Obama is delusional!…He has a god-complex…

GodobamaObama is an inexperienced fool who thinks that he is ‘some kind of a god’ that is going to ‘change’ the world.¬†

Obama has created a disaster in the Middle East… he has apologized to people who harm us and want us dead. He stated that the world will be different if he is elected and he would help relations with the Middle East because he understands them. HA! He is either the stupidest man on earth or the most devious. I¬†believe he knows exactly what he is doing. He is setting America up as he has empowered the people who want to kill all Americans.

Obama has indebted America and made investments that were foolish and to our determent.
Nothing the government touches or gets involved in runs better than in the private sector…

We have in Obama, a self-proclaimed dictator, with Muslim leanings, no business experience and no love for America. It is a lethal combination that will curtail all freedoms and the spirit of good that is America…



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