As an artist you see things that others don’t…

Ann, laydeeand reveal it to them. So they will see things differently, from another viewpoint and perspective and know….

Sometimes for the positive and sometimes not…

It may be by writing, dancing, drawing, music, painting, design, fashion, acting, film, stage plays… it’s expression, performance, beauty, awareness, truth, lie, reality, non-reality, surreal, evil, joy, pain, shock, horror, pleasure, torment, goodness… art is the wonderful and magnificent expression of human beings’ thoughts, emotions, and desires…
But the expression of art has the ability to distort and brainwash impressionable, immature, unformed minds, those with weak wills and intellect, lack of common sense, those without a clear ability to discern and those who are lost in their soul.
A mature, wise mind can hold expressions of art or information outside themselves and discern it as being entertainment, amusement, stimulation, right, wrong, good, bad, etc. They can experience it, enjoy it then let it go… and take in only that which is positive in guidance and meaningful to them.
An immature, not fully formed mind can and will hold what they observe as an imprint on their mind and take it as an example of the way to be, live, and act whether it be good, or bad for their well-being, or quality of life. They can be forever damaged by what they observe and experience. They have little ability to discern. 
Expressions of art have the ability to influence.
Therefore, we must protect and guard our youth, our immature, those not fully matured, from imprints that have the possibility to change who they are forever by imprinting a distortion.  
This is why the media is so powerful to the immature, ignorant, under-educated, weak of mind, will and spirit. 
Control the media, control the minds. Control entertainment, control morality, values, standards and ultimately souls. Control art forms and control a society. Control the education system and you have future generations under your thumb. 
Youth needs protection from brainwashing. Youth needs to learn to think and discern for themselves and to be protected from being brainwashed by prurient distortions that will be imprinted on their mind, body and soul. 
A free mind able to think is able to create… a free mind creates free expression…  a free mind creates inventions, growth, products, etc. 
A distorted and controlled mind eventually harms itself and others, falls in on itself in addiction of some degree and sort, then self-destructs spiritually and dies… 
I am an artist and this is what I see… I see corruption and distortion imprinted on our youth and only the most intelligent and vigil will be able to protect their minds from this distortion. I see the destruction of morality and good sense from the example of many in the entertainment, public and artistic fields and it’s being accepted by many.
Minds need to be free and our youth protected from evil brainwashing and distortions… they should be guided and protected until they are able to discern truth from lie and evil from good. If we don’t provide this, we will fail and fall into destruction as a society.
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3 thoughts on “As an artist you see things that others don’t…”

  1. Let me say thank you in advance for this post. I haven’t disguessed this entire event in years. Your post reminds me the artistic and those that create the arts. Just a couple of years ago a famous French author and artist Theodore Zeldin made contact with me and invited me to join the Oxford Muse. Him knowing I was an inventor flattered me but what was so special was, he knew a lot about my inner thought process. So he asked me a very profound question. He said other than your daily life, tasks and long term goals of working on one project to another, what is it that you truly want to accomplish and expect from your life? Well it set me back some as I had never thought about that as I am very task oriented, but he inspired me to think about my life and what my mind is actually wanting to accomplish as an entirety, not just to create and finish a project, or my minds task at hand for that single day to the next. So after some long thought I sat down and wrote out the following of what Theodore describes as a mental self-portrait and below result of that experience and I suggest it to any and all others that find the magic within their mind. I was sort of like an out-of-body experience once I started writing.

    My Self Portrait – Life is about releasing and channeling the magic found within the mind, in particular, the creativity of invention, collaboration of collective intelligence, and the awakening of our innovative spirit. I believe our mind acts as a conductor between the future and the present, the creative to the logical, the possibility to reality, and imagination to the practical. Where creativity is nurtured to help solve problems for others and create new growth for all those in the future. I champion all children, emerging technology, social media, pervasive computing, semantic search technologies and augmented realities to be combined into a rich cocktail of opportunities to create a mental implosion of knowledge and spiritual growth into the future for all to experience. As I believe with any invention, innovation, the science of technology and the fine arts in all its forms, we are purely witnessing an ‘affect’ of the ones gift that created it. -JD Gragg

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