Corrupted media and entertainment industry…

The media is being used to encourage and foster psychopathic behavior in otherwise normal people. They are manipulating otherwise decent people to emulate psychopathic traits and to view these traits as the norm. The entertainment industry is filled with this message. Lady GaGa parades around in a dress made of animal flesh that sends out a message to millions of young impressionable minds that they are just a hunk of meat. This is not by accident. This is not ‘art.’ Look at the vileness of Miley Cyrus and her sexual degradation and exploitation. 

It’s become all about the money and power over others’ lives and reality… propaganda, perversion and brainwashing..

  Psychopathic individuals behind the scenes in music and entertainment are slowly altering  psychology in order to dehumanize, so that the day comes to replace freewill,  human spirit and your soul with a microchip, you’ll accept it, as you will have been conditioned to view your humanity as just soulless meat. And your sexuality contains no boundaries and as meaningless. Perversion and crossing sexual boundaries separates people from their humanity and their soul.

 Look at the fashion industry, pornography, etc. The aim of the trans-humanist movement is to remove consciousness from the Earth except for a ‘privileged’ few. That is if they even know what ‘consciousness’ is  as they seem  to be steeped in evil and Satanic vibes. Morality as in truth, honor, kindness, humanity is going out the window replaced by lies, propaganda, perversion and greed. People mean nothing. Greed and the false power wielded on earth are everything. Sinful behaviors are being promoted as good. While morality is looked down upon and laughed at.

A vital stage of their agenda is to create a bond between machines and humans. Technology distances you from your humanity. The people behind this agenda are evil. They want to take away choice, freedom, and Godliness and rule over Earth and all its inhabitants. 

I was in a hair salon recently and no one talked to anyone, even the stylist. Everyone was on their phone or computer. I sat there observing … it gave me a sick and eerie feeling in my gut. If you would ask the stylist a question, she would answer. But when you entered no one greeted anyone, no one smiled, there was no small talk. There was no human interaction. There was no happiness.  There was nothing. It was clear the stylist was not interested in her clients personally and was all about the money exchange coming to her. When it was time for the client to pay, the stylist gave attention. Watching her made me feel sick to my stomach… like I was watching manipulative evil extortion in action. The decor was stark white and minimal – attractive but cold.  It was bizarre and felt like being on another planet and not earth.

“To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family traditions, national patriotism, and religious dogmas.”Brock Adams – director of UN Health Organization.

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  1. Take God and humanity out of the world. Yep that’s their agenda. Love this site.

  2. Just like they want to take away our ability to drive an automobile. THAT, Ayn, burns my biscuits most of all. Technology OUT OF CONTROL. I will never accept that asinine idea.

  3. IMO all these whacky people who preach ‘gender neutrality’ and that want to plant the concept of changing or choosing a gender to young children are seriously demented. The human skeleton defines the gender. If it has a female pelvis than the body is FEMALE!! That it!! You’re FEMALE!! No matter how much some girl ‘identifies’ with boys she’s FEMALE!! Her affinity for boys is natural!!! The idea of her ‘converting’ to a male skeleton is pure insanity and the young female needs therapy and to lose her virginity with a guy as soon as possible.

  4. These Leftists are locked on a VISION to create a utopia that has never existed. They’re DANGEROUS.

  5. So true- theyve been churning out TRASH- demented twisted, hyper violent & sexual garbage for society to consume for decades now! No one should ever go to any movies!

  6. Agenda Of NWO, Agenda Article 21 etc are Disastrous and totally against Freedom and Liberty of the World.

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