When others talk…

do you really listen? Do you really hear what someone is really saying? Or do you hear mostly, or only what you want to hear?

If you REALLY listen, you have a chance to really comprehend what they really mean along with their intent. Really listen and you have more of a chance to discern lying and ill intent. Cons are counting on you not really hearing them. That’s why they talk fast, circle talk and repeat certain words. They are trying to manipulate with words and take over your thought processes. That way they can sweep in and have you signed on the dotted line, vote for them, buy their products, or let them into your life so they can manipulate you further…
Really listen and you can hear behind the words.

And if you are in the service industry, really listen and you will be able to preform your job more proficiently.

Try getting out of the chatter in your head, forget ‘your agenda’ and while someone is talking listen to theirs. When others are talking really hear what they are saying. Listening and comprehending are skills and they can be learned and refined.

Stop and really listen to people when they are talking. You will learn more about them and also more about yourself.

When has not listening messed you up? And when has really hearing what is being said saved you from heartbreak or trouble?

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