Spirit is what creates life in our body…

ann-smile5Just like fabric doesn’t become an article of clothing until is it designed and created as such. An article of clothing doesn’t become alive until a body enters it. A dress lying on a bed is a dead  piece of fabric until it’s put on a body then it becomes animated. A body makes the article of clothing come alive. Every article of clothing will fit  and look differently as it adorns each body. Some bodies won’t even be able to fit into it while it fits others like a glove. But there are many other articles, styles and fit of clothing for the body to choose.  An article of clothing while perfect for one body will be wrong for another.  There are dresses to wear to Galas and dresses to wear to work.  It’s all about choosing the garment that suits the occasion and the body.  The appropriate garment, but some bodies don’t know how to select what is appropriate for occasion or for their body style, so they walk around being off the mark,  out of sorts  and not appropriate. They don’t fit their clothing and their clothing doesn’t fit them.

Similarly, it is the spirit that makes a body come alive.  A body that is dead with no spirit in it, can’t move, can’t talk, can’t create, can’t move…has no life.

A dead body is just that, it is dead and without spirit to animate it.

When the body dies, the spirit exits. Therefore, the body has no life with the spirit gone. At death, the energy of the spirit exits the body.

The  spirit entering the body is what creates life.  Our body is the tool of our spirit. How our spirit expresses in our body is up to our spirit…

The eyes reveal the soul. The quality of the spirit shines through either the  light or the darkness in the eyes.  A spirit of evil will be revealed in the eyes and a spirit of good the same. 

We can either work with our spirit or against it as our spirit is expressed through our heart and mind into our body in every single choice that we make…. what we eat, if and how we move, if , when and what we say, what we choose to put on our body. What we choose to do, what we create, whom we love or if we do. If we choose bad or if we choose good, if we sin or not, if we choose evil or if we choose God. What we see and how we see it.  The spirit will  choose the body that will be able to express what it needs.  The desires of the flesh and the corruption of the mind can over take goodness. It’s choice.  The spirit will choose the appropriate body, heart and mind for the what it needs to experience on this earth and when the mission is accomplished the spirit will exit the body or when the body wears out, the spirit will exit.

It’s our spirit that gives our body life and our spirit comes and enters from God. Which spirit animating which body is God’s  decision. Which spirit that enters which body that will have the circumstances, choices, trials, joys, challenges, happiness, sadness, pain or pleasures is a union between spirit and God.  If the body, mind, heart and circumstances don’t seem to fit the needs of the spirit after trying to do so,  then it’s time to turn to God in prayer and guidance for asking and understanding.  The message of the spirit may need to become clearer or the body, mind and heart need to shift and change to match the guidance of the spirit.

It’s the spirit that fills the flesh of the body with life.

When the body dies, after living life with all its experiences and  imprints on earth, the spirit goes back to God… or to hell based on choices made while on earth. The body remains here on earth, as an empty shell of matter just like a dress taken off, tossed on the floor, it is lifeless.

Does your spirit fit your body? Does your body honor your spirit?

Body, mind and heart are the tools of the spirit… full of God given choice in each and every moment.

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19 thoughts on “Spirit is what creates life in our body…”

  1. Lovely article. It’s great the way you write things to make us think. Love your mind. You have a great one alone with a great spirit.

  2. Ann…You are a gorgeous woman…with Your positive emotion added to Your body, mind, & spirit, You will fulfill Your wildest dreams of beauty! .Blessings to You.

  3. Wow, Such deep Philosophy you WISDOM !!
    Explained in so short and Simple words. I became a Bigger Fan of your’s now .We always thought Soul is what etc. But your Explanation of visualization of shine of Soul in the Light of Eyes is so convincing. Thank you oh ! WISDOM !!

    1. Instead of Spirit I wrote Soul I’m sorry please read Spirit wherever it’s written Soul. Sorry for inconvenience.

  4. I like the web site. You write freely, and that is awesome. So many people don’t or can’t tell the truth, we live in a screwed up world. Have a great weekend, and keep up the good work.

  5. Scientists can do wondrous things today – they have built amazing machines; particle accelerators, deep space telescopes, devices and methods that let them find things so small that it boggles the mind. But there is that one thing Scientists can never find – not with their fine machines that is. That would be the source of it all – that spark that animates. This is sometimes called “the spark of life”. Those who have Faith believe in God as the source of all things – The Great Creator.

  6. You are rarest of rare combination
    Wisdom !! Beautiful+Intelligent+High Manners+High sense of Dress , Food, Living., + Well routined + Carefully Self conscious + Love and care SELF & Others+High Taste yet
    accommodate all + Master of Arts & Kind
    Excellent Pen power + Planner + Coordinator+Patriotic&Bold+Brave etc. YET Polite…..

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