What you get in discussion with a lib/progressive…

Pullinghair2if it can even be called a discussion…

Lib/progressives are self-righteously angry now that ‘their candidate’, which actually should have been in prison, instead of running for President, lost.  Any exchange with a lib/progressive always succumbs to them calling names such as racist, homophobic, bigot, etc. when this is not even close to subject, in fact, their comments are way off topic.  Because they can’t comprehend enough to stay on topic. They deflect, lie and circle-talk to avoid dealing with facts, common sense, accountability and reality…rebellious  teenager-like in response and behavior… no reality, self -delusional, illusions of whatever fantasy occupies their brain. They continually ‘judge’ others while screeching that they are being ‘judged.’ So child-like they are, that’s it pathetically  humorous were it not so harmful.

I began this site with a ‘friend’ who is a liberal. I didn’t realize her political leanings at the time because eight years ago, politics was not as up in your face as it became when the lowly traitor to America, Obama, ran for President. Barack But as the election got heated, her ignorance and delusions were made clear. She could never be on time. She wasn’t true to her word. Her brain full of ‘I don’t know what?’ …High heels, designer clothes, fairy tales ??? Her voice began to sound like finger nails on a chalk board… as she rambled on about nothing. She is the reason, I got on Facebook, in fact, she put me on it, for benefit of ‘our’ blog. She had been an intern on the Hill for some liberal and she had been well indoctrinated. She had no common sense and the fact that she could be up to an hour late meeting me for lunch didn’t bother her at all and she didn’t understand why it should bother me. She only thought about herself while trying to ‘appear’ that she thought about everyone in the world. HA!

Another interesting example of our innate and inherent respective conservative, liberal differences could be seen even as children when we tried out to attend the same ballet school. It was a highly thought of, exclusive, with acceptance limited to ability, school led by two professional dancers that were once with  Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo. I auditioned and became the youngest member of the corps de  ballet.  Her acceptance was declined since she treated the ballet practice barre as if it was a jungle gym. She and her mother were asked to leave.

She was full of the typical lib/progressive delusional BS even as a child.  Of course, we soon parted company. With her driving off in her pink Barbie car… her exact words and her calling me Cruella Deville… the usual lib/progressive name calling child-like tactic. She referred to the girls that cleaned her house as ‘Cinderellas’ … so perhaps, her head really was  stuck in a world of fairy tales… like most all Lib/progressives.

Well, that was my first up-close and personal interaction with someone so off in their head that it was impossible to communicate in reality and with logic and truth with their expectation of full entitlement with no consideration to others.

Pullinghair3Lib/progressive idiocy only grew as ‘Obama world’ took over. Those who follow Oprah like everything this woman spews is worthy… the ‘those’ who can’t think for themselves. Oprah fat1 Booing God at the DNC convention. Their God is apparently’ earth’. Their cry, save the earth, save the earth. Which is where Satan rules. While God tells us in the Bible that the earth will always regenerate and be able to self-cleanse.

Idiotic destructive protests and looting with no regard for human life and other’s property as they express their out of control emotions about injustices that they can’t even articulate.

In exchanges with lib/progressives, I have been called old as dirt, a transvestite, etc. and these are the kinder names.

Obama-Lies-SCOne only need listen for a few minutes to Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, or Obama, etc. to realize the dysfunction of the lib/progressive brain… as they spew idiocy, call for others to treat everyone ‘right and fairly’ while, they, just like Hillary, call everyone that disagrees with them things such as “deplorables” as they suck money and power for their own benefit and use.

The mind set of lib/progressives is full of  hypocrisy, illogical conclusions, immaturity, illusions, circle-talking, deflecting, name-calling ignorance. They are followers of ‘whomever’ like the wind, with no internal core of ethics, morality or standards. They respect no one, including themselves but expect to be treated with kid gloves and high regard for doing and saying nothing of any consequence. They spew and project their inner conflict outward calling names, devaluing those who don’t perceive in their distorted way… deeming them uneducated… when most those voting for Trump are the higher educated, those with real-life world experience and common sense.

Lib/progressives are a blight and disease on a society. sorosAnd those like Soros, (Soros is a war criminal that should have be imprisoned decades ago and he backs Obama, Clinton and the likes while instigating and bank rolling the lowly lib/progressives to riot and destroy) Obama, Clintons and others behind the scenes who are pillaging, manipulating and riling these fools up for their personal and NWO agenda to control, reap power and wealth from America and to weaken us and eventually take us down to insert us into the NWO under the rule of the UN… where there will be no rights but those deemed by the Godless ‘elites’ on earth. With their agenda of no property rights and they will have control of all earth’s resources.

While the destruction of our way of life, rights and freedoms are slowly and more quickly under the traitor Obama taken from us, loony Lib/progressives are more concerned with their pets, saving the animals, unisex bathrooms and climate change. HA!

