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If you gain the world, but lose your soul…

what have you really gained and more importantly what have you lost?…

???????????????????????????????Is the quest for money  and power for there own sake, or is there, perhaps, a higher purpose intertwined?

Maybe, its truest intent and purpose is to draw us together by forcing us to interact with one another.

Because, in these financial/business relationships, we have our own and others’ character reflected back to us. Giving us the choice to learn, grow, change, or adapt for the purpose of reflecting our true nature and spirit to reveal and become more of our authentic self.

Nothing seems to show the true nature of individuals as clearly as how they interact in the acquisition of  money. In this quest, we make choices about how we’ll live our lives, treat ourselves and others and that expression is multiplied out into the world. Every exchange we have with another is a reflection of who we are, whether it be at work or play.

When it comes to the attainment of money, why is it that some of us seem to be able to explain away cheating, hurting and lying? Some of us excused Clinton of his lying, cheating, and harming of others as long as the economy was running smoothly. As long as money is flowing towards them, some seem to be able to excuse anything.

If a person has money, material goods, a ‘successful’ job, or some financially rewarding talent, some are able to excuse all sorts of negative behaviors that they may have that are harmful to society, such as affairs, sexual harassment, lying, conning, abuse, alcoholism, drugs, even murder, etc.

Why do some of us value ‘our money’ more than ‘our integrity’ to self and to other human beings?

Isn’t this getting everything turned upside down?

Sometimes, it doesn’t appear the ‘strong’ are surviving. It appears the ‘weak of character’ are. The biggest con-artists are many times the monetary survivors, and, or the ones with the slickest attorneys. If these are the monetary winners, who are they surviving for and why? 
And are they really winning, or are they really losing?

Look at Charlie Sheen and his recent use of the word WINNING… he used this word, while he was LOSING big time! But so many were captivated by his ‘winning’ BS… as if the word made them feel like it was they who were ‘winning’.

Is anything positive really being gained, or attained for anyone? Those who are being driven by their egos for a false sense of ego using the ‘power’ of money are, most of the time, the ones who are doing harm to many. Look at our government and their need to control the people by taxes, scare tactics, debt and lies….

What has happened to our standards as a society? If judges can be bought, people swayed by financially stuffed personalities, a President who so obviously and blatantly rewards and pays off his backers,(rewards his friends and punishes his enemies) and crime is seen as entertainment, what is our society really?  My gosh, we have a bully for a President! What is our world coming to?

Haven’t we, or aren’t we learning anything by what is being mirrored back? Aren’t we as a society able to use intellect, emotions, and our higher self to create a higher standard of existence? In many cases, we’re still operating out of the lowest existence of ego, greed, and ignorance, instead of what’s really valuable.

What’s it worth if a person has ‘money’ and ‘power’, but loses their soul in the process? Does the end justify the means? The desperate quest for power in and by the acquisition of money will never replace the peace in the power of honor in one’s soul.

Money and material goods are necessary and even fun. But when they’re used and coveted by the ego as false power, when morals are excused for the attainment of these things, and persons are admired not for how they live, but for how much money and power they have, (as in Hollywood, politics, etc) it’s destructive to the individual and to our society.

Is it our belief system that as a society there must be some type of corruption existing to attain money and power? And in this belief, that’s why when we’re shown lies, corruption, and harm again and again, we ignore it, keep finding excuses, or allow cover-ups to continue, in our government, court systems, and in businesses.

We have a President that blatantly lies to us almost daily as he tries to wield his ‘power’ over us and  sway us to his agenda as he and others manipulate the monetary system…

Money and morals can go together. We created our systems, our government, and our businesses, we can change them by our beliefs about what we value. It’s about balance and this is something that the greed and desire for control and power in this current administration has no use for….

Without people there’d be no need for money. People are the only reason for services, products and money…

And without the private sector, THE PEOPLE, there would be no need for government….

Mafia Government…or something worse…

???????????????????????????????They want a piece of everything. The government wants everything to pass through them. They want control over and, of, everything. They want their take just like the mafia. Only this is not some neighborhood, city, or some business, like garbage trucks, this is America and it bleeds into the whole world. ‘They’ want a piece of the action of every transaction.  

