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Angels and Whores…

 ???????????????????????????????The evening with the Saudi Princes pretty much disgusted me. Observing their behavior, learning how they live and treat their wives offended my very being. The Saudi experience occurred in the Fall of that year and by that Summer… I found out that my husband had an illegitimate child with his secretary.

Our marriage had been weighted full of ‘his’ problems…

I married him out of college and soon discovered as he got into the world that he was an alcoholic and a gambler. He had us deeply in debt. As I saved money, he gambled it away. Now, in a horror scenario, not unlike Maria Shriver’s situation… I found he had been living two lives…  https://blog.womenexplode.com/2011/05/17/i-have-been-where-you-are-maria.aspx

He had his life with me. I was a housewife and taught ballet. He worked for ‘my’ father’s company… I wore myself out trying to make him ‘appear’ good and okay… like our life really was what it ‘appeared’ to be on the outside, but it wasn’t. I was married to a baby, who wore a suit to work, played golf at a country club where ‘I’ was the member…

His other life was that of a drinking, gambling womanizer… hanging with the kind of women that he would never marry…

He was using them, and he was using me and he was loyal to no one, including himself…Geez! kinda like a Saudi Prince… Ha!

I recall him telling me towards the end of our marriage that he really liked going places with me because when I entered a room everyone’s head turned.  I inquired. “What are you talking about?” He explained further, “Like at the ballet, when we are shown to our seats, all eyes are on you. I feel noticed and important when I am with you.”

Just about explains it all, huh?

Soo… he liked what being with me made ‘him’ feel like. And the other women? He was with them because they made ‘him’ feel another way… I was out there and seen to enhance ‘his image’ of himself and they were in the shadows hidden. But the bottom line is that it was all about ‘him’… not anyone else, but him and how someone ‘made him feel’ about himself.

Of course, it was devastating to me to have all this revealed. Once, I found out about his secretary, I discovered that he had been having affairs ever since we were engaged.

I call it the Angel/Whore complex…The wife is the ‘good’ one… with the ‘Mrs.’ before her name and the others are insignificant playthings… But no one matters… it’s just different placements…to make the man feel a certain way and to give him what he wants…

I wonder does this kind of a man ever think about the women, their feelings, and their emotions? Or is it all only about him?

My ex-husband was a Baptist and strictly reared … no dancing and no drinking… Ha! Because he and his brothers were wild and were cheaters… Kinda like that Muslim practice, pushing their ‘morality’ when they are about as corrupt and immoral as anyone can be.

And my ex denied his child with his secretary in an ‘effort’ to try and get me to believe that it wasn’t his, and to ‘save’ our marriage, his facade. Our marriage was the facade that gave him ‘respectability’. He eventually paid her off and signed all rights to the child away.

While he was begging me to not divorce him, telling me that he loves me, always loved me … blah! blah! I find that he is having an affair with a ‘flight attendant’. How do I find this out? She sends a sex ridden card to ‘my’ house… about two days after I kicked my husband out.

After I divorced him, I never saw him again, but I have wondered, if he ever acknowledged his son. Amazing how cold, self-serving, selfish and immoral some men can be….

How and why do some men live one life that is presentable and respectable and another that is on the edge? Almost like they thrive on the duplicity of it all… the thrill of the hiding, the thrill of seeing how long they can get away with it…

Why do some men think it’s okay to live like this? We know Muslims have no respect for women, but why do some American men behave and live in this manner? Like they think, that ‘where’ their sexual organ has been doesn’t matter. But it does! To a woman like me it does… when I find a man has cheated… it’s over… And if I know a man cheats on anyone, I lose all respect for him.

There I was that evening, feeling sorry for Muslim women, hearing about how they are treated… and I was living a similar nightmare…

Is it some kind of a male entitlement that some men think they have? Is it that they ‘think’ what the ‘wife’ doesn’t know, won’t hurt her? Is it that the sanctity of marriage means nothing to some? Do some men ‘think’ all women are second class citizens and that they can treat them anyway that they desire?

Do they have an Angel/Whore complex… they marry the woman, ‘the Angel’, who gives them the facade of what they want to appear like…the respectable life, then play with the Whores?

