Frank Gaffney former Reagan Security Advisor…

???????????????????????????????Founder and President of The Center for Security Policy spoke on THE ENEMY WITHIN (the Muslim Brotherhood) and AMERICAN LAW FOR AMERICAN COURTS.

The Cooper Aerobics Center was the venue that was packed to capacity full of patriotic Americans who can see clearly what is happening to our country…

Being among these wonderful people is a feeling of safety, security and the wisdom of what makes America great. ???????????????????????????????Also there, were the Texas Conservative Legislative Candidates…

???????????????????????????????And the Co-Director for the state of Texas, Dorrie O’Brien, of ACT, (a national grassroots organization concerned with national security as it pertains to radical Islam in the US) along with Susan Watts and Steve Wilson (not pictured). ACT lobbies and educates about radical Islam also with us is Steve Munisteri, the State Republican Chairman of Texas.

Shariah and the ‘Civilization Jihad’ in America: The Enemy Within

Shariah is fundamentally about power and control not about faith. Shariah is a political program to rule the world. It is the Muslim Brotherhood and nothing about it is good for America, in fact, Shariah is a threat to all the American freedoms that we have under our Constitution. Some will say that Shariah and the Constitution are compatible and they are not.

The motto of the Muslim Brotherhood is: “Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. The Quran is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying is the way of Allah.”

The goal of the Muslim Brotherhood is to achieve Shariah law world wide… a Caliphate.

Civilization Jihad Techniques:

1. Keep infidels ignorant of the true nature and progress of Shariah.
( propaganda that Islam is a ‘religion’ of ‘peace’)

2. Prohibit ‘Blasphemy’ and ‘Slander’ of Islam (we are seeing this occur with the ‘use’ of  the Internet ‘film’ being blamed for what occurred in Libya)

3. Demand conversions.

4. Utilize educational vehicles.

5. Interfaith ‘Dialogue’.

6. Shariah complaint Finance.

7. Institute Shariah into US Courts.

8. Place those of the Muslim Brotherhood into positions from which they exercise influence. (Look at who surrounds Obama and where they are being placed.)

Political Correctness is being used to implement Shariah.. Islam is Communism with a God. Communism is Islam without a God.

Key Findings of the Muslim Brotherhood In America: an Internet Course presented by Frank Gaffney …

Taqiyya means ‘deceit’ and it’s acceptable for any Muslim to practice deceit about Islam when that Muslim is out of the “ummah”, the Islamic world, and living in the unsafe Dar-al-Harb, House of War, the non-Muslim world. The Doctrine of Taqiyya is understandable only if you understand that they consider themselves to be at war with EVERY non-Muslim country; the non-Muslims in Dar-al-Harb are the enemy and are treated as such.To be a ‘dhimmi’ is to be a protected, second-class citizen to Muslim overlords in the ‘ummah’ (predominately Jews and Christians); you do their bidding, and stay alive by paying the Sharia mandated poll tax (much like the Mafia protection money) called the jizya. (Christians are presently being slaughtered in Egypt because they aren’t paying the jizya, and the Muslim Brotherhood has just taken over, remember, which is reinstating the Sharia.) The ‘joke’ on America is that BHO is a dhimmi, not the President of the United States of America. (It would be ‘racist’ to call him a mulatto slave to the Muslim, overlords, wouldn’t it?)

Allen West: “What you see coming from Obama is called ‘dhimmitude’ to the Islamic World”…

Please send this out to all Americans…we must educate everyone…

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30 thoughts on “Frank Gaffney former Reagan Security Advisor…”

  1. Ayn, there you go again…..RTI ! Reaching, Teaching and Inspiring . I love it ! God Bless, you 🙂

  2. Certainly seems that way, fairly obvious to even the casual observer…since 2008. I do not understand how freedom-loving people re-voted for Obama in 2012. Can anyone that voted for him in 2012, explain that?

  3. media is owned kinda like sex slaves of Council on Foreign Relations. The media is their PRAVDA telling us what they WANT us to believe, re-writing history as well as the present to suit their schemes.

    Even FOX news has limits to what they can divulge.

    Go Michael Savage Talk Radio, modern day reluctant prophet. But Savage can’t help himself; the Holy Spirit is burning in his bones if he doesn’t let HIM out through his 770 AM talk radio microphone.

    And Mark Levin. Thank you Mark Levin, AM talk radio.

    O’ Reilly is one of them. He talks the spin…tells us he is watching out for us in a NO-Spin Zone. What a lark. He is really watching out for the Council on Foreign Relations.

  4. I’ve said this since the 2008 campaign, Obama is a Muslim/Marxist…heck, even Madonna agreed with that statement…

  5. Media Matters tried to crucify him and myself in the same article once, along with Bill ‘O Reilly, David Horowitz, and the guy that is in the wheelchair (Krauthammer).

  6. Too bad for them that God, the real God, is not on their side. Let the US Constitution, which was inspired by God through its writers, always be the law of our land.

  7. Islam is a sick, twisted ideology, not a religion.

    I just published a book on amazon titled MOSLEM MEN FEAR WOMEN (Islam is toxic for females) that uses facts from the Koran, and historical documentation.

  8. Islam and Sharia are THEOCRACY.

    Theocracy is a form of government in which Clergy have official Recognition as the Civil Ruler and Official Policy is either Governed by officials regarded as Divinely guided, or is Pursuant to the Doctrine of a particular Religion or Religious Group.

    i.e., Islam.

    And thx to you and Mr Gaffney, your efforts are more than simply appreciated.

  9. As a Theocracy, Islam is basically Illegal following adequate discernation of the U.S. Constitution.
    Not that the Constitution says what most people think it does, it nonetheless does Not allow for Theocracy, which is what our Framers parents and their predecessors fled to escape on the European continent.
    I should have added this to my last comment.

  10. Yes and deception is in their belief. Might look at some in the positions which effect this country every day?

  11. You are so right. They actually want to rule us and if you do not conform to their so called bible they will kill you period.

  12. the muzslum brother hood loaned hitler 250,000 troops during the war…. and supplied him with the oil his war machine needed. They both killed jews on a wholesale basis….and now…they’re turning on Germany like the rabid dogs they are. Kill them, before they kill you…it’s important you win every gun fight you’re in… even if you have to cheat

  13. Ayn, Frank Gaffney is right on target with all of his assessments. He and his Center for Security Policy Studies should perhaps go educate the entire State Department as they are in critical need of a clear concise direction

  14. Sharia law is a barbaric backward 650 AD cult that has no place in the 21st century.

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