We all see through individual eyes…

and what we see and how we perceive it is based on our psychological make-up – our intelligence and emotional levels – how we were reared and in what environment – our experiences thus far and at any given time – our astrological influences, our genetic make-up – lineage – our educational, religious and spiritual leanings – our maturity or immaturity level – our socio-economic levels – our age,  etc. We all have our individual imprints and beliefs and they will stand as they are, until and if we become aware…

What we think and perceive at the age of ten will usually be different at the age of twenty – what we perceive at twenty will often be different at the age of forty. So no wonder there are so many and such different and varied perceptions, truths, thoughts and ideas in the world.  We have all been imprinted differently. Some imprints we want – are worthy and serve us well – others not so much. Some imprints, as we become aware shift and change – others do not. Some are of the light and some are of the dark. Some are negative and some positive, and they all serve our individual purpose – until they don’t.

A ten-year-old will not enjoy hanging around a group of thirty-year olds for long nor would a thirty-year-old enjoy being with a group of ten-year- olds at length – other than for the purpose of perhaps, teaching.

Mature and intelligent people may enjoy playing games and behaving like irresponsible children for an evening of fun but hopefully, they will soon get bored with it. Usually, maturity doesn’t enjoy being around immaturity at length. The light may fly too close to the flame of darkness on occasion, but will not stay there. The dark may prey on the light – but if the light is aware, they will soon close the darkness out.

Differences can make life interesting but it can also make things stressful and tedious. We all prefer to be with those of like kind and those of like or similar minds – being so, we feel comfortable and like we are accepted, feel heard and comfortable.  Exploring out to be with others who are different, into different cultures, countries, life styles, etc. is refreshing, interesting, educational and widens our perspective, but we soon like coming back to home base and our center.  We may incorporate new things into our life and change our way of looking at the world but not completely. Only those with no core and who have been fractured feel the desire or need to leave all that they are or know behind in an attempt to live completely differently than everything they know.

When we more understand, accept, and know who we are in self-reflection, then we are able to accept, get along with and learn from others while still keeping our boundaries and self-integrity.  If we are fortunately aware , we learn to get away from and stay away from those with dark, cold, blank eyes and gravitate to those with light, joyful and interesting eyes.

Eyes are the windows to the soul… while also they are where our awareness and change in perspective brings growth and expansion to our very being. We all see through our own eyes – as we go through life triggering those who don’t see as we do and searching for those who do…

Look deep into your own eyes… and when you do, and can see self clearly – you will be more able to look into the eyes of others and recognize their nature, who they are and where their heart and intellect resides.

It all begins at awareness…


11 thoughts on “We all see through individual eyes…”

  1. Thank you for your wisdom and sharing it. I will be sharing this piece if that is okay. WOW!!!!

  2. Brilliant essay. Woman you so get it. I love reading on this site and I think your book is amazing! Your insights are why we are living this life. I applaud you to the moon and back. I would love to meet you someday.

  3. Ayn, thank you for being the voice of reason and wisdom. I feel more sane when I read your articles. Keep up the inspirational and wonderful work that you do. It helps so many of us. thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you

  4. I really enjoy reading your book. I hope that you sell a billion copies. We all have things that happened in our life that is far from pleasant. But you can draw strength from those experiences.

  5. Very good! Truth words. I always think deeper when I read your work. I am going to get your book.

  6. Ayn, you are a fabulous writer. You express deep thoughts very well and get us all to think. I am enjoying your book immensely. Please write more. Keep writing. Never stop. The world needs you. I knew that when I met you at Stonebriar years ago. You are one of those very special people.

  7. That’s why you should chose your friends carefully and quickly cut off those who are pulling you down- Quickly!

  8. In the land of the blind, the one eye man is King. It is the holy spirit of GOD within a person, along with knowledge, intuition, and the desire/motivation for TRUTH that brings forth Light in a dark and fallen world.

  9. I agree. I always look at people’s eyes. They eyes tell you who they are. There is a story in their eyes. If their eyes are dead, they are dead and cold or sociopaths. Sociopaths have cold dead eyes and a cold dead stare.

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