Why does Hillary always have that smug smile plastered on her face…

hillary-smiling-2like she knows a secret or that she has already won the election? Because the corrupted progressive bought and paid for whore of the NWO media is protecting her with agenda-filled-propaganda to brainwash the masses.

They think if the say  something often enough that it will be believed. This is not journalism because most are completely biased and all they do is push the progressive agenda which is communism. They do not report facts. They put opinion, agenda and emotion into their words and this is not journalism.  It’s bought and paid for talking heads with agenda.

They repeat the same things until it’s obscene while leaving out real news. It’s slanted and done to imprint what they want on the minds of what they deem are the ignorant masses. But the deal is many of us see right though their agenda, turn it off, and demand that it stop.

Journalism is supposed to be without bias and agenda. Journalism is supposed to be our first line of defense against a corrupted government. Today Journalism is dead. It is of the corruption and something to fear, turn off and not to believe.

As well as most of the polls which are orchestrated, false and hyped to sway those that they can and  manipulate to think and to vote like the majority. Follow the group kind of mentality… sheep led to slaughter or…

You know about that nice NBC/WSJ “poll” that shows that Hillary is up 11, right?

Well, CTH deconstructed it.  It wasn’t very hard to do, and it showed the usual media bias in the sample, which is a problem standing alone.  But then we get into why the bias existed, and it’s not so simple as it first appears.

What CTH managed to find is that the organization that ran the poll is an organization run by a man who currently is a SuperPAC operator for PrioritiesUSA in support of Hillary Clinton, and was involved in a similar one for President Obama.

In other words the so-called “media poll” wasn’t actually run by NBC and the WSJ, it was run by a SuperPAC dedicated to Hillary’s election.

The reason for the intentional bias in the poll’s sample is now obvious — and ought to have been reason enough for both NBC and the Wall Street Journal to refuse to run it at all.

But it gets better — Hillary’s campaign paid this organization over $200,000 in September alone!

If you watched the second presidential debate, you witnessed Martha Raddatz and Anderson Cooper and their blatant attempts at skewing hard questions, avoiding policy discussions, and their flat out contempt for Donald Trump.

Media Research Center President Brent Bozell immediately took the screen on Fox Business Network’s Varney and Company (V&Co.) to expose the moderator’s slant as a recurring, predictable tactic of these so-called “journalists,” describing the debate as similar to “the vice presidential debate where the Republican was consistently challenged on his position while the Democrat was given a free pass.”

Moderators should never show bias.   Our media is corrupted.

clintonsClinton had an affair with an intern, fathered a baby (possibly more than one), abandoned him, accused of rape by more than one woman. Link about Clinton’s illegitimate son:  http://www.snopes.com/bill-clinton-illegitimate-son/

Had multiple affairs while married to Killery. Hillary defended a child rapist, harassed and slandered the women that Bill raped sexually harassed, and had affairs with, had people killed in Benghazi, deleted 33k emails on her private server,  created a vacuum for ISIS to  be created, armed ISIS, 6 billion dollars unaccounted for as Sec of State, runs a corrupt Clinton Foundation, stole money from Haiti. ( Bush Sr and Bill Clinton did the Haiti charity fund raising together, millions turns up missing) Calls law enforcement racist. Accepts money from countries with no rights for women and this is only the tip of it.

Trump said something 11 years ago in a private conversation (leaked by a relative of the Bush family) and  the media goes crazy.  Media hypocrisy is astounding!

“Without the media Hillary Clinton couldn’t be elected dog catcher”–Donald J. Trump

Obama-Lies-SCThe only way Obama was elected is because the bought and paid for progressive media whores created a rock star out of this inexperienced, without quality, teleprompter reader, traitor to America, community organizer who couldn’t run an ice cream stand and the dumbed-down- entertainment-tonight masses bought into it hook line and sinker. hillary-and-barackObama is a NWO puppet of the globalists just as Hillary is, along with all progressives and much of the media. If Hillary goes down so does Obama… so they are thick as thieves.  All in it together as they threaten, pay off, bribe or even kill anyone who gets in their way.

