Hell on Earth…

 I met a Dr. who works for Planned Parenthood – I have never met or talked with anyone associated with this organization before. He is Ob-Gyn and cares for and delivers babies at a hospital and then also works for Planned Parenthood giving abortions. I talked to him without sharing my beliefs and opinion – at first. I asked him if he thought of an abortion as killing a child and he answered, “No, it’s just an operation. The women don’t want the child or they should not be having a baby in the first place.” He said that he performs abortions on girls as young as 15 and women who have many, many children and just don’t want another. He was matter of fact about it all with no care or emotion. Although he did state that in his opinion when the first two cells connect that there is life.  Then I commented that assisting to bring babies into the world must be joyful. His response, “No, it’s just a procedure. Many of these women should not be having kids. They can’t afford them. They can’t afford to care for themselves. They have no common sense. They just get pregnant, get an abortion or have the kid and can’t take care of it. If the woman tries to work child care is too costly. So they quit and stay home.”

So he assists with bringing life into the world on one hand and kills life with the other. And to him either way, it’s no big deal… just procedures.

I have worked as a volunteer in a charity capacity with young girls before. I know and understand how frustrating their ignorance, lack of common sense and no education or proper life guidance can be. One girl I worked with was 14 and all she wanted was to be like Angelina Jolie. This uneducated star-struck child wanted to have many children but did not want to be married. I asked her how she would support all of her children and she shrugged. She never thought about it. I told her that Jolie had a lot of money and was able to afford to give her children food, shelter and education even if she was not married. I asked this young girl if she could do that? And she shrugged. She had no concept of reality of what it took to care for children. She just wanted them. She was a child herself and no one had instructed her about life and reality. Her mother had been an unwed mother. She was carrying on the family legacy.

The ignorance, immorality, lack of common sense, lack of parenting, ‘hooking-up’, no real human interaction and connection, technology world we are living in is fast become Hell on earth. With sex as sport and no commitment, abortion with no concern, lack of responsibility, corrupted government. media propaganda and brainwashing. We are doomed.

I am disgusted with it all. I was reared so differently – to treasure life – that you get married, buy a house and then have a child – I was reared with God in my life. I went to Sunday school, church… I never thought about having children before I would be married. To do this would be shameful… What in the world is happening today?! Human life has no value. Morality has no value. Commitment has no value. Evil is taking over our world at rapid pace and at its basis is complete ignorance and irresponsibility – no respect or value for, or to human beings.. some people place more value on their pets than human beings, but dare you mention how many fat people there are now and ‘Oh my gosh!’ you hurt their poor ignorant, self -indulgent feelings’ – This is the world of ‘hook ups’ where sex means little to nothing. There is no commitment with sex and relationships – no commitment to one another –  so no commitment to the children they bring into this world. It’s the don’t judge me lifestyle of the young  and Godless.  Yep… HELL ON EARTH.

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  1. WOW! Many years ago, when my daughter suspected she was pregnant with my first grand baby, we intentionally sought pout an OBGYN who was anti-abortion. The thought of the first hands touching our precious life being the hands of one who would just as soon be shedding innocent blood made us ill. I have counseled many post abortion women, and a few pre abortion women. It is a harrowing experience. I have counseled a women in her 70’s who had an illegal abortion back in the 40’s when it was illegal and something only the rich could have done. She said she STILL has a problem with hearing a child yell for their mother in the mall and turns around to look. They take this to the grave, maybe beyond. How horribly sad.

  2. Well written truth. I see this all the time. The world is going to sh-t. Keep writing and teaching. Your wisdom and insights and the clear way you express will help many. Thank you thank you.

  3. Ayn thls polnts to a greater toplc comlng at us ln the very near future…Desensltlzatlon allows us to do greater evlls. Once murder of a BABY ls acceptable then how far away ls murder of the mentally lncompetent? The aged? mlnorltles? Htler showed us how to sanctlon murder.

  4. Well stated and I agree with everything you wrote. We must bring God and morality back or we are doomed.

  5. I agree with everything you wrote, Ayn. Have a great weekend and keep smiling your beautiful smile.

  6. Evil is ignorance. I know you know this. We have discussed it often. Keep up the good work, Ann.

  7. Ignorance of goodness and of God’s basic laws to live by and not knowing Christ.

  8. Very good piece Ayn. So right in every sense. Children with no rearing wanting someone to love them so having babies is their answer. How shameful and sad.