Therefore, dim-witted lib/progressives are literally rioting, and protesting for their own loss and demise. Truly a level of ignorance that is unfathomable.

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33 thoughts on “What you get in discussion with a lib/progressive…”

  1. Brilliantly stated. Ayn, you so rock it! Keep it up. Love your brain. Beauty and brains the killer combo!

  2. LOL well done. Libs care only about themselves. They are dependent children of the world. A person who thinks and has a brain can’t discuss anything with them. Libs can’t discuss.

  3. Truth! Libs live in LA LA LAND. Soros is behind the destruction of America. The man is destruction. He should be sued and I heard some people are suing him. He backs the riots and pays rioters. He is behind BLM, Acorn and all those crappy groups.

  4. Ayn, what an awesome article. When BHO became President, I gradually started to realize the Culture War was on, God versus Secularism. I heard a minister say something I will never forget. “Liberals are liars. Liberals are violent”. Who else but liberals (Lucifer) attack God’s word as irrelevant, translated incorrectly, not for today, culturally biased, inaccurate, contradicts itself, etc. Who else but liberals validate criminal activity during riots as justified. Who else but liberals ignore the law. They worship “Mother Earth” because it’s the only hope they have. They don’t believe in a Creator or a Heaven versus Hell.

  5. Ayn, you are as accurate as anyone I have ever read writing about this. You get it completely. I have been reading your site for years and you always called it out and exactly as it is and even before it happened. Amazing woman with amazing insight and wisdom. I am amazed by you.

  6. Before I got my bearings, I really tried to understand the liberal point of view. I wanted to be open minded. Maybe they were right on certain things. It took a while but I realized that liberalism leads to godless socialism—>Marxism—->Communism/Dictatorship. There is no doubt about this. Liberals use to be the “loyal opposition”. That is not true anymore. They are out to destroy anything Godly in society and America is the last remaining roadblock. I think this schism is so great in America that there is no reconciliation possible. You can’t compromise Good with Evil. There is no middle ground left for compromise. A pessimistic view for sure. I hope I am wrong.

  7. Spot on Ayn, Keep posting and writing your wise take on everything. Time is running short I fear and we need people like you, your wisdom and wise counsel.

  8. Great article. Great examples. Libs are children that never grow up. They live in fairy tale land and are easily led by the Big Bad Wolfe. LOL! Hysterically accurate differences shown in your friend, excuse me ex friend’s ballet outcome.

  9. And how easily libs fall apart when their world isn’t exactly as they imagined it would be. Lol Girl you wrote a great piece. i am sharing . Hope it’s alright?!

  10. Liberals are jealous and envious of everyone. They are whiny brats and inconsiderate of others while they expect everyone to be considerate of them and even take care of them. They are jealous of talent, beauty, success and goodness. That lib so called friend Ayn, was jealous of you. That is why she was late. She wanted to prove that she was more important when she isn’t. She was being inconsiderate and a freak. Ayn, you write so well and express what we are thinking.

  11. Happy Thanksgiving to you Ayn. What I like about your Website and posts,the most, is you seem to have a great sense of humor, laugh a lot and enjoy life. I think that maybe the most important thing in life. I used to be very serious, over the years I learned how important it is to have fun, laugh and dance at parties. Life is better and people like being with people that laugh and have fun. All the Best to you and your family over the Holidays and the New Year!

  12. Accurate article. Happy Thanksgiving! You are brilliant. I have been reading your site for years.

  13. Liberals are ignorant

  14. Muslims,lib or progressive as they call themselves have no such considerations as good, bad or sin.Might is Right. They fight with poor,weaker than self Bow before Saudi king as Hillary,Obama.Moral and character is Nothing.Repent or Confess is not in Dictionary . With ousting of Obama,Soros,Hillary and co.some Peace will surely come to US and rest of the world.

  15. Never before have we seen such an EPIC meltdown of one group of people, like we have witnessed with these unhinged liberals.
    From bawling to safety pin “safe spaces” to burning cities to the ground and fake “money scam” recounts, it’s been a hilarious and dangerous nervous breakdown by the left.

  16. You know you won the argument when they no longer can defend their stance and they only attack your character. Keep up the good fight!

  17. We need to commence de-demactratisation efforts. They need to be hunted down and put on trial. History books changed to expose their ties with crimes against humanity. Make movies about how half a population could fall into a trance and follow such a vile regime. Make the word “democrat” and they’re symbol of the “ass” synonymous with evil. Hunt them to the jungles of South America if needs be.

  18. They are cruel and inhuman while they pretend to be fair and want equality. They need to be sentenced to prison when they say kill all whites and other horrible threats. They are ignorant and without brains or hearts. They are soul less and God less.

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