Globalists- NWO – UN – many in our Government ….

and media around the world  who are aligned with this manipulative, corrupt, evil, ‘destroy America’ movement  are the biggest racists that exist. They  want to rule over the  world with all others beneath them in servitude; as in Al Gore, Soros, Clintons, Buffet, Obamas, Gates, Zuckerberg, Pelosi, Rothchilds, some of the Bushes, etc. – to name a very few. Their goals are to control all the world’s resources and assets, including all property rights. They want to weaken America  and take us down to insert us into the NWO under the rule of the UN. Under this rule, the masses will have no freedom.  It will be an illusion of ‘being taken care of’. All will be ‘considered equal’ according to the edit of the few who rule over the masses. So what better way to do this than to flood America with illegals, refugees and others that don’t want to assimilate, but instead want to drain, destroy, change, rule over and conquer the USA.  

President Trump is trying to expose and to  bust this up. This group of  self- anointed  elitists are greatly threatened and in fear of him and what he is doing as it goes against their destructive evil agenda for America.  While they appear that they wanted ‘equality’ for all – this is only a facade – what they want is control. That is why they are after Trump so intensely. He is exposing them and will continue to do so. He sees right through them and has for years. If you listen to his interviews, from decades ago, he even says so then and that he knows their agenda.

Only the ignorant are buying into the chaos and division that ‘they’ are instigating, triggering and promoting concerning race, etc. Tearing down statues and monuments is destroying our history. History is ‘what it is’ – it can’t be changed and it is to be learned from. To tear down, destroy, hide  or try to recreate history is control for agenda and of evil.

‘They’ own most the media. So ‘they’ imprint in the minds of fools that which they want them to believe. They know most of the populous will believe what they are told because they don’t/won’t/can’t think for themselves and are easily brainwashed to believe that these manipulative elitists care about them and their miserable lives. ‘They’ think as advertisers do – repeat the promo – the lie – promote – repeat – promote –  continuously repeat –  and  the masses will believe what they are told to believe and buy what they are told to buy.

They want the American people weak and fighting one another. A house divided against itself cannot stand.

They want the government to replace God…. they want the world broken, fractured, fragmented, perverted, confused and under their Satanic-based control.

Cut to the chase – we are on the planet of dualities – good versus evil.

Evil hates the good, just for their being the good . Therefore, Leviathan fog is spread over all communication and  used for manipulation, control and corruption.

Their weakness is their arrogance – that no one can see what they are doing and that they ‘think’ in their distortion that  ‘they’ are all powerful. Just like Satan thought he was better and more powerful than God.  So God – ‘good’ – threw evil out of Heaven and  down to earth.

Evil is not more powerful than good.

God is freewill. Evil is about control…

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  1. Exacting and perfect article about existence on earth. You get it like few do. I can’t wait to read your book

  2. Their whole “Russia-Russia-Russia”narrative was going nowhere fast, so their new thing is everybody that doesn’t agree with their communist agenda is to be labeled “racist”. Nobody is falling for it, the only protests/violence is coming from the paid protestors they are seeding, for all of it’s effectiveness, they may as well return to the Russia mantra…

  3. It’s ALL being orchestrate by the iunsane democrats because they are hateful and they are still melting down because Donald Trump WON and COOKed Hillary LOST! Stand firm and strong with PRESIDENT Donald Trump because he is WINNING for US

  4. Exactly! The Democrats own most of that history and are attempting to remove all remembrance of their part of it! It was the Democrats that were pro slavery causing the Civil War. It was the Democrats that were the ones that assembled their masked militant arm of their party, the KKK. It is the Democrats that embrace the institution started by a racist (Margaret Sanger {Hillary’s idol}) that is hell bent upon wiping out the black race and calling it “women’s health”!
    And let’s face it, the Nazi’s were the National Socialist German Workers’ Party.the only reason they were not mentioned in the same breath as the Marxist communists of Russia was the fact that at the time they did not want to piss off the Russians because they were an “ally” in stopping the Nazi’s! Both of them are/were Socialists, the same only different, just like the Democrats!

  5. A hammer in one hand and a nail in the other hand of a wise person with truth to nail down will be done as I see here.

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