An Angel will help a man see and know who he really is, assist and guide him along the way, helping him to be the best man that he can be and create a great life in ‘reality’… A Whore will ‘momentarily’ make him think he’s everything that he isn’t… it’s all delusions as she uses him and he uses her…they suck the life out of each other…it’s all comes down to destruction of life and souls… all for the male’s ego and ‘sex’… how lame can anything get?!

What is it with some men?…And don’t they realize, if they live like this, that in actuality, they are whores…just because they are men, gives them no escape from what they really are… They are man whores…

My sister ran into my ex lately at the grocery and reported that he is really fat and has some sort of severe health issues…well… ummm….And I heard that he went bankrupt several times… soo….

My Evening with Two Saudi Princes…

???????????????????????????????Many, many years ago, before I even actually knew what a Muslim was, or even thought about it (remember the good old days?)…

My husband and I were at a business dinner to entertain two Saudi Princes. My father was the owner of a construction and oil related company and in a joint venture.

There were eight other people besides myself and my husband then the Saudi Princes… One Prince, the older brother, sat at the end of the table, I sat to his left, with my husband to the left of me. The President of the company doing the joint venture was at the other end of the table and the younger Prince sat across the table.

This was an oxford-cloth-traditional group, except, for the Saudi Princes who wore multiple chains of gold around their necks, flashy bracelets and watches on their wrists, many rings on their fingers, silk shirts and shiny, slick suits…and, of course, with their dark skin and they both had mustaches, or some sort of facial hair… in other words, they looked like pimps…

It was the usual business dinner with a bit of personal conversation. It was obvious the Princes had no interest in talking with the wives.

But for some reason, the Prince sitting next to me, took an interest in me and asked what I like to do. I told him that I like to dance. His eyebrows raised. “I dance ballet.” From his reaction, I don’t think that he knew what ballet was, as I go on, “I am a ballet teacher. Ballet? France? The Bolshoi?”

He nodded acknowledgment then flashed a look at my husband and exclaimed. “You allow her to work!?”

“I like to work. Why wouldn’t I work?”

“A woman such as yourself should not work.”

“I like to teach and I have danced all my life.” I answer as I thought, what a jerk, ‘allow me’. Is he kidding or what?

I don’t recall the rest of the evening’s conversation, except, that the Prince  took a liking to me. Maybe, it was my dark hair and olive skin…and my speaking up and challenging him at every turn.

These gold encrusted Princes were on a tour of America and to do some business and when they returned to Saudi Arabia, they were both to be married. I found them to be boastful and arrogant, but the one sitting next to me, not entirely unpleasant. I found him interesting to observe.

At the end of the dinner, the President, at the other end of the table, was given the check and paid it. When the Prince next to me realized this, he stood up in an explosion, practically lifting up the table, shouting angrily, I guess in Arabic. The younger Prince stood up in preparation to leave.

That President’s mis-step concerning ‘custom’ was about to blow up the whole deal…Quickly my womanly instincts took over. I reached up, patted the Prince’s arm, pulling him down to his seat and said. “How about the next time, we are in Saudi Arabia, you can pick up the check. Deal?” Then I smiled really big.

He chuckled. “You won’t come to Saudi Arabia.”

“Don’t be too sure about that.” I smiled.

The Prince paused in contemplation, (I could see the wheels turning in his head) as I continued. “We’ve had such a nice time. I have enjoyed talking with you so much. He didn’t mean to offend you. Now, why would he do that? He wanted to create a lovely evening for you and he did.”

With that, tension begin to leave the Prince.

“And we will be in Saudia Arabia to collect. Really, we will. You can count on it.”

The Prince chuckled, the tension was released, as he sat down and all was well…. (It was all about his ego.)

After dinner, we ended up at a Disco (remember those?) because the Princes wanted to party… My husband informed me on the drive over that the Princes wanted to meet some girls. “But I thought they were engaged to marry?” I inquired.

