Christ was born. Double bonus for ISIS.

  7. The president has been and always will be a muslium at heart. He is trying to infiltrate this country with as many Muslims as he can. It’s part of a world wide play, I’m convinced. And EVERY politician we have is in on it. They all must hang. We need Judge Parker about now

  8. so sad and so predictable…the world has to declare war on the islamist leaders in the Middle East who do not immediately condemn the heinous evil acts of ISIS and all those who follow the ‘salafist’ form of Islam that gives rise to these radical Islamist terrorist groups…There are zones in Europe civilized western people cannot enter because of the violent Arabic speaking muslim communities who do not want westerners in their midst. I said this for years we need to declare war on this Islamic extremism now and offer ultimatums to Islamic leaders in the Middle East to condemn radical Islam or we go to war on them too !!…That’s how’s it done!!

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