Inmates running the asylum…

ObamaShorts…degenerates and perverts setting the standards, the values, and morality etc. Take a hard look at what is going on in America today because it is appalling.
Hearing what comes out of Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Michelle Obama, both Clintons, or Biden’s, etc. mouth must be like what being in an insane asylum hearing inmates babble would be. It’s all delusional, lies, fantasy, word salad-like, out of reality, distorted, twisted drivel.
It’s like something, or someone reached in and snatched their brains and inserted lame, agenda-filled-talking points, taking away their ability to speak the truth, reason, speak clearly, or off the cuff in any meaninful way, because in off the cuff and their agenda is revealed… with their inability to keep on script as their real agenda bleeds through their lies. So they must stay on teleprompter and talking points as they smile through their corruption and lies. Genuine cognitive abilities and compassion from the heart are absent as it’s all lies for agenda.
The same can be seen in most in the media, think: Juan Williams, Bob Beckle, Barbara Walters, etc. And in the public eye, especially many in the entertainment arena, and I do mean ‘arena’.  It’s like we are watching a circus of fools performing in an arena of distortion and perversion led by degenerates.
Sidebar – Ellen ‘Degeneres’… ummm.. interesting word play, isn’t it? The first woman who revealed herself as a lesbian on TV and so many seem to think she is so ‘nice’ and ‘humourous’ She is married ( I think), or living with another ‘woman’. Who would have thought that we would ever be considering those of the same sex marrying? And if you don’t care for the idea, then you are called a hater, or worse. You see it seems we must accept even that which we don’t approve of ,or want to accept. That which we once thought abhorrent and unnatural.  Ellen is a woman who likes to dress and cut her hair like a man. She wears little men suits and she tells jokes to entertain… well, I think you get the picture. She is an entertainer, not anything to model after. And Michelle Obama is on her show often. Speaks volumes, huh? It’s entertainment and should be taken in that vain and perspective and little more. It’s a temporary escape. Why is it that many can’t tell the difference any longer?
Were it only a bad movie, it might be funny, if seen and taken as such, but it’s not funny because these fools are destroying America… its integrity, its freedoms, its place in the world, its excellence, its leadership, its sanctity, its security, its morality and filling it with chaos, insecurity, deception, distortion, control, lies, weakness, perversion, corruption… everything lowly. They are a leadership of rancid, delusional, lying, corrupt, degenerate  fools trying to lead others into their abyss.
Knowing the truth, seeing the truth then still believing all their lies is the example of ignorance and stupidity on a level that is unimaginable. Have the brains of many in America been flooded with an inability to think and discern to see what is truth, what is lie, what is good and what is evil, what is sound and what is nonsense? Why can so few tell the difference? What is entertainment and what is real life? What is a charade? What is a facade? What is fake and phony? What is acting?
Because who could believe, or buy into what these idiot fools are promoting and selling? No one, but other idiot fools. None of it makes sense because it is all nonsense and it goes against all logic, intelligence, morality and common sense.
Their reasoning is seriously flawed and they are too self-delusional, ignorant, agenda-filled and distorted to realize how insane they sound as they keep talking, twisting, lying, deflecting and destroying, like the bad and unruly kids taking over and destroying a playground, while the good, intelligent, well-bought-up children look on in shock or amused disdain. But it’s anything but amusing. These traitors to our constitution and moral way of life are appalling and destructive to everyone in American as rights and freedoms are taken away and government control is implemented. And morality is at a new low.
All the government employed and (tax payer funded) paid and media blockheads do is talk. They build or create nothing. So why are they listened to and believed as knowing anything and certainly not anything better, or worthwhile than you, or I, and those in the private sector who own companies, work, invent, create, etc. They are sucking the resources and energy from the people into their corrupted, bloated, machine of destruction.
These degenerates suck off the people. They manipulate the people. They try to influence the people as to what to buy, how to live and what to believe, while their own lives are full of immorality, lies, facade, cover-ups and fraud.
They are bought and paid for talkers, paid to influence, twist, decieve and con. They are fakes!
So why is anyone with a brain tolerating this, watching, or even listening, other than to be temporarily entertained??? Why can so few see things for what they really are?
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19 thoughts on “Inmates running the asylum…”

  1. yes i actually hoped & prayed that i was wrong about the feeling i had about barak obama but i knew i wasnt wrong .. im NEVER wrong when i react that strongly to someone ..if you just open your eyes the evidence is out there people just choose not to not only ignore it but to ridicule & hate their fellow americans that tried to bring these facts to light the libtards have been programmed they seriously do belive that the other half of america (anyone that questioned their black messiah ) was just “racist & hate filled ” angry old white people that just need to die” and they are brainwashed to attack anyone that questions that reality..cognitive dissonance my own family are lifelong democrats all of them & all told me i was online too much listening to “tin foil hat fruitcakes” & conspiracy theorists i heard how obama is as pure as the baby jesus & anyone that says otherwise is just a liar trying to make problems according to them there is NO valid reason to disapprove of barak obama & only a racist wouldnt want him to lead us foreward into communism they want obama to be the first american dictator …and now have achieved that. no matter what i tried to show people to wake them up they refused & would aggressively defend this POS (and he isnt even black nothing about this fraud is real.). obama can care less about americas blacks the only black people he cares about are them ones in somlia & nigeria Wahhabi muslims like him & his brother and they truly are the worst kind as ISIS is demonstrating & boka haram with their obama supported & created jihad & then genocide in their own countries.. boka haram or ISIS the ones commiting genocide on christians & jews worldwide & lining the road to baghdad w the heads of the iraqi army & thats what obama built.. he built a the biggest & most well funded well armed terrorist ARMY in the history of the world & helped them to conquer iraq & syria its due to his arming them & sending them our taxpayer dollars that a terrorist “group” grew into an army thats never happened before i hope these liberals all love their muslim brothers just like obama does because thats whats next after hes done dissolving our southern border obama intends to bring us 400,000 or so syrian refugees here for a start… i can see the mexcian cartel & MS 13 s american street gangs fighting w the islamoterroists in the streets over who gets to decapitate us americans first & why welcome to the fundamental transformation you idiots

  2. That is exactly what we need and in a hurry…say in 6 months a movie based on the real deal going on in America and twist it into a comedy which is easier for regular “folk” to swallow. And then BLAM, BOP, ZOWIE….it hits everyone that we have had our nest shat in by our leaders in Washington, DC. I say go for it! All you directors and writers and producers…..put the real crap out there with artistic license allowing for venting AND informing. Go for it Hollywood or Bollywood!!!

  3. ANYTHING GOES , YAHOO !!!!!! Issis , Obamanation , Pelosi , Reid , Al , SPEEDY ( To pass judgement before the smoke clears ) Sharpton ( ASS ) , Hamas , Zionist , Ukraine , ECONOMY , FAITHLESSNESS , Tick … tick … tick when is it all gonna blow up in our faces ?

  4. My spouse and I absolutely love your blog and find nearly all of your post’s to be what precisely I’m looking for.. Awesome website!

  5. Exactly!! All of them lack common sense and definitely don’t have a true love for America and what it was made great from.

  6. My favorite is how they all try to get us to believe how intelligent they are, but when they get caught in there lies and scams they play ignorant and stupid and claim they new nothing.

  7. The lunatic is in the hall
    The lunatics are in my hall
    The paper holds their folded faces to the floor
    And every day the paper boy brings more
    And if the dam breaks open many years too soon
    And if there is no room upon the hill
    And if your head explodes with dark forbodings too
    I’ll see you on the dark side of the moon

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