fem·i·nism – noun – advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.
I agree concerning equal rights – in that, women should receive equal pay for equal work and that women should be treated with respect in the work place and not subjugated or overpowered by unwanted or unwarranted sexual advances and innuendoes  by some needy, insecure penis in the workplace, business world or anywhere else.
Other than that – what I see and hear that these radical men hating, vagina hat wearing foul-mouthed women are doing by their marches and protests is about as unfeminine and not woman-like as anything could be.  These women who are modeling for their daughters and youth that to dress and act like an idiot is womanly. It’s sad and disgusting. Imagine what these women hating men are doing to their sons as they raised them and model their sick not womanly behavior.
I am a feminine woman –  I like myself. I like men and I enjoy being admired as a woman and flirted with as appropriate to time and place. I am a strong secure woman.
The women donning these idiot costumes with their vile stoopid signs concerning their private parts are not strong, secure, intelligent or wise.  They are displaying neediness, insecurity , negative self-image and more. And their doing this has less to do with men and more to do with their internal lack of self-worth. It’s about them and no one else. They project their insecurity and hate of self into the world because they can’t stand who they are.
WASHINGTON, DC- JAN 21- Groups gather for the Women's March on Washington on Saturday, Jan. 21, 2017 in Washington, D.C. (For the Washington Post: Amanda Voisard)These women may think they are free thinkers but they are so brainwashed and controlled that they actually have no individual thoughts. They are following a group twisted in distortion, insecurity and fear. They are actually imprisoned.  They are easily manipulated by those who want to use them for their purposes – which is that of destroying their femininity and making them a  sick distortion of themselves. Insecure people like to connect with a group in order to help or make them feel validated to bolster their insecurity and cover-up for their lack of self-worth. Few of them could/can stand alone . They are a gang or a herd of loser/bullies feeding off one another’s frenzied energy.  Women who hate being women – hate men –  are lost and full of self-loathing. They are lowly and not women in my eyes with their foul words, idiotic hats and costumes.
It’s unfortunate that some men these days who are turning into ‘p—ies’. God made men and women differently for reasons. Men are to protect women.
Women such as these  are turning men into vaginas while they are acting like dicks. They are destroying the natural flow of things. they are losing their femininity while gaining  nothing but the right to act the fool – like some kind of jester to the world in a vagina hat.
As a woman,  I can match intelligence with most men, but it’s nothing I feel I have to prove. I just  want and need to be my wonderful feminine womanly self – be who I am. But you need to know who you are  in order to be who you are. That’s all any of us need… because when we do that – we are secure in self, can stand up for self and are equal to all.
I have been sexually harassed in the work environment. I exited,  addressed it immediately, sued and he settled.  And doing this, did not make me feel  less than a woman and that I needed to wear a vagina costume to prove I was a woman.
When you feel less than, you can flip into trying to feel better than and you do this because you don’t feel equal to.
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30 thoughts on “Feminism…”

  1. Thank you for writing this. I think like you do. Watching women make fools of themselves wearing dumb hats is sickening. They are proving nothing but that they are lost and have no self identity.

  2. Real women are too busy and productive in their lives to march and dance around like the vagina hat women are doing. They are not women. They are puppets of men trying to be something that they aren’t free. Ayn, you write what women with brains think. Always do.

  3. they march against what i marched for years ago! my body my decision..they should be using them monies and time standing in front of a orphange adopting children…they say rights…what rights have been taken away from women? NONE last i checked..15min ago..a female citizen in cali is gunned down by a damn illegal that was deported time and time again with 9752987 stories on how he acquired, found etc the weapon..and march for illegals to stay…WTF..you so called women are not women but a bunch of sheeple wanting attention instead of doing something worth while. Dont come bitching to me when your sons or daughters come home with a wooden penis on their head claiming they are woody wood pecker now…

  4. it makes me soooo livid to see females acting like this..no cause, going against other women, trashing the streets, wearing disguting outfits and hats, having children carry signs with vulgar words on them..i mean seriously this shows you how dumbed down these females are..nothing but sheeple and not one did i hear that had any facts or know a specific issue to address..reminds of men at times in a circle jerk.

