Damaged, disordered, wounded people can damage and cause you to become so…

???????????????????????????????Ever heard the saying you become like who you marry?

Those we associate with often change us. If we are around negative people, we will become more negative. If we are around happy positive people we will become more positive.  Confident people instill confidence in others.

Ever notice how around certain people you feel happy and uplifted and around others you feel down and like the energy has been sucked out of you?  You feel that way because it has been. I have noticed that I  even can  begin to feel nervous around some people. When I feel negative emotions coming at me, I have learned to become aware, to limit exposure and  even  to exit completely.  Listen to your gut and how you feel… don’t negate or discard your gut instincts. They are a gift from God for your protection.

If and when you point out to others how you feel around them and if they can’t look at themselves, apologize for dumping onto you, then  you need to cut them loose from your life … until they can.

Being emotionally thrown up  on by someone for things that have nothing to do with you is damaging to self… unless, you set and have clear boundaries. 

I am not saying let friends down when they are in need. We all have needs at time and need extra caring but only the strong of heart are the ones capable to give this to you. The wounded, damaged and disordered will suck your energy even when you are in need  and will most likely make you feel worse whether you realize it in that moment or not. These are people to limit your association with. They are energy vampires.

Misery loves company and subconsciously  that is their agenda, to take you down to their level.  I have had people tell me that they love me and love to be around me because ‘I’ make ‘them’ feel good and calm them, then when I need their energy and help they suck the life out of me. These are the people I have learned to limit my exposure to.

Have you ever been around someone that never if rarely smiles or someone that has a negative comment for every occasion? I have and tried to lift these people up for awhile, until their damaged, disordered, wounded soul began to affect me. Then I ended my association with them to protect myself.  All I  can do then is to pray for them but I limit even cut off our energies connecting.

We can all help one another, at times, but true healing begins with self.

Energy suckers of the world are damaged people and until they deal with their issues, they will not be able to give to another, instead, they will drain those around them.

You become more like those you associate with. If you associate with man haters, you will find yourself bashing men. If you associate with women haters, you will find yourself bashing women. If you think it’s okay to do drugs then those are the people you will associate with. If you workout and are physically fit, you will prefer being around those of like  body and mind.

Everyone in this world has been hurt, damaged, wounded, etc. It’s the energy of the strong and brave that works on healing self instead of going through life projecting, and throwing up their neediness on others. 

It’s your individual duty to set your boundaries.  Like kind attracts like kind… and opposites attract. Think of how profound these truisms are and on so many levels.

annface48“Any fool can be happy. It takes a man with real heart to make beauty out of the stuff that makes us weep.” Clive Barker

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16 thoughts on “Damaged, disordered, wounded people can damage and cause you to become so…”

  1. True, people who marry become like one another. So careful whom you attach your wagon to. They can lift you up or take you to hell. Love your writing. Ayn. Love you girl! I look forward to all your new ones with anticipation and share them with many.

  2. Beautiful sentiments as usual. This is so true. It’s human nature. If you hang out with ducks, you will walk like a duck even if you are a swan. I tell my kids this all the time.

  3. A lesson to the wise careful who you associate with, they can change you forever. Ayn, this is one life lesson we all should be aware of. Hell yes! You become like who you hang with for good or for bad. I had a negative buddy that would drive me crazy. Everything was always negative with him. I got him out of my life and I began to feel like a new man.

  4. Right on the money honey. Cut negative people out of your life. They will suck the very life out of you then go look for another place to feed.

  5. Your Study,Analysis and Advice WISDOM !! is always unquestionable and timely too. A wrong Word / Work /Step can change the whole Scenario. God alone can save from consequences. Only Precautions as mentioned by you are in one’s Control.
    So much time you give to Sentient Beings, to happenings at home and World over.So much
    Busy you must be with little or minimal time for self, food,health and Relaxation. Still you write with fresh mind and heart,miss nothing
    Please tell WISDOM !! How you are never wrong ? Your flowing Empathy puzzles (may be not) you a little but rest just flows like water in a stream. Highly appreciable & non- understandable . God be with you always.

  6. Damaged people are running this world into the ground. They are sucking people dry with their schemes and bloated gov Bullshit. You are so correct. It’s individual to the larger world. I applaud you, lady and admire you.

  7. Sentient being knows nothing about Photograhy but your photo is thee WISDOM!! It can talk, your spirit is visible in eyes, it can convey your message. I’m awed.

  8. I cannot believe the depth of your understanding of psychological issues and interpersonal relationships. You are truly amazing.

  9. Excellent article. Dead on accurate, you become like those you hang with and many you might think care about you, really don’t, even your relatives. They may be jealous, unhappy, sick in the head and they want you to be as miserable as they are. You write truth, kiddo!

  10. Good article Ayn. You nailed it. Weak wussies who have been coddled, taken care of, babied and spoiled by an overprotective mommy.

  11. True, they drain from others, unable to give of themselves. They need some serious time on the couch with a counselor who can dig deep enough into the soul to uncover the root problem.

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