They want to suck the resources, the income, the energy, the talent, even the very life out of America, so that they have all the control. They want it all and to have all beholden to the government. And if they don’t get it, they will take it. The government will take its percentage, decide what it is, and raise it when they want.

American rights and freedoms, of, and to, individual property, privacy and honor are being taken away and destroyed daily and as fast as possible under the Obama administration.

The constitution is being ignored. What our founding fathers set forth is being ignored. God is being ignored, disrespected, even banned and anti-Christ is appearing everywhere.

The government lies to you daily. But should you lie to the government, you go to jail. Prisons and law enforcement are big business for the government. They provide labor, jobs, services and tax revenue. As do drug, people and sexual trafficking, both the users, sellers, and the punishing of those who break the ‘laws’. Don’t be fooled, they are one and the same. Addictions run the world. The government knows to ‘get them addicted’ to anything and we have them hooked for life in one form or another…

Educate them as we want them to think and we have future generations under our control…But teach them to think and we will be out done…

Much of the media has become an arm of the government, spreading propaganda for agenda… this means that what we are under is a dictatorship.

Taxes, regulations and more regulations, even control of charity, churches, fees, healthcare, no privacy, searching, trying to disarm, spying, licenses, restrictions, tracking, fines, tickets, confinement, monitoring, threats, scare tactics, brainwashing, lies, media control, product and business control, vilifying, food control, medicine control, growing government dependency and control, the strong arm of the government is everywhere and taking over…it is all a racket. A racket of rule, dominate and control.

And to do business, go to work, start a business, or to partake of  government programs, you must first have a social security number… that is unless, you are an illegal and will be used by those in government for your voting capability to keep them in office and in control of you.

We have several numbers assigned to us before we can do certain activities, social security, drivers licenses, worker permits, registrations, and others. And we are forced to buy insurance to drive, on our property and, now healthcare as these agencies petition and lobby the government on their behalf. We pay taxes and need accountants to follow the ever changing rules and laws. It’s all a racket…racket…racket…

We pay taxes on the money we earn and the government still wants their take from what you have accumulated when you die. They want no family getting too wealthy, unless, they are a part of the government ruling class. They all get wealthier and wealthier, as they sit making rules that benefit them, their businesses, interests and take bribes and pay offs to sway things to be certain way. And they get special benefits, exclusions and rights just like the mafia. But they want you to ‘believe’ that they are doing this for you, to better your life and to make things ‘fair’ … Oh yeah! That social justice thingy that the government doles out..HAHAHA!

Then they take your money and give it to other countries that care nothing about you, or your well-being, or whether you live or die. You see, it’s all business… not personal. Reward friends and punish enemies… Reward so that some will do as they deem as to where income and benefit derives, or do away with them, vilify them, ruin their lives, even kill them…

And like the Mafia, the real power behind the puppets, pencil pushers, money changers, benefit brokers and thugs is rarely, if ever known, or seen… until it is…

Recent and many reports show that Barack Obama is implementing strategies and policies which will eventually force the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Africa and the Arab world to be under the control of a Socialist New World Order Dictatorship influenced by some of Europe’s most powerful family dynasties.

“And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.” (Book of Revelation 13:17-18)

If you think we aren’t heading for this on the fast track, (since OOOObama ‘the one’ came into office) think again…
Oh, and by all means, put all your info online, do your banking and pay your bills online… so that, when the system crashes… all records can and will be lost…then will you take the mark to be able to buy and sell?…

The take over and destruction of a country…

I have studied for years what is called the Illuminati… it’s called by many names and has many facets to it, both known and unknown… and many hierarchies…the Bilderbergs, Mariah Conquering Wind, etc…it’s comprised of wealthy businessmen and bankers, primarily the money movers, Rothchilds, the English Monarchy, etc. …going down to attorneys even policemen….

The reason I was researching this topic is because I was writing a screenplay. And because I have always had a ‘knowing’ that something operated behind the scenes concerning what occurs in the world much more than what is revealed….’pay no attention to the man behind the curtain’, if you will…

This brings me to… in my researching it was clear that the Illuminati is comprised of white families, exception being one Asian family. No blacks at all. In fact, blacks are looked upon as inferior.
Do you recall when Biden made the comment ‘that Obama was, at least, a clean appearing black’? This pretty much says it all… then Biden, dimwit that he is, becomes vice president to this ‘clean appearing black’… I am sure that Biden is considered a ‘low-level puppet’ also, but he thinks he is ‘something more’ as he runs off at his alcoholic, foul mouth.

