If I don’t like Obama, I am a racist?…

???????????????????????????????According to who? The real racists!
The race card game … it’s time for it to end. It’s overdone and done for manipulation and is the only reason an unqualified traitorous man like Obama is where he is. He’s the first affirmative action, victim president and his administration and its ideas and decisions have proven to be a disaster for America. Obama lies continually, misleads the American people, covers up and spins like some snake oil salesman…. But all that aside, if you don’t like him, you are called a racist. It’s insanity… a kind of manipulative dementia…
Obama must’ve been told by his handlers that all he need do is be a puppet, spew lies, implement evil agenda and continually play the race card to destroy America and our freedoms and thus doing, he would be set for life in the lap of luxury like some king or ‘dictator’.
Obama and his minions hate America. They hate freedom, the private sector and promote government control of everything. Dislike of him and his hideous agenda have nothing to do with racism, except theirs with their use of con and spin using the absurdity of political correctness to implement their horrors on our great country.


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  1. Well, I’ve decided to stay alive just to spite Oprah! Can’t stand the creature – or her little tin god. She’s a moron and he’s just downright evil.

  2. Let the games begin , Send in the lions and gladiators . We need some clowns and court jesters to ease the tension and distract us from our indifference .

  3. I can’t speak for anybody else, but as a veteran of the USMC, I have commanded, and been commanded by, both genders and at least half a dozen different races, all of whom were prepared to give their lives for our country. We have no time or place for racism, inside or outside the military. God made us all, and we are all unique, but none of us is superior.

  4. Historians estimate that between A.D. 650 and 1900, 10 to 20 million people were enslaved by Arab slave traders. Others believe over 20 million enslaved Africans alone had been delivered through the trans-Sahara route alone to the Islamic world. Dr. John Alembellah Azumah in his 2001 book, The Legacy of Arab-Islam in Africa estimates that over 80 million Black people more died en route. Arab Enslavers Practiced Genetic Warfare The Arab slave trade typically dealt in the sale of castrated male slaves. Black boys between the age of 8 and 12 had their scrotums and penises completely amputated to prevent them from reproducing. About six of every 10 boys bled to death during the procedure, according to some sources, but the high price brought by eunuchs on the market made the practice profitable. Some men were castrated to be eunuchs in domestic service and the practice of neutering male slaves was not limited to only Black males. “The calipha in Baghdad at the beginning of the 10th Century had 7,000 black eunuchs and 4,000 white eunuchs in his palace,” writes author Ronald Segal in his 2002 book, Islam’s Black Slaves: The Other Black Diaspora.

  5. Obama is the most pathological lying, capricious, contemptuous, arrogant, pernicious, pugnacious, feckless, vacuous, narcissistic, integrity stricken, mendacious, petulant, anti-US constitutionalist, anti-military, spineless, nefarious, vile, evil, loathsome, insidious, deviant, racist, despicable, delusional, detestable, depraved, malicious, heinous, morally corrupt, divisive, destructive sociopathic, megalomaniac to have ever soiled OUR Oval Office.

  6. The left didn’t like Bush because he was a Cowboy … the right doesn’t like Obama because he’s an anti American communist. Manipulative dementia is putting it lightly.

    Bring charges of treason upon Barack Hussein Obama
    1. Surrendering sovereign U.S. war-making to foreign powers and international authorities by attacking Libya without consulting Congress, in violation of U.S. Constitution Article 1, Section 8 and U.S. Code Title 50, Chapter 33:1541-1548;

    2. Refusing to secure our broken borders from illegal alien invasion, international criminal incursion, and terrorist cadre penetration, in violation of U.S. Constitution, Article III, Section 3 and Article IV, Section 4

    3. Adhering to the enemies of the United States, giving them aid and comfort, as witnessed by consorting with, supporting and installing to powerful Federal positions persons who in writing, word and deed have called for and promoted the overthrow of America’s constitutionally guaranteed Republican form of government, and the overthrow

    Issues: Civil Rights and Liberties, Homeland Security and Disaster Relief, Veterans and Military Families
    Learn about Petition Thresholds

  8. BO body odor, i am just so sick of him and having to look at him day after day all day, i pray one day there will be no more of him on here!!!

  9. I don’t dislike him because he’s not white. I just don’t like him because he IS a racist, lying, bigot, traitor. I don’t judge people by their color but by the way they treat me or other folk in general.

  10. It reminds me of the boy who cried wolf. Remember that old story? A boy living in a small village, at night the wolves might come out looking for food. Well, this little boy would cry out almost every night, wolf! Wolf! The townsfolk always came to his rescue. Until they realized there weren’t any wolves, he just wanted attention. So, the next night, here comes the wolf, the boy cried out, wolf! Wolf!…No one believed him, no one came. The Wolf KILLED AND Ate THE boy. The moral of the story, don’t lie or exaggerate the truth. If people believe they are a victim, they will always act like a victim and never take responsibility for their own actions. That’s many of our lifelong welfare recipient’s right there in a nutshell.

  11. I think insanity just fixates on any “reasonable” target. So, insanity is the basis of the CLAIM of racism, sexism and a lot of other things which are not what they’re claimed to be.

  12. We don’t hate Obama because he is half black. We cannot stand him because he is a LIAR, an INCOMPETENT leader, a wannabe dictator, the 2010 version of Hitler and wants to destroy our country turning it into a 3rd world country and home for his Muslim brotherhood. The funny, no the ridiculous thing is if he were even a little successful and not the joke of the world and not considered a danger to anyone in the world, he would be dead by now. All the people he is trying to emulate and support they are the ones that don’t tolerate blacks. They are the racists.. yet he continues to support them and pretends to be a leader for them. Are we sure he actually went to school?

  13. When whites and blacks really get that racism is nothing more then a game the politians play to keep the people divide will we all see we as one will be strong and kick their asses out of office becoming a strong nation once again. This is why Obama was voted into office it was the only way they could divide the people again and so many fools fell for it.

  14. Ppl are stupid Obama is half white but don’t acknowledge that he’s a anti American Muslim race baiting traitor pos I’m glad he don’t say he’s white cause he’s one half white trash I’d never wanna be associated with.

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