HIs reply. “Yes, and one reason they are in America is to party. Their wives ‘to be’ must be virgins, but the men sleep with everything in sight.  A non-Muslim woman is nothing to them. Saudi women cover themselves from head to toe, while in their own country, but when they go to France or England, they wear the finest designer clothing. Their women are meticulously groomed, in the Royal family, that is. I heard that they take their robes off as soon as they get on their jets and look like well-dressed socialites.”

I replied. “How disgusting and what hypocrites.”

At the Disco, we were dancing and having ‘fun’. I danced lots with the younger Prince who was a wiry little freak show unto himself. But, oh well! I was just getting through this business evening.

When I sat down at our table, I began to sneeze and the older Prince gave the waitress a hundred dollar bill to get me a box of kleenex. The hundred dollar bills were flying around as fast as the waitresses could pick them up.(and this was when $100 was $100, remember those days?)

After getting our car and as we were leaving, my husband pulled back around to the front of the Disco then got out. He walked over to the Prince’s Limo, as I noticed several waitresses walk out of the club. My husband spoke to the waitresses then they got into Princes’ Limo.

When my husband got back into the car, he said, “Don’t even ask.”

But of course, I did…

So, these ego-driven, arrogant, braggadocios Saudi Princes were going through America buying women such as these waitresses… then going back to marry their virgins.

I hadn’t thought about this experience in years… but the other night while out with some friends, we were talking about how Muslims treat women and I recalled it…

Later the President of the company doing the joint venture told my Dad that I had saved the day…by my calming down of the Prince.


“Women in our (Islamic) culture are nothing. They are equal to the goat or the rug. Her purpose is to be married to her husband to give him pleasure. When a husband marries a wife, he purchases her sexual organs,”
Kamal Saleem, When Allah Doesn’t Answer

“when I want a sex-slave, I go to the market and pick whichever female I desire and buy her
Abu Ishaq al-Huwaini from Raped and Ransacked in the Muslim World

I could not remain a Muslim because Islam hates women. I think I always knew this, but as I got older that knowledge became more acute, Islam wants women to cover themselves, to stay indoors, to obey men, however stupid those men are. Islam says that women are inferior in every way. Islam distorted my father’s feelings. He did not want us, his own daughters, to be happy or fulfilled. He only wanted us to be good Muslims and for daughters this means to be suffering Muslims. What sort of religion forces fathers to make their daughters suffer? What sort of father thinks that his daughter’s hair is shameful? What sort of father tells her she cannot sing and dance when she is happy? A Muslim father.

This is why I am not a Muslim. My children, boys and girls, will be able to feel the wind in their hair. They will not be ashamed. They can sing and dance as much as they like. Nothing they do will shame me, as long as it is done with life and joy. Islam has no joy. Islam is a cult of tears and death.
Testimony submitted to the web site of the Institute for the Secularization of Islamic Society

A man is never alone with a woman without Satan also being present.
Hadith Al-Albani, Sahih al-Jami, vol. 1, p. 234.]

A woman’s rape is frequently the last act that precedes her execution.
This is explained by the rule in Iranian political prisons that the
sentence of execution cannot be carried out if the woman is a virgin.
Since there is a theological belief that if a woman dies a virgin she will go to heaven, the politically active virgin is forced to “marry” before her execution and thus to insure she will go to hell.
She is forced to “marry” the hangman who will carry out her execution.
Le Nouvel Homme Islamiste: La Prison Politique en Iran
(The New Islamist Man: The Political Prison in Iran)
By Chahla Chafiq

…. And we are allowing ‘this’ into America and being told that we can’t talk badly about Muslims…because they are so peaceful.. blah blah, blah!

These Saudi Princes were beyond arrogant and it was apparent that they could easily snap to do real harm to someone… hot-tempered – ego-controlled and impressed with themselves and their wealth and they want  everyone to know it and to bow down.

It is interesting that, ‘I’, a ‘mere woman’, was able to soothe the situation…

Which goes to show, even as these men want total control over a woman that her attention and allure can ‘guide’ or ‘manipulate’ them. Is this their real fear?

Their culture has this angel/whore thing going on, as many men do, not just Muslim… but in the Muslim practice this ignorance plays out in the most extreme ways…

There are so many complex insights in and to this experience…

What are your thoughts…?

And stay tuned… there’s a second part to this story..