  5. I wonder what these woman would say if there were a mans walk with signs showing dick power? I’ll bet they would be offended and get on the “me too” wagon.

  6. I am in the me too group but not this movement. They are making a mockery out of every woman before them that worked hard and sacrificed to not be seen as just a vagina. These women are parading around with vagina on. They are wearing stupid hats to represent again vaginas.

  7. Feminism Has Just About Ran It’s Course – Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Standon are early feminists of the 20th century. As with any driven human being they did a great deal to advance the equal rights of women. Like the Civil Rights movement the leftists within our country took over the Feminist moment approximately 40 years ago and have been gradually bastardizing of movement for 40 years. Anthony and Standon were “devout Pro-Lifers” and completely opposite of leftists, Marxist, racist and eugenics promoter Margaret Sanger founder of Planned Parenthood.
    Feminism was commandeered decades ago and was once connected to the Republican Party – personal liberty, legal equality and individual merit. As with many other noble causes the leftist groups seize control of the movement and turn them into a political machine. Feminism is no more pro-women than the Ku Klux Klan was pro-white people, it is a cruel joke played on gullible women. Feminism was once a noble cause but the leftists have turned the organization into a hate men, hate America group.
    We do not need to go very far back (2008) in time to witness how the woman’s movement attacked Sarah Palin. Palin had succeeded in doing everything the feminists said they were working for four more than 40 years. She was a self-made woman with not only a career but a family. Unfortunately, Palin was a conservative who actually loved her husband and was pro-life. She did not fit the leftist’s profile because she supports life and is a conservative. Sarah Palin was kryptonite to the leftist feminist movement so they did everything they could to destroy her. Sounds a bit hypocritical to me, how about you?
    In my life there may be three women who I believe could be labeled as being a weakling. As with most of the lefts propaganda, weak woman, weak poor people and weak black people in mass are a figment of the imagination of the leftist’s mind. As human beings, we all have the power to change in an instance if we choose to do so. All of us have the ability to change from shy to flamboyant, from weak to strong if we are able to convince our mind to be so. Sex, color or race have nothing to do with our ability to change in an instance. If a person is feeling weak or abused it is their fault, not our fault.
    Fortunately today the pendulum has reached its zenith with regard to Feminism. Feminism is not the ‘be all and end all’ any longer. A recent study found working women who believe a career is as important as being a wife and mother has dropped more than 23% since the 1970s, feminism is a losing its way and power. Most people including women want to love and be loved, a paycheck and power are not what life is about. Talented young women have opportunities to succeed in not only being a wife and mother but have a career also. The women of today with modern technologies and remote offices have more flexibility than their predecessors ever dreamed of.

  8. This generation is clueless as to what it means to be a woman of power, honor and dignity, which is the 3 main factors in the original womens movement. I’m embarrassed by them, ashamed of them, angry at them !! They, in their ignorance have set the womans movement and rights and turned it into a laughingstock. They dress their boys like girls and vise versa and believe that they are helping these children to be who they are !! To choose what they want to be, that they are liberating them from societal constraints, when in reality they are causing confusing and mental anxiety to the undeveloped brain of our future leaders !! It sickens me. But all that is left is for us to do, is to pray for these angry, confused, self doubting individuals.

  9. Thank you Women Explode, for Sharing this! And, what those Poor Women do Not understand, is that Linda Sansour, of of the Organizers is a Muslim who believes in Sharia Law, so they are Protesting, so that they can Lose their Liberties and Rights

  10. Stupid bitches, they r consumed by the word VAGINA, dogs, cats, horses, pigs, birds, crocodiles, rats, gorillas, etc, etc, etc ALL HAVE VAGINAS get over it!!worry about the rape of young girls in every country!!!!!!

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