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Overly sensitive, fragile, whiny, easily offended, weak…

Whitesummer5bullies. Why is it, if you mention fat, or obese, then overweight people come out to call you a hater or that you are judging them? If you talk about races, or cultures being different, or that you prefer one over another, or don’t like one at all, then someone comes out to point out that you are a racist, a hater, a bigot, judgmental, or unfair?

If a white person dislikes ‘any’ black person, by ‘some’ they are deemed a racist…

Years ago, I was on a first date with a man who told me that he was only attracted to tall blonds and that even though he thought I was pretty that he wasn’t attracted. I shrugged it off. I am a petite brunette and I like who I am. So if he wasn’t attracted to me, so what?!

Should I have called him a brunette hater, or perhaps, a petite person hater? Should I have been offended and tell him that he was ‘judging’ me based on my hair color? HAHA!

Of course not. He was entitled to like what he liked and to state it.  It didn’t bother me at all. There are others that are attracted to petite brunettes…

I have been called all sorts of names in my life… I have been called old, fat, snobby,  a hag, a skinny white bitch, so on and so forth and have been made fun of and have been hated by the very people who call everyone haters..the love love love liberals…HAHA!

So, get my point? Why is it today that we can’t state what we like, or don’t like without being called a hater, or that we are judgmental… and the list goes on…bigot, racist…Blah Blah! Whine! Whine!  Why are we expected to like everyone… even those that we don’t?…

Some white people I like, some I don’t… some black people I like and others not so much…some people I find attractive and others not so much and on and on…. AND SO WHAT?

What has turned so many into easily offended, whine babies…so insecure in themselves and who they are that they can’t handle anything that doesn’t agree with them, or who they are?

It’s almost as if we can’t talk, state our thoughts, have opinions, even have our individual likes, or dislikes around some… and these ‘some’ are ‘usually’ liberals…America’s professional victims

But Obama the liberal, progressive, marxist, socialist, communist, Muslim, bully-in-chief, bullies the rich and anyone who doesn’t agree with his warped ideas. He puts America, our whole country, down in the blink of an eye, or his radical, socialist ideology… then if someone doesn’t like this traitorous man… they are often called racist. Obama is American’s first victim president. What a loser he is. What an obvious manipulative, double-talking, circle-talking slime…

And do you ‘really think’ this lying, traitor to America cares what I call him? Nope! He is too busy with his agenda of destroying America…and turning everyone into whiny victims like he is. This is the only way this loser knows how to be a ‘success’. Although all he really is, is a puppet to those who know how to pull his strings… they manipulate this victim/bully of a man teaching and encouraging him to manipulate the masses for their gain…

The very ones who claim some as bullies and who they call names are actually the ones doing most of the bullying and name calling…they are pulling the strings of America… and it is time for it to stop!

It is a manipulative,  victim tool… and I am sick of it! SICK OF IT!

Grow up and accept who you are and stop being so easily offended… you fat, black, tall, Mexican, short, whiny, obese, foreign, overly thin, illegal, blond, brunette, retard, blond, creepy, stupid, rich, poor, ugly, beautiful, immature, uneducated, old, too young, snobby, red-headed, druggie, alcoholic, bald, fag, hairy, stupid, ignorant, etc. bully people…

And if you are offended by this article. It’s your issue and problem. Get over yourself! Make peace with yourself and who you are. See who you are, accept who you are, or change who you are and when you do, you won’t be offended by what others like, or don’t like. Stop using this weak manipulative tool…

STOP blaming others for who you are or who you aren’t … you weak, sniveling, whiny baby!

All this politically correct BS is being used to control and to manipulate everyone and it’s the weak who are falling for it.

Like who you are or SHUT UP about it!!! Because no one likes everyone … and not everyone likes you, or me…GET IT! And so what!!!

(and I am not advocating bullying, but some of it is just a part of life, some of it just makes you stronger and some of it should just roll off your back)
Also, to take the N word out of classic literature, that is a part of our history… is just plain ignorant…

Okay now, call me what you want for writing this….

Obama’s class warfare and liberal hate affecting my life…

???????????????????????????????I was at the hair dressers, I had used this person, once before… a couple of us (myself and other clients) were discussing how we didn’t care for what Obama is doing to our country…
Then when the hair stylist was rinsing my hair, she got right into my face and said, “I love Obama!” The way that she said this was crazed and it triggered an alarm in me.

I responded, “Well then, let’s agree to disagree.”

She practically snarled.

She worked on my hair as I chatted on about trivial things, watching every move she made. She looked as if she could chop my head off and I couldn’t wait to get out of there.

When I went to pay. She had doubled the price from what the cost was originally supposed to be and from what it was the last time for the same service.

I said that I would pay what I paid the last time and not this arbitrarily doubled price.

Her response. “You better pay all the money or else!”

I was stunned. It was like I was being shaken down…like some kind of extortion. I have never been treated in this manner. I paid her the amount that was originally agreed upon and without a tip, gathered my belongings then exited. As I was walking out, she said. “I am calling the police.”

My response under my breath, “So, call them.”

I didn’t like my hair and the next day texted her and told her so. She responded that I could tell it to the judge that she had filed a ‘theft of services’ against me at the police department. I called the police and, sure enough, she had. I told the police what had occurred and was told that this is a civil matter between she and I and that there are no charges, or record, nor would there be.

Can you imagine how livid I was? Everything was fine, until she realized that I didn’t like her ‘precious Obama’.

This nasty liberal woman was out to ‘get’ me… she turned into a hate-filled person after realizing I wasn’t one of ‘them’… an Obama-NUT!

Of course, nothing happened or will it, as it was a trumped up, harassing and bogus charge…But what an INSULT to me for no reason, other than, I don’t like Obama.  After this, I have arrived at the conclusion that I will not do business with liberals. And will be more aware of what I say, to whom, and where. Only I recall when Bush was President, people would bad mouth him loud and clear and I never heard of this kind of a reaction. I have never heard of this kind of a reaction. Those who drank the Obama Koolaid are a different breed of human and not what I want around me or in my life. They are vicious, out of control bullies and don’t care who they harm, just like ‘their king Obama’.

Since, Obama has been in office, interactions between people have gotten tense and hateful. Liberals claim to be so loving. Well, what was this? But hate, harassment and an attempt at extortion and all because of Obama.

Has anyone else experienced this kind of bigotry, or something like it because of this Obama administration and his cult of hate, bullying, class warfare and retaliation?