These people will do anything to do their duty and to be included, so that they and their families benefit for and from the cause. And so, they ‘feel’ important, included and powerful. Oprah is a prime example … when she became wealthy enough, at some point, she became corrupted within the ego of her earthly power. It was as if her soul left her body.

Both Oprah and Obama were members of Reverend Wright’s church. She quit out of ‘careerism’. Less calculating, stupid, or plain arrogant Obama hung in until he ran for president.

I stopped watching Oprah years ago as did many others that could see through the BS, even if they didn’t know what they were seeing as she became false, an agent of corruption and darkness. So, she was easily included, as use to ‘their purposes’ for her ‘sphere of influence’ …. Media control is a major pillar for ‘them’ to brainwash the masses leading to their ultimate take over.

If they can use Oprah, or anyone, all the better. They will let her keep her wealth as long as she is of use and plays along. She may, or may not know what’s going on… as they are insidious, seductive and enter through the ego. And with Oprah it is all ego, and like Oprah, as with them, it is a little bit of good upfront and a whole lot of something else behind the scenes. And be sure that it benefits them and their cause much more than the bit of good does for anyone else. As they accumulate the earthly things of wealth and power, many become intoxicated and lose their souls… and that is what ‘they’ love and are after…and I use the word ‘love’ as a part of the lie as ‘love’ really has nothing to do with this…it’s just something that they ‘use’ to entice and to hide behind. Much like a playboy saying, “I love you”, to get the girl into bed. Give her what she wants and needs to hear then he ‘gets’ something to ‘take’…

Think of all the money that Clinton and Bush raised for charity, Where did it go? HO HO! No one can locate it… HAHA! HOHO! Off to see the wizard we go…

The purpose and cause is to take over the world…so that they will have complete and utter control. If you will look at what is occurring in America and see clearly, the white race, Christian and otherwise, are being over run by blacks, Mexicans, Muslims, etc… those of dark, or brown color… and those that are envious, are jealous, or hate the whites, Jews, and Christians… ‘they’ want everyone to blur together and to intermix, but if you will notice they don’t. Is there one black person in the Kennedy family, the Rothchilds, or the Rockerfellers???  Or the Royal family… they were concerned that Kate Middleton wasn’t of ‘royal blood’ so do you think that William would have been allowed to marry a black? HA! Because the bloodline is key… Vance Gellert, Carlos Prado performing Ytiri coca ceremony, Cochabamba, Bolivia, 2005, color coupler print

The Illuminati looks down upon the ‘brown’ people and certainly the ‘blacks’, but they will surely use them for their cause. These people are the biggest racists of them all and are not at all as they ‘pretend.’

Most times, they are exactly opposite of what they say, but sometimes, they are as they deem… it’s all for the spin, the Leviathan confusion of smoke and mirrors…

Those of the Illuminati are of pure white lineage… but they are using these brown-skinned people to get their deeds accomplished…race wars, religious wars are only fodder to use for division, monetary power, and for extermination…

Obama is being used as a front man, a puppet, if you will, for their ‘end game’ which is that of the takeover and take down of America. What a ‘perfect puppet’ as they use the race and minority card on the backs of the black, the Mexicans and all other minorities to accomplish their goal. Sure, the bought and paid for Obama-puppet, will benefit for doing as they deem, but should he mess up, he’s as dispensable as the next. I have heard that Soros ponders throwing him under the bus. These people destroy as easily as they create, as destruction is their goal. They will destroy each other and themselves and in a moment’s notice in order to achieve what they are after.

Obama was ‘chosen’ because they thought he could intoxicate and mesmerize the ignorant masses and he did for awhile…but many are now waking up. 