Their agenda is to lower the standard of living in the US as they use America as an income stream to the UN. Flood America with immigrants and refugees, have no borders, create chaos in US, then reorganize under the guise of ‘good’. But nothing about this is good for the US or any of her citizens.  It’s blatantly evil. Alinksy’s, Rules for Radicals, dedicated to Satan… 

hillary-smiling-3Their agenda is to  get rid
of borders as
Hillary stated very clearly in a leaked tape from one of her Wall Street speeches. She says one thing in private and quite another in public to get elected. Her public persona is false and her agenda is to lead America into the NWO under the rule of the UN.

“To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family traditions, national patriotism, and religious dogmas.” Brock Adams – director of UN Health Organization…

Clinton’s plan for the future revolves around maintaining political power while working to create an “unaware” and “compliant” citizenry.

The same as Obama, Soros, Buffet, etc. and the  progressive propaganda media  are whores of this agenda.  Control the media, control their minds.

Low information voters, uneducated, ignorant. those dependant on the government are who the progressives/Clintons are after and appeal to, or those who want to make the world and all it’s resources its slave… those of the Satanic godless, immoral people.  It’s the educated those with higher IQ and independant, believers in God that stand with Trump.
Our media is a bought and paid  whore of the elite globalists that think they know better than us what is good for our lives. They want to control all of earth’s resources and only allow us what they deem necessary while they live large on what we produce.

In both the Democratic and Republican parties, all  progressive/communists are in on this. Progressive equals communism. 


Trump2This is why they are so against Trump and why progressives in the Republican party are also against him. He is not one of them and they know he will come in, expose them and tear their plans apart, putting them and their agenda out on the street.  He will strengthen our military so we won’t have to use it and pull wealth and jobs back into our country.

What these corrupted progressives are doing is trying to keep their cushy government positions and world-wide  investments while telling the public what to think and do, putting regulations and taxes on individuals and businesses so they themselves can gain more power and wealth. They think of the masses as their slaves. It’s Agenda 2030… their goal is to have it all in place by then.

Trump’s goal is to make America strong, solid and great again and this goes against their plans for our weakening and ultimately our destruction.

With Trump we can hold onto our American Sovereignty. With Hillary America will be sold to the highest bidder and enslaved to the NWO under the rule of the UN.

Along with the corrupted media we, also have voter fraud…. the only way lying puppet cons like Obama and Hillary can win…

As Leviathan spins the web of fog to blind  people to the truth   Good is seen as bad,  bad is seen as good, truth is seen as lie,  lie is seen as truth, because that is the way and agenda of Satan’s destruction.

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41 thoughts on “Why does Hillary always have that smug smile plastered on her face…”

  1. Ayn it’s all liberal media misdirection to try and make hillary look like shes ahead in the polls. They all as you know are out to defeat TRUMP. They are not afraid that TRUMP will loose they are afraid that he will win. And ruin their nice gravey train they have been on for many years. They would rather have hillary be elected then TRUMP because they know he’s going to clean house.

  2. That’s what I’m worried about… after they cheat again, then what? We The People grow discouraged & bow the knee to the next Globalist choice?? Hope not… there’s still another way out.

  3. I just wish the low information voter would find this out and see Hillary as the evil person she is. They need to vote for Trump.

  4. Concise, and 100% correct. Any person who has common sense, and uses deductive reasoning, would be voting for Trump.

  5. Clinton crooks call Trump supporters rednecks and deplorables while they point PC fingers at everyone else. Those two are evil incarnate. They project all the time. Lie all the time. Are all about themselves. They are the Arkansas rednecks making it in the big time selling out every American.

  6. When the revolution begins, the media will be treated as a domestic enemy. Count in it.
    They will not escape judgment fit their involvement.

