Explosion of Jealousy, Greed, Lust…Immorality!!!

Why is there so much jealousy, greed and lust in this world with some wanting what others have and actually even wanting to be another?

Some want to take from others that which is not rightfully their’s. WHY?

I did a recent blog asking if you would exchange your life for another’s and most responded, NO!  Would you exchange places?

Of course, WomenExplode readers are way above the norm…

So, who are these people that want to take from others and why would they?

We are all born into circumstances and situations that are uniquely our own. Our genetics, our family lineage, our talents, our lack, our looks, our intelligence are ours at birth. It’s what makes us who we are.. we are individuals placed in varying circumstances. What we do with what we are given is up to us!

Because what may APPEAR wonderful is actually not and what may appear LACKING is actually not… People observing others don’t and can’t know what is behind the obvious nor should they… they need to focus on their own life not someone else’s….

We are not all the same and never will be and no one can make us so. Not even Obama. I write this Obama statement with sheer disgust. This man and his agenda disgusts me as no other.

Some of our leaders are playing on the collective jealousy, greed, lust…immorality… to try and make the ignorant and empty of spiritthink’ they we can all be the same and that immorality doesn’t matter. That if you take from the rich and give to the poor that this will make equality. No! What that is, is stealing.  

Immorality weakens people and makes them easily controllable and led onward to their own destruction.

There is a big con going on in this world and the ignorant masses are falling for it. “I want me some a dat.” Has become the mantra of ignorance.

We are different and we are different for reasons. We all have different struggles in this life and they are unique to us.

Races are not the same.
 They have different strengths and weaknesses. They are different. They are made different. They look different. And in each race are individuals! If the races were meant to be the same, they would be! We are different colors and look differently because God made us that way.

Who we are is unique to us. We are individuals born into who we are and placed where we are in our own uniqueness to live the lives that God gave us. And it is up to us, individually, to learn, strive, develop, overcome and to be the best that we can be within the perimeters of who we are and our circumstances… family helps family, friends help should they choose, but the government should BUTT OUT!

Government needs to butt out of the natural division that God has created for our growth and development.

The Government needs to stop trying to play God… and I will emphasize that with Obama, Oprah and others that actually have no real caring for mankind, but are spreading their agenda-filled propaganda to line their pockets and to glean personal power and control over the masses and this is of their ego and it is of evil not ‘good’ as ‘they pretend’.

If you choose to follow one of  these fake, media created and sustained, mortal Gods or idols watch and be very careful where and what you are being led into….

The media, the gossip mongers, the Hollywood BS has made many think that what is displayed and talked about is the way to live. That you need the ‘bling’ and should have it because others do and you can live immorally because others do. It is a disastrous example.

Things that should be left as ‘adult’ entertainment have been exploited by greed and are being shown to our youth and it is corrupting our whole society.

Many of our youth without the proper guidance, ‘think’ that they can live for example, like Angelina Jolie, having children out of wedlock and this ignorance is ruining lives.

Look at the example of Charlie Sheen…an immoral, drug and alcohol, promisuous, probably severely mentally ill, made wealthy by the viewing audience,  idiot blabbing and exploiting and being exploited by the media about his sick twisted slant on things. And some pathetic young people will see this as the behavior and life to model. Look at this Lady Gaga freak show… she admits to doing drugs… and she is blasted all over the airwaves as such great entertainment.

Jealousy, Greed, Lust, Immorality… where does it stop? Does it stop when it gets so out of control that the evil of what it is turns to implode on self then explodes into the whole of society as hungry, jealous, greedy, lustful animals looking for their next fix as many are led to the slaughter of their souls and that of others.

It’s individual disapline, refinement, gratitude, morals, values, honor, respect and truth that will guide us to a better world and it has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE GOVERNMENT and certainly not with this current administration which is Anti-Christ and pro-immorality.

It is not collective salvation.. it is individual and it is an individual CHOICE not a MANDATE.  What do you, will you choose?

As it’s freedom to choose.. we choose what we watch on TV. We choose how we live, what we put into our mouths, on our bodies, what we read and what we buy.

Use your individuality to be whom God meant you to be, not what Oprah, Obama, Sheen, Lady GaGa, The View, or anyone else models, or tells you that you should be or want…

Jealousy, Greed, Lust, Immorality leads to destruction of self…

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