Their downfall will be their arrogance… Look at Obama, from where does his incredible arrogance derive?…

Evil falls in on itself as this is its nature. It’s their life’s blood and they do so enjoy destroying the flesh and drinking of the blood. It’s all a game to them. A game of power. A contest between good and evil. The war between the dark and the light. Lucifer means ‘bringer of the light’… They are anti-Christ, as they are surely the opposite of Christ, good and all that is holy, peaceful and sound… 

They care not for mankind… God’s creation is a threat to their existence…

They care for the earth not its inhabitants…hence all the ‘green BS’… you see he was thrown to the earth and out of the kingdom… so it’s the earth that is of importance and value to them. Eradicate most all the people, except, for those who follow and serve, then they have domain over the earth and all its resources and inhabitants…

Bankers… the ‘money movers’… they set up the housing debacle. They create the wars and finance them then the American people and others pay them back. They have Obama push the stimulus through that does nothing positive for the people, or America, but to indebt us as they pay off their backers and reward their friends… those that follow. Now, those same bankers are threatening down grading our status … forcing us to either get more in debt, or cut spending and it is clear what Obama wants to do…spend and debt brings a sparkle to his eyes. The whole goal is to make all Americans indentured servants to ‘them’…. the bankers, the money movers and under their almighty rule.

They use causes, addictions, agendas, threats and fear to have control over the masses to give them power over and the use and control all resources …

Create fear in America… indebt the people and the country, crash the system… that is their agenda… Obama’s threats and fear mongering are laughable were it not so deadly… He is a mongrel of the worst sort, a bought and paid for agent of the damned…
This may sound ‘crazy’ to some and it once seemed a bit crazy to me, but as I researched and discovered more and the pieces fell together… much of what I wrote in my script seven years ago is occurring today. I sit and watch in interest, amazement and with a ‘certain knowing’.

It was forecasted that all will see… and see we do in the media, on our computers and on our TVs…

You see it’s souls they are after to diminish and control through addictions corruption, enslavement and dole… the mark of the beast is readying its role to be placed on each surviving body, so they will do as they are told… 

It’s the sucking of the life force energy… the energy of the soul…. 

Would you sell out?…

Say you are a successful politician, or business person with a family and a great life. You have ‘tried’ to live ‘right’ all your life, as you have a strong internal moral adjuster, that guides you in what to do and what not to do (most of the time that is, no one is perfect.)

You love your family and want the best for them. You have worked hard to provide a great life for yourself and your family.

Things are rolling along great…

Then you are asked by the ‘higher ups’, or someone behind the scenes who pulls the strings … to do something that goes against everything that you know to be right and good. Your first response is ‘absolutely not.’ But they insist. You lie awake at night sweating and pondering as they put the pressure on.

Then the threats begin…either do what they are asking, or that one nightstand at that convention will be exposed to the media and your life will go up in smoke. You’ve seen them do it to others and held yourself so above those scandals and all that. Besides, it was only one night … one night of too much to drink and…besides…

They continue to threaten that either you vote on his bill, or cheat the client, or…

If you don’t, ‘they’ threaten, you’re life will be ruined… you will lose your job and position. Your wife will probably leave you. You will lose the country club membership and your children their private school. You will lose your house and everything that makes you ‘you’ and your life worthwhile, and all that you’ve worked for, tried so hard to attain and to keep and to hold…

And the finally threat is that you and your family will be killed…
What would you do? Are there degrees to what you would do to keep your life? Would you cheat a client, lie to the American people, vote for a bill that you knew was corrupt and bad, would you lie, cheat, or kill to keep your life as it is?

Would you sell out? What would you do?…

Clearly, ‘they’ know everyone’s weaknesses and things hidden, mistakes, and cover-ups…recall the movie THE FIRM… and if you don’t have anything, they can easily and will manufacture it… after all, all it takes is a leak to the media that ‘they’ own.

I wonder how much of this actually really goes on? What do you think?


Descriptions of Evil…Is it taking over?…

Description from the DSM IV About Socio/Psychopathy & Narcissism Descriptions of Evil
(Lucifer, Satan, etc.)
Grandiose, self important and pre-occupied with self Wants people to worship him
Fantasizes about power, brilliance, success, and money Says to God “I WILL ascend, I Will Rise…” Showing power fantasies
Requires excessive admiration Says “You WILL bow down to me”
Is entitled Wants the same power as God, feels he’s as powerful as God
Exploits all relationships Tries to lure others to do his dirty work in the world
Lacks empathy Envious of others
Arrogant Fails to follow laws or rules/uses unethical, unlawful and immoral behavior
Deceitful, lies, cons for fun or profit Impulsive, wants it/takes it, sees it/does it
Aggression Disregard for the safety of others, puts others at risk
Irresponsible–bad with supporting others Lack of remorse, rationalizes stealing, lying, etc.