  7. OMG! Some places actually have NO Voter ID!!!??? Liberals have dead people voting and people voting 10 times. They are an immoral lot of thieves and crooks. I hope Trump is prepared for this.

  8. If Killery was for sure going to win this election, it would bode much better for her, and would be no skin off her nose, to play sweet. If she has nothing to lose, then all this sngry banter is useless. She can still lose this. She still has to win without causing a Civil War. She has to convince the public that she won fair and square, which we all know better . If this country goes into an uprising, it will have to be a surgical strike, because prolonged chaos will cause other countries to try to come in and take over, along with UN troops. It would be a huge mess. I know Trump never said thus, but we can all hope its going on anyway, because if Soros places Hitkery in the White House, this country is finished.

  9. I didn’t start out liking Trump but I will vote pro-security in this election. HE will do what it takes. She will get us all killed with carelessness.

  10. the smile is a construct, a shield, it supplants any other facial expression she might inadvertently express revealing her real thoughts or feelings, any competent physcologist will confirm this mannerism…

  11. just like obama, whenever I see or hear hillary, I get a very queasy feeling. The ONLY president in my lifetime that always made me feel safe and comfortable was Ronald Reagan. His voice and delivery even made bad news a little easier to bear. Remember his heartfelt speech to the world when the Challenger blew up. Closing with that quote from the poem ‘High Flight’ was a very comforting and reassuring message that God had welcomed them all home.

  12. The media is corrupted. Even much of alternative media is controlled by the PTB. Our regulatory agencies are corrupted. Most politicians are doing the work of the devil. The country is divided and many suffering. ??for guidance and clarity.

  13. Excellent post! And hopefully enough sheeple will read it….unlikely but you never know……??????

  14. Well done! You put allot together that shows what this piece of human waste is and her agenda. If she wins, America is gone.

  15. It’s difficult to find anyone who believes anything the corporate mass media produces. Looks like I found someone who believes what they’re told. Meanwhile, in reality; NBC, CBS, ABC, Reuters and others have all been exposed oversampling Democrats and using projections from 2012/2008. Trump is drawing crowds of 20,000 – 30,000 everywhere he goes while HRC is lucky to get more people attending her events then working at them, and Trump’s social media is CRUSHING HRC by every metric. Stop being played for a fool by the MSM.

  16. Hillary is going to Carry Obama’s Policies and Insist on POLITICAL CORRECTNESS and Strangulate the Constitution to enable the Preferred Immigrants of Religions of Peace to Carry on their Good Work of Rape and Murder abated as in Europe etc. hence Americans are To BE Necessarily Disarmed.Those Masters of Hillary who Financed ISIS have Also Financed Hillary. “We the People” are being waylaid to non-issue of What TRUMP said 11 years back Forget what Clinton did in WhiteHouse and what they are arranging for their Favored Immigrant Guests. There will be no chance of Escape.

  17. Clinton’s are beggars, Obama etc are slaves,Soros etc are Capitalists hence Masters but all of these will be Beggars without the Armed Power of USA. But most important WISDOM !! They don’t have. I’m seeing that so far they succeeded Becoz they played smaller games but now fedup with small games they wannabe Globalists and play Totalitarian game which is beyond their WISDOM. They had to fail. Lucky that they are exposed at home and may get rid ,with every step forward their problems will multiply manifold. Just my polite submission not a declaration B4 you WISDOM !!

  18. This is Satan’s world who was cast out of heaven for greed! “The world is a dangerous place not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing”. As long as Warriors are willing to fight evil won’t win!

  19. Ok Ayn Dillard, I believe you just won the truth bomb of the day. Reality is, we may have already lost this round. We will know in 19 days. If we lose, then round 2 will not be long delayed….. The UN is a joke!!

  20. The Democrats are anti-freedom because they are really dictators. They are NAZIS. They are ev*l isl*m loving crack wh*res.

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