Daddy Throws Me In The Air….

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Ayn Dillard’s book, Daddy Throws Me in the Air, demonstrates plenty of spunk and tenacity that will inspire others, who have had similar trials and tribulations in their upbringing, to persevere as she has done. It is a self-help book that encourages as well as coaches others in how to survive a difficult childhood.A searing look at what the lack of love and feeling of empathy from a parent can do to a child. Ayn works her way through this unspeakable stress at a young age and gradually comes to terms over how to handle the loss of maternal support.  Janice Spina, Author, Copy Editor

“It was time to heal. I had to stop creating a life that I could not live.  It was time for the pain and suffering to stop.  There was too much pain. I will die if the pain continues.  Why does my life keep ending up in the same place?  Abusive marriages, divorces, lawyers, legal suits – people in my life that had alcoholism, mental illness and abusive behavior, all telling me that I am the problem.  Why did I keep creating and recreating everything I did not want and vowed not to have in my life?

In the process of the healing – soul searching – reading of books – discussing – studying – therapy; seemingly insignificant scenes from my childhood kept entering my mind.  The scenes were overpowering me, forcing me to look at and relive the feelings that I was having at the time.  I began writing down the stories and discovered very meaningful messages that I was given as a child, messages that imprinted me and shaped my life’s existence.  These scenes and the feelings they created caused me to experience a repetitive pattern.  It did not matter if the imprints were intended to create this pattern, only that it was the pattern it created in me. Until I was genuinely ready and able to look at my imprints and beliefs, where they came from and release them – the pattern would remain.”
Negative imprints, beliefs, thinking and emotions cause a great deal of mental, emotional and physical distress. Negative thoughts and worry sink deep and can control your life. There is power in how you perceive your past, your relation to it and your world . Awareness of how your past affects and guides will help stop the vicious cycle
‘Daddy Throws Me In The Air’ is a journey through childhood memories to  awareness. It includes a process to assist in releasing negative imprints and beliefs.
My life is my gift to you.


He turns and looks at me, as I softly ask. “Daddy, do you mean that?”

His eyes tear as he answers. “If you had never been born, your mother would not have had a breakdown. If you had never been born, she would be okay – like she was when we first met. She was more like you are then. She was happy and full of – of life and now…”

“You said this is not the way things are supposed to be with me. So you think at the age of one that I caused her to have a breakdown? Was I, at the age of one supposed to experience that? Do you ever think about what that did to me as a baby, to have a mother become catatonic then put into a mental institution? Was that supposed to happen?

Tears enter my Dad’s eyes almost as if he had never thought about the affect all that had on me as a one-year-old.
Dad doesn’t answer. He just stares ahead.

Author Bio:
Ayn Dillard has experienced much prompting much self-reflection. She is a self-proclaimed know-it-all and is sharing some of what she knows with you. She acknowledges that just when you think you know everything, your inner or outer world shifts. For you to realize that you don’t know much of anything, encouraging you to dig deeper to discover an even more profound awareness and wisdom. Understanding this, she shares what she has gleaned from her experiences and life to assist others to become more aware. She is a former ballet dancer, and former interior designer.


23 thoughts on “Daddy Throws Me In The Air….”

  1. The title kind of makes me think of a bird pushing the young out of the nest to fly on their own.

  2. Congrats! You are an incredibly wise woman. Looking forward to reading more of your wise words.

  3. Congratulations! It takes a lot of persistence to get a book to market. I hope it’s a great success and that the books keep on coming from you. You are one fine lady, smart as hell with killer looks the best combo.

  4. Looks like an intense read. I am so proud of you! What an accomplishment! I know some of your life story so know this will be a great read. You are a blessing to the world and to all that know you.

  5. Yes you are a self proclaimed know it all and rightly so because you are full of wisdom. Not only of this earth but beyond. You are a healer and your first book is going to help many. Every child and adult needs to read it.

  6. Congratulations! I have written two books and it takes a hellva lot of disapline. Are you going to do talks about this book? You should.

  7. Ordered mine. I can’t wait to read it. I think you are one beautiful and intelligent woman. I am proud to know you. Proud to be able to call you an acquaintance. Proud to read what you write. Just plain and simple I am proud of you . You are an example of what all women should strive to be. You you are it!

  8. Wow woman, let me say yo are a powerful writer… Very precise and controlled, you get to the point but do not leave the reader in doubt or wonder as to what is happening!

  9. Now to begin Part 1. Really written so meaningfully well
    that each sentence defines the entire Book. Congratulations Author Ayn Dillard, The “WISDOM” .

  10. My son loved it when I tossed him high in the air and played “tick tock ” with him. That’s where I would hold him upside down and swing him like a pendulum on a grandfather clock…. I still remember… “Daddy, do tick tock with me Daddy” Miss those times. I say this to illustrate, I put my children 1st and focused on being the best daddy I was called to be, regardless of the immense adversity of a divorce and the onslaught of oppression during post divorce.

  11. So true! Perspective really does make a difference. And something amazing about the way we work… Most of our responses in life are learned, we operate from a “blueprint” we’ve created through life experience. And we can change this!
    It’s not easy, it takes calling attention to our subconscious thoughts and feelings, bringing them into our conscious thinking to examine them and decide if we want them or not. Then, we have to take an active role in uprooting this “belief” and replacing it with a more positive thought, that will then become our new normal and the new blueprint in which we approach life 🙂

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