Description from the DSM IV About Socio/Psychopathy & Narcissism Descriptions of Evil (Lucifer, Satan, etc.)
Pretends to be wonderful, helpful, supportive Masquerades as the ‘Angel of Light’
Powerful Often beautiful or handsome; Lucifer called ‘the most beautiful’, name means ‘the shining one’
Superior attitude towards others Is superior to other angels in power and authority
Contempt for others especially authority figures Fights against God and wants His power
Use power and authority over others Called the Prince of Power
Prideful Heart is filled with pride and contempt
Splits people against each other Turned 1/3 of the angels against God and took them
Often rejected, expelled, dismissed, broken up with because of behavior God expelled him from Heaven
Places are created to contain them: jail, prison, mental institutions, probation God created a place to contain him in the future–Lake of Fire
Fights against any rules and others who try to make him conform Fights against God to ruin and hinder His plans
Destroy and deceive others (and enjoy doing it) Called ‘The Destroyer’ and “Deceiver”
Masquerades as anything you want him to be Masquerades as the ‘Angel of Light’
Likes to scare others and show power so others fear him Prowls like a roaring lion
Looks for someone to overpower and control Prowls like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour
Bold, cunning, self ambitious Boldness, subtlety in his cunning
Self willed and strong prideful self will
Narcissistic wanting to be better than everyone else Said “I will be like the Most High”
Fakes being wonderful, helpful, virtuous Many false prophets have gone in the world (like him), performs lying ‘signs and wonders’
Accuses others Called ‘The Accuser’
Adversary, enemy to any who turn against him Called the Serpent or ‘Adversary’
Liar, tempter, thief Referred to as a liar, thief and tempter
Motives are destructive to others Motives are to deceive and afflict

After reading these descriptions, think about our leaders, people in the public eye, associates, etc…

What do you think, is evil becoming more prevelant?

Make yourself happy…


Smiling has a positive effect on your mood. Also a smile is infectious. When you smile, it will lighten your mood along with the mood of others.

Get Out of the House

Being cooped up in the same environment can cause feelings of isolation and depression. Change your surroundings and get a breath of fresh air. It can snap you out of a mood fast.

Soak Up the Sun

The vitamin D provided by the sun along with other benefits boosts serotonin levels in the body. Even just 15 minutes of sunlight will immediately aid in lifting spirits.

Reward Yourself

Allow yourself a pat on the back for the challenges that you have overcome. Celebrate your victories, no matter how small, in order to rejuvenate yourself for future battles.

Pamper Yourself

Indulge yourself with something that lifts your spirits. Like a hot bath, a pedicure, a massage, or an ice cream cone…. do what makes you feel satiated and pampered to improve your mood.


Shake things up in your environment. Altering your environment can change your perspective and leave you feeling more open and hopeful. Move things around. Shift your environmental energy.

Accomplish Something You’ve Been Putting Off

Procrastination can contribute to feelings of negativity. To finish something that you’ve been avoiding will give you a sense of accomplishment and raise your mood instantly. Clean out that closet, rearrange your drawers, attack the papers on your desk…

Douse Yourself in Inspiration

Who inspires you? Reflect on and read about people and circumstances that reflect strength and faith. This will inspire and fill you with a renewed sense of purpose.


Exercising releases endorphins, it is a quick way to make yourself feel good. It also makes you feel more powerful, alive and youthful, which are key ingredients to feeling happy.

Do Something Good for Someone Else

Get out of your own head and give yourself a fresh perspective. Brightening someone else’s day will make you feel better about yourself and happiness is contagious.

Count Your Blessings

List everything that you are thankful for. It is easy to take your daily blessings for granted and lose sight of what you have. Celebrating and appreciating your life will open you up for more.


Laugh as much and as many times as the opportunity presents itself.. Act silly, make up and tell jokes…

Behave Like A Child

Swing on a swing. Jump rope. Sing songs. Play charades. Lay in your yard and look up at the sky and imagine what the clouds look like.

Have A Happy Day!