A man leads a relationship….true of false?…

???????????????????????????????And if he is corrupt, crooked, a liar, or weak, he can lead it off its path and onto the road to hell…

Is it even possible for a woman to lead a relationship? Sure there are weak men, but a woman can’t create it on her own and she can’t make a man love her and do the right thing for them both. Sure she can encourage, support and be his cheerleader… but in the final outcome… it is a man who creates a relationship for the good or not….

Agree or not?

Now I understand that a woman can do things that destroy a relationship also…

But in the final result.. there will and can be no relationship if a man doesn’t lead.

Is this why we have so much divorce, broken homes and messed up kids? Because many men these days aren’t up to the challenge and responsibility of a relationship, commitment, and life with responsiblity to another or others….?

I think so…

As a man leads and a woman follows… that’s the basic nature and natural order and when we go against it… it just doesn’t work out as well. Sure it can be done… but the outcome is not sympathico as it is when a man leads and a woman follows..

And saying this, a man needs a woman as much as a woman needs a man. Just because he leads doesn’t make him ‘better’. It makes him have more responsiblity to the woman that he loves….more on his shoulders… that is if he is a real man.

And many men these days just don’t seem to ‘get it’  and their not getting it is causing the downfall of  society.

As a woman, if your man can’t lead, won’t lead, doesn’t lead, find another…. you are better off alone than with a leech, a loser, a con, a follower, a liar, a man without direction, a man who can’t love, a man who is all about himself, or his sports and activities, an addicted man, or a selfish man…

A selfish man does not make a good lover, partner,  friend or father.

Women protect and guard yourselves from a man who can’t lead….and, or one who will lead you and your relationship off the road and into a ditch…. 

24 thoughts on “A man leads a relationship….true of false?…”

  1. I agree a man must lead. Now days too many men don’t know what that means and are looking for a mommy. My girlfriends and I talk about tha alot. It grosses us out.

    1. Sad but true, unfortunately so many men have lost their direction and purpose, not to mention that they have been distracted or discouraged by the women in their life. A relationship is like a table, it needs both sets of legs to stand on. There are still some good men out there. Don’t lose hope.

  2. I agree, your right on the money. Most of them are gamers, and you can figure it out from the get go. A gentleman invest, time, and into you. He’ll step up to support you and he will be responsible. And if start out lying terminate the relationship.

  3. Nice work. Totally agree. Couples need to complement each other. Woman needs a man’s strength; man needs a woman’s tenderness. It’s overly simplistic, but contains much truth.

  4. For me and my marriage, my relationship with Christ determines how our marriage goes. Ephesians 5:15 tells us men, “Love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave Himself up for her.” To do that, we must die to self. I would die for my wife. I am the the head of the home not because I’m superior, but because God has given me this responsibility. I don’t take that lightly. In order for this to work, I have to be right with God. Some of our greatest problems in our marriage were when my wife tried to lead and I let her. Mutual submission is the only way!

  5. Ann, what makes a sexy, alluring woman is one that is not only physically attractive and pretty, but also classy, self-assured, and very intelligent. And you exemplify all of those traits.
    I’m sure you’ve heard that a thousand times before, but I sincerely mean it. I hope I didn’t offend you.

  6. Ugh. A friend sent me the link to this blog post and I cringed when I even saw the title. FALSE. I want men to be responsible and mature enough to lead themselves and understand that women need space to lead their own lives. I mean, come on, we’re raising the children and holding down more and more high-powered jobs, do I really need a man to tell me how to make decisions? I don’t think so. Stop looking for anyone to LEAD you and take care of yourself. The more you insist on holding your own space, the more likely you’ll be to find the right partner who respects you and your independence.

    1. Sally, you are misunderstanding.. I am not saying a woman can’t take care of herself.. It’s that in a relationship a man must lead.. if not we have disrespect from the woman .. A woman’s nature is to nuture and a man’s to protect.. that is how it was meant to be.. and that takes nothing from the abilities of a woman. When a man does was he was intended.. a woman can be her best and also a man.

      1. I agree with you Ann. A man must lead or it all falls apart. Defensive, feminist women don’t get this. They are too full of anger. When a man leads well. Eveyone is fulfilled and content. When a woman leads, the man’s balls are busted and she resents him and he resents her.

    2. When a man leads and takes his proper place it frees a women to have space. Sally, you are off course.

  7. This is biblical and a great article. Most men today don’t get it and women don’t either. Women are too busy trying to be men and men are turning feminine.

    1. Women control a relationship and where it goes.. men lead.. and we don’t have to follow.. get it?

  8. Ann, you are correct. A man who can’t lead his family well is a loser. Men who cheat, gamble have addictions or otherwise screw up mess up the lives of their wife and their children. A man sets the tone the example and the fact that so many men aren’t setting good examples is a large reason America is so screwed up now. Back to the family. A man leads and a woman follows and that takes nothing from the woman. You are a wise woman and you see what other women have lost can’t see or never got. I praise and applaud you. Your site is full of wise words.

  9. This is the reason why marriages & relationships fail because the culture has told men that they are no longer solely responsible for providing leadership within the family .

  10. A Godly man can lead a relationship because he answers to an authority that demands she be treated with the same honor his creator bestows upon him.

  11. Wife: I stand behind you because I know you will lead me
    Husband : I lead because I know you got my back

  12. Excellent article! – and yes, some women’s HEADS will explode reading it 😉
    When a couple lives this balance, it’s Heaven 🙂

  13. I always want to go farther than expected, to do more than she expects, to be better than necessary. Bring more than I get.

  14. Ayn, this is one of the best articles I have read lately .I have read several on this site and they are so well done. You get exactly what a male, female relationship is about. We got to get back to how God intended it or we will all explode and fall into hell.

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