Denial of vulnerability leads to needless, non-productive worry…

annface48My father was a worrier. Mother used to say, “If there isn’t anything to worry about, your Dad will find something.”  So, I come by my ‘worrying’ naturally… HA!

When bad things happen in life that turn your world upside down, or create a sense of vulnerability, or devastate you at the time, you become aware that negative things can happen out of the blue and unexpectedly or that the choices you made, hurt you and others.  This can create fear, PTSD, excessive worrying, panic attacks, anxiety, set in your ways, fear of change, fear of making a mistake, etc.

Reality is, as humans we are vulnerable to many and a variety of things, some in our control and many not. It’s the lack of control, the need to live in the denial of our vulnerability that leads to our worrying.

Acceptance of vulnerability releases worry. Once you prepare for the worst case scenario then stop worrying and replace it with faith. But sometimes, when you think you have covered all your bases, you still get hurt and have harm. Then at other times, when you fly by the seat of your pants, everything turns out great. So actually, you can’t always be prepared … because negative, unpleasant, harmful things just happen. We are all vulnerable. To be human is to be vulnerable.

Sure, being prepared, aware and using common sense is wise.  But worrying destroys happiness, fun, joy, adventure,  experiences, health, spontaneity…

My Dad wanted to be in control of his life, and to protect those whom he loved. It’s a male trait. not wanting to feel vulnerable.  It’s a kind of trait that has one looking for the ‘what if’s’… to try and combat them or to cut them off before they do hurt and harm. That can be a good thing…. but too much of it wears the person out , those around them and can stop living in its tracks. Worrying never stopped my Dad from living life large with many accomplishments and adventures. He just went ahead and faced his fears… but he did worry. But he also had much faith that balanced out the worry and allowed him to go forth.. He told me he had an angel on his shoulder. He would loan his angel to me when I was going through a rough time. So just that knowing, showed his faith was more powerful than his worry.

I can be a worrier. I admit it. But I also have tremendous faith that pulls me out of it. I have had many traumatic, out of the blue occurrences in my life that tested my faith and sunk me into worry, fret and depression. Some, perhaps, predictable others not.  My worry and fear have caused me loss and to miss out, and this I regret. I don’t regret what and when I tried and lost because, at least, I tried. But I do regret when fear and worry stopped me in my tracks or caused me to make decisions out of fear instead of faith. But usually and most always I keep on in faith, otherwise, I would die inside with worry and that is no way to live.

While on earth, God wants us to live in faith and to have experiences, adventures, feelings, emotions… but for certain acknowledge all feelings… as warnings of fear can prevent harm, after all we are sentient beings in physical body on earth. Here to experience it all.

As humans on earth we are vulnerable… so accept it and choose faith…

The Christmas season is based on and founded in faith…

26 thoughts on “Denial of vulnerability leads to needless, non-productive worry…”

  1. Perfect like always. You are a deep thinking wise woman with beauty and grace that is out of this world. A real living doll. Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for this piece.

  2. Ayn, you always write what I need to read. Thank you. I needed to read this right now, in this moment. God makes us vulnerable so we will turn to him in faith. This made sense to me while reading this for the first time ever. When I have been hurt before I cried out God why me! Now I get why me. It’s for me to have more faith. Thank you Thank you for this Thanksgiving gift you gave to me today. I love your site and what you write and the way you write it makes sense. Happy Thanksgiving to you. You made my day like you will never really realize.

  3. Believers are blessed with faith maybe not always but most always. It’s the only thing that keeps us sane on this planet of trials and struggles. Look what Jesus went through for faith and for us. . Ayn very well said.

  4. Very nice to see a happy Smiling face at the start of the Day. You have a Great Smile!😉😊☺☺☺☺ Great article by the way.

  5. great article gave me a lot of relief and calm by not to worry as you wrote, agree many of our vulnerabilities that make us worry comes from our own hands.

  6. Realities of life are described by
    Your Wisdom !! Humankind and nature are full of Vulnerability but those who worry less and smiling like yourself move full of faith and confidence overcome their worries and Vulnerability. God has made us Vulnerable and equipped with Faith to not to worry.

  7. This hits home. I tend to be a worrier and control freak. Like you, I have faith that God handles the things over which we have no control. There is a higher purpose for everything, even the bad things that happen to good people. It is within us to search for the meanings and grow spiritually.

  8. Been reading on this site for a couple of days. It’s amazing. Wisdom is in every article. Ayn, you are the best!

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