  9. That Doctor Who considers Delivery and Abortions as mere Procedures & even that
    14 year old girl ?, like of Angelina Jolie who has neither Knowledge nor Future plan for many children she wants as unwed mother are Self centered totally free from feelings or Closure to Christ, Morality, Commitments etc. which we call as Higher Virtues of life, that raise ? us from Level of Animals to level of Human beings who are also called SOCIAL ANIMAL. Slowly the Social qualities and commitments are vanishing. As you have very Rightly mentioned WISDOM !!!
    ” – no respect or value for, or to human beings.. some people place more value on their pets than human beings, but dare you mention how many fat people there are now and ‘Oh my gosh!’ you hurt their poor ignorant, self -indulgent feelings’ – This is the world of ‘hook ups’ where sex means little to nothing. ” unQuote.
    Instead of Accepting the Religious Scriptures as it is we Questioned them and when our
    ” Poor ignorant, Self Indulgent feelings ” didn’t get satisfied, we rejected the Religion and that Concept of SIN, which held us at Humanly level was also rejected and forgotten by us. We came down ? to the Level of Good or Bad. Even Animals know what is Good or Bad for them.
    I thank you WISDOM !!! For Enlighment bestowed by your highly informative and reforming Article.

  10. Dear Ayn. It is a very painful enigma of modern man that he has brought his/her exclusively personal and private pleasure time to the public. Where men and women simply act like ATM machines where ATM cards are swiped, money is taken away and receipts are not bothered about??? What man has made of himself?? Sorry if it hurts anyone.
    Ayn, well written article about a very grim reality in western world. Well done ma’am.

  11. I worked with middle school children for several years. I was amazed and impressed daily at how quickly they learned and how independently they thought despite the constant pressure they faced to fall in line. If all you got from these children was that they were “ignorant,” you need to stay far, far away from working with anyone’s children. By the way, if you don’t want people having children they can’t afford or having abortions, places like Planned Parenthood has prevented that with affordable reproductive healthcare for women for decades. You can’t have it both ways.

    1. Susan, I didn’t say all children were ignorant. Can’t you read with full comprehension?You appear to be part of the problem not the solution. Children are for the most part formed by the age of 7 after that it’s up to them to break against their imprints.. and only education and awareness can do that.. but it takes their doing of it. Trying to teach morality is difficult when they have been steeped and marinated in immorality with no thought to consequences.

      1. Agree Ayn. Susan really? Can you think? Can you read? You are a snowflake clearly.
        Great article Ayn.

      2. Many of our children are taught immorality, just look at the world today. Perverts are everywhere. You are reading into this article things that weren’t written. Anyone who has studied child development knows that children have pretty much been formed as to who they will be by 7. They may change after that when realizing they want to but many don’t even think enough about themselves to do this. Not the masses anyway. By the way, I am a third grade teacher.

  12. We are in a good verses evil war and you can bank on the good lord prevailing ??? T

  13. Excellent article! Ayn, you continually blow me away with your on target analysis.

  14. That Doctor must be living in his own hell; imagine being so numb that both life and death are just another procedure. That’s a tormented soul that needs our prayers.

  15. God is speaking to and or trying to reach out to all who is asleep in Him saying awake oh Zion!!!! For the time is running out!!! You are correct Ayn! He awakened myself last Wednesday loud and clear! He needs His people to step into their places He made us for, calling on all His children. There is no more time left here for the children of God will be brought up to meet with Him SOON! A prophetic word was spoken last night He was telling us all that He fears for the sleeping children as time is in deed running out as we can see at every turn, everywhere we see and hear nothing but what does not come from Him and we sit in our own confusion and fear and ignore His obedience there for had no guidance. Obey His law! Listen when He speaks and obey! He says awaken my sleeping weapons who have turned away and have been going through challenges as they were there to only strengthen us and now is the time He says! Be in the word daily! Go to your quiet place and pray. He will show u and guide you. Do not be lazy and ignore His call! He has been preparing us… We cannot procrastinate any longer for we too will be left behind. If we do not head His calling, we will fall along side the evil and unGodly.

  16. Well stated. We are in moral decay and it begins with our children. Satan seeks out the innocent.

  17. Ayn, I read your comments many times. We are in agreement and it is comforting to know not everyone has lost the sense of decency. Thank you.

    The doctor that you mention has sanitized the “procedure” so he can live with himself. Very sad indeed. He has rationalized this by believing that delivering newborns is just a “procedure”as well.

    Abortion is killing a defenseless baby. This is done by the very mothers that are supposed to love and nurture them. Where is the outrage? Yet, the tragic events in Las Vegas have created an outrage by the same people that think law determines whether a baby is brought into this world.

    There is much to be done. Morality is on it’s deathbed. You have succinctly illustrated are that is wrong with this world. I commend you for speaking out.

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